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Review of 1ShoppingCart.com Shopping Cart/Online Marketing System

1ShoppingCart Online Shopping Cart, Email Autoresponder, Affiliate Manager and more.


Name: 1ShoppingCart/Marketer’s Choice
URL: www.1shoppingcart.com
Purpose: Shopping Cart, Email Autoresponding, List Management, Affiliate Management

Let me start out by saying I was very excited when I first started my 30 day free trial of 1ShoppingCart. I logged in and was blown away with the potential – the possibilities – my young Internet marketer’s brain started churning away thinking about the products I could launch and all the cool things I could do to market them, all through 1ShoppingCart.

The problem at the time, is that I didn’t have any of my own products to sell! However I signed up for 1ShoppingCart because I was looking for an email autoresponder to start managing my business client lists with and I figured since my path was taking me down the Internet marketers road then no doubt I would make use of the rest of the 1ShoppingCart features eventually.

What Does 1ShoppingCart Actually Do?

Okay, let’s cut to the chase – what can you actually do with 1ShoppingCart?

Online Commerce

First, the obvious – it’s a Shopping Cart – which means you can set up products for sale and copy and paste forms into your website to set up a fully functional ecommerce system. 1ShoppingCart works with a whole range of payment processing providers including the ever popular Paypal and 2Checkout, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty setting things up to start taking orders.

The actual shopping cart module in 1ShoppingCart is quite robust and you can stipulate all the tiny details about your products, including shipping, taxes, recurring payments, commissions for affiliates, landing page, thank you page – everything! I feel comfortable telling you that almost any product will work fine with 1ShoppingCart.

There is a learning curve though and I was certainly intimidated initially looking at all the customization options, but the 1ShoppingCart team provide a ton of help files and videos. It’s all very intuitive and after the initial set-up and I doubt you will need to make very many changes again.

Client Management

1ShoppingCart is not a CRM system but it does have a fairly standard client database management system. You can see which autoresponder clients are on, search the database by different fields, import and export client lists and all the rudimentary features you would expect. It’s not exactly a relational database, so beyond seeing which autoresponder clients are on you won’t be able to do much analyses, but it does the job well enough for a small online business.

Email Autoresponder

1ShoppingCart has a very good email autoresponder. This is the main module I made use of until I switched to AWeber. I switched because I only needed the email autoresponder module and I was paying a high monthly fee with 1ShoppingCart for all the additional features, which I didn’t make use of. AWeber offered a specialized email autoresponder service at less than half of what I was paying for 1ShoppingCart. As I have stated previously, if you just want an email autoresponder, go with AWeber or GetResponse.

The 1ShoppingCart autoresponder is a little bit clunky compared to the dedicated email autoresponder providers I have used but it’s not really a fair comparison since 1SoppingCart isn’t *just* an autoresponder. The fact that you can plug it straight into the shopping cart and affiliate management system is fantastic. If you plan to need all these features I would strongly recommend choosing 1ShoppingCart.

As I have recently discovered it’s damn hard to integrate different third party providers if you want to have different companies handle your email autoresponder, shopping cart and affiliate system – at the moment it’s not really possible at any price even close to what 1ShoppingCart charges.

The 1ShoppingCart email autoresponder will do exactly what all good autoresponders do. You can set up a sequence of emails to go out at set time intervals. You can automatically move clients from one autoresponder to the next as they take different actions, for example from the “prospects” email list to the “clients” email list once they make a purchase.

Top Internet marketers have been using the 1ShoppingCart email autoresponder for many years. That was the original reason I chose 1ShoppingCart. When I saw at the end of emails from Alex Mandosian and Perry Marshall that they were using using 1ShoppingCart – that was all the recommendation I needed.

Affiliate Management

Here is one of the areas 1ShoppingCart really excels. The affiliate module, while once again a bit daunting at first to comes to grips with, provides a powerful suite of options that even a single individual can make use of to manage their entire affiliate system. I know many online marketers, including Andy Wibbels, Joel Comm and Brad Fallon, who use the system to affiliate sell their products. In fact many of the affiliate promotions I run through this blog go through 1ShoppingCart.

