Why Creativity And Blogging Are A Match Made In Heaven

The aim of this article is to help you (and me) understand how our time in the blogosphere helps us access our creativity and fine tune our creative gifts. It’s also aimed at inspiring you to keep going, to keep reaching for those things you set out to achieve, and to remind you why it’s worth it.

When we start out as bloggers, we may have many reasons for doing so, but did you ever stop to consider that among the primary reasons is finding your unique form of creativity and expressing your creative genius? For many of us, this probably doesn’t cross our minds, however, blogging is a brilliant vehicle for finding this stuff out.

Finding Our Creative Genius

So, here we are, setting out to make our mark in the world of blogging. How do we start? Where do we start? To the best of my knowledge, Yaro always says to write about whatever you really like, whatever floats your boat.

That sets the scene for our first act of creativity. When we find the thing that makes us tick, we find our authentic voice or our “element”. This is one of the greatest gifts we can ever give ourselves in life.

Our element, or our unique form of creativity, defines who we are. This gives us a level of self-awareness and self-assurance that most of the world is lacking because they’ve never gone looking for it. Being in touch with our truth or our authenticity is so powerful because in many ways, we’re unshakable in this place. It’s a place of inner knowing where we feel sure about who we are and what we’re doing. As bloggers, we have to find it, our success or failure depends on it. Who ever imagined blogging could give us this gift of finding our own creative genius? Brilliant!

As many of us may have experienced, there can be a few false starts along the way. Rock star blogger, Alborz Fallah, stumbled along scribbling about a few different things until he hit upon the thing that launched him with significant impact into the blogosphere. That’s all part of finding out who we are and fine tuning our creative gifts. If we knew exactly what we were doing to begin with, there would be no lessons to be learned, and no joy in finding our inner genius.

The Benefits Of Creative Genius In Action

So, we’ve rattled around for a while and slowly but surely uncovered whatever it is that makes us tick, then we begin to share our wisdom. This in itself is a very powerful act of creativity and the benefits of doing so are almost immeasurable. To name a few of the big ones, in expressing our creativity, we find our tribe and we find our place within that tribe, and we may even find our gifts of leadership in creating our own tribe. When we blog, we share our wisdom/creativity. When we blog, we find our tribe and our place in our tribe, or we create our own.

When we express our creativity, we literally send out signals to the rest of the world about who we are, and other people who share similar interests and vibe about the same things will be drawn to you and your creative expression. Then the power of one becomes the power of many, and this opens the floodgates for even greater connection, communication and creativity within the group. Our creativity is the thing that builds our tribe or connects us with an already established tribe and helps us find our place in the world.

An extraordinary thing about blogging is that we generally become the Creator of a tribe. Yes, that’s right, Creator, with a capital “C”! Blogging is a highly creative act, and in doing so, we literally become creators, in myriad ways. It’s possible that whatever your unique creative expression is doesn’t have a defined group of people gathered to connect, communicate and co-create about this “thing” yet. By finding your authentic form of creativity and sharing this with others, you may become a leader for a group the world doesn’t even know it is missing. That’s one of the hallmarks of creativity, bringing to the world things it doesn’t even know it’s missing.

Creativity And Leadership

How about that? Now we’ve stumbled upon leadership amongst the many brilliant reasons to pursue blogging. Leaders are inspiring and highly creative individuals, that’s what makes them leaders, and that brings us to our next ramble.

When we find our unique form of creativity, and share our wisdom within an established tribe, or create our own tribe, we inspire others to do the same. By showing others what is possible through our own actions, we make it real for them. I generally like to think of inspiration as an inside job, that it comes from within. But there are always exceptions and it can also come from others. We’re inspired when we see others reach the goals they set for themselves. Inspiration comes from seeing another person expressing their creativity (in whatever form that may be) and reminds us that we have those same creative abilities. If they can do it, we can do it.

