How To Boost Your Alexa Ranking In One Easy Step

In my previous post I introduced and discussed the importance of the website traffic monitor AlexaRank. Whether you value your Alexa traffic ranking or not there are definite advantages to having a high AlexRank. Many webmasters and business folk look at the AlexaRank as a reasonable representation of a site’s traffic. If you are selling advertising from your site the more “proof” you can demonstrate of your traffic – and in AlexaRank’s case it is an independent valuation of your traffic, which adds credibility – the more likely advertisers will come knocking at your door willing to give you some of their ad budget.

Make More Money From Text Links

It’s well known that many text link brokers, such as (aff), factor in AlexaRank when determining the price to charge advertisers for links on your site or blog. The higher you raise your AlexaRank the more you potentially can earn, and this reason alone is enough to pay attention to methods to increase your AlexaRank.

An AlexaRank Experiment

AlexaRank is calculated using the Alexa Toolbar. Alexa takes the browsing data from the millions of people using the Toolbar and calculates the traffic ranking of each site. As Alexa states, while low traffic sites are harder to gauge accurately, once a site reaches a 100,000 or less ranking the accuracy of the measure increases. Hence if you can top a 10,000 AlexaRank, or even 1000, the credibility of that ranking is increased.

As Blaine Moore pointed out in a comment made to my previous AlexaRank article, it is easy to – as he put it – “game” the AlexaRank if you have a tool that checks AlexaRank installed on your computer, and that doesn’t have to be just the toolbar, it can be for a FireFox extension like SearchStatus, which I recently installed on my browser. These tools send data to Alexa, and when Alexa receives any data about your surfing habits it will raise the traffic rankings for the sites you provide data for – and if you visit your own sites often you can raise your ranking.

I can’t verify that installing any AlexaRank checking tool will help your own site’s AlexaRank and to be honest after I installed SearchStatus I did not notice any significant change in my AlexaRank at my blogs. It wasn’t until I conducted a different experiment that I noticed more verifiable proof of a technique to increase your site’s AlexaRank.

How I Increased My AlexaRank By More Than 25%

Here’s how my logic went – I figured the toolbar and other AlexaRank checking tools tell Alexa my browsing habits, which is fine, but I’m only one person visiting my blogs (albeit I do it many times each day). What I really want is a way to tell Alexa about every person who visits my blogs, not just me. In order to do this, the Alexa reporting tool needs to be on my blog and downloaded by every person who visits my site each time they visit.

The obvious answer was to install an Alexa Site Widget on each of my blogs. The widget looks like this:

Alexa Site Widget

If you click it you will be taken to my current Alexa traffic ranking data. You can also find the live widget in the sidebar of all my blogs.

After installing this widget on to my blogs, within the next few days my rankings increased at least 25%. This blog,, was sitting around the 19,000 AlexaRank mark and within seven days had dropped to just above 15,000 as I type this. Prior to this gain my AlexaRank increases had been slow and steady, but never as significant as this in a short period of time, unless of course I earned a traffic spike from some other site(s) linking to me.

I noticed similar results at and the Blog too, which makes me almost 100% certain that installing the Alexa site widget will increase your AlexaRank.

This makes complete sense, as my thinking above explains. If every visitor to your blog downloads the Alexa site widget when they visit your site, then Alexa has data on every visitor you have, at least every web reader, I don’t think RSS readers count since they never download the widget unless they go to your site. You might call this “gaming” your AlexaRank, but in this case I don’t think that’s an apt description – installing the site widget in fact helps to give Alexa enough data to provide your true AlexaRank, as opposed to what it thinks it should be based on the data it has from it’s toolbar users.

If you sell advertising from your blog or website then you should care about your AlexaRank. If that is the case then installing the Alexa site widget is a must. It takes only a few seconds and could significantly improve your current AlexaRank.

Click here to get instructions on installing the Alexa site widget.

If any other bloggers or webmasters out there notice an increase in their AlexaRank after following my instructions and installing a site widget I’d love to hear about it. While I’m confident my results at three different blogs is good enough proof, it doesn’t hurt to have more examples to back up the hypothesis. Please leave a comment and tell me how your AlexaRank improves.

