The Internet Business Manifesto + Missing Chapter

I haven’t actually heard of this guy, Rich Schefren, but apparently he is a business coach/friend/associate for a lot of people I have heard of, including Mike Filsaime, Jay Abraham, John Carlton, Yanik Silver, and Alex Mandossian (Rich is namedropping quite a bit – there are many more business guru-types mentioned).

If you are on the email lists of any of these people or travel around Internet business related forums and blogs you may have already heard of the release of a pretty cool e-book titled the Internet Business Manifesto. Shortly after the release of the manifesto Rich provided a “Missing Chapter“, which is almost as big as the Manifesto, and actually I think it has more valuable advice in it.

You can download the e-books from here –

Rich has a blog here: Rich Schefren – Strategic Profits

I just finished reading both books and although I had no idea who Rich was before, his content is quality, and that is what matters in this case. If you are in business these book are worth reading, so take 30 minutes of your time today and enjoy the value.

Rich teaches how to construct a strategic business and makes an important distinction between a strategic entrepreneur and an opportunistic, well, fool. Unfortunately the latter is what a lot of people who are trying to make money online are currently doing – buying into whatever is the latest program to make money online and not building a business that has foundations in your strengths and passions.

There is a lot of great, free advice in these books. You might call it common sense yet most people don’t follow it (that certainly includes me too). It’s the kind of advice that is all-encompassing – general business advice for any entrepreneur, not specific advice on how to do something in particular, but strategic for your overall business.

Personally I enjoyed the missing chapter more because it discussed a topic dear to my heart – building a business based on strengths and passions, not on money making opportunities.

Rich’s key strength in these books is his ability to present some potentially abstract concepts in a clear and very relevant manner. I hope you get something from them as I did and I’d love to hear your opinion.


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  • […] Yaro Starak at Entrepreneur’s Jouney posted a link to Rich Schefren’s free Internet Business Manifesto. I just finished reading it, and— Rich Schefren, a marketing veteran, took the words out of my mouth. […]

  • Yaro,

    thanks for the kind words – i am glad you enjoyed both the manifesto and the missing chapter. i’ve always enjoyed your blog as well, and it seems that i had heard of you way before me 😉

    i am actually going to be releasing some really great interviews i’ve done with some of my clients in the next few days that i think everyone will enjoy.

    the first interview is with mike filsaime. mike walks people through how he took his 15k a month biz to 185k a month (not including butterfly marketing) over the past year and a half. from working out of his house with no employees to hiring and developing his entire team.

    the second interview is with jim edwards, and basically covers his story how he had built a business totally dependent on him and how it almost killed him and what he did to grow it and work less at the same time.

    there are a few more too. what all of these interviews have in common is that i was there business coach during these transformations. the transcripst and the mp3 will be released in the next few days.

    speak to you soon,

    ps – you now have my personal email address, so if you ever want to track me down…. feel free to use it.

  • Hi Rich – Thanks for stopping by. I’m looking forward to those podcasts. I’ll keep monitoring your blog for sure.

    It seems you have created quite a stir in the IM world, well done, it’s not easy to do that with all the hype flying around.

    Thank you for your email too, no doubt I’ll be in touch sometime in the future.



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  • […] I recently raved about two e-books by Rich Schefren, an Internet business coach who seemed to have every well known Internet business expert listed as a client. Behind the scenes Rich had managed to place himself as the coach of the gurus, an enviable position to be in, which gave him the platform to exponentially expand his coaching business with an Internet marketing launch. In a process that lasted mere weeks Rich sold 3.5 million worth of coaching and defined himself as one of the best in the field of Internet business strategy. […]

  • So happy I found this post, it’s certaintly has given light on what I should be doing with two of my blogs and, particularly having gone through Rich’s blog.

  • linda

    What could be a better business model than selling the very oxygen we breathe? Rich has been able to articulate the most dramatic epiphanies internet marketing has yet to experience. Is it the future? I thnk so. Can we do it alone? Impossible. We need Rich and his strategic voice to align the stars and push us to the heavens of wealth. The shimmering clouds above us wait in anticipation for the Agora/Rich starchip to deliver us to nirvana of abundance we all so RICHLY deserve. I am not certain that I can wait for November 1st. It feels the ship is already launching. Once the final chapter was written and delivered, the rest of the world seemed weak and inconsequential. Once the “REAL”ationship between Agora and Rich was figuratively wed amidst the tremors of “heated argument” the universe seemed poise to accept our notion of great wealth attonement. It is time. Are we ready?

  • […] The E-myth does a good job of discussing how a brick and mortar business can be run as a system but does little to cover the needs for internet businesses. Several month’s back the Internet Marketer, Rich Schefren, had several popular downloads addressing the systematization of an Internet Business. He directly addresses the E-Myth in some of these free downloads. Here is a link to a good write up of them The Internet Business Manifesto + Missing Chapter » Internet Marketing | – by Yaro Starak Two More Great Internet Business Resources From Rich Schefren » Internet Marketing | – by Yaro Starak Rich Schefren’s ‘The Final Chapter Of The Internet Business Manifesto’ » Internet Marketing | – by Yaro Starak __________________ My Mind Map – Learn about Mind Mapping and download free templates […]

  • […] Rich Schefren and his reports, The Internet Business Manifesto, The Missing Chapter and Final Chapter all get a mention. […]

  • Hello Yaro!

    The internet business manifesto download link is broken, can you do anything about thet or do you know how i can get it?


  • […] or purchase one of his study packages. That’s exactly what I did after he released his first Internet Business Manifesto report – I joined his business coaching program after reading it (and I had no idea who he was […]

  • It’s surprising that I am reading this post long after You(Yaro) became a student of Rich!

    I saw it mentioned in “The Manifesto” and “The Missing Chapter” and it was Alex Jeffrys

    who lead me to read the works of Rich though I subscribed to the Blog Profits Blueprints

    long before any of this.

    It is magical how such a small action can create such a gigantic effect especially much

    later down the road many years into the future (the butterfly effect).

    I have to say that all of Rich’s work is outstanding and I wish all material online could be

    like that. I sure an glad to have read these works and I know it is going to make me

    succeed in business online and off.

    Kudos to you, Rich and Yaro.

    Who knows? I may be privileged to meet you both in person someday I pray.

    Keep up the fantastic work.

  • […] of freedom and a business that supported it long before movements like Rich Schefren’s Internet Business Manifesto, and Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Workweek took the world by […]

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