Naked Conversations Book Review

I recently completed reading Naked Conversations by A-List ex-Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble and Shel Israel. It’s a fresh book (2006) covering business blogging.

In A Nutshell: A thoroughly enjoyable read for anyone interested in blogging and for readers who wants to stay fresh with what the Cluetrain Manifesto started regarding the emergence of conversational marketing. Management executives should seek this book out for a good introduction to how blogs are impacting business and whether they need to consider introducing blogging to their organization (the answer is Yes).

For a blog fanboy like myself this book provided no real insights or techniques I could apply to my own blogging, but of course the book is not intended to be a blogging guide, rather an introduction to the potential for blogs to be used as business tools.

There are numerous example cases provided, some of which I found quite interesting, others I scanned over quickly. In particular I enjoyed stories of small business owners who start blogging and go on to almost entirely rely on their blog for new leads, launching worldwide operations within a matter of months as word of mouth and the power of the blogosphere brings exposure to places the business could never have possibly reached, even with a standard website without blogging.

I enjoyed the flow and style of writing in Naked Conversations and it was fun to read mention many of the blogs and bloggers I’m familiar with already. It’s good when an online medium such as blogging gets exposure offline, like in this case through a book – it helps bridge the knowledge gap and increase awareness for the blogosphere. I’m sure this book has been recommended as a smart introduction for marketing and PR professionals to read to quickly grasp what exactly this whole “blogging” thing is about and how they can integrate a blogging strategy in their business.

Will You Enjoy This Book?

If you already blog this book will entertain for sure. Don’t expect a discussion from a technical standpoint – this is a business book – and if the psychology of commerce interests you, Naked Conversations will please.

If you are new to blogging and are looking for a “how-to” this is not the book to start with as it won’t teach you in a “for dummies” style how to do it. However if you work in a large organization and your boss has asked you to provide a report on the potential for blogging in your organization this book will teach you what you need to know and why blogs are such a revolutionary communications medium for business.

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  • I will add my two cents and state that I also enjoyed reading the book. The best part of the book for me, though, was not necessarily reading the finished work (or the advance copy I was able to take a look at), but the process of how the book got written.

    The book started out as The Red Couch, but their publisher did not think that the name meant anything. Personally, I liked Red Couch better…

    The idea, though, was that the book was written on the blog. As Shel and Robert finished interviews and got rough drafts of chapters done, they put them up on the blog so that the community could comment on them. As a result, they got editorial input from dozens of people as the book was in process. It greatly benefited as a result. If you visit the red couch link above then you’ll be able to look through the archives at the whole process, if you cared to.

    Another reason that I liked the book was that I got my name in there at the end. My boss wanted to borrow it when I was done reading it though, and he hasn’t given it back yet. I have asked at least 3 or 4 times. It’s been about 10 months.

  • Your right Blaine, I should have included a link to the original blog, thanks for adding your comment.

    I hope one day to write a fiction book and I think it will be very likely that I use a blog to do it.

  • Thanks for all these kind words about Naked Conversations. Just so you know, I’m starting to write my next book, Global Neighborhoods on this same website.

  • Hi Shel – thanks for dropping by and I look forward to your next book.


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