Yaro Starak
AlexaRank Chaser

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  • Some good observations there Yaro. My previously mentioned article (linked) garnered me a small spike.

    Are you sure it was not the fact that people found you looking for an article on increasing alexa rank? Certainly 100% of people looking for this would have the toolbar installed?

  • Tom

    I just threw the widget onto my site to see how big a jump I can get from the bottom of the pile. Starting stat= 3,969,897 on 12/12/06. Will keep you posted.

    Btw, Yaro; thanks for all the advice over the last year. You have helped to steer me to start my own biz once I retire from the military next year, rather than fall into the corporate grind…

    • I think it’a the Alex plugin or widget that acts as a substitute for the chrome extension. But, yes, since using it myself (and I’ve seen this in the past) the rank does surely rise.

  • I’ve seen similar tips elsewhere and decided to do the same thing a while back. However my ranking went down over the next week – so I got rid of it and things went back up again…. very odd.

    Perhaps having it helps bring the ranking up to a level that is realistic for sites that alexa previously under ranked and brings down to a realistic value the sites which it over ranks….

    just a theory

    • Darren – could it be the demographic of your site visitors? Maybe a higher percentage of them have the Alexa toolbar installed already. Just a thought…

    • Yes same happen to me: from 4.9M down to 6.4 in 96hours. Will remove it

    • I may sound noob sorry, I have been trying hard to gain rank in alexa for the past 2 months, still my alexa rank shows “NA” though i have 50-100 visitors a day.
      this is my site “”. I am looking forward to a reply Thank you and sorry for the bad English

    • Darren Rowse. I have looked at your traffic levels, what you blog about, your Alexa rank, the PR, DA and I don’t know if your getting the shaft a bit on this or not. Frankly, I think your blog is so targeted to the niche type that would have so many visitors already loaded up with Alexa toolbars there really isn’t much you can do to change that rank. It is already very good and probably quite a bit better then if it was a certified rank. You are already right on top of the niche that does the best off estimated rank coming off browser toolbar hits.

      But here is the funny, yet not so funny and somewhat phony aspect about Alexa rank to begin with. It is demographic to niche very biased already. If you were blogging about something like food, travel, dogs, cats, whatever, your rank with the same number of visitors would probably be a whole lot higher then it is.

      In your niche it is even biased a bit by other factors, post length, internal linking to other similar post types where you can just chain those Alexa toolbar surfers from one post to the next it can get better.

      This is why there is a blogger in India pulling 1/3 your visitor levels, having a much weaker PR, DA, a massive amount of fewer backlinks, referring domains, authority domain links and he is outranking you on Alexa. He doesn’t have more traffic, more visitors. What he has is a whole lot more post reads, and possibly a somewhat significant more rabid like level of readers with Alexa toolbars.

      At your level, really, you don’t even need to care. Because anybody really serious is going to yank those covers back and see it for what it really is beyond that surface impression anyhow.

      That blogger in India versus you at 1/3 the actual traffic level but somewhat significant superficially better Alexa level has a whole lot of internal surfing going on with a 75 percent search engine traffic level, versus Darren Rowse with a 60 to 65 percent direct level. Your both hitting the search engines about the same on similar type post. Most of your is Darren Rowse followers though, reading what you wrote lately. Most of his is search engine traffic and a load of it bouncing right back off. His real following is allot smaller, but very hardcore, hitting a whole lot of his content.

      I personally don’t think either one of you have much to worry about though on the subject of Alexa. Your both at a very good level and about dead center of the niches that will pull the lowest number.

  • Dave – considering I did this on three of my blogs and they all had the same reaction and I find it hard to fathom that it could be because of a spike in Alexa toolbar users visiting the blog – but you never know!

    Darren – Hmm, interesting result. You may in fact be right which doesn’t necessarily contradict my premise in this article – like you said it could actually adjust the ranking to what it actually should be, which is necessarily an increase like in your case.

