The Death Of Internet Marketing By Mike Filsaime

The Death of Internet Marketing Free ReportWhen it rains it pours!

Cut straight to the chase – Download the free report Death of Internet Marketing by Mike Filsaime (aff).

Fresh from reports about the death of AdSense, and Internet business manifestos, and final chapters and life after AdSense and product launches and endless free reports and information on how to make money online I have yet another free Internet marketing report for you to read.

This one, of course, is different, because it’s from Mike Filsaime.

I have to be honest with you, I’m not one for hero worship but in the Internet marketing world Mike Filsaime is about as close to my hero as you can get. Mike is one of the few Internet marketers who’s newsletter I remain subscribed to and I think his Butterfly Marketing (aff) product is one of the coolest tools available in Internet marketing – it’s the most expensive Internet marketing product I have ever bought too!

I love Mike’s work and as soon as I heard about this free report I went and downloaded it eager to see what Mike was up to. I was curious whether it was a new product launch or not and what Mike’s take is on where Internet marketing is heading, especially given what Rich Schefren and Scott Boulch have been writing about in recent months in their free reports.

It turns out that no, this report is not specifically part of a product launch (I think – you never know!) although Mike is definitely building a list he intends to make money with in the future.

There are some neat features about this free report you should check out – and I don’t even mean the report itself! Here are some of the cool things about the Death of Internet Marketing:

  • If you are an Internet marketer you have to go download the report just to see how Mike is confirming the opt-in. If you thought double opt-in was good, well Mike is using what I can only term “triple opt-in”, asking for email verification and extra verification via a captcha code you have to enter after double opting in. Yes this makes for quite a bit of work by the person wanting access to the report but it also means Mike’s new list definitely want the report – they went through three steps just to get it! That also means they will probably take extra time to read it and the list will be of a good quality when he goes to monetize it later this year or next year.
  • Mike is of course using his Butterfly Marketing membership system (aff) to deliver the book and his viral marketing principles as he lays out in his manuscript (you can read my review of Mike’s butterfly marketing manuscript to learn more).
  • He’s not pushing a one-time-offer or anything after you opt-in, you just get the e-book, however you also can recommend the book and Mike is paying out $1 for each person you refer to a two tier level. That means you get paid for both the people you refer and the people they refer under them (so essentially Mike pays out $2 per download of his book – he will probably end up paying about $50-60k to build this list).

    This is similar to what Scott Boulch did earlier this year with the Death of AdSense report that launched his Click Flipping business and just like that report, those who were in early earned the most referral commissions.

  • Mike includes a survey (like Scott Boulch did) that attempts to gather some market intelligence about people interested in Internet marketing, which I think is a good move and like he says will help him craft his business plan for the coming year.

    As an aside – the survey function is a feature I’d like to see built into the members version of Butterfly Marketing, along with the triple opt-in function, and I expect it’s only a matter of time before Mike delivers. He keeps updating the software which is great – he didn’t just do the Butterfly Marketing product launch and walk away with his millions. He’s been consistently upgrading and enhancing the software month after month, albeit upgrades during the early months after launch were to fix some nasty bugs that the software had and I expect some people asked for refunds as a result. Those who stayed with him got to see the software mature into a very functional tool.

That’s enough Mike loving for now. I recommend you download the report as soon as possible and then tell your blog readers and email list subscribers about the report so you can earn your commissions. This really is super-easy money for those who act quick enough, and you get a very relevant e-book and can watch a master of Internet marketing ply his craft.

And yes of course if you download via my link I get a dollar and I get a dollar for the people you refer who download it, so of course I encourage you to do like I am doing to help spread the word for everyones benefit and take advantage of Mike’s offer while it is available for two weeks. Since this doesn’t cost you anything you certainly shouldn’t feel bad or cheated or greedy – everyone wins here. Don’t make the mistake of missing the opportunity because you don’t think it’s right to make money from this – I didn’t when I “paid” my dollar to Brian Clark who’s link I decided to click to download the report (and there were plenty of options).

Download the free report: Death of Internet Marketing.

What Is The Book All About?

