It’s No Longer Just My Entrepreneurs Journey

You’ve probably noticed new regular contributors recently joined the team. A few light design changes were made to the site to highlight the faces of each of these new writers, so you know which article comes from which writer. If you’re reading this through an RSS reader then you can’t see the changes, so make sure you head to to meet all the great new authors and see their smiling avatars.

These wonderful people, including Neroli, Mitch, Leslie, Sunil, Leigh, Ilana, Christine and Kerry, have all come on board, not to just write one off guest articles, they are fully fledged columnists and had to demonstrate certain criteria to qualify for the position (you can see the criteria at the Jobs page). A columnist is here to share their own entrepreneurs journey with you, each bringing unique experiences from successful online and offline businesses. They are all committed to contributing their fantastic stories every single week, so my hope is that you will come to enjoy their writing just as much as you have my own.

Bear in mind these new writers are not here to replace me. I’m still writing to this blog because I love it, so what you receive is more of what you’ve come to expect, great advice and case studies from people having real experiences as entrepreneurs. These people are all self starters, so like you and me, began simply with a desire to change their lives and avoid or leave the nine-to-five job trap.

All of the columnists share their writing with you because they want to give back to the online entrepreneur community and to increase exposure for their ideas and name. They are not directly financially remunerated for their writing (they do sometimes receive income from any affiliate product sales made from their articles, but that’s not why they are here). Whenever you enjoy one of their articles I encourage you to retweet or share on Facebook their content and leave a comment, so they know you are reading what they produce.

Knowing people appreciate your work is reward enough. I know this better than most people, it’s one of the main reasons I’m still blogging now for six years straight, so don’t be afraid to reply or share, we really do value your responses.

More Design Changes To Come

I’m working on a few more design changes with my design maestro Mick, so keep an eye out for tweaks here and there to the layout. Again, you can’t see these changes via RSS, so make sure you visit this site at the source from time to time.

I think you will find the new features interesting, especially if you have your own blog, as I always like to break trends and come up with new ways to integrate different media formats.

The motivation behind the changes is to integrate the new writers, so this blog is moving towards the magazine model rather than focus just on me. Of course I understand the relationship between the brand and my own personal brand. I know many people read this site because of me, and like I said, I’m not going anywhere, but I do want to make sure the new writers receive credit for their work, rather than assume it’s all from me.

The other reason for the design changes is to experiment with a few new advertising formats, to give the site a facelift and further simplify the layout. It’s a difficult balance when you want your blog to meet the needs of multiple goals, from convincing people to join your email list, to follow you on Facebook and Twitter, to subscribe to blog updates, visit your sponsor’s sites and of course read the articles too (the main point of a blog let’s not forget!). I’m a fan of minimalist, so as the design changes surface I hope the main difference you notice is an increase in clarity and thus usability.

Why Bring On New Writers?

You’re probably wondering why I invite new columnists to help contribute to this site. That’s a good question and I have multiple motivations, here are some of them…

  • The main goal is to increase the overall value provides, thus resulting in an increase in audience size. When I started this blog I wrote daily, but often my content was very newsy. Eventually I reduced how often I wrote but focused on providing better content, more “pillar articles” as I called them. This proved a great strategy as I was able to maintain and build a solid following and reduce my workload at the same time.Despite this, Entrepreneurs-Journey hasn’t grown at the same rate it did when I first started and I’d like to see it back to where it was on the growth curve. Hence providing more value on top of my own writing, I hope, will ensure this blog continues to expand and reach new audiences without needing to rely entirely on me.
  • My own personal story is just one angle, and clearly there are many aspects to successful business both offline and online. This has become more and more apparent to me as new technology surfaced like Twitter and Facebook, which can be used as fantastic marketing, branding and communication tools. I don’t keep up with all the trends quite the same way as I used to, so bringing on new writers with a fresh perspective, new ideas and different experiences helps keep this blog fresh.In exchange for sharing their stories the new writers receive exposure too, so if this blog grows everybody wins, including me, the writers and you, the reader. Everyone receives more.
  • By having more writers I feel less pressure, which has allowed me to invest writing time on my new project, the 2-Hour Work Day. I’ve spent the last three months writing and editing the report, which will be complete by the end of next week. Then I’ll begin setting up the content sites to launch the training program. As soon as the report is ready to go, I’ll give it away via this blog and my email newsletter, so stay tuned for that.