In a nutshell the affiliate module allows you to take on affiliates, manage them, and set up promotional tools for them to use to promote your products. You can set up banners, text links and the usual range of affiliate resources. You can also customize the look and feel of the affiliate area and brand it with your own custom logo in the header.

For me the best feature of the affiliate program is the fact that you can integrate it with the autoresponder module. That means that you can seamlessly use your affiliates to build your email lists, pay them commissions on sales and keep everything all in one place in a nice and tidy interface. There aren’t many other services out there that can boast this feature at the price 1ShoppingCart charges.

Other Features

I’ve covered the main features and now I’ll just briefly mention what else 1ShoppingCart can do. It has a solid ad tracking system which you can use to track and test any online advertising campaigns using media such as text links and banners. It has a custom form builder which you can use to create the input forms for your customers and email list subscribers to join or purchase from. There is also a pop-up generator which you can use to have an input form pop-up on your website.

Most of these features are available in other places, for example Google has a fairly reasonable ad tracker in it’s Google AdWords program, which is handy because you can use it alongside your AdWords PPC campaigns to test PPC against other online advertising media. The thing with 1ShoppingCart is once again, it’s all integrated in the one place, so when you combine ad tracking with email autoresponders and affiliate promotions you have a pretty powerful set of tools for optimizing your online sales process.

The Good, The Bad and…Well that’s it!

The only problem with 1ShoppingCart is that it does a lot. It’s a complex system that requires some learning to get the most out of, but as I stated there are plenty of help files and audio and video teaching tools too.

One potential risk with a “jack-of-all-trades” service like 1ShoppingCart is that the individual modules may fall behind in overall features and quality when compared to specialist providers, which is the argument you could use when comparing the AWeber email autoresponder to 1ShoppingCart. However the gap is not that big and if you do want the extra features 1ShoppingCart wins hands down.

And herein lies the true strength of 1ShoppingCart… There is no other completely integrated set of tools like it for the online marketer, at this price. It really is the “marketer’s choice” when it comes to selling goods online. If you know how to make use of all the bells and whistles, you actually have a need for all the bells and whistles or you plan to in the near future, it is actually mind-boggling to think about how truly powerful 1ShoppingCart is.

That being said – for me, it’s too much so I don’t need to spend the monthly fee for all those bells and whistles. If you are in the same situation and you really only need a shopping cart or perhaps an autoresponder there may be cheaper alternatives. However if you plan to grow, which I am sure you do, and no doubt will eventually need an affiliate module, ad tracking and all the other features, perhaps starting out day one with 1ShoppingCart will save you from the pain and anguish if you have to later move your email lists and client database into 1ShoppingCart.

Trial Period

The best thing about 1ShoppingCart is that you can try it for a 30 trial period so you can make the choice whether it is right for you after actually playing with it. You can sign up right now from here – www.1shoppingcart.com.

I hope that helps with your decision making and good luck with your online business.

Yaro Starak
Online Marketer

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  • Hi Yaro,

    It’s funny you should do a review of 1shoppingcart.com. I too signed up for an account with them a few weeks ago and have been extremely pleased. The platform is extremely configurable and simple to use. Like you, I was looking for an autoresponder for my lists and have found it to work well. The ability to process sales has been useful too. I’m still playing around with things, but I really like the feature that allows me to have 1shoppingcart.com host my downloadable files. The one issue I have so far is that uploading files larger than 7 megs is not supported. But otherwise it’s a great processing and autoresponder management platform.

  • Hi John – That’s a good point I didn’t mention. 1ShoppingCart does have a built-in digital download deliver which is ideal for selling ebooks etc since it creates a temporary download link after buying so you don’t have to worry about delivery of your info products.

  • Yaro,

    Just wanted to say this is a great write up on our services at 1ShoppingCart and we appreciate the exposure and the kind words 🙂

    Also, a follow up to John Peck:

    While it is true we don’t SUPPORT digital files over 7 megs, there is little stopping you from actually uploading files that are much larger.

    One of the main reasons we don’t support anything above 7 megs is that there are still so many people on dial up connections out there, and we can’t guarantee that your 30 meg teleseminar MP3 (or whatever the digital file happens to be) can actually be downloaded by those people.

    Again Yaro, thanks for the article! and keep up the great work on your Blog, I have been checking in regularly for a long time now 🙂


    Michael Valiant

  • No worries Michael, thank you for dropping by.


