How To FINALLY Start Your Online Business

Let’s jump straight into it – if you are reading my blog then you either already run an Internet business, you want to run one or you dream about running one (or you are stalking me!). With this article I hope to help you move from the “I want to start a business” category, to the “I am running a business” category. Here we go…

I Have A Business Idea (or several)

I Have An IdeaIf you fall into this category and you already have ideas for Internet businesses but you haven’t actually started one yet, then I have some very simple advice for you – just do it! Put something into action, get some results even if the result is no result (that’s a result still!) so you can actually start to move forward. Stop dreaming/planning/thinking and start doing.

If you have several ideas and you don’t know which one to run with, pick the one that you can best leverage your existing skills, contacts and resources and do some testing. You may think one idea has “more potential” or you might earn more money from it, but that probably also means you face more risk and a longer learning curve. The thing with long learning curves is that if you don’t already have the chutzpah to even start a business a long learning curve is just going to be, well, too long for you. You don’t have the motivation or the courage or the experience or the conviction or whatever it is to push you through the slow process of failing that you must go through in order to succeed.

If you choose the perhaps less grand idea or the less risky business in the short term – the one that you can best leverage what you already have – you won’t face such a long learning curve and will earn results quicker. This will give you positive reinforcement and experience earlier – it will build up your chutzpah – and then, if appropriate you may be able to start up your original riskier or unique idea since you will have the confidence from the success you have already earned.

Think of it this way – a software programmer could have some amazing Web 2.0 idea which she could start, or she could do some software consulting as a self employed business owner. One business model is clearly riskier but potentially much more rewarding. However in almost all cases the low-risk consulting job will bring in financial return and positive reinforcement a lot quicker, while the end game with the Web 2.0 might be a huge superstar company, resources will be consumed (money, time) long before rewards start coming through. Obviously it comes down to your unique position and personality, but if you are having trouble even getting started then the path of least resistance is probably best for you – at least for now – you can still dream big for the future.

I’m not saying you can’t chase the biggest, baddest, craziest idea right from the start – some of the best entrepreneur stories start like this – but often the character behind the idea has some special qualities, those pure, somewhat deluded concepts that hardcore entrepreneurs have where they “just know” they will succeed no matter the odds against them or the reality of the present situation. That sort of blind faith motivation usually leads to one of two outcomes – tremendous success since the person never gives up, or tremendous failure since the person never gives up. It’s a fine line.

I Don’t Know What Business To Start, But Gawd Damn I Have Plenty of Information Products Full of Ideas, If Only I Would Pick One!

Too Many Info Products!Ahh, the serial information product purchaser. I love you guys. It’s you opportunity seeking folks that keep the online marketers pockets laden with money – your money. They keep coming up with ways to make money online, release ebooks, videos, DVDs, courses, seminars, mailing lists, membership sites, all promising riches, and you lap it all up – all of it!

Yep, you are a crazy lot but there is one clear thing about you – you are not afraid to put money down in order to make money and you believe in education, either that or you are a sucker for a good sales page!

If this is you, you need to stop buying info products. Honestly, stop it now. If your computer and bookshelf is laden with online business ideas, all of which you have studied with enthusiasm but never gone much further than one or two steps into actually implementing something before you snap up the next “great online money making concept”, then you have to break the pattern.

Here’s what you need to do. Stop buying products, look at what you have already, what you have learnt and where you think you could best leverage your skills. If you like writing content and setting up blogs or websites then perhaps AdSense is the way to go. If you have something to teach other people and that doesn’t have to be in the Internet marketing arena, it could be any niche, online or offline, then maybe setting up a membership service or writing an ebook is the way to go. If you don’t want to bother with making a product yourself but you like the idea of selling products then perhaps drop shipping or affiliate marketing will be good to you.

Here’s the important part though – whatever idea you finally pick, you have to stick to it from start to finish. Complete every step in the course/book/tool you bought. Every step and then evaluate your position. And I can tell you, if you truly did complete every step that a quality information product teaches you to do then you are almost guaranteed success. Why most people don’t succeed is because it takes time and energy and let’s face it, unless we see money coming in immediately most people have a hard time sticking to something for longer than a few weeks – at most!