At the end of the day I see this blog becoming more than just my own personal entrepreneurs journey. I’d like it to grow beyond me and develop into a brand of it’s own, though I understand it is what it is today because of what I invested in giving away over the past six years. To make this happen, I have to let it go somewhat and allow other people to help move things forward. Of course, the audience – that’s you – will decide what happens next.

New Projects Launching Soon

The 2-Hour Work Day is getting closer to completion and I’m looking forward to teaching what I know about lifestyle design. While I’ve been preparing the new training program and report, I’ve had another team working on something else that I’ll be releasing to you very soon as well. This new project I’m very excited about because it’s not an information product, it’s software.

My new service is based on a wordpress plugin, but that’s about all I can tell you now. The last few bugs are being ironed out as I type this and I hope next week to release it to a small beta test group from within my membership and slowly release it to more people from there. Assuming the bugs are cleaned up I hope sometime in the next few weeks to be able to release it from this blog so the general public can have a play too.

That’s it from me for now. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as these two projects get closer to fruition. They are both going to be of great value, especially to readers of this blog, and as always I’m giving away the goods for free.

Yaro Starak

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Jennie

    Yaro – thanks so much for writing this post, I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a while and it makes such a difference when you are communicated to and therefore involved in any changes taking place. It also gives other bloggers potential strategies that they can adopt moving forward in their blogs.

    Am looking forward to hearing about your Lifestyle Design product as that is one of my passions (life is too short not to have a lifestyle!).

    I will continue to enjoy and learn from your journey and those of the other writers – anything that gives more perspective is a good thing!


  • Rob

    I instantly knew something changed..Then I realised you removed the rotating holiday pics at the top. 😉

    Can’t wait to see the upcoming changes and new giveaways.

    You sound really excited in this post too. It’s nice you’re telling us everything that’s going to happen gradually; not falling into the trap of stockpiling upgrades, then springing up a bunch of changes overnight.

  • Nice one Yaro, I love your blog, and personally I have also enjoyed reading the ideas and opinions of some of your guest authors. So I think it’s a great idea that you’ve got them on board.
    I also think it was very honourable of you to give them such a good ‘welcoming boost’ with this post. I reckon one of the reasons your blog is so successful is because you are so genuine.
    ~ Rory

  • I’d be lying if I said I’m not at least a little disappointed whenever I hear news about prominent bloggers you have grown to love handing over the reigns to regular guest bloggers to do the bulk of the blogging.

    I think over the last 4 or 5 years of reading blogs I have just learned to fear that so often these statements are the beginning of the end for what were really insightful blogs to read.

    That said, I think it’s awesome to see that you have still been continuing to contribute yourself, as I can imagine with so many columnists it would be very easy to just make the switch from your Two Hour Day to the Zero Hour Day and earn essentially the same money.

    At the same time, I’d also be lying if I said in recent times when I have seen the mug shot of someone other than Yaro next to the title of a post that it hasn’t made me less likely to go on to read the article. I don’t know what it is, but I think it’s harder to build rapport with guest bloggers, especially if there is lots of them.

    So can I ask, how often do you personally plan to be posting in the future? once a week? once a fortnight? once a month?

    • I’ve been writing to this blog roughly every five days to a maximum a week between articles for a couple of years. That’s the same as before the new columnists came on board so the only difference now is that there is great content on the other four to seven days (except weekends) coming from some other talented people.

      Remember these are not guest authors, they are permanent, here to write an ongoing column so you learn about their journey and previous successes.

      • Do you have any plans to setup individual author RSS feeds?

        I know I personally can be quite picky about who gets into my Google Readers and would love to be able to pick a choose the author that I find the most valuable and relevant to my circumstances.


        • RSS feeds by author is great idea and should be pretty straight forward to implement.

        • That’s not a bad idea Chris, I’ll add it to the to-do.

