Is Click Flipping The Next Internet Business Craze?

Duncan Riley emailed me and made a post about two new eBooks by Scott Boulch, one titled The Death of AdSense and the other Life After AdSense both available by handing over the usual name and email opt-in. Duncan doesn’t hand out praise easily, especially when it comes to Internet marketing products, so I was intrigued.

The Death of AdSense

I spent one day on-and-off reading the two ebooks and I must say I was impressed. The first book about why AdSense is not so good anymore was okay. It is basically attempting to prove a point about AdSense but since I already share much of the opinion (although I wouldn’t use as absolute language to state it – but you need absolute language to create controversy and The Death of AdSense certainly succeeded in that regard, which I’m sure Scott Boulch is happy about), it was largely a quick read with some head nodding now and then.

If you are not a regular AdWords user you may learn something that partially explains why AdSense payouts are dropping. Recently AdWords advertisers were given the ability to have different bids for content and for search, meaning that for most advertisers what they pay for content placement dropped a lot (it did for me!). If you want more explanation of how this works, read The Death of AdSense.

I prefer to think of any lost AdSense revenues being a result of Google attempting to ensure they continue to deliver value to their AdWords customers, which are way more important than there AdSense customers, in my opinion. This change to AdWords simply meant that AdWords users pay for quality clicks, and not junk clicks from mass produced spam sites. Anyway, I digress, this is not the point of this post and I’m sure Scott’s eBook will entertain the AdSense debate enough without me dipping back into it. It’s the second book that I really want to discuss, so…

Life After AdSense

The second book, Life After AdSense, I was very impressed with. It covers Scott’s technique which he calls “Click Flipping”, which in a nutshell is using AdWords to send traffic to a landing page which is an opt-in form to a cost-per-action pay-off – in other words, you get paid for lead generation. This is not the first time I have heard lead generation pop-up this year, another well known Internet marketer did a product launch earlier in the year for an elite group course on setting up a lead generation business. Scott really impressed me because he outlined what he does in clear detail and charged nothing for it, so if you want the full spiel download the ebook.

The second ebook is certainly something he could have charged money for although I think he is smart giving it away free because it will reach more people and create more buzz and position him as an expert in this area. My initial reaction was to assume the two books were lead-ins to a product launch of some sorts, which I still think they are, except Scott hasn’t decided what he is going to launch (perhaps) and I believe he is using feedback from these two ebooks to base his decision on how to move forward. Sort of a protracted launch formula, which I like, it’s a good strategy to build some buzz and then refine your product so it closely matches what people want.

After reading Life After AdSense I must admit I would love to sit down with Scott and watch as he puts his system into place, some 1-on-1 time with this guy would be great. The only thing I felt I was lacking after reading the book was a practical example. A video that shows how he sets up everything including the landing pages, the AdWords campaigns and how he selects the CPA programs he promotes, would be a great start and no doubt given enough time he will provide something like this.

Is Click Flipping The Next Craze?

I’m not sure if I was just very “sold” on the whole click flipping idea, but overall it did seem quite easy, although I probably shouldn’t comment until I try it. Scott’s formula for making money makes a lot of sense and I’m eager to learn more about cost-per-lead and cost-per-action monetization. Scott presents a nice and simple breakdown of the Internet business “food chain”, which I really appreciated and was nodding my head in agreement the whole time (I’m a whale!). It clearly explained where everything fits in and I agree, his position is enviable. My criteria for an Internet business pretty much lines up with his, however he has executed it and I’m still working towards it.

Click flipping has some significant potential. I don’t like that it relies on AdWords for traffic, but that’s certainly a selling point too and of course strictly speaking you don’t have to use AdWords with CPA monetization, you can use any traffic generation strategy, just as Scott mentions. AdWords is instantaneous and reasonably stable and affordable (for the moment), and as long as you do your time optimizing your keywords and your landing page elements, success is almost guaranteed – again I want to try it myself before saying anything more about how effective it might be since I have no proof or experience.