    Tom – Hey no worries, glad I could help out. I’d love for you to post your comment in my guestbook sometime – it’s in my forums here.

  • Thanks for the tip. My Alexa ranking has been slowlt growing over the past few months…maybe this method you introduced will speed up the process. Nice info.

  • My main site is on myspace, so I can’t really tell from Alexa if it’s rated higher or not. I’ve tried adding friends and what not; but since it is a site I don’t care as much about advertising as I do about customer conversion. Any suggestions?

  • I meant to say it is a site for business, not for advertising. That was a typo, haha

  • OK Yaro, I have taken your advice. I placed the widget on a site that gets over 20k uniques a day. The audience is non tech and don’t usually have the Alexa Toolbar installed. The site is not even in the top 100k Alexa sites (With 20k uniques a day, this should demonstrate how inaccurate the alexa rank really is).

    I’ll update you and let you know if there is any increase. By your methodology, there should be a VERY sharp spike.

  • I installed the widget with the same idea in mind. But one side problem I noticed is that Alexa goes down from time to time, and in some of my blogs caused a fatal slowdown.

  • I have just installed it on my blog also and I will see how it helps my ranking.

    Just wondering if the slowdown in grabbing dynamic Alexa data

  • It’s too bad they don’t have smaller versions of the widget. The slowdowns that Mariano mention are also a concern.

  • Hi Yaro,
    After reading this article, I nstalled the widget on my site. I tried this in the past without any success. While I really wanted to prove you wron, sorry for being so blod, I noticed today that Alexa rating for my site have improved over last 24 hours. About 25% up. Is it possible to happend overnight? If it is I guess you are right after all :), and then some.
    Great job! I love reading your blog!

  • Tom

    Ok, after 24 hours I am all the way down to 3,968,947, a change of near 1000. So, in 4000 days or so I will be number 1! 🙂

  • Interesting experiment. I looked at the Alexa rank for my blog and it is not reflecting the real traffic I am having (I can compare this to other sites of mine in regards to traffic). So, I installed the widget just a few moments ago. I am curious to see how that works out.


  • Interesting… I’ll have to give that a try…

  • What is the widget all about?

  • I’m going to give this a try. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll get back to you if it works!

  • I think the widget did help one of my sites since it was at about 120,000 and now I’m at about 105,000. However, my pageviews did increase slightly as well.

  • […] Aber ich bin auf einen sehr einfachen Trick aufmerksam geworden. Yaro Starak hat darauf hingewiesen ( den sollte man übrigens regelmäíg lesen! ). Alexa bietet uns an, ein so genanntes Site Widget auf unserer Seite anzeigen zu lassen. Dort wird unser Alexa Rank dann angezeigt. Und das richtig tolle daran: Alexa zählt anscheinend jeden Besucher, der dieses Widget angezeigt bekommt. […]

  • It seems like most people are reporting back an improvement in their AlexaRank after installing the widget. I wouldn’t call this conclusive, but I think it’s an experiment most bloggers should try.

  • Hey Dave Davis – I’m curious which site you have with 20K unique daily visitors you are testing the Alexa widget on?

    With that much traffic you should quickly rocket up to at least the top 10,000, if not the top 1000 sites according to Alexa depending on the topic of course.

  • Hey Yaro, I’d rather not say but I can confirm my personal findings.

    I uninstalled the Alexa toolbar before I installed the widget. I also removed the search status plugin.

    Traffic to the site before and around the same time of your post was an average of 19221 unique visitors a day. Confirmed by adbrite stats and awstats. This has remained the same.

    The site is hovering on the 100k alexa rank.
    I installed the widget. After 2 days, the alexa ranking has decreased (ie, alexa says traffic has dropped). It has remained the same. gets an average 2k uniques a day and has a much better alexa rank than the site in question.

    I am going to do some more tests and publish something official (Something I can show the URLs for). With all due respect I honestly think your observations are faulty.

  • Thanks for the tips Yaro, will take your advice and see if improves my Alexa rank.

    • JD

      I installed the widget after reading this and my rankings have improved since. I installed it on just one page of my website (the index.htm). Now I’m wondering what the results will be if I place it on every page.