    • Chris! My brotha! haha

      Like Yaro said they went through some criteria and didn’t just get the job to start writing on, they earned it. Since Yaro is quality himself he’s also going to want to add more quality yo! i personally believe he wouldn’t put some crappy new columnist on the website to make you leave the page.

      As Yaro is also saying below we’re going to get to know them along the way, and we’ll also start to have favorites and different writers we can relate to. Instead of having a “cookie cutter” blog he’s provided us with variety so we can see what we like other than Yaro himself.

      Personally I think it’s a great addition to the blog because the more minds that are put together the more knowledge we can take away and also add, this way everyone wins! So take it in a positive way and also put yourself in Yaro’s shoes writing content 7 days per week. After consistently writing everyday for 2 years you’re bound to start to run out of content. Heck I’ve had my website up for about 2 months now and I’m already getting brain farts haha!

      The more you read other blogs and get differnt people’s insights the more you learn though, and the more you’ll be able to think outside of the box and write new and cool posts.

      So if anything look at it (and this is the last example I promise haha) as having 7 blogs in one. You have all of these different minds to pick and learn from, so enjoy it!


      -Chris Alta

  • I have noticed the change in authors a bit and actually was thrown off by it at first. When I went to comment I referred to the person as Yaro and then later saw it wasn’t you at all. I welcome the new writers and I have seen a steady upstream in the amount of fresh content you have been producing on this blog. As always you provide valuable information that is sometimes hard to keep up with. Thanks as always and looking forward to seeing the new layout

    • Thank you for the kind and generous welcome and I am excited about taking you on my journey too. Hope you enjoy my blog posts and please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to read.
      Kerry McDuling

  • I do think moving to a Magazine style medium for your blog is a smart move and it will help to build a much bigger audience. I notice a lot of top bloggers are now moving towards that direction and some of thing are thinking of making certain parts of their content paid (which I also do think is smart).

    Keep up the great work Yaro, I am learning from you!

  • I can’t say that I like Small Business Branding version 2.0 but I can see that your business is growing and there is a need to move from solo preneur to a full fledged company.

    I prefer family run restaurants over franchise restaurants but I guess that in this case the family is simply growing. Some of the meals are tasty but some are bland.

    I can’t see that you will be able to manage a growing company and continue to work a 2 hour day. Maybe that’s just marketing; maybe it will be a reality for you Yaro.

    I can see that you will grow as an entrepreneur. Wishing you the best in any event!

    • Dennis dude! lol

      Change the game up and bring something new and creative to the table! We can all sit here and converse about how we think this and think that about Yaro’s decisions for the website which is fine and dandy but at the end of the day what are we doing for ourselves?

      I want you to be the next big thing, don’t worry soo much about what Yaro is doing or what every other up and coming blogger is doing. If you like family style and close relationship type environments then shift that over to your website and build a brand off of that yo!

      We’re all different and have our own paths you know? I have a friend who is soley relying on direct email marketing tactics. Which means all he does is build his list up, and then blast them out tons of offers like 3-4 times per week without giving them any real value. He loses and gains subscribers all the time because he’s in it for the quick buck.

      And see that’s his decision but again to each his own!

      cheers! 😀

      -Chris Alta

      • Thanks for the feedback Chris. For me it’s about the dialog, opinions, and entertainment value. It’s not about making money or the next big thing. I can get that from Clickbank or from guru Frank Mike Dale-Pagan’s next product launch. You can substitute whatever name you like.

        I don’t wish to be the next big thing and thank God I don’t need to be. I’m financially well off, I have good health, food in my tummy and a place to live.

        As far as bringing in something new and creative, it’s not necessary. Why build a better mousetrap when the existing mousetrap works just fine?

        Coke ran into problems by changing their original formula and New Coke was ditched. Is Pepsi much different than Coke? The main difference is their marketing. One is red and one is blue, they’re both unhealthy. They’re virtually the same mousetrap.

        Your friend’s tactic of email marketing works fine for him and many others. That method is nothing new or creative and has been around since web beta (the early 1990’s). He creates value for himself (in the form of income) and for others. If his subscribers don’t feel that they are getting value they’ll unsubscribe and join another list.