  • I have had a nightmare with 1 Shopping Cart. They don’t have good customer support and have frequent system bugs. I use it HEAVILY for downloadables that we sell and various other products and my experience has been disappointing.

    Also, beware the trial period because by the time you get your cart hooked into your website, you’re kind of hooked in. It’s a pain to then have to transfer to another cart which is probably what they’re counting on.

    One of the worst things is that you can’t add clients manually. Try to add over 10 and they flag you as possible spam sender. I have had countless people sign up in writing and we can’t really transfer them into the cart unless we use third party software which is what they want from us and then import the file. Who has time to get the software, learn how to use it and then learn to import when you should be able to simply add in clients as you go, which is something they would seem to provide for — as long as you don’t add more than 10 a day.

    Their software has crashed on me at least 50 times in the past two days. I don’t have time for it and really can’t wait to find another cart. And for this, I pay about $80 a month. Not a good experience.

    • Lynn

      Kathryn, I couldn’t agree more! What a PAIN in the butt it has become getting KICKED OUT all the time, smack in the middle of writing my broadcasts!!! First when it started kicking people back to the login screen they made the “improvement”, after MANY user requests including mine, to make the broadcast screen auto-save periodically. I can only imagine how many people besides me called them freaking out about losing literally HOURS worth of copy writing over time!

      The tech support guys (which, by the way, I still think are excellent – but they can only work with the system given to them, right?) initially said “just Save the Draft once, and it will auto-save it for you every minute (or two? I don’t recall exactly).” That is clearly NOT happening, and NOW they say, “Well, it logs you out when it does not detect activity for 15 minutes.”

      I’m sorry, but if I am actively TYPING into that screen, that qualifies as activity! “But the system has no way of knowing you are typing – you have to Save, or move between different 1SC windows, for it to qualify as activity.” REALLY? I point out that there are applications, such as Chat which has been around forever, that can detect when someone on the other end is typing. “Well, that’s a whole different system.” Dude, code is code! I’m quite sure the 1SC coding team could add that functionality, or a POP-UP warning that says “Hey, we don’t detect any activity – if you’re still there, Save or move between windows soon, otherwise in one minute you will be logged out.” Or put that warning in big red type at the top of the Broadcast window – I mean, for crying out loud, give your users a fighting chance, man!

      That is ALSO quite common in other systems.

      I also HATE the new multi-window process for writing broadcasts – a big step backward, IMHO. Why do the coders at 1SC still seem to be in the dark ages when it comes to understanding and satisfying the actual, day-to-day needs of the business people using their system?

      I’m going to start writing all my broadcasts in Word (God forbid) FIRST, then copying them in, out of self-defense!

      Oh, and Tech Support should STOP making the suggestion that I waste even MORE time going to their “ideas.1shoppingcart.com” site to request the REPAIR that they should be discovering on their own through adequate TESTING by someone who understands running an online business.

      I have been using 1SC for years – I’m even an affiliate because I think the system design is very good for the price. But lately the Broadcast page has been kicking me out in the middle of typing my emails, and they’ve been making “improvements” that in my opinion are making it cumbersome and a PIA to use.

  • […] can read my review of 1ShoppingCart for more information about the […]

  • Great review on the 1shoppingcart.com!

    It’ll help online marketers like me make good and worth it choices. Especially that a good shopping cart system helps a leg up in business.


  • Thanks for the review. I have been trying to figure out whether to choose Aweber or 1shoppingcart for my auto responder. Still not sure, but this review gave me some things to think over.

  • I appreciated your review of 1ShoppingCart.com, but after using their product for some months I’m disappointed overall.

    I needed a basic shopping cart for a client, Whittingham Meats (www.rwhittinghammeats.com), nothing more. Here’s a list of the obstacles I faced.

    – Category and product pages aren’t built for you. You need to maintain your own pages, populating your own database/file separate from the one you need to populate on their server. You keep them in synch yourself.

    – Gift certificates aren’t really supported. You can sell them, as though they were ordinary products, but your customers can’t redeem them through the shopping cart. They’re not tracked separately either.

    – Customers choosing PayPal are forced to enter their billing address. This defeats one of the major reasons customers use PayPal, to avoid entering the billing address and billing details every time they shop.

