Blog Income For Women Blueprint Review – How To Generate A Passive Income With Your Blog

Blog Income For Women Blueprint – by Krizia & Alexandra

Name: Blog Income For Women Blueprint
Creators: Krizia & Alexandra
Purpose: Learn how to generate a passive income using your blog with a topic of interest or online business.

‘Blog Income For Women Blueprint’ is designed for female bloggers, but men would also benefit as it teaches how to target female readers, while making a passive income online through CPA marketing and niche marketing techniques.

You can find a list of other product and service reviews and resources to run an online business in the Reviews Section of this website.

It is interesting where life can lead you sometimes. When I started out in the world of blogging, it was purely for something fun to do and in actual fact, to pass the time whilst my baby was asleep – I was fortunately blessed with a sleeper! I thought, perhaps I would make a tiny amount of money (if I was lucky), but it was only once I delved deeper into the world of internet marketing did I realize that making a decent income from blogging was possible and with work, attainable. This was quite a revelation for me.

Like many other women out there who have also decided to start a family, I quickly learned that combining my previous corporate career with my new family commitments was going to be very difficult to manage in the long term, and so my blogging ‘career’ began!

The latest internet marketing product to hit the marketplace, ‘Blog Income For Women Blueprint’ is designed for someone just like myself – a female blogger who has a blog on a topic of interest (mine was cooking), rather than a blog whose topic was chosen for the sole purpose of making money.

This course is written by two female bloggers, Krizia (she is the narrator) and Alex, who have successfully managed to turn their own blogs into highly profitable income streams. They have blogs on topics that interest them and their readers are predominately women – for example, one of their blogs is reviewing the latest beauty products.

So, just how did they turn their blogs into an income stream? Through their clever use of CPA marketing. For those who don’t know what CPA marketing is, it stands for Cost Per Action marketing. CPA marketing is when someone provides their name and address on an online form or gives their details for a free product trial.

I am sure I am not alone in having provided a company like Colgate with my name and address in exchange for a free toothbrush – that is classic CPA marketing. The purpose of CPA marketing is that, using the example of Colgate, companies are giving something away, not out of the kindness of their heart, but to capture my contact details for their marketing database so they can continue to inform me about any other products they think would interest me. This is big business for many companies and therefore many will pay a commission to anyone who sends them a lead.

As a blogger, the beauty of CPA marketing is that it does not require any selling on your behalf since the readers are not required to spend any money in the process. In fact, as was the case with me, I was more than happy to give Colgate my name and address in exchange for a free toothbrush, and it required very little selling from them. That said, like you, I probably wouldn’t give my details to just any company, they have to be offering me something I was interested in. This was exactly how Krizia and Alex turned their blogs into passive income streams.

About The Course, ‘Blog Income For Women Blueprint’

As the title of this course suggests, it is aimed at women but I actually think the content is more about teaching you how to target women to become your readers. As such I feel men could gain as much knowledge from this course as women.

This video course is broken down into eight different modules, as well as four bonus handouts which are outlined below.

  • Module 1: Introduction – How I discovered to boost my blog income

After months of not making any money, Krizia explains how she started to generate income from her blog

  • Module 2: CPA (Cost Per Action) Network 101: Using CPA offers to generate income on my blog

This module teaches you the basics of CPA marketing and how to find appropriate CPA offers to promote on your blog.

  • Module 3: Opening your first CPA account and working with your affiliate manager

Goes into how to apply for a CPA account and get approved. This module also provides you with answers to potential questions they might ask you in the approval process and advice on what to do if you get rejected.

  • Module 4: Niche marketing 101

Explains the basics and importance of niche marketing which is a key aspect to the course. This module also describes how to find niches that appeal to women.

It also contains an additional video demonstrating how to use five different free research tools to find these niches.

  • Module 5: Keyword research to find niches that appeal to women

This module goes through the basics of keyword research which is used for the headlines and content on your blog.

As a bonus, five different niches which specifically target women are provided in a niche pack. Included in the pack are their corresponding keywords to write content on, as well as five articles which just need to be rewritten for originality, so you can get started right away.

  • Module 6: Selecting a domain and selecting your first set of CPA offers

Explains how to select a good domain name for search engine optimization and also how to choose a CPA offer which is likely to perform better than others.

  • Module 7: Your 30-day plan

A 72 page document outlining a step-by-step plan for each of the 30 days.

  • Module 8: Build your list of “female buyers” from day one with auto-responder messages that speak to women’s issues

How to create an email list of subscribers to your blog. This is important so you can continue to promote other CPA offers to your subscribers.

