More Evidence Of The Google Honeymoon Period And Why Blogs Rock At SEO

As is glaringly obvious I was promoting Brad and Andy’s StomperNet launch on my blog recently (thanks to those who signed up under my affiliate link too – I suspect you will have tremendous success over the next 12 months if you implement what you learn and work with the StomperNet community).

The first post I made about the launch was back in September, exactly one month ago, then another post in early October when they opened the doors of the program and a final one yesterday. The post I made yesterday won’t actually come into play in the search engines quite yet because it usually takes a day or two for new articles to show up, that’s if you are reading this post the day I publish it of course (Friday 20th October 2006). However my two older posts are already well indexed since they were published many weeks ago.

As you might recall I wrote a piece discussing what I call the Google Honeymoon (incidentally I didn’t copy this term off anyone – I came up with it off the top of my head, but I wasn’t the only one – I’ve since seen it in webmaster forums and on other blogs – so I guess the name is sticking and all of us SEO writers are thinking alike!).

The honeymoon is a period shortly after an article is published on a blog or website where it ranks well in Google for reasons I speculated about in the full article – The Google Honeymoon Period.

Thankfully because Brad and Andy did a one day re-launch that was a few weeks after their initial launch it was possible for some sites to rank well in organic search if they had written about StomperNet during the first launch. Given the whole launch was about organic search (and conversion) I thought it would be impressive if you were to rank well for the term “StomperNet” in the organic Google results.

For fun yesterday and I a google search for “StomperNet” and low and behold, was ranked number one in the Google organic search results, at least for me here in Canada today and yesterday, it may well have changed if you are reading this article days, weeks or months later. Of course the only people searching for “StomperNet” were probably people well aware of what it was, but nonetheless I was very pleased to see my top ranking and took a snapshot of it to preserve it for posterity. Here it is –

StomperNet No.1 Google Ranking

As you would presume, the top keyword bringing in incoming search traffic to my blog yesterday was “StomperNet” as well.

I don’t expect this ranking to last too long because I believe my site is enjoying some honeymoon time and I also suspect StomperNet’s own sites will begin to rank higher as the search engines start factoring in all the new backlinks coming in to the site after the launch. Thankfully the timing was good in this instance, where an established site like mine could enjoy a little time in the limelight because it has history and authority in the search engines and thus ranks higher in a shorter timeframe than other, newer sites.

Once again, it goes to show if you build your blog well and implement a few key search engine optimization techniques, your blog can outrank even the SEO expert’s own sites…Go blogs!

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  • Hey Yaro,
    Not bad going. But how does stompernet feel about that?

    Results are the same here in Ireland. I am a firm believer in the “honeymoon period” too, but you need a strong and trusted site behind it. (Like your obviously is).

    Thanks again for the update.

  • No idea how stompernet feel about it – I suspect they don’t really mind because like I said it’s not likely to stay that way for long.

    By the way Dave, I had a look at your site and maybe I don’t know what you are aiming for but I thought I would pass on this SEO idea to you just in case –

    I had a look at your site and you have done great work to get a PageRank 7 at

    I’m assuming you want to rank well for the term “web design ireland” based on your title tags. At the moment I think you are 5th on google for that right.

    If you changed your main page title from

    RedFlyStudios – Web Design Ireland


    Web Design Ireland – RedFlyStudios

    I suspect you will move up the rankings. Take away the redflystudios altogether and you will probably be number one based on your pagerank since the current number one has a PR 6.

    I hope that helps!


  • Hey Yaro,
    Thank you very much for your reply. I can now go off topic…becasue you did 🙂

    You are dead right, but company name and branding are important to me. I will give the Web Design Ireland – RedFlyStudios option a go and see how it goes.

    Man, I hope this page doesn’t rank for that or I’ll kill you! LOL

  • Dave,

    I wouldn’t worry about the branding issue by not having the business name in the title tag. I assume you are saying you are using your business name in other marketing materials and you expect your brand to become better known and eventually something people will go online to search for. I’m pretty confident since your site is a PR 7 that no one is going to out rank you for the term RedFlyStudios – also because it’s your domain name.

    The title tag is worth focusing 100% on SEO keywords in your case I believe. You can get the branding elements into your page design and all the other content of your page, so I’d consider dropping it from your title tag area altogether and just have the keywords. You might be surprised how much better a position one rank does for your lead generation compared to your current position of five in Google.

    And, heh, if this page did out rank yours for your terms (which it won’t of course) I wouldn’t worry since the links point to your site eventually anyway so if there was a targeted reader they would find your website.

    So how on earth did you manage to get your site to a PR 7?

  • I’m impressed with your optimization. Have you done a blog on that yet? Perhaps you could even go into the business. People charge a lot of money for that.

  • Thanks Adam.

    I certainly have plans to get some SEO content out there for people but it’s a case of priorities at the moment.


  • Well done Yaro. It’s quite ironic the fact that you don’t sell yourself on your SEO abilities yet you beat StomperNet to the table… No doubt Aaron is right – There must be a future out there for you in SEO.


  • […] love this advice because it explains why blogs rock at SEO. It also explains why my blog content appears in Google results within a few days after […]

  • fabi

    any news about stompernet maybe when they will open their doors for new members


  • Fabi – You have good timing. Just this morning I heard rumors that the doors will open again soon.

    I don’t know when or any more details than that, but it will happen.

  • Rod


    Just found your site and I agree with the other postings – you should be in the biz!

    I had a question about blogs. One of our competitors just launched a “blog” – I use the quotes because it isn’t really a blog (I can send you the link offline), per se, because they don’t actually offer the opportunity to actually post relpies or subscribe to a feed. It’s simply a page titled “Blog.”

    My frustration is that we frequently publish updates – announcements, press releases, etc. on our site and externally linking back, and they rarely if ever get picked up by Google on my keyword alert, but when our competitor’s “blog” content is updated, it shows up the next day.

    Any thoughts? Your insight would be much appreciated!



  • Rod – It sounds like your site either isn’t spidered very often by the googlebot, or you haven’t set up a good internal linking structure so the googlebot can’t find your content.

    It could also be that your competitor has a lot more authority that your site does so they naturally attract the googlebot on a more regular basis.

    Have a read of my top 8 search engine optimization article series for help.

  • The true is that it makes sense Google preference for blogs… They have fresh and dynamic content, and (usually) not commercial purposes but merely informative. NOT ALWAYS OF COURSE, but a blog is free, and any private person could create one, and I know many people that creates blogs just to create a name for themselves and share knowledge.. and quality information is what Google is after, right?

  • It seems that our website is going through the honeymoon period. The search ranking disappear and re-appear in half of month. Our website with ranking of PR3, and we constantly write new original articles, but with two months testing result, this technical is useless.

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