        On (Yaro’s blog) the main product is information. Every product has a life cycle. Today for the newbie it may be this blog, a year from now it may be the Warrior forum and in the future it may be Flippa or the next hot guru.

        For me it’s entertaining to see a guy walking by his BMW, or his swimming pool during his product launch videos. Those images of luxury may work to sell a get rich product to a teenager but to me that’s hilarious. It SCREAMS cheese ball and I’ve seen many of the gurus do it. I guess it works since they do it and there’s nothing creative about it.

        To make money online you don’t need to be new or creative (lol).

        I love cheering for the underdog and I’ve loved seeing Yaro graduate from his grocery store job to self made millionaire.

        As Yaro said it’s no longer just his journey and I’ll accept that. Cheers!

        • Ahh well said brotha well said. You sound like you’ve been around the “game” for quite a while now so I can definitely take your response as positive feedback.

          The mouse trap saying was spot on, just like saying if it’s not broken then why fix it?

          Something works yes go ahead and do it and enjoy the success. Again like I said to each his own, we’ll all figure out our own path’s. I too laugh at all of the marketers who “paint the picture” so well with the flashy cars, beaches, etc (you’ve seen it all)

          Now with coke that was an individual brand within itself, they messed up because something was working. Did coke changing their formula affect any other soda’s sales negatively? I don’t think so.

          So when referring to a blog or online business. If you’re just starting out and no one knows about you then you can do whatever you want to do. But if you’re like Yaro (look at him as Coca-Cola) and you’re well established and something is working, and you change it and it back fires. Then you already knew this was a possibility of happening, and just like Coke if it didn’t work then just change it back and all is well. Sure you may have lost some readers and subscribers, but because it was talked about soo much (just like coke’s new formula was) you’ll end up getting more readers and more subscribers.

          A lot of people thought this was just a marketing tactic from Coca-Cola because in the end all the hype of Coca-Cola increased there sales once they went back to the original formula and called it Coke “Classic”



          -Chris Alta

  • Thanks for keeping us informed. I always enjoy coming here to read the posts and now it seems there will be more content! That can only be a good thing!

    Thanks again, looking forward to the new changes as well.


  • I velcome your changes Yaro. As the name of the blog “Journey” this is a naturally next stop for you in your journey. I have followed you for a couple of years and I love every single bit of it! Looking forward to the next step:)

  • Well, it’s good to add diversity to an already good blogging schedule. 🙂

    It helps to reach a wider audience, and people of different preferences.


  • Hi Yaro, I obviously LOVE that you’re including new writers on your blog, because I’m one of them:)

    The E-J audience has been very welcoming to me as a newbie writer, and I’m very grateful to them for this. It’s heaps of fun connecting with fellow entrepreneurs & hearing about how the things I write about play out in the own lives & businesses. I’m very grateful that you have opened up the space for myself & other writers/entrepreneurs to be involved in the journey in this way.

    One day I’ll have to share the story about the “epiphany” I had when I first heard you speak about your “work”. It’s pretty cool:) cheers, neroli

  • Hi Yaro looking forward for your new product launch and for your new wordpress plugin.

  • I like how you have introduced the journeys of other Internet entrepreneurs.

  • Yaro, excellent idea. I very much appreciate the different angles that the new writers bring to the scope of your website. It’s great to have these different points of view because life and business is seldom a cookie cutter affair. I am looking forward to your new report.

  • Tim

    Can’t wait to see this new software, I hear it’s going to be pretty awesome 😉

  • I’m sure more content is a winner for SEO purposes but I have a feeling that long term fans are being put off by the increase in writing.

    To tell you the truth I basically ‘mark as read’ any new article on your feed that wasn’t written by you (can usually tell after the first paragraph). I’m sure they’ve got good stuff to say (and I’m not trying to be mean!) but I subscribe to this blog to hear what Yaro has to say…

  • Thanks for the announcement, Yaro, I love reading your blog! It’s absolutely unique.

