What I Learned From Lee McIntyre’s Instant Internet Lifestyle Workshop

Ever since I started in Internet Marketing back in January of 2008, I’ve come across a ton of Internet Marketers who teach all kinds of topics relating to growing an online business. I’ve signed up for a bunch of mailing lists and have received all kinds of info from these guys, including a bunch of Spam.

At a certain point, I decided to cut most internet marketers off. I unsubscribed from a bunch of mailing lists except for four. After receiving so much overwhelming info, I decided to stick with the ones that I’ve received the most value from. Lee McIntyre was one of those guys, and I just couldn’t let him go. Why? Let’s put it this way . . .

I had ONE coaching call with him when I used to run an Internet Marketing Forum. I left that coaching call with actionable info that I was able to implement and increase my income by $1,000 that same week. Does that sound crazy? It still does to me! I’ll tell you more about it later.

Who Is Lee McIntyre?

One of the reasons I like Lee so much is because he used to be a High School teacher, just like me. However, at one point in his teaching career, he got fed up and decided to start an online business.

In a rather short period of time, he was able to start and grow an online business to the tune of $7,230.95 in just 29 days. He’s used a combination of making information products, promoting affiliate products, blogging, outsourcing and a few other tactics to grow a strong online empire.

What Is Instant Internet Lifestyle?

Back in August of 2010, Lee McIntyre did a live 2-day workshop in Manchester, U.K. where he taught a room-full of internet Marketers how he went from a high school teacher to growing a massive online business – one that at the time was making him over $100,000 per month and currently makes over $200,000 per month. These marketers all paid $997 to attend this workshop, and from what I’ve seen, they’ve all raved about the value they received.

Lee had a professional video crew at the program and had a series of videos made that gives access to that workshop. He initially planned on selling it for $1,997, but decided to basically give it away in order to get more people exposed to his content.

The program consists of 10 hours of high quality training, where he gives a proven blueprint that anyone can follow to grow a solid online business. Here are some of the concepts taught in the program:

  • How to build a list quickly
  • How to get your list to trust you
  • How to get your subscribers to beg you to sell them more stuff
  • How to become a Super Affiliate
  • How to automate your business
  • How to create amazing products quickly
  • How to get a lot of traffic by having others do the work for you
  • How to get the big guys to stop ignoring your JV requests
  • And Much more . . .

Here’s a screenshot from inside the program that shows the modules that are provided in the program:

As you can see, it covers a wide variety of topics that are crucial to having a thriving online business, starting with beginner concepts all the way to more advanced topics.

In addition to all of that training info, he includes a number of bonuses that he doesn’t mention. Here are some screenshots of the bonuses:

Ok, that sounds like a bunch of sales talk. Let me give you my personal experience with the program.

When I found out about the program, I decided I needed to check it out. The price was very low (under $20), so I really didn’t have anything to loose. I spent the next 3 days going through the content and was so amazed at how much value I had gotten for the $20 that I had to call up one of my Internet Marketing buddies on the phone to share some of the things I learned.

Since then, I’ve been using it as a reference. I go back to that training every so often to see what gold nugget I can take and implement in my business to help me take my business to the next level.

When it comes to Internet Marketing, the first part of the equation (in my opinion) is learning. However, the second and more important part, is taking action. Instant Internet Lifestyle provides you with a solid model of how to build an online business, but it is the action that follows that allows you to really take it to the next level.

Using Lee’s strategies, I’ve been able to have my name listed as a top affiliate for a few big name internet marketers, including Lee himself. In fact, by implementing the stuff he teaches, he has sent me more affiliate payments than any other internet marketer I’ve worked with. I feel like I’ve been equipped to be able to more effectively promote products of value from what I’ve learned.

I first watched the training in October of last year, and I’m still working on implementing the things I’ve learned. The step that I’m focusing on at the moment has to do with developing my own info product, and the program has taught me A LOT of what needs to be done.

What I Learned

Create a Low-Priced, High-value Product

The first step to having a strong online business the way Lee recommends is to create a low-priced, High-value product. This is done by finding a limited group of people with a problem. A problem for which they are looking for a solution. Once you have found that group, create a product that is the solution to that particular problem.

This product has to be so specific that it caters to a small subset of the population, not everyone. By doing so, it is so targeted that the people who are interested are really interested and more likely to make a purchase. The purpose of this low-priced, high-value product is to over-deliver on your promise, so that you can show your customers that they can trust you to deliver high quality content.

I like to say that by doing this, you become a trusted “expert friend”. Being in that position makes it very likely that they will buy from you in the future, or take your recommendations as to products/services that can help them accomplish their goals.

