Why Passion Is A Key Ingredient In Entrepreneurship And How To Identify Yours

Late to Bed,
Early to Rise,
Makes an Entrepreneur,
Happy, Cheerful & Nice!

What gets you so excited you can’t wait to begin working on it today?

Think about it while you read the rest of this post.

In 1997, I got married. It was barely two weeks later that my wife and I had our first serious argument. The reason? I kept my computer turned on, working late into the night, while she wanted to sleep and couldn’t stand the flickering monitor screen disturbing her.

Fourteen years later, we’re still married and occasionally argue about things. The most frequent cause remains the same… I still work late into the night on my information marketing business!

What makes it worth doing for so many years? Through many acrimonious fights? At much personal hardship?

In a word – PASSION.

I love writing. I love the thought of my words touching many lives. I love that the profit from my labors helps little children live. Because I love this so much, I’m up early in the morning, eager to write and stay awake late into the night, grabbing every opportunity to write.

In fact, this very column you’re reading came about from my love for being an infopreneur. I contacted Yaro Starak to ask if he would like to publish an article I had planned about content curation. He replied that Entrepreneur’s Journey was looking for more regular contributions from writers who could publish a weekly column.

My first instinct was to say “No,” but then I realized this would give me a rare chance to keep writing one column every week for a full year, and have it read by a large audience of entrepreneurs and Internet marketers and online business owners…the very audience I’ve been reaching out to help over the years.

Passion won through and this article you’re reading came about!

Your passion may be different. Indeed, it would be rare to find two people who share exactly the same passions. But the reality is that everyone is passionate about something.

You probably are already aware of the things you’re passionate about. Or maybe you haven’t yet discovered it.

When you identify your passion and align it with whatever you’re doing, a magical synergy happens that will effortlessly carry you to rarefied heights. Work becomes joyous and pleasurable. Hours fly by, unnoticed. Tiredness and fatigue take the backseat as you power your way to greater achievements.

Yes, working on something you have passion for can be very rewarding. So how do you tap into this powerhouse of energy lying dormant inside you and harness it to your business and career?

It may happen quite by accident and you’re lucky if it does. However, you can also approach your “passion research” as a structured process. I’m going to share that method with you here.

How To Identify Your Real Passion?

Everybody – including YOU – has something they love. Something they know very well and enjoy doing. Something that’s a hobby or a favorite pursuit.

Maybe it’s a technical skill like computer programming. Maybe it’s an emotional issue like raising children with special needs. Maybe it’s a day-to-day activity like cooking or gardening. Maybe it’s something esoteric and exotic like searching for signs of alien intelligence. Or a hobby like traveling, knitting, racing or yachting.

Regardless of what, you are passionate about something.

The good news, as an online business owner and entrepreneur, is that you can build an information empire around any topic or issue that you enjoy and love, that you like reading, talking and writing about.

You don’t have to be an expert. You don’t even have to know much about your topic. You just have to be enthusiastic about it.

Once you identify such a topic, your passion conveys itself to your audience. It sucks them into your vortex, gets them involved, and converts them into your loyal fans. In time, this audience will evolve into a community with a spirit and ethos of its own – that revolves around your passion.

So, let’s begin the exploratory adventure of finding your real passions. Ready? Great. Let’s go.

Your Brain Dump Exercise

Before beginning, I want you to repeat this sentence out loud – three times:

“Everything that happened in my life is worth money.”

Now go on and say it out loud. Three times. Done? Do you believe it? Well, you soon will!

Make sure you will not be disturbed for a reasonable length of time (maybe 30 minutes, or an hour). Sit down with a few sheets of paper and a pencil or pen.

On the first sheet of paper, make a list of your most important experiences, memories and skills. Start from early childhood and follow the events of your life sequentially.

  • What have you done?
  • What successes and failures did you experience?
  • Which ones taught you valuable lessons?

Anything that made an impact on your life could potentially be the one which hides your true passion within it.

For example, let’s say you watched a film star smoking cigarettes, and it led you to take up smoking as a teenager, until today you’re a chain smoker with bad lungs.

Would that make you want to stop this happening to other kids? Would you care enough to tell adults who smoke in front of children to do things differently? Maybe. If you felt particularly strong emotions about your current health, you may even be passionate about this mission.

So make your list. Add everything to it that you remember as significant life events. In school and college, or later at a job or career. In your family, your community, and in society. As a son or daughter, a sibling, a parent, a grand-parent.

To make it easier to bring these to memory, you can break down your past experience by decade. For each phase in your life, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you consider your best skills, talents and learning experiences?
  • What specific things did you learn and become expert at?
  • What were your greatest failures that you later learned to overcome?
  • What are the lessons that you now consider most precious?

These questions are designed to get your brain charged and to jump-start your thinking. As you pick up steam, you’ll find your list growing bigger, faster. Take as long as you need to make your list. Then, when you’re finished, go through each item and ask yourself these 5 questions:

1. Does this topic interest and excite you?
2. Can you create useful content about this topic?
3. Do you know a lot about this topic?
4. Are you eager to share your knowledge and experience with others?
5. By sharing this, will you help many people?