  • Bonus: Quick Start Package (worth $47)

This is a great bonus package of 4 videos showing you how to get started right away. The videos are as follows:

  1. How to open a Gmail account
  2. How to open a account
  3. How to open a CPA account
  4. How to set-up your first CPA offer on your blog

These videos use an example to walk you the entire process to get you started – from starting your new blog to publishing your first review with a corresponding CPA offer.

  • Bonus offers

The course also contains the following four bonus offers:

  • Bonus 1: Outsourcing parts or the entire process (worth $97)
  • Bonus 2: Other strategies to boost your blog income (worth $97)
  • Bonus 3: Perfect article writing formula (worth $97)
  • Bonus 4: 100 tips to get more readers to your blog (worth $197)

For more details about the product check out:

What I Learned In The Course

Although I am not new to the concept of CPA marketing, I actually learnt quite a lot in this course. One really important point was that if rejected by a CPA network, you can appeal that rejection. This was most certainly news to me and I will definitely be following up with the CPA networks which had previously rejected me with a friendly phone call for an explanation – sometimes this is all that it takes.

Unfortunately rejection to these networks is not uncommon but now knowing that many people successfully get their rejections reversed is encouraging. This course also shows that there are a multitude of CPA networks out there, so if you are unsuccessful in getting approved, Krizia provides plenty of others to choose from.

This course also shows you how to compare CPA offers across numerous networks using a free website called Offer Vault. Offer Vault enables you to compare CPA offers and their associated payouts without having to apply and get approved to each of the CPA networks which the offers are on – a huge time saver!

I also learnt that once approved on a CPA network, you can ask the affiliate manager on that network which offers have the highest conversion rates. This is a very handy tip as it takes the guess work out of choosing which offers to promote. Krizia explains that the affiliate manager wants you to make as much money for them as possible, so it is in their best interest to help you out as much as they can.

What I Like About The Course

Going through this entire course, it is clear that Krizia and Alex certainly have a lot of experience and knowledge in this type of marketing to offer you. I feel this video course has a lot of good content and it is clear in its structure and format which makes it all very easy to understand.

As mentioned earlier, applying to CPA networks can sometimes be not that straight forward, but the course prepares you with good answers to a number of questions you may receive. This was useful for someone like me who has been unsure about how best to answer some of these questions.

The course also explains the best way to manage your CPA networks and actually advises you to only apply to a maximum of five networks. This was news to me as I didn’t realize that keeping track of the latest offers on the different networks requires some effort. This advice is clearly from experience.

What I Don’t Like About The Course

The 30 day plan, which contains the complete outline of what you need to do on a day-to-day basis, is very intensive. Without the help from outsourcers, I feel it would be a lot of work to do on your own. I am not saying that it couldn’t be done, but it would be a serious time commitment.

As Krizia explains, most of the process can be outsourced. But this depends on how comfortable you are with outsourcing before you start generating any income. On the flip side, the fact that you can be up and running in 30 days may very well appeal to some people. However, if you find this plan becomes too much of an arduous task, you may very well achieve a similar result even if you took a little longer.

Krizia writes reviews of products on her blog which leads me to my only other gripe. I would have liked some more information on how to effectively do the research of the products and write the reviews since this is the core content on the blog.

Should You Study ‘Blog Income For Women Blueprint’?

As I said earlier, there was quite a lot of good content in this course and I certainly gained some very valuable information. In my opinion, someone who has basic knowledge of blogging would gain the most value from this course.

However, if you are completely new to blogging, the 4 videos contained in the Bonus Quick Start Package which show you just how to get started and are perfect for someone who has never set up a blog before. Through a worked example, Krizia shows you how to set up a free blog using the free blog platform and then demonstrates how to write your first review on your new blog with links to a CPA offer as well as banner ads displayed throughout the review. It will leave you little excuse to not get started right away.

But if you want to have your blog with its own URL and hosting (this difference is explained further in the course), there is no guidance on how to set up a WordPress blog, how to navigate around WordPress or how to place ads on your site. If you are comfortable with WordPress and want to learn the ins and outs of CPA marketing, I don’t think you will be disappointed with this course. Each video has a handout of the slides of the presentation which is handy and the bonus offers also contain some useful content.

The 30 day action plan, which is the nuts and bolts to this course, is very thorough and extensive and is a great way to fast track your blog into a healthy income stream. As I mentioned earlier, implementing all parts to this 30 day plan would be a serious time commitment on your behalf, but hey, what’s 30 days in your life if at the end of it, you could set yourself up with a nice passive income – seems like a worthwhile trade off to me!

