Brad and Andy SEO Launch Imminent

The huge hoopla surrounding the Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins product launch is coming to an end (or at least you can finally buy the product) on Tuesday USA time.

I’ve never received so many emails for one launch before and to be honest I couldn’t keep up. However there is one place where everything is being kept nice and tidy, the Stomper Blog (aff).

Check out the blog if you want the latest news and to review the history of this huge launch including all the free videos. If you are not already on the early notification email list you can sign-up at the blog as well.

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  • I agree, I couldn’t keep up either! I ended up just deleting them as they came in, too scared to unsubscribe incase something big comes through 🙂

  • It took me ages to find out how much Stomper actually cost. I think it’s around $700 a month, but this is from Digital Point as I couldn’t find anything in their copy.

    Which is brilliant if they have actually sold out. Marketing genius.

    If anything is to be learned it is how they marketed the producted.

    It would be cool to talk to someone who bought in.

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