Two great examples of this in my life are Gideon Shalwick and Kerwin Rae. I’ve thanked both these men in my book for showing me by their own example, that if I say I’m going to do something, then act on it, my dreams are within reach. I know this is possible because I met Kerwin and Gideon when they were audience members in seminars and conferences that I was kicking around in a few years ago. Both of them have gone onto create their own vibrant and animated tribes, become leaders in their area of expertise, and create extraordinary businesses that give them the kind of life style they intended for themselves and their loved ones.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

This seems like a stupid title, given that I’m in the process of writing words, but bear with me! Sir Ken Robinson is recognized as a world renowned expert on creativity, I’m a ridiculously massive fan of his work. He says, “creativity involves doing something, it’s a process, not an event.” Both of these men were similar to me when we first met, with big dreams and strong self-awareness. But they also had an unshakable focus on creating the lives they wanted. Both of them showed me by example that following your dreams and making them a reality is a completely reasonable thing to expect from life if you follow through with action. They did it, then why can’t I? Of course I can! If they did it, so can I.

There was no major difference between our creative abilities then, and there isn’t now. We’re all born highly creative, and we share an equal portion of creative power, but we need to be able to tap into our “element” and do the work, and it’s going to be a lot of “work”. But if we’re in our element/zone, it never feels like something we do begrudgingly, we love it and couldn’t think of anything we’d rather do. (Now I’m getting a bit off topic, but Dr.Mani wrote a great article for Entrepreneur’s Journey on this last week.)

The only difference in Kerwin and Gideon was they found their “element” sooner, shared their wisdom, and created their tribes whilst I was still kicking around figuring it out. It sure made me snap to attention when I saw how they had accomplished the things we had talked about a few years previously. I realized, I’d better stop tire kicking and do something if I want results! These are perfect examples of inspiration from others who have expressed their creativity and made stuff happen in their lives.

As most of us know, Gideon found his unique form of creative expression through blogging. (Rock on Rapid Video Blogging;) This has made it possible for him continue to express his creativity on even greater levels as the influence of his work extends further into the world.

Another bonus of expressing our creativity and becoming an inspirational leader is that we have incredible power to incite action and create movements! Who wouldn’t love to be known for inciting action and creating movements? Those things are cool!

Just look at the example cited above about Kerwin and Gideon. These guys didn’t just inspire me to get off my behind, they incited me to take action and begin creating my own movement. In their businesses they incite action in the lives of those who are drawn to engage in the activity of their tribe. Gideon and Kerwin create movements in the way their tribes are collectively engaged in activities that are designed by the tribe and the leader to take them to a place they collectively want to go. That is an intensely powerful form of creativity in action and it gets me freakin’ exciiiiiiiiited!!!!

Blogging = Creative Genius and Inspirational Leadership

In blogging, we can see clearly how this plays out for us. When we find our unique form of creativity and express it, we join or attract a tribe. We may have to spend some time finding whatever it is that makes us tick and also connects us with others.

The more authentically we express our creativity, the stronger our influence in our group and the more opportunities we get to express this creativity.

The more we finely tune our unique form of creativity and build upon our wealth of self-knowledge and experience, we naturally find ourselves in a position of leadership. Our Leadership role means we can inspire others to express their unique form of creativity, and incite them to take action, and if we do this on a large scale, then we have created a movement!

Yaro is doing this right now with the changes he’s making to Entrepreneur’s Journey. He’s created a strong group with shared goals (entrepreneurship, blogging and internet marketing) and we collectively take action to reach those goals. By allowing myself and other writers on his blog, he’s taken on another level of leadership where he creates a space for others to express their creativity. Big ups to Yaro for taking it to another level and stepping into Inspirational Leadership on a whole new platform! As creators, it can be very difficult to let go of your creation and allow it transform into a new expression of creativity.

If we can’t let this happen, there’s always going to be a limit to how much our creative expression can grow, because part of being a creative genius is inspiring others to express their creativity. If we refuse to share our creative gifts through Inspirational Leadership, our creative ability can be stunted and weaken it’s power to influence others. Sure, we might still experience some level of creative satisfaction, but we’ll get nowhere near expressing our true creative potential, which always wants to go further and to take it to the next level.

So, how cool is that? Finding your creative genius, expressing your creative genius, awakening your leadership potential, inspiring others, inciting action and creating movements. And all this can come from blogging! Was this something clearly laid out in your list of “why I’m going to be an amazing blogger?” Possibly not, but it’s worth adding now if it isn’t there already. And please note, the first thing on the list, the foundation for the whole equation is in your unique form of creative expression. None of the rest happens without knowing who you are and what your unique form of creative genius is.