  • Thanks for the tip. I’m going to give it a shot and see if we move up from around 50,000

  • […] Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur’s Journey has posted How To Boost Your Alexa Ranking In One Easy Step. All you have to do is copy the javascript code for the Alexa Widget and paste it somewhere in the code for your site. The idea is that Alexa will then know about your traffic by the number of times this widget is loaded. […]

  • I forget .. why do I want to increase my Alexa ranking again? I know that Text-Link-Ads rejects me because I have no Alexa ranking, and putting buttons on these sites to increase my ranking from 5,265,565 to 3 million probably won’t get me text-link-ad approval.

    Maybe for a joke over XMAS I’ll put up those long 468px wide banners with the graphs on them that have those big letters “NOT IN TOP 100,000” .. and I’ll add a footnoe .. But, at least I’m 1 in 5 million!

  • I tested this with one of my sites, which gets about 1500 visitors per day. Before the test Alexa rank was 516,000 and after 2 days it jumped to 496,311.

    I will monitor it for a week or two and post the results.

  • […] A week ago, after reading Yaro’s article about improving alexa ratings I went ahead and installed the widget on my websites. […]

  • Hey Yaro. I installed the widget and posted about this on my blog and after about two days I saw around a 10% improvement in my Alexa rank. So far, so good. Thanks for the tip!

  • I installed the widget a couple of days ago.
    My ranking was in the 850k and now its around 815k

    Thanks Yaro. I hope to continue to improve my site and this will hopefully my page rankings.

  • Tom

    After six days down to 2,320,665. A change of 1,649,232! Btw, I took the alexa box off my site 3 days ago and my rank accelerated! (coincidence?)

  • Hmmm. Intresting test. It seems some of you report increase in rankings and yet others are going down.

    Any updates from anyone that have tried it. I might add it mine and test it and see.

  • Yaro-
    It’s tips like this that keep me reading your work!

    Thanks for this. I’m installing the widget asap.

    My computer’s anti-virus/anti-spyware software won’t let me install the Alexa toolbar, so I’ve been experimenting with having a separate (older) dedicated computer set up just to run the Alexa toolbar and to monitor my site.

    I had problems with the earlier “models” of Alexa buttons that tracked ranking. The things were not current and didn’t show up on some browsers.

    Regarding the toolbar itself: I noticed that when I don’t run the toolbar, my Alexa ranking rises like helium! (Bad). A few months ago, my Alexa ranking was down to the low 300,000s, but about 2 months with the dedicated computer off, my ranking is back up about 1.4 million. Yikes! Needless to say, I’ve turned the machine back on. But I’m jazzed about the widget.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Amy Biddle

  • Excellent advice about the Alexa widgets! I’ve been incorporating a number of SEO tactics and improved from about 3,333,800 to about 1,987,000. Then I read your post about the widgets and included them in all 1,140 content pages and in less than a week I’m down to 869,846.

    Coincidence, I don’t think so. Thanks very much for the tip!

  • I just installed the Alexa widget at my site:
    It is a fairly new site with alot of traffic due to mostly word of mouth. It will be interesting to see if a good alexa ranking occurs. I’ll post back here and let everybody know.

  • slacker

    I put the widget on my site on jan.2
    if I click on it and go to alexa traffic ranking it says I have dropped quite a bit, from 2.4 million something to 800 thousand something. But the widget seems to have not updated since jan. 2. Anyone have any insight on how often the widget updates? at the page to get the widget it says updated daily. What gives?

  • No need to debate. I asked Alexa and posted their response here:

    Alexa Buttons DO NOT Help Alexa Rankings

  • I have been running the widget for almost a month now and have improved my rankings from 850k to ~700k

    Its a good start. Thank you Yaro!

  • Your suggestion that the widget improves your ranking is definitely accurate, but I don’t think it is because all the visitors to your site are downloading the toolbar.

    I would be willing to bet that while Alexa is not getting their ranking from the javascript widget on your page, they are improving their algorithm by monitoring your site hits and comparing it to their estimate. As more people add the widget I would bet that the algorithm improves and may end up improving your ranking.