Realistically if you were to follow Internet business information products and implement all the steps you are looking at months and months, even years of work before you really can say you did everything well. That usually means completing long term search engine optimization on your website(s), setting up, testing and tracking a comprehensive pay-per-click advertising campaign, implementing other traffic strategies, networking, forming relationships and doing joint ventures, testing and tracking conversion on your website(s), writing content, blogging…there is so much to do to truly have success online. While it might be nice to blame the information product and accuse it and the author of being all hype and no substance – most reasonably good info products really do teach good stuff, there’s just a lot of work involved to do it all successfully – so the only person to blame for failure is you. It’s harsh, but it’s true.

Next time you buy an information product in the hope that it will be THE big idea for your online business (like all the others that have gone before it) be absolutely certain that you are prepared to implement everything it teaches, otherwise you shouldn’t buy it. Go back and implement the techniques in the other products you bought but never got around to using properly first.

Best of all, if you actually do implement well and create a business, you can then buy all the great info products that come out, write them off as an education expense in your tax and know full well that you will be capable of implementing the nuggets of advice you learn, increasing your income by leveraging the success you already have in your existing business.

Positive habits tend to reinforce themselves. Once you start implementing and getting results you will find that you want to keep doing it. The experience you will gain will give you confidence and awareness of the long term benefits of implementation and replace your old “get rich quick” opportunist thinking mentality, where you bought products because you were caught up in the promises being made and did not consider the reality of the effort required to make things work.

I Have Too Many Commitments – I Can’t Quit My Job To Start My Dream Business

Sick of my jobOkay, you may be right, you have a lot of commitments and pinning your financial requirements on a new enterprise is too much to handle. My advice – don’t do it, do both. Start your business and keep working your job. In this case you need to have great time management and structure your life well so you maximize your work efficiency (of course this is a good strategy for anyone, but it’s particularly important for someone who wants to transition from working a job to running a business where the short term involves doing both at the same time).

Let’s think 80/20 rule. If you get 80% of the outcomes from only 20% of your efforts then you really only need to focus on a core few functions to handle this situation. You need to keep working your job so a good chunk of your day is gone to that. Then you have all the other “life things”. In my case that realistically probably leaves about 2 hours per day of real productive time for your new Internet business. You could start sacrificing sleep to get more hours but I’m not known to do things like that – you might be.

Two hours, you may be surprised to learn, is more than enough to get your business going, if you are 100% productive during that time and that two hours is spent on your 20% core productive functions – those things you need to get done in order for your business to start generating cashflow. After all it’s dependable cashflow you require so you can reduce the amount of time you spend at the job office and increase the amount of time you spend at the home office. Most people don’t spend much more than two productive hours in an eight hour working day anyway so you will be ahead of the curve if you can stay focused on your 80/20 activities for a full two hours.

From that point on you juggle. You balance your activities with getting your new business running and slowly change the ratios so you do less “job” and more “business” until that great day when you have enough business cashflow to finally quit your job. Of course that’s only the beginning of building your business, but at least you are past that not-really-that-scary-yet-it-stopped-you-for-so-many-years period where you were afraid of not meeting your commitments without your job.

It does take a leap and definitely a commitment but to be really honest with you, the only real obstacles you face are psychological, they are not reality. You don’t believe you can start a business because of all the fear that your commitments generate, which are tightly linked to your job income since it currently keeps those commitments at bay. Since you believe that it becomes your reality. Once you lose the fear and take action you realize the reality of the situation is not that scary and with some time and efficiency management anything is possible – you just got to believe and take action kid!

Do Something

Reading over the paragraphs I just wrote above it’s pretty clear that there is really only one piece of advice you need to follow to finally start your online business – you need to take action and do something. Everything else boils down to the way you think and the way it causes you to act but generally as long as you are taking action to move your business forward (and start something in the first place!) your outcomes are always good because you are learning and gaining experience, which all lead to greater motivation, better decisions and more taking action – a guarantee of success!

So go do something already!

Yaro Starak
Action Taker

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  • Totally agree with everything you have said. I just started my new business and although it was very scary as I kept thinking what if it is a failure but now I have started i dont regret a thing.

