How To Use Email Autoresponders For Passive Affiliate Income

You know I’m a huge fan of email autoresponders. For proof just check in my article archives for articles like – Using Autoresponder Emails to Grab New Clients and Keep Them Coming Back for More and AWeber Email Autoresponder Review.

For many organizations autoresponders are used as a tool to maintain and build relationships with prospects and clients. I use autoresponders as my main client database resource and to send broadcasts and automatic marketing emails out periodically. Just recently I’ve started to make use of automatic emails as a passive income tool and it is fast becoming one of my favorite ways to monetize an email list.

Combining Affiliate Programs With Autoresponders

Essentially what I am talking about is promoting an affiliate product or service within an email autoresponder sequence. You write your email series, make sure you provide a ton of value to your subscribers, and filter in a soft sell of affiliate products. You might actually be using the autoresponder for a more specific reason, perhaps marketing your own product or service, and every email you send out clearly has this focus, but the occasional soft sell link or once-off affiliate promotion can work wonders as a passive income stream.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say you offer search engine optimizations services to your local small business community. You create an autoresponder series of 10 short lessons on SEO, including case study examples from your past clients (credibility building etc). Each lesson focuses on providing education to your reader as the primary message and you end every lesson with a short sales pitch for your own SEO services. When appropriate you mention you make use of a great SEO software tool, Brad Callen’s SEO Elite Software (aff) and recommend it to your subscribers. You might also explain how you use it when performing SEO for previous clients. As a result you make a few sales of the software and earn a commission.

Over time more and more people subscribe to your autoresponder series and every now and then you make another sale of SEO Elite. Later you add additional lessons to the sequence and include more product recommendations increasing your affiliate earnings. Over time this builds up into a substantial income stream, and best of all once you have written your autoresponder sequence, it’s pure passive income. If you have natural search engine traffic coming in (you should if you work in SEO!) or another cost effective means to generate new subscribers, your affiliate income will continue to flow indefinitely.

You can work this formula over time to build up an excellent source of passive income. It’s also a fantastic way to further monetize a list that you primarily use to build your client-base. The extra affiliate income may not be massive to start with but it certainly doesn’t hurt and you will learn some interesting things about your subscribers. For example, perhaps your list isn’t converting well at selling your $297 consulting service but you do sell a few $37 ebooks via affiliate promotions. Maybe you can change the focus of this particular autoresponder sequence to only sell affiliate products and find other ways to market your consulting service. Perhaps this teaches that you need to refine your sales funnel for your own services by selling a $37 ebook of your own first and then later you upsell your $297 consulting service.

Repeat Exposures

If you are in business or you have been reading my blog for a while you know that it takes multiple exposures to a product before a person buys. It’s been tested to take between three and seven exposures before you close a deal, depending on what you sell, whether it’s offline or online marketing and all kinds of other variables. The important point is that it takes multiple exposures, once usually isn’t enough, and the same goes for affiliate selling. If you are planning on becoming a super affiliate you need to build marketing tools that expose your subscribers and readers to your promotions over and over again, and email autoresponders are perfect for just that purpose.

Here’s another example…

You can tell I’m pretty happy with AWeber (aff), the company I use to handle my email autoresponders (a full review is here). You can also tell I know something about using autoresponders – I certainly have ideas, this article is one – so I could put together a sequence of lessons on how to make use of autoresponders.

I would set them up to go out in an autoresponder sequence and of course in each lesson I would recommend AWeber and perhaps some of the other email autoresponders like GetResponse (aff) as an affiliate. Provided I made sure my lessons offered really good ideas and advice, people would spread the word and no doubt I could continue to bring in more subscribers. Best of all AWeber offers affiliates ongoing referral commissions for the lifetime of the customer you refer, so if the people I sign-up to AWeber remain with the AWeber service I continue to earn a commission month after month. Do the math – if I get recurring commissions and continue to sign-up new customers via my email course about autoresponders – the income will compound – and it’s all automatic, once again provided I have a means to sign-up new people to my email autoresponder series.

This idea is so good I’m actually considering it. If I wasn’t focusing my energies on blogging I’d be writing that course right now. Whether it would be more profitable than my other ideas I don’t know, but it’s worth testing since it’s so easy to set up with the power of autoresponders and the income opportunity of affiliate programs.