Develop a Strong Backend

Once you have a low-priced, High-value product, the next task is to develop a strong backend. This is done by making even higher-value products that you can sell to your customers after they have made this initial purchase. Since you’ve established that you are trustworthy, and that you deliver high value in the lower priced product, they are more likely to purchase what you have to offer at higher price points.

Lee has done this by creating membership sites and other products that deliver high-value. Because these higher-priced products are targeting individuals who already bought the initial product, conversion rates are significantly higher than if you are marketing to individuals who have never bought from you.

Have a Follow Up Sequence that Promotes the Strong Backend

How do you get your customers to purchase your higher-priced products? By letting them know that they are available and how they can help them accomplish more of their goals. This can be easily done using an autoresponder service. However, the goal of your follow up sequence is not simply to sell products. It’s to nurture a growing relationship with your subscribers.

Recruit Affiliates Effectively

One of the big mistakes many people make when promoting their own products is that they try to do all of the marketing themselves. Yes, it’s important to promote your stuff. However, it’s much more effective to have many people promoting for you. This can be accomplished by recruiting affiliates.

This is something that many people find challenging. With all the information products out there, how do you convince a potential affiliate to become an affiliate, especially if they have a big list and get many affiliate requests? You make them an offer they can’t refuse. In other words, offer them something of value beyond just a commission.

For example, in addition to a 50% commission, you can offer to make a video for them that they can use on their blog to offer value to their subscribers. You can can offer to write a series of articles that are free to use on their blog. Or, you can offer a full series of training videos specifically for their subscribers. Everyone has a price, and if you offer enough value, you’d be surprised at who will promote your product.

Make your Affiliates VERY Happy

If you are going to rely on affiliates to continually drive traffic to your website, you need to continually strive to make them happy. Offer them great support. Treat them like kings and queens. Increase your conversions so that they can make more and more sales. Do whatever you can to let them know that you value everything they do to promote your products and they will be more likely to promote it for you.

What I Don’t Like About Instant Internet Lifestyle

I have yet to find a perfect Internet Marketing product. Even the most valuable ones I’ve been a part of has had some flaws, but that’s just the nature of the beast.

Firstly, I’m not a fan of the name of the program – INSTANT Internet Lifestyle. It gives the impression that if you implement the stuff you learn, you will instantly get rich. The truth is – that is far from the truth for most people.

Yes, some people have taken action on the content and have had some remarkable success in a short period of time, but that is far from the norm. Like any other valid strategies, it takes time and effort. Yes, it is hard work growing an online business. But I like that you can work hard now to work less later 🙂

My other problem with the program is more a personal preference. Lee is big on upsells (part of the whole “strong backend” concept). This is quite common in internet marketing, but it’s something that I don’t like to see too much of. He has some other GREAT programs that he promotes along with it, but they can be quite intimidating – especially to new internet marketers.

However, when I compare those two things with the value that you receive in this program, they really don’t measure up. If you only ever buy that one product from him, and implement what he teaches, you will be ahead of the game.

So How Did Lee Help Me Make $1,000 In One Week?

I’m glad you asked. At the time, I was running a large forum, but was struggling to monetize it effectively. Lee introduced me to the concept of having a continuity program with little to no effort. He showed me HOW I could implement that concept to add a paid feature to my forum that could generate me monthly income.

He also showed me how to set it up in an easy, and relatively stress-free way so that my members would thank me for what I was doing. Well – to make a long story short, it worked, and that made me happy :).

It was a simple concept, but one that I lacked the clarity to see. Lee was able to help me to see beyond what was happening in my business at the time to what needed to be done.

In Summary . . .

Instant Internet Lifestyle is hands down one of the best Internet Marketing products I’ve found and THE most affordable. At a price point of under $20, there is virtually no risk involved. You get a lot of actionable content from someone who knows what he’s doing and knows how to teach. When you combine those two factors, you get a very powerful combination.

In the event that you don’t like it, or didn’t get as much value as you’d like to get for your $20, you can request a refund within 30 days.

I highly recommend for anyone interested in learning more about building an online business to get it. Even if you never purchase any of his other programs, it’s one of those investments that you won’t regret.

Download The Instant Internet Lifestyle Workshop Here

Instantly yours ;),

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  • Tips Lee’s sharing looks logical. Having an email list, better yet, an email list built up with loyal readers, is the first objective to focus on if someone’s really serious about making money online.

    The story looks great and inspiring!