What is great about click flipping, and what worries me, is that there is no barrier to entry. Based on what Scott describes the only potential barrier is knowledge – how to optimize AdWords and landing pages. Every single other business idea I have been excited about (distracted more likely!) includes some component that slows you down – whether it’s getting an eBook written, or developing content or attracting search traffic or researching a niche, or hiring people, or getting software developed etc etc – all amount to barriers. It’s because of these barriers that I have not run off and started every single business idea that’s come way, and I’m thankful for it otherwise I’d be no where (you gotta focus remember!). With click flipping you just need AdWords, an account with a CPA provider and a landing page. Only the landing page development presents any real time delay and it’s not a big thing – landing pages can be popped out pretty quickly once you have your basic template done.

Most business models promoted by Internet marketing gurus will only work for a handful of people who execute well. The knowledge as we all know, is not enough, and putting things into practice is what counts. Click Flipping seems almost too easy to action, which will see a lot of people give it a go and I suspect Scott feels that there are enough niches out there to satisfy all the people who decide to follow him into this business area. I hope that’s the case, it would be a great thing if nearly everyone who tries Click Flipping starts earning six figures – that would really be a success story and in that case, yes, I think Click Flipping would be the next Internet business craze. The signs are good but I’ll withhold judgement until I start earning six figures from it.

In my case this business idea goes on the backburner but sits atop as one of the most compelling future business models I’d like to try out post-BetterEdit and maybe even post blogging (or in tandem with). It will be interesting to see how other people go with it so please let me know if you give it a go or already make money from it. For the time being I’ll sit back and absorb everything Scott throws at us, which I hope is on par in terms of quality, based on what he has released so far. Thanks Scott!

Yaro Starak
Eager to flip some clicks

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  • thanks for tip. I’ll check out the Ebook.

    – Bryan

  • The biggest barrier to entry for any internet product or idea is the person sitting at the keyboard. What happens between the brain and the fingers right before they type.

    No matter how easy a product is to use, no matter how potentially successful, I feel that Click Flipping will be only marginally more successful than an AdSense campaign because it will be the same captain at the helm no matter what the strategy.

    The people with shelves full of “how to” manuals and “businesses in a box” will do the same thing with Click Flipping they do with everything else…a half hearted effort that will go nowhere.

    Which leaves smooth sailing for the rest of us.

    Thanks for a great article!

  • Just the other day I was thinking about the death of adsense and the abundance of other ad offering services. Although I was slow to jump onto the adsense bandwagon – I can still tell it’s not the light at the end of the tunnel it once was.

  • Joel Comm wrote a rebuttal to the whole adsense is dead and click flipping concept over at:

    I tend to agree more with what Joel had to say, despite the first couple of silly pages where he compared Google to a kingdom with white and black hat merchants.

    I don’t think that click flipping makes for a good basis in business; I’d rather build something that stands on its own merits and adsense is just an adjunct to it and not the model for it.

  • Hey Blaine,

    As far as my understanding goes, Joel promotes AdSense as a good way to monetize a high traffic site right?

    If we talk specifics click flipping is based on adwords traffic, but if you took the whole CPA concept and applied it to Joel’s content sites (the same traffic idea/source) I’m thinking that in general AdSense is not going to payout as well as CPA does – at least that’s the argument the whole AdSense is dead campaign is about.

    The only area where I see AdSense potentially being better is that it has a broader range of topics – you can make some money, not necessarily a lot, from almost any niche because there are so many AdWords customers. On the other hand at the moment there just aren’t as many CPA advertisers so you don’t have quite as long tail a source of income. As a result, for some content sites, AdSense is going to be the better option of the two.

    Once Google gets into CPA that may change of course…

  • HHmmm…very good info…I had been hearing the buzz about the whole adsense is dead thing… I know it hadn’t been earning like it used to in the old days but thanks for the easy to understand break down of it all.

    I’m going to check out those two books.