    – Until recently, technical support did not have a toll-free number.

    – What may be worst is the attitude of their customer service people. No sense of concern. I had to live with what they offered, good or bad.

  • It’ll help online marketers like me make good and worth it choices. Especially that a good shopping cart system helps a leg up in business.

  • Thanks for the article, Yaro.

    Unfortunately, 1shoppingcart is not going to work for me. I need to be able to download an entire video over 150mb. And I also am concerned by some of the other comments I have read here.

    Glad I saw this.

  • Ken

    Well, I had a crappy time with 1shoppingcart.com it should be 1shoppingcrap.com. They claim they are Intergrated with UPS. That is BS. First of all they will not let you ship cart orders over 150lb. Now I know your thinking well UPS will not let you ship packages over 150lbs. This is different than what Im talking about.

    UPS will ship 10 boxes at 40lbs each = 400lb shippment. 1shoppingcrap.com will not and they do not tell you that, truth be told they are not completly intergrated. If they were you would not have a problem shipping a total shipment of 400lb (10 box @ 40lb each).

    So, to make a long story short. I belive this is false advertising. Dont claim to be something your not. Tell me up front, maybe I would have not lost $4,000 in set up of a .com only to miss the launch date due to there BS. Then after explaining what happen….they did not want to hear it. USE SHOPSITE. New cart no problems.


  • Just signed up a few days ago..it was time consuming because have a site with citymax whos shopping cart always crashes and empties. marketers choice shopping cart saved my life – and my customers are lovin it. Gonna upgrade to pro to take advantage of getting an affiliate program in one. and theres no contract so you can downgrade or upgrade anytime. Thanx for your comment about the company and your honesty…u got a supporter here;)

  • Thanks for the article it helped me make a decision to use aweber for my auto responder. I currently use constant contact but seems limited or I just havent figured out how to make more than one opt in form that redirects to a new page. but I did sign up for e-junkie a couple of days ago for the shopping cart and paypal processing and digital delivery they offer. they also handle your affiliates ect. kicks ass and all for $5 a month! for that you get to have 10 products and up to 50MB total for the files you upload. I am really loving it and when someone pays with paypal they can either log in and bypass the address stuff or put in the address if they dont have a paypal account. I know they support a few other payment systems too. They have other plans and I chose the $10 a month so I can have 100MB of files on there.

    Dr Dan


  • I would like to leave my 2c worth, I started with 1ShoppingCart.com in August 2008, there were a few hurdles to start off with, but this is part of the learning curve. After about 8 weeks I now am loving the website.

    I has increased my sales with he upsell features, and now I am working on using the email marketing portion on the website. Thank you 1shoppingcart for the shove in the right direction.

    Rhys C0mley

  • We have been a longtime customer (i.e., years!) of 1shoppingcart.com and have experienced the continual decline in service as a result of what 1shoppingcart.com calls “improvements”

    Previously to get orders all we had to do was go to the order page, check the orders we want, change screens, the selected orders showed up in a special window, high-light the orders and paste into a Word file and save.

    BUT NOW in the last few days 1shoppingcart.com changed the order retrieval process in such a way that it is now labor intensive and orders can no longer be retrieved quickly. In the new, supposedly “improved” process, we must check orders we want, then leave the site and WAIT as the orders go into a cue, and then WAIT to receive an email link. When the email FINALLY arrives, we must go back into the 1shoppingcart.com site to download the orders.

    So step one is a big time-wasting go-around. Before it took a very few minutes to get the orders. Now it is a several-step go-around.

    Previously an order came as below:

    135176017″,”email36@yahoo.com”,”Jane “,”Doe”,””,”123 sw 34th pl”,”apt 90″,”gainesville”,”Florida”,”32608″,”United States”,”123-456-7899″,””,””,””,””,”Jane Doe”,”5411-0211-6211-4011″,”11/2008″,”Mas”,”Offline”,”10/24/2008 1:23:00 PM”,”NAME OF PRODUCT (1)79.95″,”COCHAN”,”84.95″,”0″,””,””,””,
    “”,””,””,””,””,””,””,”Jane Doe”,”123 sw 34th pl”,”apt 90″,”gainesville”,
    “Florida”,”32608″,”United States”, “UPS ground – US continental”,”5.0″,””,””,””,””,””,””,””,””,””,”0″,””,””,””,”0″,”0″,”US”,”0″

    If there are several orders, they came in one after the other. It WAS easy to highlight and pluck out the info, drop into the invoice to process the order. We could merely print out the above to keep as a “raw” order for back up.