At the end of this short, simple exercise, you’ll have a very short list – maybe only one thing remains on it. And it will be what you are passionate about!

It will be something you’ll wake up with the lark (early in the morning) for  and that you’ll stay awake with the owl (late into the night) with… because you love doing it, reading, talking and writing about it, sharing it with the world.

When you find a way to tie that in with your business, you’ll enjoy everything you do along your entrepreneurial journey… for a long, long time to come.

But this doesn’t mean you can simply rush out and launch a business around your passion. There’s one more step to take before making that decision, and we’ll address it in another report soon.

What do you think about linking passion to your business and entrepreneur ventures? Share your thoughts and feedback about the “passion research” process in the comments below.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Download and read my ‘Passion Manifesto’ on ChangeThis.com – click here.

Dr. Mani

About Dr. Mani

Dr.Mani is actively engaged in spreading awareness about congenital heart disease (CHD) and fundraising to sponsor heart surgery for under-privileged children in India.

An ardent group of volunteers and donors have embraced this noble purpose that is bigger than any individual or group, and grown it into a global movement that has touched and saved the lives of 87 little children. You can help too. Learn how at http://www.DrMani.com

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  • That’s the passion I have..I’m late to bed but the first to get it up..this is what real marketers go through..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • Hah. I think the late-night working arguments are something most of your readers can probably identify with…I know it causes me plenty of grief.

    Unfortunately I have about 10 passions that I’m equally obsessed with but I’ll get them all done in the end 🙂

  • “Live with Passion” as Tony Robbins has stated many times. Being passionless in any relationship is doomed to failure. Find your passion and then find a way to share it with others.

  • Hi Dr Mani!! I’m really glad to read your post!! You are fully of wisdom. Thank you very much you want to share your wisdom to us! and also to Yaro that allow you to become a guest blogger.

  • Passion is the element that will keep you going, no matter the problem the passion will help you overcome them. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Excellent!
    Passion can be a very good source of energy to drive you.

    I think another way to find something to write about passionately is to ask ‘what makes you really angry?’ (e.g. abused women, drunk drivers etc).

    • Love that question. “What makes you really angry – that you’d like to change?”

      • Definitely.
        Finding the answer to that can lead you on a quest worth pursuing.
        I’ve just downloaded your Passion Manifesto, looking forward to working through it.

        ~ Rory

  • Passion truly is the key, I’ve found that I’ve had peaks and valleys regarding my focus and passion. With my new job at MIO I feel like beyond the sales numbers I find that helping people live healthier lives is very inspiring and there’s a satisfaction hearing very positive and powerful stories spawned by our products and information.
    Keep the monitor flickering!

    • Reminds me of an accountant I know who works with non-profits saying: “When I work, I don’t see rows and columns of numbers… I see the faces of children I’m working to help!”

      Stay inspired! 🙂

  • Passion is certainly the fashion these days. It’s a magnet for the magnate to be born. For me if you love to get up on a Monday morning in the middle of winter to do your work you can’t be far away from loving what you do. And loving being you!

  • Esteemed Dr. Mani,

    Passion certainly is key. Your post is clear and to the point. It makes us realize that all of us can find passion in our lives on a daily basis. We don’t have to look far. It doesn’t take an out of body experience and we don’t have to spend our entire lives waiting for it. We simply have to look within ourselves and recognize it. Thank you again kind Dr. for opening my eyes to what was in front of me the whole time.

  • Thanks Dr. Mani for the wealth of information . I came up with ideas that I haven’t thought about before reading this post. The only thing that’s left to do is to take action. I’m looking forward to reading more of your articles since I’m a regular to this site. Thanks Again.

  • No passion, no blogging!

  • I agree with you that passion is very important in not only business, but every aspect of life.

    Though I think that equally important is also keeping your passion up. With things that happen on and off, be careful that you don’t lose your passion.

    Thanks for sharing those great steps. 🙂


  • Your Message
    I too have many an argument with my hubby since I’ve started blogging. I’ve unleashed this passion I didn’t even know I had….I’m passionate about what I do and get so in “The Zone” that before I know it everyone’s gone to bed! Your comment “Everything that happened in my life is worth money.” Is so true I write about mine and my son’s severe nut allergies which here in Australia seems to be quite unique! Hey maybe one day I’ll be writing for Yaro!

    Great post Dr Mani

    • Looking forward to that, Karen. See you in “The Zone” 🙂

  • Thanks for all the lovely comments and feedback. It’s such a treat to be published on Yaro’s blog, one I’ve been following for years – and to reach so many of you who are fired by passion and enthusiasm for what you do. If what I shared in this post helped in some little way, I’m thrilled.

    Like Steve Jobs says in his famous Stanford commencement address, “Follow your heart. Somehow it already knows what you want to do.”

    All success

  • Raj

    Agree with you. You will succeed in the area of your passion because you are at your best. Many people try to venture into unknown areas just to make fast money but it is always short term benefit.

  • Dr. Mani,

    Thanks for this inspiring post! 🙂

    One thing which I personally missed was the thought that your passion and your “market” don’t necessarily have to overlap directly. E.g. in your example, the passion “healing kids with heart diseases” and the market “internet marketing” (broadly speaking) don’t overlap directly.