  • Lea

    I haven’t yet had time to read all of the 2nd book so i am going mostly off your commentary.
    The concept of ‘set up a landing page, buy adwords and away we go!’ won’t necessarily work, at least not as well as expected; Google recently changed adwords (couple of months ago) so that your site has to be quality, or you pay through the nose for your ads.
    So, it takes more than a landing page, it takes a site with contact info and articles and general information on the product.

  • Hi Lea,

    I thought of that too while I was reading the second ebook but based on my experience and what Perry is teaching to cope with the new AdWords restrictions, I think it’s not too hard to avoid the landing page penalty. As long as you have enough relevant content and focused keywords your landing page can function with AdWords at normal prices.

    I’d like to test this on some new landing pages (mine are all fine at the moment but I don’t have any outside of blog traffic) before I make a conclusive judgement, but I’m confident it won’t be a problem for those who do it right.

  • Pay per lead was around before Adsense was even invented. It’s not new.

    Personally I haven’t seen any decline in Adsense average earnings per click so I don’t agree that Adsense is dead, but as always it should be combined with other revenue models including cpa and list building.

    To me it looks like Scott is recruiting publishers (at a cost of just 50c cents each – smart guy) for his new CPA network. He’ll probably make a fortune as a lead middleman and pay the Adsense refugees just enough to keep them interested.

    So I won’t believe everything he says – but it is interesting to watch what he is doing.


  • mcp

    As competition increases, you also got to think about click fraud

  • I’d agree CPA is nothing new. To make it sound new though you need to coin a new term for it.

    Just like “Google Cash”. Doing CPA just by PPC is a money game, and potentially high risk. Doin it with a high-traffic website is a whole new story..

    I wont be getting too much into Click Flipping, though I’d definately buy the list-building software he’s developing ­čÖé

  • I believe one of the most unique points Mr. Boulch includes in LIFE AFTER ADSENSE is a system of tracking each individual keyword.

    Its a must read as part of learning about a potential different income stream in my opinion.

    – Vincent

  • Lee Kapa

    $997 For the first month and $297 for ongoing months. He must be pretty damn confident or else that refund button is going to come crashing down on him

  • I was thinking the same thing as Lee concerning the price of admission. I’m sure Scott is most likely using that as a way to weed out the people who are genuinely motivated to work at being successful. However, genuine or not, if people are not seeing at least some marginally positive results after 30 days, the refund levee is going to break! Overall, I think it’s a good program that I might employ in the near future.

  • I think that “The Death of AdSense” is one of the bigger scams that have hit the Affiliate Marketing industry.

    Take a look at my analysis and would love your thoughts.


  • Fascinating this click flipper idea. We put it to the test and it can work. The hard part is finding good merchants that don’t screw you later by clawing back lead commissions.

    We found one new one last month and it’s making us a net profit of $1700 per month.

    A nice bonus for sure.

  • FB

    Adsense can still pay the bills though, if you still have enough traffic. If your traffic is high quality and high in numbers, Adsense is still easy residual money.

  • It didn’t take long. Word is out on the SEO forums that Google has already started work on a utility to detect and prevent people from using AdSense for click flipping. No doubt Google will come out with something that will let them get their fingers in the pie. Folks might do well to hold off on sending anyone $1,000 until we see how this all goes down with Google.

  • I am a subscriber of efficient market theory which basically says easy profit cannot last. I think there is some truth is Scoot’s argument that adsense publishers are at the bottom of the food chain.

    However, adsense-CPA arbitrage without good content isn’t going to work – competition means that he will have to bid higher and higher for the leads from adsense (even those from content network), otherwise, it simply goes to other people adwords ad that is doing exactly the same thing as he do. He can of course go for obscure keywords – and that will work for a while, until other’s catch up. So his sixth rule of “permanent” income just isn’t going to work.

    Further, the Google landing page algorithm will sooner or later make sure that he will have to pay high for google.XXX listing. Who knows if google will extend the landing page to content network soon also.

    Just like any other method of making a living – one just needs to keep adapting and stay a step ahead.