Many of you will have completed my creative character survey to find out where your creative gifts lie. I’ve done some more work on it since the initial launch. Now when you find out an aspect of your creative character in the results, it also tells you how this plays out in your life and what kind of roles are suited to this creative element. This is a work in progress, as I’m constantly learning new things to add to the survey results! For those who might be curious, you can do so by clicking here: Your Creative Success Quiz.

Many thanks for reading this article, please leave any comments at the end as I’d love to hear any insights you may have about your own experiences.

Cheers, Neroli.

About Neroli Makim

Neroli Makim is an intuitive artist and writer who loves exploring Creativity and its relationship to personal fulfillment and professional success. She educates people about Creativity, what it is, why it’s important and how to access it within themselves. For more information, visit www.yourcreativesuccess.com.

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  • You have to be willing to think outside the box and go for your goals. People who think creatively are the people who are somewhat the most successful..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Sure, but i also know some extremely creative people who never take their brilliance to the world. Sometimes there can be a real disconnect with highly creative people actually getting the “massive action’ element of the creative process right. But if or when they do, then the world will never be the same:) Cheers, neroli

  • With you on this Neroli. As a blogger I find that my blog acts as a creative doorway from myself to the world enabling me to explore ideas and concepts. But blogging is also a foundation platform to build more ideas upon like Giedon with Rapid Video Blogging. From inspiration to surveys, video to developing pioneering communities and services, blogging is creativity made real!

    • Hey John, you’re totally on it re blogging being the foundation platform. It’s like the phase of creativity I describe as planting the seed, it’s right at the beginning of the creative process πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your comment, cheers, neroli

  • I definitely see blogging as a vehicle for unique expression. The blog should be used as a way for the blogger to display to the world their own unique gifts and ideas.

    • Indeed Justin:) And it seems the more we let our creativity & authenticity (unique gifts & ideas) through, the more interest it generates in the blogosphere…at least, it
      s worked that way for me…cheers, neroli

  • One Buddhist Proverb says, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Your post spoke directly to some things I’ve been pondering, and I’m going to have to go over it a few times to milk all the ways it is relevant to me right now.

    I also wanted to thank you for your creativity quiz over at yourcreativesuccess.com. The results confirmed some of the suspicions I’ve had lately. Evidently, I’m 32% Artist/Creator and only 19% Storyteller. That explains why I don’t get so jazzed over writing but get excited about just about any art project that comes along. The sad part is I got an MA in English and did most of the work toward an MFA in Creative Writing, but never took any formal art training.

    I’ve started work honing my art skills (drawing, for now) and am enjoying the process. Hopefully one day I’ll find a way to blend it all together . . . maybe illustrating books. But in the meantime, thanks for helping me take another step to sort things out.

    In your summary of the test results you say this about the Artist/Creator: “Another element of this kind of play and creativity is that people with this trait can often stay in a place of uncertainty and unknown longer than others. This is an integral part of accessing creative insights.” That is SO true! I’m a case study on that point. However, I would like to hear more about how that is an integral part of accessing creative insights. Any recommendations where to look?

    • Hey terry, it’s really great to hear this post was so useful & relevant to you right now:) Love the way synchronicity works! All the play personalities are valuable, but I have a lot of the artist (obviously) so I’m pretty biased towards how fabulous it is! You can easily combine your drawing & writing if that’s what u want to do.

      All the illustrations in my posts & on my website are mine. I wrote my first book last year, & was having a lot of trouble with the writing, even though I love to write. Instead, I drew pictures, I actually drew a book, then wrote the text afterwards. Drawing helps me get in touch with things beyond words & bring them out…more emotive/feeling/intuitive… actually, theres’ so much to answer in your comment, I’ll have to write a blog post or make a video & I’ll post it on my site & tell you when it’s done….b/c your last paragraph has an essay’s worth to write in response to it;) Thanks heaps for your comment, I’ll get back to you with a full response, cheers, neroli

      • Thanks for the response to my response, Neroli, and I look forward to the extended version! I’ve tried writing a novel (my MFA required a creative project) and I found that most of my writing was trying to describe the pictures in my head. Maybe I need to draw them out someday. Their complex, but maybe art is their true medium. Loving this train of thought, and the quiz was so helpful; thanks a lot!