    Not any more!!!

    In the new, supposedly “improved” process, after we FINALLY get the order, it comes in an excel spread sheet with numerous columns. The columns are horizontal -with a zillion columns which spread about three feet horizonally – literally!!! Yes, we CAN cancel some of the columns, BUT it is next to impossible to get one order onto ONE page.

    This means in order to print out the spread sheet to keep as a “raw” order, it will print one order across 2 or more pages!!! So to get a “raw” order on ONE page, we must futze around with the spread sheet. Who has time for this?

    The order data is all in lower case, which means that it must all be retyped and not just copied and pasted into the invoice. Again, MORE work!!!! Each excel column is narrow, so that the data in it can not be read or viewed without manually altering each column!!! MORE time wasted futzing with the blasted excel spread sheet.

    In short, 1shoppingcart.com’s supposed “improvements” require time-consuming, labor intensive work to prepare the data BEFORE one can start processing orders.

    So we decided to leave the service for another easier shopping cart. Well, not so fast!!!

    1shopping automatically billed us – without checking – for a full year at $599 – $100 more than in the previous year. We were billed on 9/18 and today is 11/4. Since has been more than 30 days since billing us – 1shoppingcart.com will refund ONLY 50% of our $599 or $300!!! We get to eat $300 because we don’t want to deal with the convoluted, labor-intensive, annoying process that 1shoppingcart.com fantasizes is an improvement. Further, if we wait too many more days to cancel, they will pay us back only $150 – 25%!!!!

    Do you hear that sucking sound?? Sucking us and our wallet???

    At the time that 1shoppingcart.com billed us for the entire year – without checking if we wanted to renew again or if we still wanted to pay for whole year instead of paying monthly – 1shoppingcart.com had the old, better, easier order retrevial system and not the new horrible, labor-intensive, time wasting process. Today was the first time that we encountered this horrible so-called up-grade. Had they had this horrible process when they renewed us, we would have quit immediately. Too bad.

  • Naomi Colb

    This blog has helped me determine that aweber and e-junkie will best serve my needs. It has saved me alot of hassle!

  • Interesting comments, I am looking for something to replace virtuemart which has served me for a few years now, but i need more customization.

    One thing I can’t find out how to do with 1shopping cart is to create a customized form for a particular product – (ie – specific size, colour etc) and it seems to me that there are a few too many negative comments about 1shoppingcart here already for my liking. Anyone suggest another shopping cart solution? cheers, Andy.

    BTW, i have found Mailchimp an excellent email marketing system.

  • This sounds like a great shopping cart system. If I am ever in need of a website shopping cart, I will definitely look into 1ShoppingCart further. I have used Zen Cart in the past and it was pretty good, but I don’t think it had e-mail autoresponders.

  • I’ve used 1shoppingcart and am very unimpressed. Every time they update it, it gets worse. The site is slow. The tutorials are out of date. Bugs abound. If you offer coupons or product discounts to clients, it’s a gamble as to whether they’ll work. If you manually add more than 1-2 clients a day, you’re flagged as a spammer, have the ability to add customers permanently removed, never to be reinstated again. Customer service is abysmal at best – a true nightmare to deal with, unfriendly, poorly trained, extremely slow, customer is always wrong attitude (they’re most recent update requires you to pay to receive this horrible customer support – hilarious!).

    • Thanks for this honest review. I was actually considering purchasing this…

  • How to pass custom variables like user id , user name on view cart page and get back value on Thank You page in 1ShoppingCart?

    Note : My application is in asp.net.

    I really appreciate your help.

    Thank You.

  • Hi, I know this isn’t about 1shoppingcart but since it the thread is about shopping carts I just thought I would put my 2 cents in about zencart.

    I installed zencart on my site last week after 3 months of using just the Paypal checkout system, which I have to say is pretty good. I put this in as a ‘temporary’ solution because my virtuemart (joomla) broke.