  • I am a subscriber of efficient market theory which basically says easy profit cannot last. I think there is some truth is Scoot’s argument that adsense publishers are at the bottom of the food chain.

    However, adsense-CPA arbitrage without good content isn’t going to work – competition means that he will have to bid higher and higher for the leads from adsense (even those from content network), otherwise, it simply goes to other people adwords ad that is doing exactly the same thing as he do. He can of course go for obscure keywords – and that will work for a while, until other’s catch up. So his sixth rule of “permanent” income just isn’t going to work.

    Further, the Google landing page algorithm will sooner or later make sure that he will have to pay high for google.XXX listing. Who knows if google will extend the landing page to content network soon also.

    Just like any other method of making a living – one just needs to keep adapting and stay a step ahead.

  • I’ll agree with you on most of this, and I think it’s for the same reason – Scott B apparently has real business experience and an understanding of business, not just buying some Adwords ads.

    Not that I’m jumping to pay $997 to get started in some Click-Flipping course…

  • Is Click Flipping A Replacment for Adsense?…

    I found a great blog, Entrepreneur’s Journey, and I enjoyed a post on click flipping. I liked Yaro Starak’s take on the craze and commented that I think click flipping is nothing that new yet revitalized my interest in it.


  • There’s another site that is offering a much more advanced service than the clickflipping thing and for just $97 per month.
    It provides a completely automated management of the campaigns and tracking of the results.
    They yet have agreements with some affiliate programs and they’ll soon have the ability to work with CPA networks like
    Their site is and they offer a 14 day trial.

  • Damien

    What Joel Comm DOESNT TELL, is that AdSense-enabled sites contradict with GOOD content sites. If I have a great content site, I dont want AdSense, because I want people to STAY and read the content, NOT LEAVE by clicking on an AdSense. Which in my mind translates in AdSense sites —–> CRAP only to make money from clicks. And thats the truth, even if many people (Joel included) dont like it and believe that “we give the user an exit option”. THAT was Scott’s and John’s point. Makes perfect sense to me! The reality is that most “gurus” have made money by selling e-stuff to newbies and the checks they show are from SELLING STUFF TO NEWBIES. Whichs is not bad from a certain point of view. Since most newbies dont know where to look in order to learn, they buy e-stuff or e-crap from “gurus”. Whatever…..!

  • Click flipping is nothing new. It’s just been given a name and put in the spotlight. That in itself creates the problems that will kill it, although not before those who popularise it and the early adopters walk away with a big pile of cash.

    Obviously to be profitable, the PPC cost has to remain below the CPA payouts from lead generation services, etc. So there’s a fixed ceiling that bid prices can reach before click flipping becomes unprofitable. Popularisation of the idea will lead to that ceiling being reached sooner. Of course, exactly how long that will take is pure speculation.

    Popularisation will also bring click flipping up high on Googles radar, which is never a good idea, because even if Google don’t prevent it, it’s likely they’ll cut your profit and look to make some of their own.

    Creating a big buzz to ensure wide exposure and then limiting actual members and competition is probably the reason behind the high pricing for membership, aside from simply making money that is. Still, I wouldn’t mind a copy of Scott’s software!

  • clabaut

    It’s an OLD concept to send Adwords traffic to CPA affiliate pages. This Internet guru has just found a new name for it.

    NO new kid on the block.

  • […] is a pro at affiliate marketing using PPC (you could call it click-flipping) and has a loyal following of affiliate marketers, who eagerly eat up everything he has to say and […]

  • Frank

    I’ve looked into doing this affiliate marketing.

    And I’ve heard that to be successful you must start tracking your affiliate sales to the keyword level.

    Has anyone heard of Keyword Radar for doing this.

    I’ve seen xtreme conversions, but it seems to fall short compared to what keyword radar can do.

    Has anyone here tried it?

    I also see that you can split-test elements from within one landing page, and measure the outcome of which version got the most sales.

    Their site is at and the guy’s videos really show some cool features.


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