This e-book touches upon pretty much everything we have been hearing lately, especially Rich Schefren’s teachings. Since Rich is also Mike’s coach it is not that surprising that they agree on a lot of things. Your going to hear about opportunity seeking and the long tail and product launches and pretty much everything else you will have read on my blog and in many other places if you study and/or work in Internet marketing.

Is Internet marketing dying? No. Are there too many product launches and is the market becoming jaded with them? Possibly. What’s going to happen next? – Mike’s report has some ideas that will certainly make you think. It’s a good read.

I like that Mike is a hugely successful Internet marketer himself so is in prime position to actually experience what is going on from the top. I think you can tell by now that Mike, along with Rich, are two of the only guys I still listen to in this industry and look to for advice.

One last time – Download the Death of Internet Marketing.

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  • That’s not like you Yaro to not put a (aff) beside the link, even though it clearly is. 😉

    I actually just finished reading this and to be honest I don’t know how I feel. For $1 per qualified email address, there must be something else behind this.

    Anyway, the read was good and it at least got me thinking about lifeline services.

  • I agree with most of what he says. I know I often get distracted by other ways of making money, but I think you at least need to give some of them a try. Eventually you will find a few things that you are good at and start making you money.

  • Hi Dave – I figured since I was going to make it very obvious that I would make $1 per sign-up by writing a full paragraph about it that I wouldn’t litter the post with (aff), but perhaps I should include one (aff) after the first link just to be safe.

  • I’ve got a tip for Mike Filsaime…make sure your web hosting can handle the amount of traffic you are going to generate!

    The site is running so dog-slow that I gave up trying to jump through hoops creating passwords, entering codes etc when each page was taking over 2-3mins to load!!!

  • Ahhhh, My apologies 😉
    Out of curiosity…. how have you been doing since this post?

  • Apparently we are not meant to have this report yet, not til Wednesday. A mistake by Joel Comm resulted in the report being released last Friday (which I thought was strange – that’s not a good day to release something).

    Mike just sent an email to his list about what happened. If you haven’t received it then you can also find it on the report blog here –

    And yes, I believe Mike in this case and do not think it is a marketing “story”.

  • Dave – can you qualify what you mean by “how I have been doing?”

    I feel quite good thanks – had good sleep, enjoyed a nice lunch and did a little exercise workout today while I focus on looking for a new apartment to rent in Toronto. 🙂

  • […] I review many of the things discussed in the Death of Internet Marketing report by Mike Filsaime […]

  • Many people don’t like Mike. It’s true that sometimes I delete his emails without opening them, but we must admit that the guy is strong in IM.

    When I first came to the net last year, He was the first Internet Marketer to get my email address!

    Today, I am coaching my brother in IM, and… Mike is the first to whom he gave his address!

    THe Mike is strong, really. You come to the net, and boom he got you.

    His ebook is on track.
    Let see what the new mike has to offer for 2007.

  • This is my personal opinion. I respect everybody.

    Something must be clear this is not envy this is the reality.

    Well The October effect-products launch overdose- it was growing and growing during the previous months and in October it reached the top, I hope so- the top.

    Now everybody has a product, everybody is promoting and selling.It’s incredible.

    The point I wanna touch is very critical.

    Let me explain-Internet marketing (IM) is a Skyrocket commanded by a small group of persons .
    What I mean when I say Skyrocket is that IM is moving at a high speed and you need to be updated and informed or you’ll be the last one, but try to get the good stuff, cause with all this launches you could get the wrong one.

    With Small group of persons I mean there is an Inner Circle where they have created relationships and friendships.It’s difficult to access.

    They are helping each other and then it’s hard to say NO – I don’t promote this product- to a friend, because you’ll be out and in the black list, many doors will be closed.

    The point is, for most of them Money is the most important thing in life. It doesn’t matter if they are making millions or billions, you know, money, money and more money business is business. The rest is not important. Oooh my friend.

    In October there were 17 popular Internet marketers launched products, but there were many others launches too.
    Questions- what about the quality?-How big marketers can promote something without knowing the real value, knowing nothing about it, if it works or not, without test it? I have seen it during the lasts months and I have the proof, cause I have saved all this offer arrived to my inbox and I have some products.