    The only think I wish I could go back and change is leaving my job so soon. I think 3 extra months of working would have really helped me but there is no point looking back and instead looking forward.

    My first comment although I read your blog occasionally and think its great 🙂

  • That’s a great post Yaro.

    I would definitely back up your idea of ‘just do it’. Until you get started you just don’t realise how much time you have already wasted.

  • Amen! Well said Yaro – the most difficult part of “wanting” to start a business is rolling up those sleeves and jumping in. The worst thing about risks is not taking one; so long as it is a calculated risk. If you hit road blocks, figure it out and take another road. Keep up the great work with your excellent blog! PC

  • Great points. I am still at the stage of doing both now.

    Using your time productive is the key. I loose so much time procastinating – checking stats, email, forums.

    You really need to focus on the limited time you have when you are working on your online business.

  • Sometimes I find myself doing more reading than taking action. I wouldn’t quit my full time job without several sources of income and a bit of money tucked away.

  • Great article again Yaro. I think the last points you made: 80/20 rule and “Do it Now” apply also for those who ARE already doing their business, and want to “multiply their maximum” so to speak.

  • Great advise! I am always interested in new or old business ideas. I am espescially interested in making more money by working less.

  • Absolutely great advise – for any sort of entrepreneur. Well written.

  • dENA

    Hi Yaro.
    Just surfed in from the Warriors forum.
    I totally agree with what you said in this post. I am fairly new to all this and have bought a $20 e-book and a $10 one. That’s it. I will not purchase one more thing until I put into practice all the stuff written in these books!
    Plus, I am taking plenty of action.
    I have started my own blog for beginners. Here is the link. I would love for you to have a look and give me your opinion.
    all the best

  • There are Commentators, Spectators and Players in business. Which one are you?

    This actually sounds like a good topic for a post. I’ll blog this tomorrow.

  • This is great advice. It’s so common today for people to want results from simply buying something like an information product.

    I’m sure there are tons of great ebooks out there on how to create a successful online business, but there’s not one that’s going to do the work for you!

    Yaro, this article is a must read for any new internet entrepreneur. 🙂

  • I agree with you, Yaro. Action is most important. Infact, a month ago i found myself in such a never ending loop, where i was reading , thinking, planning, but no action. and one fine day i realized, the blunder i was making.

    And i also noticed you changed your picture. This one has a more Glam look. cool. 🙂

  • Solid suggestions Yaro! I love your 80/20 analysis. Many people (present company included) tend to talk themselves out of business before it starts. I’ve found recently that the key is belief that I can do it if I try. I have to focus on spending all my time on the effort of launching a business and none of my time worrying about what would happen if it doesn’t work.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  • Indeed. Now, to take more action and less knowledgeable head nodding! Entrepreneurs…away!

  • When you commence ensure you have a competitive advantage over your competitors. Whether it is Cost Leadership, Differentiation or a Niche focus, it will help improve your business.

  • So many people think that they can’t start a business by themselves because they don’t want to quit their jobs. A lot of people also think that they can’t start a business because they haven’t come up with the ‘special’ idea that will make a million. Think again! You have it the wrong way round! Start you business part-time on the business first, then your idea will evolve, then your income will evolve, then you can quit your job! Simple! 🙂

  • Hi Yaro,

    I started a non-online business 3 years ago at 19yrs of age and sold it to a larger company only 6 months ago, which was my ultimate goal.

    I agree, its not easy, it takes commitment, focus, time and did I say commitment. I remember when I decided to start the business I realised I HAD NOTHING TO RISK – with the exception of the opportunity of starting a business!

    Look forward to reading your blog.

  • Great article! In fact, everyone should do something when they are young… you still have plently of energy and money still not too much of a concern. You dun have that many mouths to feed yet.

    Business plans you can always modify along the way, and they always seems to require modification anyway. Things always not turn out as expected. Having a business plan just help to make sure you are on the right track.

    The main thing is really to do something now!

  • Sanford Ashley

    AWESOME!!I am a little bit older than you,and have discovered the power of blogs!!I expect to earn more book sales since I am an author and speaker.The log just went up less than a week ago,but I am looking forward to sharing my success with all of you.