  • Hi Leslie,
    You talk about the “gold nuggets” you found in Lee’s training, I think you’ve given away quite a few valuable ones here yourself.
    I think I read this post just in time to change the direction of an info product I’m developing.
    Thanks for the great tips,
    ~ Rory

    • Thanks man, but I can’t take credit for the nuggets (actually, saying the word is making me hungry, lol). Just sharing what I learned from his training. It’s really quite extensive. Goes into a lot of detail.

      • lol. Cool, I reckon I’ll definitely have to check out his program sometime. Especially at that price.

  • Wow, what an indepth review Leslie!!!! I’ve just read this during my lunchbreak and I’m now trying to way up the pros and cons about product creation and the best way to go about it.

    Thanks for the review.

  • From teacher to making real money id what this country is made of..it great to hear stories like this..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Hey, I like to say that “Teaching Sells” (although I can’t take credit for that phrase also). I think the world needs more teachers that are willing to share knowledge with the masses. Yep, I love these kinds of stories too. It gives me a lot of inspiration.

  • After reading about how well this guys talent works, i need to seriously take a look and see if I should check out his program.

  • Continuity sounds like a possible future for blogging. Paid memberships and other ways to monetize your site besides selling ads and affiliate marketing.

  • Great review Leslie! I totally hear you when you talk about cutting off most Internet Marketers and getting off all those mailing lists. There are a bunch of people out there sending out crap that has no value.

    I found out about Lee a couple months ago and I’m glad I did. I like his story and I like that he is out to provide real value that will help people achieve success online.

    Best of luck with you blog. I just found it today and can’t wait to check out some more of your posts.

    • Yep, I used to stay somewhat pinned to my email waiting for my “next hit”, lol. Now, I just realized that it takes more focus to be successful.

      Btw, thanks for checking out my blog 🙂

  • Online business is the way to go these days. You can start a business in literally a few weeks with all of the resources that you have online. I’ve been researching a lot of entrepreneurs, or people who help entrepreneurs, like entrepreneurs . There are many businesses who offer support for online businesses and blogs like this one are very helpful! Thanks for the post!

    • LOL. I’m sorry. I just noticed this interesting attempt at getting a backlink and it made me chuckle 😀

  • Joe

    8k in 30 days, 20k a month , a gazzilion per year. I’m desensitized to believing any of this… and the “proof” is some spreadsheet with an income column? Ok…
    Hey you know what, I make 18k per month online. Here’s my proof:

    day 1 18k <<<< how I make 18 k per month!!

    The system could be great like you said. Its just, what marketer that sells a mmo product doesn't make big numbers like that?

    • I agree with you there. Anyone can claim to make how much ever they want. When it all comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what they claim. What matters is what they deliver. I just purchased a product a few days to check it out based on the claims of what the marketer was able to accomplish and the product was absolute crap.

      Screenshots mean nothing anymore. However, a quality program is a quality program.

  • Hi Leslie this is really nice review!! I really like Lee product. This is really low price product but the content is very good!!

  • Hi Leslie, I found Lee and purchased this same training and I have found it awesome! To be fair I thought it was going to be just another load of cobblers, another of those “But Wait! Theres more . . .!” nonsense scams . . . but Lee sounded a little more convincing in his sales video and it was only $20 anyway, so I thought what the heck, it sounded to detailed and practical to be total rubbish.

    Well it was one of the best $20 I have spent so far on my Internet Marketing business, and my conference call with Lee was also very useful !

    I can recommend this training to anyone at the beginning of their IM career who wants to get some really useful help. Lee has a dynamic excitement about the way he teaches his system that is really inspiring too!

    Do Great Stuff!

    • I can completely identify with what you are saying in this. It really is worth much more than the $20 you spend. His teaching style is very good and informative. He keeps your attention and you learn a lot.

      • arnina

        Hi Leslie, the link doesn’t work… can you help (I’d like to download Lee’s program). thanks!!

  • Inspiring Post Lesie, I am glad to know you learned a lot from Lee! Hope you keep up the good work!

  • Wow, all of that content for only $20? Seems like most Internet Marketers are charging a thousand bucks or more for such a content packed course, and people are willing to pay for it.

    I wonder what percentage of purchasers of his product actually buy his higher priced products?

    – Andrew

  • I will be glad to spend $20 on that seminar. It’s like a win-win situation. You are definitely right, I would have nothing to lose with 20 bucks. Thanks for all the tips. I will keep them in mind.

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  • Great post Leslie! I agree, it’s so important to give freely before you can expect to get anything! You’ve shared some really great information here!


  • Horace

    Hey dude, you have a broken link! It’s the pic of day one and two video moduals 🙂

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