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Back when I began working online and learning about search engine optimization the very first source of quality information I found was Brad Fallon’s free SEO course (aff). I still recommend it as the number one place to start learning how to improve your natural search engine rankings at no cost.

I hadn’t heard much from Brad lately in terms of information products and I assumed he was busy working on his business. Despite my perception of Brad being an SEO specialist, which he is, I’m pretty sure he makes most of his money from his online business. Like most online experts, Brad develops his skills from implementing and testing things on his own business website, which he reports back to us either for free or in information products (just like me actually!). Brad is famous for his online Wedding Favors business which does a stupid amount of online sales per month – we are talking about millions of dollars each month just online.

An Uber-Product Launch

If you are at all into SEO then you probably know about some great videos recently published by Brad and his business partner Andy Jenkins. Andy brings the conversion skills to compliment the SEO skills of Brad, making for a fairly lethal combination in terms of online marketing.

The videos are still available from here – – but I think they will only be online for another week.

The videos are top stuff, no sales pitch and offering case study examples of both natural search and conversion techniques. I recommend you take a look if you are in charge of SEO or online marketing for your business.

Despite the lack of sales pitch at the moment you probably realize that this is the beginning of a product launch process by Brad and Andy. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the pre-launch joint venture partner group because I know the manager of the launch personally (not Brad or Andy though). The idea behind this launch is to eclipse everything done before it in terms of information product launches.

Now if you are like me you are probably a bit tired of product launches so you might be sighing “ho-hum” at all the usual hype. There are two reasons this launch is at least worth watching –

  1. Because Brad and Andy are attempting to do the largest launch ever they have put a lot effort into the free materials going out. The videos are great content so take advantage of them while you can. Remember you don’t have to buy anything to watch the videos.
  2. This is about natural search. There really aren’t many good natural search resources available and certainly even fewer that combine conversion with natural search and teach it quite like Brad and Andy do.

Why Natural Search Is Important

Natural search (or organic search) is all about free traffic from ranking high in search engines. Natural search is beautiful because it’s free. Besides word of mouth there is no more powerful source of website traffic than natural search and to be honest I don’t think there is anyone out there with the skills that Andy and Brad have who are spending the time to teach it to others.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, ultimately it’s not a perfect science to convince the search engines that your site should rank highly, you can’t control how Google and Yahoo work, but when you start using advanced conversion methods along with natural SEO techniques you can control things to a very high degree. No guarantees of course, but it’s pretty close to full-proof – especially since in most industries your competitors won’t be doing it, so you have a big advantage.

Just for simplicity sake, in case I have confused you, I am talking about two elements:

  1. Getting free traffic from ranking well in search engines and…
  2. Taking that traffic and optimizing your website for sales conversions. To do this you run split tests on different elements of your website, for example headlines, or graphics, or any element – watch the first video for some great examples of how Brad did some tests on his Wedding Favors site.

    A split test is trying two different elements to see which gets better results – and when we talk about results it’s about convincing a website visitor to do something – to “convert” is the term used online. A conversion may be clicking a link, filling out a form or buying a product, or many other things.

You should watch the videos for more information on conversion testing.

What’s The Deal With The Launch – What Are They Selling?

I’ve enjoyed being on the “inside” of this launch because I’m learning a lot about the launch process. Although I’m not really on the inside inside, I am part of the initial promotion partners so I see things from that angle and know where the launch is going.

Unfortunately I can’t share with you what the whole story is, that would be a betrayal of faith and against the launch rules, but I can tell you this is a high-end product launch, so if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend just sit back and enjoy the free resources.

If you are serious about your SEO and website conversion this may be one of the only opportunities you will have to learn from the best. Be sure to join the early notification list (aff) if you want first notice of all the resources being released for free and the upcoming product launch.

I don’t suspect I will be buying this product once it launches simply because all my info product money is going to Rich Schefren’s coaching this year, so I won’t be able to do an in-depth review for you like usual. Hopefully the free resources including the videos will be enough to convince you whether this product is right for you or not.

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  • So that would be why the Rich Jerk has been mailing about these guys so much. He is the guy doing the product launch. No wonder I hate them all so much 🙂

  • ahh. I hate Rich Jerk, they now also have an affiliate program. Wonder who will promote them.

    anyway, nice article. the words “Natural search is beautiful because it’s free” caught my sight.

  • […] Continuing on from yesterday’s blog post about the free SEO videos released by Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins (If you haven’t seen them yet check out the Stomper Blog which has direct links to all three videos – I have a feeling they are not going to be taken down next week like I originally stated since they appear to be well and truly part of the blog, but you never know) – just this week they also released a free PDF full of case studies from the clients they have worked with. […]

  • pat

    Yea the Rich Jerk has been sending out emails for the past couple of weeks talking about how Brad and Andy have stolen his materials and how he is at war with them about it.

    I’ts so painfuly obvious (to me anyway) the the Rich Jerk is actually in cahoots with these Guys and his emails are ONE BIG LIE and nothing more than a way to stir up interest in the prelaunch of the Stomper Program.

    It’s because of his emails and outright lies that I will refuse to have anything to do with Brad, ASndy and the Rich Jerk’s stomper program.

    At $800.00 per month for one full year s these guys are laughing at us all the way to the Bank.

    If these Guys are going to begin their relationship with people base on lies I suggest we all BOYCOTT them

    These kind of so called Gurus never reveal enough information to make anybody rich, because if they did it would leave them with nothing else to sell


  • Brad and Andy are the real deal and they do teach everything you need to know to get rich. Trust me I know from meeting them and taking another course of theirs and they have ton’s of proof. They don’t tell you everything because that’s why you buy the program. Yes, $800/month is not cheap but you can always buy “Stomping the Search Engines” CD course and get a start. It helped me in SEO Consulting and marketing my products.

  • Rem

    As for the Rich Jerk. I don’t care much. I bought the $9 ebook and read it and there is absolutely NOTHING there that’s innovative or new. It would be nice if he had written a really nice, high quality ebook with some real, effective tactics.
    I might as well have burned the $9. But I’ve been marketing online longer than the Rich Jerk so I know more.

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