  • I found this article a little ‘fruitcakey’. But I do definitely agree with “creativity involves doing something, it’s a process, not an event”; I love the process of creativity, and watching the growth and evolution take place.

    • Ha-ha:) That made me laugh! It reminds me of my brother…yes, I am quite fruit-cakey, quite a good description.

      Luckily, i write about creativity, so I can get away with it! Glad to hear you dig the creative process, it’s always going to go better when we understand how it works. Thanks for your comment & for making me have a good laugh;) cheers, neroli

      • πŸ™‚ well put. Glad you didn’t take offence.
        My sister also says I remind her of her brother.

        Keep the creativity flowing.

        ~ Rory

  • I really do prefer, that creativity and blogging are made in heaven. There are many people who just say words that blogging is just time waste. Neroli, you have took lot of time to explain. That is superb. The sketch is also good and informative.

    • thanks for your comment:) Blogging is only a waste of time for people who don’t like blogging or don’t get blogging…& there’s a lot of people like that out there! But if we what we’re doing it can NEVER be a waste of time…and even more so if it helps other people;) cheers, neroli

  • I’m curious about something Neroli, you’re an artist correct? Did you draw the pictures we see on this post? If you did that is really awesome, I love how each image just speaks about each point, and the drawings are so cute too!


    • I also like Neroli cartoon image. it’s so cute. She used her creativity to visualization for her reader

      • Hey Semmy, 2 comments today, yay! thanks for checking out the post & i’m glad you agree with the action statement & dig the pics, I love my little scribbles:) cheers, neroli

    • Huzzah Jean! How are you? Yes, indeed, I am an artist, & yes, these are my drawings:) All the drawings on my website, in my posts & in my book are mine. I’m really glad you like them.

      Words are sequential & linear, drawings are a multi-sensory, even perhaps multi-dimensional experience, they can impact the viewer with memories, insights, & numerous feelings & emotions all at once. I LOVE pictures, and we remember things heaps better with pictures! I think they’re pretty cute, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but of course I can only do what is authentic for me.

      When the pictures affect other people, it adds another whole dimension to them, which is cool, in a way it makes them more alive than if they just affected me, (and they do). The other interesting thing is, I can’t draw them if I’m not in a reasonable state of flow. If I try, they look flat & they don’t have the same impact on the viewer, so the energy within the image is really important.

      thanks for your kind words re the pictures;) cheers, neroli

      • That’s awesome Neroli!! And you are definitely right I am big on pictures, whenever I see a picture of a memory, it strikes me and I make a huge connection in my brain. I can totally see what you are talking about in terms of the energy and being in the right state of mind.


  • You really have made me think here. There are many different way if you don’t allow yourself to get trapped in one way of thinking. Thanks for the incite.

    • Hey there, thanks for checking out my article and leaving a comment, glad you picked up some helpful insights from it;) cheers, neroli

  • Thanks for insightful article. I love to read it. I see the greatest challenge in being creative and becoming leader is not accumulating material wealth rather in turning the life of others with that powerful creative brain

    • Hey Nizar, I totally agree that being a leader is not about accumulating material wealth, in fact, I think that’s the last thing that should ever drive someone to be a leader.

      I don’t usually ever make any political comments, but a good example of what we’re talking about is that very much publicised fallen “leader” of Libya, Colonel Gaddafi. I don’t think being in a position of power actually makes someone a leader, they might just be an oppressor.

      I believe a real leader serves others as well, & luckily, the way our world & business is changing, this seems to be happening in some ways, but we’ve got along way to go.

      cheers, neroli

  • Hi Neroli,

    First off great post! I really enjoyed it.
    That is what I truly love about blogging and the online business industry is the creativity that is involved.
    There are so many avenue that you can release your creativity and it is truly liberating.
    I stumbled across this great video that follows along the lines of being a leader or following a leader to see that it is possible.