    Now I had one customer who had an aversion to Paypal, and since I have merchant facilities that were basically doing nothing, I installed zencart through fantastico in cpanel on hostgator so this person could use her credit card without going through Paypal.

    It took me about a week to get it all mostly right, then once i had it setup i made it active.

    no sales for 4 days which was unusual, now I have with a friends advice think I have tracked down the problem.

    With zencart you are faced with a not insubstantial sign-up form BEFORE you put in your card details / paypal details whatever, and I think customers who are faced with this quickly get put off. The form needs to go in AFTER the customer has bought, that way they have no choice but to put in their details.

    KISS principle, but so far I have found no way to do this in zencart, so back to good old Paypal for a while !

    Good luck all you Ecommercers, btw, if anyone knows a SIMPLE step by step processor let me know !



  • Found this article while searching for honest opinions on shopping carts. Yaro, your articles are always so well written I should just search your site instead of the web for things such as this.

    I don’t have the time or patience to learn the ins-and-outs of shopping carts, but I need something. 1Shoppingcart still has the free trial period, so perhaps I’ll take the plunge and try it.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I’m curious to know if you still use and recommend 1shoppingcart? It’s been a while since this post wax written and now you are selling awesome products. Is 1sc still cutting it for you?

  • 1shoppingcart service has gotten so bad, and their customer service really doesn’t care. Every upgrade has been making more headaches, that it’s really not worth using them.

    WARNING: If you ever want to cancel your service with them, they “require” 7 days advanced notice. I cancelled one of my two accounts with them, and they had just charged me $99 two days earlier, because “they bill every 30 days, not monthly”. The 3 previous months I was billed on the 5th of the month. So I asked for a refund or to keep my account open, the answer was “NO” from Ashley Van Schoonhoven – Client Services Billing Representative. She was very rude about it and said these are our terms.

    Come on guys, do you really need 7 days notice ??? NOPE!! Technology companies should be able to do it instantly.

    Oh well, my suggestion is use http://www.aweber.com for autoresponders, because we’ve seen better delivery open rates with using them. As for shopping carts, Infusion has been pretty good, but usually out of the price range of a lot of people.

    Good Luck!!! Just remember, customer service friendliness is not what you are going to get with 1shoppingcart.com

    The above has been my opinion and experience in dealing with this company. They use to be great when George Tran owned the company, and they use to be flexible in making upgrades and changes. Not so much these days!!

    • Update to my post: After making the same comments to customer support and not expecting to hear anything back from them, I received an email that they would refund the $99 back to me, and that they would take my example as a “Learning & Training Opportunity” to better train their customer support staff. I was actually impressed to see that response!!

      Sometimes companies grow so big that they forget about their roots and their customers that make them as big and strong as they are. We all know major Fortune 100 companies that have done that. So it’s very encouraging to get such a fast response back from someone in charge. Kuddos for a move in the right direction!!

  • I ended up going back to Joomla and Virtuemart for a shopping cart, Joomla is a free install from Cpanel with Hostgator

    Their latest incarnation is much improved on previous versions. Still need to be somewhat nerdy to use it though – good job i’m a nerd !

  • I have used 1shoppingcart since 2008. Their customer service is pretty poor: I submitted a question because I was going live with a new product and it took them 4 business days to get back to me. Needless to say I figured it out by myself and went live anyway. I do have to say however, that I LOVE having all my data in one place instead of all over the place. And the options are pretty good and can allow me to continue my business growth at a pretty decent monthly fee.

  • I just did a review of 1ShoppingCart and referenced your article thanks for your review its great to hear the good and bad sides to products and services.

    I provided the link for you below.


  • Yaro, FYI the “review” linked to above in Lisa’s comment is misleading. It is not a review, simply an affiliate advertisement.

    • Yes I did a review of 1ShoppingCart after I had read Yaro’s. The link posted was to let him know that I had mentioned his name in my blog which was the reason why I had even looked at 1ShoppingCart.

      If it was misleading it was not intentional.


  • Your Message
    Yesterday I sent 1shoppingcart a question about event management and today I got this response which was very friendly, caring and helpful and as there is quite a lot of negative comments here about there service I thought it worth sharing:

    Hi Nicholas,

    My name’s Dan, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to help acquaint you with how our system can be the means to your online success.
    You’ll be happy to know that not only are we capable of handling event bookings, but we also have a substantial number of speakers as clients who are actively using our system for that purpose.