    All The Best,

    Sanford Ashley

  • P.S I love the newsletter.

  • […] I give anyone who needs it, a final push to get started. Highlights of Yaro's post on How to FINALLY start a business. A few helpful websites and […]

  • The annual Inc 500 list of the afstest growing companies is just out now. It’s a great resource to peruse for business ideas. Why? Because most of these companies started without outside capital. I have been studying their founders since the late 1980s.

  • […] Maybe I do feel like writing – strange how that happens.  As Outlook is crashing for the second times in two attempts at opening my email, I’ve decided to ponder the realities of my own business.  I think the first step towards success for me is to stop thinking about my service – in this case web and software development – as a hobby, and start treating it more as a real business.  You know, something I that can help me sustain life.  My livelihood.  Sure it seems hard, but let’s think about it. […]

  • That’s a great post Yaro. I agree, action is the first step – but to get results its not easy. It takes commitment, focus, time and patience.

  • sohail

    i need your advice.

    i have an idea for an internet startup.
    i am not sure if its better to outsource the programming from a software company or to hire my own coders.

    any advice?

  • Sohail – that’s not a question you can answer without knowing more about the background of your startup.

    Why don’t you post your situation to my forums. The link is at the top of my site in the navigation bar.

  • “Here’s the important part though – whatever idea you finally pick, you have to stick to it from start to finish. Complete every step in the course/book/tool you bought. Every step and then evaluate your position.”

    Great post Yaro. I came to the same conclusion recently, and decided to work at one strategy for a month and see what happens. Then at least I’ve given each report/software/membershipsite/strategy a bash, which is more than I was doing.

    I’m sharing the results as well at


  • You cannot play the game unless you jump in and become a player. Like many things in life I have found learning by doing to be the strongest teacher, but some coaching from infomational sites like yours is quite helpful.


  • EK

    Agree with your great advices.
    Someone out there did mentioned:
    “Say Nothing, Do Nothing, and Be Nothing”

  • Well written article and important points. Fear of failing is a big reason that people never get off the dime and start.

    Sometimes though it’s easier for someone to start out with an affiliate program instead of starting a new business from scratch. By doing this at least they will have started to take control over their lives by running and having a business of their own.

    A good affiliate program product to start with is,giving away Satellite TV system for FREE. It’s a product people save money with and there is a demand for more HDTV channels. Plus the commissions are great.

  • Thanks Yaro, these are the guide of the first action.

  • It is easy to become overwhelmed by the huge amount of information out there on starting a business. This creates a paralysis and you never get around to implementing the idea. Why? Because the next one always seems a little better.

  • Olivia

    Thanks Yaro – Everything you wrote hit home to me. I’m not going to let the fear of failure prevent me from “just doing it”. After all – it’s better to know than to always wonder ‘what if’

  • Taking time out of job would be the best thing some one would ever do. Spending those 2 extra hours could get the online business started and running!

  • The various programs out there are another hindrance to actually starting a business. People will never act.

  • The leap is so scary from the known to the unknown. But with the way the economy is I’d rather try and fail(hopefully succeed) at my own business than work for someone else and their dream and be laid off doing it.

    I am new to this industry for that very reason, I hope to replace my job revenue with affiliate marketing generated revenue.

  • Yaro, this was one of the original posts I read in 2006 that basically made me stop reading and start doing. Thanks for this – it showed that starting a business was doable!

  • Hi Yaro. This is a great blog and all so true. So many people take too long procrastinating and never actually ‘doing’. There is always something that holds them back. Often it is fear. Fear of not succeeding, or fear that they need to outlay money and would rather things happen for ‘free’. My experience is that the more you worry about what money you outlay the more you hold yourself back. The more you question your own ability to succeed, the more you hold yourself back. Everyone who wants to be successful has to have self-belief, confidence and be willing to take a chance. Otherwise, you will always be in the same situation you’re n now. Of course you need to do your research and be sure that you find a credible opportunity, but in order to succeed you *must act* otherwise nothing will ever happen. Even if you’re not sure it’s exactly right for you, you need to give things a go. I learned this many years ago and haven’t looked back.

  • Still reading your content in 2016! Great work!

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