    I’m sure you will enjoy it, it’s called Leadership Lessons From A Dancing Guy – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW8amMCVAJQ

    Thank for the great post.
    Billee Brady

    • Hey Billie,
      thanks for your comment & the link. I’ll absolutely go check it out, but I have to call it a night after a few more comments, so will follow it up tomorrow:) I’m glad you liked the post, & you’re right on the money that there are infinite ways to express creativity in online businesses.
      Cheers, neroli

  • Great post Neroli, I think most creative bloggers have a inner desire to share and crave the feedback that can stimulate growth and inspire them to continue. I explained it in my own short and sweet way http://justifieddesign.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/blog-like-no-one-is-watching/ Thanks for the inspiration, Nick

    • Thanks Nick:) I’ll pop over & check out once I’m finished my next article! Cheers, neroli

  • A very inspiring post! This is really true and I agree with it. Being creative also lands you to more opportunities and bring you more followers.

    • Thanks stark, absolutely right re creativity landing more followers. People get bored easily & we’re always looking for something new. Creativity is the answer, b/c it’s an infinite source of innovation, yay!
      cheers, neroli

    • Creativity is the key factor in any online business, but, if you ask me, it’s the hardest factor to achieve! Always need to be working on finding something new, although it really pays off.

      • Not so hard once you know where your creativity lies within & how it plays out for you πŸ™‚ But it sure does pay off when you figure it out! Cheers, neroli

  • Hi Neroli,
    Lot of good stuff in your blog! I agree people do not have awareness and acceptance that there is a sorting out period that I expect all beginning bloggers go through: why am I doing this? What’s my message? Who should I listen to? Am I making progress? Is it worth it? Is this another form of addiction? etc. It’s refreshing to have someone justify blogging as a creative act of growth rather than a possible means of making a living? Thanks so much.

    • Hey Riley:) I think we’ll get far more rewards if we’re able to see that it’s a creative process of growth & heightened self awareness on many levels.

      I’ve said numerous times, the best ever form of personal development I’ve found was writing & publishing my own book. The amount of personal growth and facing & overcoming demons in that little adventure smashed any of the classes or courses I’ve done in the past decade! I think blogging does the same thing on another platform, so it’s a big undertaking & well done for running with it:)

      Cheers, neroli

  • Hi Neroli.

    Very well put together article, be it ‘fruit-cakey’ or no!

    When I started out blogging, I had no idea what to expect, or even if I could conjure up subjects to write about within my chosen field (drumming). I’ve always all my life loved the drums, and I’d always wanted to write in some fashion, but I couldn’t find the platform to marry the two (unless you’re Neil Peart of Rush, who both plays the drums and writes the lyrics for the band, and I’m not him!).

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only could I marry writing and drumming via a blog, but the more you write, the more creative you get! It is absolutely true what you say. Once you get the creative juices flowing, things pop in your head as to what you’ll write about next, even while you’re writing your current blog article.

    I’d say also that the detractors of blogging either were never successful at it, never profited from it, or just don’t investigate enough how to be successful at it. This not only applies to blogging, but to any aspiration that one may have, but for whatever reason, choose not to pursue it. I wrote an article called “Cheering Them On” (which is at my site under the ‘Articles’ tab, in the ‘Editorial’ subheading for those curious enough to check it out) which is somewhat of a tangent to your article, the bottom line being use the creativity and success of others to fuel your creativity to make your passion come to fruition. Just like Forrest Gump said, “you never know what you’re gonna get.”

    Thanks very much for this article. Sometimes us bloggers have our down time, but this ‘pep talk’ is a reminder of why we do what we do. I have to thank Yaro and Gideon Shalwick for their instruction and inspiration, and now you for reminding us to not stop being creative!

    • Hey Omar! Drumming is COOL!!!! And just imagine how many drummers or would be drummers are out there who might love to read about drumming or listen to interviews or find a global forum to connect with?

      Actually, the would-be drummers thing might be huge….think of all the people in the world who secretly love something, but never quite let themselves do it…but they certainly would let themselves read blog posts or listen to interviews or chat on forums about the thing they love…a bit like armchair sportsmanship…has anyone already covered this? It just occurred to me, I think it’s potentially massive.

      Off topic, it’s those creative tangents again aka Forrest Gump’s famous words. Anyway, cool you’ve signed up for YIKpics:) They’re a great little cheer squad, people seem to really respond to them b/c they often give someone just what they need to keep going…which is part of why I do them. Also to push people & make them think a bit.