    Not saying that you aren’t passionate about IM… 🙂 Just that sometimes the passion doesn’t make for a good market, but that by using a roundabout, you can both cover the passion, and still have a lot of fun along the route.

    I know you wrote “When you find a way to tie that in with your business,”, but for me the rest of the text seemed to suggest that you should aim directly for your passion, when sometimes a little roundabout might be the more direct route to achieve a goal.

    Looking forward to the next posts,


    • Thanks, Regine. Nice distinction. I’ll explore it in more depth in another post soon, and would argue that while it’s enough to be passionate about the purpose, it also helps to be passionate about the process (otherwise you’ll be working a job you don’t enjoy, for a reason that’s worthwhile – not a bad deal, at all, but could be much more fun the other way!)

  • When you find your passion, you’ll be able to answer these two questions with clarity and enthusiasm:

    1. How Can I Find Joy In My Life?

    2. How Can I Bring Joy to Others?

    • Yeah, I think that’s a good point.

      It’s a great place to be when you’re doing the thing you love, and it’s improving the lives of other as well. It can’t be all about self-gain.

      ~ Rory

    • Love it 🙂

  • It’s great to know there is a community of people in the world that not only wants to earn a living, but earn a living from doing what they love or enjoy tremendously! I knew that I wanted to help people since childhood, and having many jobs in human services, I have now narrowed it down to two specific areas I want to focus on that I am passionate about. I think more people should be tuned in to what life is all about, as I certainly did a couple years ago. I am looking forward to what lies ahead in my passionate entrepreneurship endeavors!

    Thanks for the article! It gives me great pleasure to know I’m not crazy for wanting to find my passion in life and earn a living from it!

  • Hello!
    You have all the reason! If we can put together our passion and our business we´ll fill our psychological needs and we´ll do our work happy every time. Thanks for the post it´s really good!

  • Hey Dr. Mani, I’m one of Yaro’s other columnists, welcome on board:)

    I loved reading your post, we write about slightly similar things. I write about creativity, and it doesn’t exist without inspiration…which is passion best friend, they seem to go hand in hand! Thanks for your beautiful and inspiring words,
    cheers, neroli

    • Neroli, I haven’t yet had time to browse through the archives of other columnists, but did notice your post about creativity on the homepage, and bookmarked it to read soon 🙂 Thanks for your kind comment, much appreciated!

  • I strongly agree. I find it really hard to write about, spend time designing, and spend time promoting a topic that doesn’t interest me. I have found that the most profitable topics I have promoted are about things I have direct experience in and have a real interest in.
    I do not think it is completely necessary for making money with other topics you may not be passionate about or experienced in.. It’s just so much more fun, and therefore easier to spend time promoting a topic that you are..

    Great article thanks, I will definitely read your “Passion Manifesto”

    I think that’s great what your doing for those kids.

  • Dr. Mani,

    I made my way here through the link you sent and even signed up for Yaro’s newsletter. It’s lovely reading yet another of your motivating posts.

    It’s been a long and hard road for me, but one with many lessons along the way. You are so right about passion. It’s difficult to make a success of something you are not passionate about.

    I appreciate how you share what you have learned and how encouraging this has been for me.



  • Hi Dr. Mani,

    Great to read that you let your passion for writing make the decision to write here. I have also been a great believer in following your passion in life. I believe we must be happy with what we are doing. Even if a job doing a task we don’t enjoy pays more, we must choose what really interests us, as that is what will keep us happy forever.

  • I always thought it was:

    “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and advertise.” – Ted Turner (allegedly)

  • Mani what a great read, I can really tell that indeed your passion is flowing through this article. Chasing my passions is something I am trying to switch into, its hard to get other people around you to allow you to chase your passion but Im slowly getting there.


  • Hi dr. mani,

    i too work late nights in my internet marketing business. And it has become my habit working in late night and sleeping in the morning 😀

  • Dr. Mani,

    Great post…Passion is a real fuel which drives entrepreneurship. I am in the business for more than 3 decades.

    Highly appreciate and salute!

    Sushil Handa

  • Passion is the most important thing when it comes to work. I feel bad for people who have to work jobs they don’t like and feel anything for. I have fortunate enough to be able to believe in every company I have worked for and treated every task as if the company was mine. I take great pride in my work and would expect nothing but the best from me and my team, whatever venture I may be in.

  • Superb article ! As always your articles are excellent motivators, Dr.Mani. It was an eyeopener for me and I am sure for many. But do all passions have a money making edge to it?

  • Passion inspires people, if you don’t have inspiration, you won’t be able to do anything good.

  • Dr. Mani,

    My passion is to get my wife out of work and to be able to not ask “how much” again! I am moving towards that goal very quickly and am having a blast doing so. My wife is a gereat inspiration in my life and I want her to enjoy a work free life before we turn 40! I have 2 years and am on my way! Thanks

  • Dillon DP

    Thanks doc… 😀

  • […] many people believe that passion in entrepreneurship is overrated, it’s actually one of the most important qualities that every […]

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