Good luck!

Blog Income For Women Blueprint – $97 USD one time payment

Ilana Wechsler

About Ilana Wechsler

Ilana started making money online when she was on maternity leave. She has now quit her old job and works on her internet marketing business full time. She also helps small businesses with their online marketing strategy, helping them improve their bottom line. You can find out more information here: SEO Services

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  • Thanks for this.

    Getting passive income is indeed the way to go. A one-time income offers no security.

  • Seems like a products that people will be interested in..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • This can be gold for diet and beauty blogs!

    Will try it.

  • This is actually a very interesting sub niche in internet marketing. I have tried a few times to have niche sites targeted toward women and it is hard to get into their minds. I also have been telling my wife to try and make money from her blog.

    I’ll look into this and see about getting it for my wife.

  • “One really important point was that if rejected by a CPA network, you can appeal that rejection.”

    That news for me too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your review.


  • This is probably a good program to consider. I think that more and more women are looking for ways to make money from home these days. Particularly given the economy and the way gas prices have been rising as of late. Thanks the information.

  • Any information on how to achieve better results is worth the time. Even if the book is geared to women only, which is counter productive to me. I realize that this book can help people target women better and that was the point that you are making.

    • Justin,

      That is is – it’s to show what women are looking for online + allow women to start using blogging to generate income.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • I’m a pregnant woman blogger with one 1 year old and have started making money online – not masses because I only started 4 months ago but it’s going very well and about to get my first product out. I actually don’t see why learning specifically from other women bloggers on ‘how to blog’ would particularly benefit me.

    The thing is for me, I don’t question the sex of the blogger EVER when it comes to successful blogging – why a difference – we think different or something??:-) I don’t see the barrier or problem here – so why would I want to purchase your product?

    I have a lot of respect for highly successful female bloggers like Katie Freiling for example, but behind the success is usually a solid mindset and a process they’re using male OR female. There is no distinction.

    The ONLY possible difference I’ve found is there’s nothing on time management for stay at home ‘mums’, rearing two children AND blogging – note, it’s not the blogging help I would need, but time management issue what with the constant stop start working – it’s not what it seems as you may know!! AND don’t forget a man can easily be a stay at home dad with 2 kids, so really success at blogging has nothing to do with gender.

    Thanks for article, but I’m very happy to learn ‘the process of blogging etc’ off the best of the best – don’t care if male or female, half or half or an alien on Mars – if they got the content and show value, it’s all go and I’m happy to pay.

    Perhaps you need a wee re-think on what you’re offering. If it was on mummy time management and how to truly succeed with hectic family – I might have looked twice!

    Food for thought.


    • Becky,

      Thanks for the message.

      The idea was to offer a program for women who wanted to target other women with their review posts.

      To answer your question on Work at Home Moms and dealing with your busy lifestyle … we are launching in a few weeks a channel and membership site helping busy moms with growing their business and managing their busy lives.

      I’m including the channel to the youtube video and we’ll announce soon the launch of the membership site:

      Thanks for your feedback, but we had already thought of helping moms in as many ways as we possibly could.

      I hope you’ll want to join us!


    • Becky – I totally take your point about the product. And as mentioned in the review, I felt that men could gain as much knowledge from this course as women.

      And I also share your frustration about ‘mummy time management’ – it’s a constant juggling act! If you have any tips for me, I’d love to hear them! 🙂

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  • […] Blog Income For Women Blueprint Review – How To Generate A Passive … […]

  • This will be another great course. Let me ask why women deals is always consider even the men have the same offer? Thanks.

  • I feel this video course has a lot of good content and it is clear in its structure and format which makes it all very easy to understand. I also am a member of Offer Vault, it is a very useful resource that you can trust. Probably the only one thing that I didn’t like is there is no guidance on how to set up a WordPress blog, how to navigate around WordPress or how to place ads on your site. Google loves WordPress sites, so I would learn WordPress in and out first.

    • We wanted to use because it’s a free platform that allows anyone to get started blogging quickly.

      The program is only $97 and we offer a lot. To also offer WP training, we’d have to charge more.

      The purpose of the Blog Income for Women Blueprint is to allow women to quickly learn how to generate income online.

      Thanks a lot for the feedback.

  • i already download the free pdf but I’m not very understand the elephant part,maybe i should read once again.The 20 videos quite general but a good start for beginners and there are some tips that are new for me too. Maybe the course will take more deep on marketing because a great site without a good publicity means low visitors thus low income too.