    Of course some of them were good products.

    Answer-Simple, Just Money-They are inside the circle. Their Income are increasing and increasing, but how do they make money?

    They are making money from you (if you are out) and were doing from me but since a long time ago not more and you know why? Cause I realized that I was losing time and money. I said stop. I can’t be influenced for this people, I have a mind and I have to use it, then everything changed for me. But I remained with the crowd, to see acting this Inner Circle and believe me it’s funny. You receive tons of e-mails promoting a big marketer product from others big marketers and you say WOOOOW it should be good cause all this people are promoting it, and you buy it.

    Then when you test it-What a Frustration-Where is the honesty and the care about the others, the respect? It doesn’t exist. They don’t realize that they are losing reputation and credibility. There are more honest people out there waiting for an opportunity to show their value.

    Now Mr. Filsaime realized that there are many things wrong and damaging this world. And he wants to change it, but it’s not easy. I’m sure he will create his team and will choose his Join Venture partners carefully. I know he can do it, cause he is one of the best and I admire him, but not everybody will do it remember Money is important and they are afraid to finish in the black list.

    So don’t get me wrong but in my personal opinion it’s not the death of IM, and it’s not dying-These people are killing IM, well they are trying to kill it. But it’ll be very hard, cause I’m here to avoid it, as many other people as Mr. Filsaime too, I hope. It’s time to stop this murder.

    We want a clear and healthy world.

    I know I’ll finish in the black list and out of the circle forever, but I don’t care about it. I have never been inside and I have never thought to be part of it.
    I wanna stay out but with a high reputation. I have many proof but this is not the moment to name them.

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  • I think there was a fad of “the Death Of” articles published about the same time. I read them all, however bothered by the sneaky technique to spike your interest just to read the report and get onto their email list for $1 each name. I have not seen this trend recently and hope it has died off.

  • Elizabeth

    I love how Michael Filsame copied the book “The end of Marketing as we know it” switch the words around and oddly enough changed the title to “The death of Internet Marketing” I wonder what Sergio Zyman the once Marketing Manager of Coca Cola and owner of Zyman Group would have to say about this. In addition, I dont expect for many of you to realize this as you are not a marketing major. But don’t take my word for it go to the library and check out Zyman’s “The end of Marketing as we know it” and see for yourself and this time it will be for free.

  • The name of the book, ‘Death of Internet Marketing’ scares me as I’m working in a Internet Marketing Firm. But then Mike Filsame has given us some good tips. I like reading it. Thanks for the post.

  • In all honesty, I don’t like Mike. The moment I see his name, I kinda smell lies and deception.


    I don’t know anything about this scam artist’s product. But, I can tell you about his deceptive and unethical business practices.

    On the affiliate sent email from Rich Schefren of I decided I would get the “FREE” version of 7 Figure Secrets (just pay shipping and handling $15.99)

    I was willing and agreeable to that, however my card was also charged $497 as well. I did not want whatever he is selling for $497 and repeated attempts to contact both him and his “support” staff.

    I was so infuriated by this criminals unethical behavior that I never attempted to even look at his “material” so I can’t give any advice as to that. I can tell you this criminal will have absolutely no problem outright STEALING your money and any attempt to get it back will be ignored.

    I also attempted to contact Rich and tell him my story and never heard back from him either. I had a pretty high opinion of him before and was considering joining his coaching program at $400 a month or whatever it is. However, after seeing who he is “partners” with I have changed my mind.

    Hopefully, this helps you and your bank account. Stay away from this thief!!!

    • I went and bought a new computer and used my Bank debit card and the next day I found out that I bought five one way tickets to Dubai. Needless to say, my checking account was cleaned out to the tune of over six grand. Since everyone was notified, there was no way this clown could use the tickets, but it took ten business days to get my money back and a LOT of paperwork from the Dept of Homeland Security and I can bet I’m on the no fly list. This is when I decided to get a Paypal debit card. I only keep around $50.00 in it, so if someone tries to charge a large amount, too bad, it gets declined. If I need to get something that costs a good deal, I transfer the amount to the card.

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