  • Tnx on informations. 🙂

  • Good post…

    Liked it…

  • When we start following someone, we do so because of the content they provide, but also for the personality and the writing style. Surely the new columnists have interesting stories to tell and are probably at a point in their blogging career where they are keener to write about their blogging experiences and also to answer replies. That has made for a revival of the associated forum. Also new people will be attracted by the new personalities. You will on the other hand lose those who came here and stayed here because of your personality and writing style. That includes me.

    I fully understand a professional who wants to shift to another stage. I do hope you win more than you lose and your new endeavour becomes equally successful.

    Good luck!

  • It’s great that you keep your readers informed on whats’ happening – especially telling us that you’re not leaving the new format could have scared off your readers, but reassuring us you are still here and the new contributors are here to ‘add’ is a very smart move.

  • It’s great that you keep your readers informed on whats’ happening – especially telling us that you’re not leaving the new format could have scared off your readers, but reassuring us you are still here and the new contributors are here to ‘add’ is a very smart move.

  • It is obvious that there are mixed feelings on the direction of this blog. I am thankful to Yaro to have been given a chance to write as a guest writter on the EJ blog, and I can certainly understand the concerns voiced by some. Oversaturation / mixed styles and approaches can definitely impact the user experience on this blog, as I too was a reader before a contributor, so I can very well relate to the opinions that have been voiced.

    There is also the scarcity factor. Yaro used to blog once a week, and he will still continue to do so. However, several others will now be blogging in between. Curious how this will pan out over time in terms of reader experience / open rates / click thrus, etc. Any thoughts Yaro?

    From a business perspective, the move makes sense and it has been proven to work (i.e. The Huffington post). This is a common model many are now moving toward, leveraging the power of the masses to expand their reach/subscribership.

    • I can tell you that pageviews is the first metric I’ve seen a marginal increase in so far, but that’s an obvious outcome from having more articles.

      One of the public metrics we can all watch is the retweet and facebook share stats on the articles. It always surprises me what articles from the different columnists are shared in greater number.

  • Hi Yaro

    I just firstly wanted to thank you and your followers for being so welcoming to me on this blog. I have enjoyed connecting with so many people around the world and sharing my story as well as some exposure and publicity tips for them as entrepreneurs.

    I know that you have put a lot of thought into your decision to include regular contributors like myself and the fact that you may lose some of your fans and followers was of concern to you. You did what you felt was needed for the next step of your journey, to evolve and embark on the next exciting adventure. This is never easy and it takes courage so congratulations! And thank you for the great opportunity to be apart of it.

    Kerry McDuling

  • The 2 Hour Work Day course sounds like an awesome product. I look forward to it.

  • I think it’s an important step as it allows you to focus on more of the things you choose, such as product development for example, rather than filling your time writing. Readers also get to benefit from varied experiences so all round it is positive for everyone. I guess the main thing people would be worried about is that they wouldn’t see you anymore, which I’m sure they will.

  • When I first came across you Yaro I didn’t even have any idea what a blog was. Now I have one of my own!
    Its always nice to hear other peoples journeys, I have found I have learned something from each of the new authors.

  • Don’t worry Yaro, nothing beats the original. 🙂 Having more writers in this blog makes it more exciting and more opinionated. The more point of view, the more knowledge we can get.

  • Nice one Yaro, turning your blog to a magazine model is a good thing. Because your readers will learn from different authors. Can’t wait to get your pluggin 🙂 thanks for sharing. Rock on!

  • It’s a privilege to be part of such a great blog. Thank you for the opportunity Yaro, and thank you to all of you for the comments and interaction. It has been a great experience so far and I look forward to sharing much more of my journey with such a stellar group!

  • Good to hear about the changes to come Yaro,
    Thanks for sharing it.
    I agree that bringing new thoughts to the blog is a good idea. I’m constantly watching this blog for something new so thanks for the updates.
    Keep up the good work


  • My goal here is certainly not to be a replacement to Yaro or to regurgitate his same ideas, afterall, I learned those from him so he does a real good job of teaching them. What I have found is that my blog isn’t about making money online and my audience is different as are my advertising experiences and products I sell as well as the delivery of those products. I just hope to share what has been successful for me with others and to share information I was never able to find as my blog grew.
    While I think there is a ton of information out there about starting a blog and a ton about taking your blog from a start up to a money making entity, there is virtually nothing out there about when your blog goes to that next level where numbers are measured in the 100’s of thousands and millions. I have learned a lot of this stuff and wanted to share it.
    I would hope I can enhance the product here and at the same time it selfishly helps me clear my head as it’s such a different topic than I write about regularly at my site.
    While I know some people didn’t like it when I added new writers to my site at first, now at nearly 20 writers, a few complaints against hundreds of thousands of happy visitors, it’s tough to argue with the masses.
    Like anything, take what works for you and leave the rest.