  • @kebgolfer If you want to setup your blog on word press Google it you can find some good ideas how to step up your blog on word press

  • video is really helpful thanks for good one

  • I find that many “plan for making money online” blueprints or 30 day quick starts involve outsourcing. Many of the people writing these guides already have the experience and money to outsource a lot of the heavy lifting, i.e. writing a ton of content, but for many newbies this task can prove daunting.

    Of course, simply jumping in to the outsourcing world and figuring it out on your own is always an option.

    This trend makes me wonder how many people making full time incomes online do not outsource much of their tasks. My guess would be few.

    I am curious why you use “learnt” in your post instead of “learned”?

    – Andrew

  • Andrew,

    you should check out my soon to be video channel. I will interview a few outsourcing experts.

    You CAN outsource for as little as $2/h … I do it myself and I used to pay $12/h for local help.

    You’ll want to check out the channel here:

    Thanks for the feedback!


    • Krizia,

      Thanks for the quick response! I see that you already have a video up about Fiverr. I have visited that website and was simultaneously perturbed and amazed. Perturbed because of how much work people are willing to do for only five dollars, and amazed that there are so many people offering those low cost services.

      I can only imagine that the majority of these Fiverr offers are from people living outside of the US. I have also seen a lot of similarly priced Elance jobs; a site that seems to be largely filled with companies and people from India and the Philippines.

      I have no doubt that one can outsource for $2/hr, but I wonder about the quality. I have seen too much poorly written outsourced content to have much faith in outsourcing at such a low cost. However, I’m willing to be convinced that there are quality services to be had for $2/hr.

      – Andrew

      • We have trained our VA so this is not like hiring someone we don’t know Andrew!

        Our VA is from the Philippines and we’ve been quite happy with them.

        • I figured you trained your VA, I just think it would be difficult to find the ideal person. I know from Yaro’s experience he has been able to find solid VA help.

          By the way, best of luck with your new info product! It seems like you are getting off to a great start.

          – Andrew

  • I only wish I coud do this. confidence is the issue

  • Krizia

    I am a mum of 2 and have just started blogging, I have read the comments, some I agree with others I don’t. I will be downloading this as I think when women write we as women can empathise more than men, I know that probably doesn’t make much sense, but hopefully someone will understand what I’m trying to say! There are a lot of women out there who have had children and have lost a lot of self confidence due to staying at home for long periods of time and they need to get that back and when you see a “woman” doing well and offering advice, it does make you think “well I can do it”.

    Thank you for putting this together and I will certainly give it a go!


  • Karen,

    People should have their own opinion and I respect that.

    We did approach this project as women sharing their knowledge with other women and also helping people see the women’s market is a real one.

    I am honoured by your words and hope you’ll enjoy the report and 20 free videos!


    • Your Message
      Your Welcome Good Luck with everything x

  • Blogging about a passion can make a woman’s blog a success. As women can only do best when they like what they are doing. Very helpful tips here. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • sounds seems great..

  • I think that your idea is excellent! I do believe that blogs are more so gender based…meaning that you will probably receive a substantial amount of female visitors to a blog about beauty products, just as you will probably see a large number of male visitors on a site about video games and sports. I would definitely like to see some marketing in terms of making your website layout and design appeal to both men and women without leaning too much towards one sex. I have started two blogs, both are neutral sites (career and relationships), however, I would like to be able to market to men and women on both blogs and be able to offer something visually appealing as well. Being able to market effectively to both men and women has required me to do a lot of research, which I am still working on. I am glad I stumbled upon this article!


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  • Good Article

  • Thanks for an interesting post, I will certainly look further into your product. I think it is a great idea to target women like this, because I think there are many women who would like to get started, and might not know how. And, as we all know, it can be quite a jungle if you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for. I know many women who often ask me “how do you set up blogs and all that stuff” and I wish I had the time to help everyone with it. So I’ll have a look at your product and maybe send them in your direction 🙂

  • Jean

    I reviewed the free videos Krizia offers. Very well done, Krizia, but I noted you didn’t point out that it’s easy for Blogger or Weebly or to pull your blog, oftentimes for reasons unknown. It’s far better to go with WordPress.Org from the get-go and have it hosted on your own.

    Also I would think it would be fairly easy to add instructions on how to install WordPress, it’s only about 3 steps. The only complication would come if a person chose to also buy a WordPress theme that’s difficult to use.

    I think the hardest part (and whole trick) to blogging is posts/contents/articles. If you’ve got this down (assuming you have your niche) the rest of it is a piece of cake!

    Thanks for letting me write this!

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