      I need them as much as anyone, so they’re doing for me what they do for others. The aweber template took a little fixing, so I think you will find the first stack are often in funny alignment, but much like any kind of creativity, it gets sorted out eventually:)

      I have an article to write, better buzz, cheers, neroli

  • I believe creativity and blogging are a match made in heaven because when they can make tons of money. πŸ™‚

    • It’s true, with the right information, at the right time and delivered well, you can make a lot of money:) I’ve found many people who have made a lot of money say the same thing though, if we focus on what we can give rather than on what we can get (ie money) success comes a lot more naturally & easily. Cheers, neroli

  • Neroli, great post! I think to be a successful blogger you have to be creative and diversify your content so people doesnt read the same content over and over again!

  • I’ve had many clients (who were just starting out) with this dilemma: I know I need a blog but I don’t know what my products/services are yet… so I don’t know what to write about.

    You know, I use my blog in many different ways.
    Yes, I use it to write articles that directly answer questions my clients have.
    And, I use it to promote my various products and services…

    Yet, I also use it to trigger my creativity.
    To, just sit down and not even know what I’m going to write about… and then get into a groove and enjoy as it just emerges… that’s FUN!
    I have actually been inspired to write entire teleclasses from this exercise alone!

    Great article.
    Loving all of your guest posts.


    • That’s a great creative gist to pass on to your clients Susan, that you just sit down without even knowing what you’re going to write about and it emerges as you get in your element.

      This is a huge part of how the creative process works, & one of the most common blocks is that fear of the unknown and just getting started. Another reader commented on this, I’ll write a post on it in a few weeks, I’ve already done this weeks & have promised another for next week.

      Thanks so much for your comment, it has inspired an important creative insight into what I need to write about:) Cheers, neroli

  • Creativity is plays an important role in success. You can do the same thing as others are doing but with a creative look and feel ~ before long it will be successful.

  • “Creative Genius” Hmmm, I think I like that term. Far too many bloggers do not first pinpoint their passion but instead start a blog to make money. They should start a blog to be creative in an area they love, with one ancillary result being money. There are far too many abandoned How to Make Money Online blogs.

    I have to say that this post might be deeper than the average post found on this blog. You are really digging into important aspects of creativity, but also the importance of individuals finding a group or tribe that speaks to who they are.

    Speaking of the power of pictures or drawings adding another dimension to words, have you ever visited theoatmeal.com? Words plus pictures in full effect.

    – Andrew

    • Ha-ha-ha, that is a hilarious site Andrew:) I clicked on the angry birds link & got a great laugh out of it:) I love that stuff, & I love that people will spend their time making it for us. I may have to buy the book.

      Re focussing on something deeper, i think that’s the only way to communicate really. We’re not superficial beings, even though we might behave that way sometimes. We are truly profound and insightful individuals, and if we decide we want to communicate with others on that level, we’ll find there are people who will love to engage in the conversation and will meet us there. I love the term, creative genius as well! My cousin used to laugh at me when i said we were creative genius’, but I think we have that capacity as humans, if we want to use it.

      There’s this other funny little inkling I have, that people love to hear something truthful, Hugh Macleod totally grabbed me because he just tells it like it is. It seems that’s another way of communicating that catches peoples attention, but it has to be done with skill. I wrote something in a response to an earlier comment on making money & creativity, if we focus on what we want to get rather than what we can give, I think it’s a fizzer all round.

      In regard to my digging, i have found I keep digging more so with each post, i don’t really mean to, but I almost can’t help it. It’s like i’ve opened something that keeps drawing me into it more with each article. It’s a pretty fun & cool experience, also slightly terrifying as I never know where it’s going, or if I’ll get a wrap on the knuckles for going too far off topic, or how it will be received by the E-J audience πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for your comment, I’m glad the article is being useful/insightful. Cheers, neroli

      • I’m glad you enjoyed the website, pretty funny stuff.

        Keep up the great writing. You are bringing something different to this blog that will hopefully make many of the readers think. I often wonder how many people read an entire post on this blog and then don’t leave a comment? There must be thousands a day.

        – Andrew

  • Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? My website is in the very same area of interest as yours and my visitors would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Regards!

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