    As for your question about labels, you could definitely export the orders for each event to a CSV file, and that would include each of the names.
    I’m not sure if a program like Excel could take the name column of a spreadsheet and print it out as attractive labels or if you’d need to do that on your own.

    I want you to know that I’d be happy to personally help you out with any clarifications you need.

    Lastly, if you have a moment, please email me back to acknowledge that you’ve received this reply so that I know there’s no need for a call.

    Thank you for emailing us. Your business is important to us and if you have more questions or are ready to get started, call and ask for me at 888 792 1961 ext 1 or 705 792 1961 x 1 or email me back and we can get our solution working towards your e-commerce empire.


    Dan F

    Client Services Department

  • Jen Bailey

    Thanks for the great review – one of our upcoming clients is using 1ShoppingCart and I got the trial to make sure I understood everything it was doing. My only question is that when I click on their product it takes me to a page that asks me what kind of computer I am using – Mac or PC? Why doesnt 1ShoppingCart read this for me?

  • Hi Yaro,
    Great info. I’m in that space of planning to grow and need the features of 1shoppingcart, but not wanting to start paying the fee yet.
    I’m a little intimidated that you’ve been earning money on the internet for 10 years, have an awesome blog, which gets loads of comments (above) and aren’t at a space to pay the fee. Is there any hope for me?
    The post makes me think I need to pay the fee, but that question makes me hesitant…
    Best to you,

  • 1shoppingcart have wiped my account.
    I rang today (23 January 2012) to update my VISA payment details and to ask them why communication with them had ceased since my last payment in November 2011 and they without any apology or real explanation told me that my account had been terminated and ‘wiped’ for non payment.

    When I asked them why they hadn’t been in touch, they had no answer. As I have been a good customer for ten years, am I the only one to find this behaviour extraordinary?

  • Kat

    Hi there, I know this is an old post but I wanted to add my recent experience with 1ShoppingCart to the mix. Both myself and a friend recently signed up with 1ShoppingCart and, in addition to some technical issues, we’ve both found their customer support to be severely lacking. My friend emailed 1ShoppingCart over a week ago regarding an issue and never heard back, so she submitted a support ticket two days ago and is still waiting to hear back from them – the support ticket’s status still shows “Unassigned”.
    Also, I have been overcharged the past two months for the plan I’m on, and the Billing team are giving me the runaround! Definitely, the worst customer support I have ever encountered 🙁 Sounds like 1ShoppingCart have really gone downhill since you wrote this article.

  • Nate

    I agree with the criticisms above. It should be renamed 1ShoppingCrap.com

    The bastards won’t let you cancel without a fight. I’ve informed them on 8 different occasions that I’m done. Now they ‘insist’ I phone up.

  • Yaro – what do you think about the comparison of using aWeber for email marketing and Clickbank as shopping cart and affiliate management? What are the pros and cons of that combination vs using 1Shoppingcart?

    • Love that combination Yoon – I used it for years after I switched away from 1shoppingcart. However I don’t know what the current 1SC looks like, I suspect they have advanced considerably since I wrote this review.


  • Cara

    You know… if you haven’t got an eCommerce business, there’s such a thing as both email marketing software and marketing automation software. No need to do acrobatics to get an eCom solution to bend to your needs.

  • I signed up for a 30 day free trial with one shopping cart. I opted out after the trial was up. Too complex for my start up. What they failed to tell me is that the online merchant application they referred me to and I signed with was not cancelled by them. As a result, I was charged for 18 months a 40usd fee for something I was not using and did not want. Their identifier “bkcrd” led my bookkeeper to believe it was a bank charge that I was paying and it took my bank’s detective to figure out who was drawing on my account. Very tricky. Well, I called them up and asked for them to stop charging me and refund my money. They refused. I talked to customer service 10x. They made promised to be in contact, “review” my story, call me back, etc etc. etc. and never did. Finally they simply refused to do more than stop drawing from my account and refund 2 months out of 18. One shopping cart would not take any responsibiility for this. Eonline data are a bunch of slippery con-artists. A disgusting display of heartlessness and lack of ethics.

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