Give It A Go

If you already have an email list going via an autoresponder it doesn’t hurt to test out a few affiliate promotions. If affiliate marketing is your game, or you intend it to be, you must use autoresponders for maximum return on minimal effort. Remember autoresponders aren’t just lead generation tools for businesses – you can use them specifically to sell other people’s products as an affiliate. Imagine setting up ten high-quality online courses which are all delivered automatically through autoresponders and all sell affiliate products. Once you have set things up you can sit back and watch the affiliate income come in provided you have a mechanism to bring in quality subscribers. It’s almost easy…

Yaro Starak
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  • You read my mind!
    I recently signed up with an autoresponder service and have been playing with building some courses like you describe.

    The ‘a-ha’ moment that blew my mind was how, over time, you could build up a huuuge autoresponder course of several hundred emails that would just fire off to new subscribers and become a nice little earner for the rest of your life.

    The way I see it is that you could start with a ‘5 part e-course on XYZ’ and as you add a new email ‘lesson’, broadcast it to current subscribers and add it to the course. Is this what you are describing here?

  • I didn’t use autoresponders jet but now you made my mind to give it a go and try it out.
    Yaro thanks for great advice.

  • Yaro;

    Auto responders also work great in combination with a white paper campaign. Say a prospect fills out a form to request your white paper. First you can send a thank you inquiry. Then you can time delay the sending of the paper. The more your name is in front of the prospect, the greater likelihood he/she will recall you in the future.


  • Dominic – That’s one way to do it. What I mean is you could either add a new email to the sequence which mentions you use a certain product and soft sell it, maybe with a review, or you could just briefly mention a product within an existing lessons where it would make sense to do so.

    The concept is to include affiliate promotions with an autoresponder. That’s pretty much all I am suggesting. How you go about it is up to you and worth testing.

  • Mike – right, a lot of marketers do that – the whitepaper is the lead generator but there is no reason why you can’t continue to follow up after the whitepaper is delivered since you have collected the contact details of a certain type of person interested in what you offer – it’s worth leveraging in other ways.

  • Great post my friend. I use Aweber Autoresponder, and it’s vital to my business. They key is having great ad copy to pull, which in turn attracts potential clients to optin to the autoresponder, but having content that keeps them in the autoresponder is huge. The art of knowing how to weave your affiliate products, blog, and other sites you may have is critical, because if the bounce around long enough through your material…they will buy!! This is great to see that you understand what your talking about.

    Josh Peak

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  • Once again, great post Yaro. I purchased the same autoresponder software recently after using another package. You made a wise choice.

    Ditto Josh Peak’s comments – Content is King! The trick lies in giving your target market usable, compelling, and relevant content.

    For those interested, I have a post on “Hypertargeting” (marketing via data mining) and the importance of content given the power shift from marketers to consumers/customers. Target audiences have more power to choose their media channel now than ever and the importance of content can not be overstated. Here’s the post:

    Thanks again Yaro.

  • Looks like the link didn’t process through my comment above. Here’s the URL for the Hypertargeting post:

    Hope that worked.

  • Yaro,

    Great write up on affiliate promotions. It’s best to go easy on the affiliate promotions to a list though or your subscribers will feel like you’re just endlessly promoting to them. Making sure you have valuable information and lessons along with those affiliate links is key.

    One way to lower the promotional signal would to have 1 or 2 pure content lessons between the affiliate promo messages. To monetize even these pure content lessons only put the first 1-2 paragraphs in the autoresponder and have the rest of the content appear on a website landing page. Then use Adsense to generate dollars from visitors who then leave the page when done reading the lesson they came for. Easy way to monetize without looking like you’re endlessly promoting other products.

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  • Thanks for the great tips! I love when bloggers are upfront and unselfish about teaching people how to do what they are doing. I am your newest subscriber!

  • My favorite way to increase sales! Automated follow up. I have even used aweber to set up some sites that have automatic follow up for a couple of months out then I can work on some other aspects of that business. (SEO, Blogging, & Video)

    Once again, thanks for the good information.

    Increase Sales

  • Good point Yaro. As an affiliate marketer i find that when visitors come to my site they click a link and are gone forever. They may buy and i may get a commission but i am more in a money making mode rather than a business building mode.

    I am looking for ways as an affiliate marketer to build lists. Any Ideas or courses which i may refer?

    Jatin Dhillon
    Affiliate Marketing Ebook Reviews

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  • Good artical Yaro.
    The time leveraging aspect alone is worth using autoresponders . What better way to deliver useful info to the masses than let cyberspace work for you . I am using auto’s in my business and it works well .
    An example of this is on my site .

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  • Another Great Article!

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