  • I’ve watched this change slowly come into play, as the new design started having small changes, and more articles were being done by the guest writers. I think it’s a great change, and a great step for Entrepreneurs Journey. Will be fun to see different content all the authors are able to produce.


  • Yaro! On one of the last posts I read of yours I really thought it was yours and had no clue it was another writer for entrepreneurs-journey! Haha I was giving them such praise thinking it was you writing the posts..I want to say it was the how I sold my business for $250,000.

    Anyways the post was great so I’m psyched the you decided to give some other experienced entrepreneurs and business owners a chance to have their voices heard, that’s very dope of you yo.

    Why do you think they chose to come write for you instead of starting their own blogs? An outlet to mass exposure right off the bat maybe? Whatever their purpose is here they’re putting up some great content.

    I recently just started following you and the first article I read wasn’t even yours haha but now that I’ve finally read one of yours and you show credit to your new writers Neroli, Mitch, Leslie, Sunil, Leigh, Ilana, Christine and Kerry that’s super reflective off of what kind of person you are, a good one!

    So keep giving new writers the chance to improve your website for their benefit, our benefit, and last but not least your benefit!

    As far as your new book the 2-hour work week on lifestyle design, does this kind of approach reflect Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Work Week? I’m on chapter 8 right now reading it at borders and barnes and noble when I get a chance since I’m too broke to buy it haha but hey we gotta do what we gotta do right?!

    Can’t wait for the book though, if I enjoy it I’ll be sure to spread the reason why I wouldn’t though! Thanks Yaro!


    -Chris Alta

  • I too was a bit thrown off at first sometimes thanking Yaro for a good article only to realize it was written by some of the great new writers posting here lately. It’s certainly great to read the articles written by them as well as Yaro’s as always. It’s all enhanced the quality of the site and its content to an even higher level I feel.

  • Great to hear this Yaro. I am eager to join new projects 2 hour work day. I must say you thank you for your work and for your blog mastermind and other projects. You helped a lot of people and I appreciate everything you are doing.
    Let God bless you with health and wisdom. Keep up the good work!

  • It will be good to hear from the new people you hired. Congrats to the new hires, and I am looking forward to reading their articles as much as Yaro’s!

  • That’s a great strategy to increase knowledge. I really like it when friends share their experiences with each other. That’s a great away to improve in whatsoever you do. Thanks.

  • It seems like your move towards making this blog more of a magazine model is right in line with your requirement that your assets be sellable. The less this blog becomes about you, the easier it becomes to sell. Is that a hard direction to move towards?

    I foresee the blog feeling less personal, because of all the new faces. I suppose it’s just the cycle of things, which happens with all businesses.

    – Andrew

  • You are blogging the smart way as you make your blog look like a company where you are the boss and letting others work for you….(guest posting). I love it…

  • Awsome info and right to the point. I don’t know if this is truly the best place to ask but do you people have any thoughts on where to get some professional writers? Thank you 🙂

  • Yaro, looking at your site today, it seems you totally stopped publishing guest posts?

    What made you change your mind?

    Maybe that question is even worth being answered in a post. There might be interesting learnings not only for guest bloggers, but also for authors accepting guest posts to their blogs.

    • Hi Ralf, yes about a year ago I went back to being the only author here on EJ. I wrote about why I switched back, but I can’t seem to find which article because it was in with another topic.

      However you are right, it is something I can write more about to clarify why I did what I did and what I am doing now.

      Thanks for the idea.


  • […] people suggested that the switch to a group writer model in 2010-2011 could have impacted things, but since more content was published then and links […]

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