    • I am also thinking in the same way. Anyway I have done everything as suggested in the post and looking for improvement in my Alexa ranking.

  • I, like most everyone else, want a higher alexa ranking for obvious reasons. I just installed the alexa widget on my home page at, and we’ll what happens over the next few weeks. Thanks for the advice Yaro, and I’m impressed with your ranking by the way!

    I don’t like putting all of my eggs in one basket, so I don’t. I rely on a little SEO, some keywords, have the alexa toolbar on my home pc’s, use another free service you can find on my home page at, and buy affordable traffic packages too. You can boost your alexa ranking for FREE also with the service on my home page. If you want to boost your alexa ranking free, as I have boosted mine, then visit‘s home page and click on the boost your alexa rating link to try it out.

    Any of you feel free to contact me any time. I’d be happy to share anything that may help, and would welcome the same in return!

    Thanks, Ryan

  • Yaro,

    I just wanted to thank you for the advice! Within just 48 hours, from placing the alexa widget on my home page, my one week alexa rank on jumped up from 1,755,000 to 1,351,000. My theory, NO.. the alexa widget does not enhance, improve, or do anything extra for you. However, think of it this way, your site gets 10,000 visitors a day, only 40% (10 million globally) have the alexa toolbar installed, so that’s what you get credit for. Having the widget on your site makes sure that every single visitor is counted, providing a much more realistic snapshot of your real traffic! Hence, the improvement I’ve seen in less than 48 hours.

    Thanks again Yaro!!!

  • Just an update on After 15 days of the widget installed on my homepage, and 3 days installed sitewide, I can report my Alexa ranking dropping from 4,434,000 to 684,640. I am pretty sure it was the widget’s ability to calculate my visitors, (I get about 500-1000 unique visitors a day) that made my alexa rank better. Just wanted to clarify that. I am now of the belief that you have to have the traffic AND a way to communicate it to Alexa.

  • […] How To Boost Your Alexa Ranking In One Easy StepI bookmarked the above blog post because I found it to be interesting and I wanted to run a little experiment. I’ve known for quite a while why my server logs would show a huge amount of traffic, yet Alexa would only reflect a percentage of the traffic this site receives. So, I decided to try this little experiment and see if it helped syncronize my Alexa standings with my server logs. I’ve only had Alexa’s widget on this site for a few days, but I’m already starting to see a positive change. It’s still too early to definitively say whether this works or not, but it will be interesting to watch the experiment unfold. […]

  • I it installed on this blog and it is showing some slight improvement.

    The thing I hate about advice like this (although It’s much appreciated, Yaro!) is that if everyone on the internet does this….theoretically there would be no change in ranking across the board and your blog would end up right where it was… The only surefire way to go from a low rank to a high rank is to ACTUALLY increase the number of people who visit your page and not just the numbers reported.

  • […] been a lot of debate over whether or not the Alexa widget increases rankings. I saw that Yaro had a post which explained how the putting the widget in his sidebar DID increase his rankings by 25%. […]

  • […] Adnan from Blogtrepreneur has written a field report entry in the forums regarding his experiment with the Alexa Widget on his blog in response to my previous article – How To Boost Your Alexa Ranking In One Easy Step. […]

  • Yaro, thanks for all the advice over the past year. I have been batting around the idea of striking out on my own for some time. As of January 1, 2007 I launched my site and hoping to create some value for my customers.

    Thanks for posting continued pertinent content. Your advice has helped out tremendously and is always a source of inspiration.


  • I just added the widget on my site,, which currently has an Alexa Rank of 2,202,592. We’ll see what happens.

  • Sorry for the umm… double comment, but does placement of the widget matter? I entered for my URL when setting up the widget, yet people visit the forums for the most part. Should I put it on both?

  • Phil – AlexaRank is based on the domain name so it doesn’t really matter what page you put it on, but I suggest just your index.

    Cheers, Yaro

  • great tip. Im putting this up on my sites now

  • Just an update on my progress. I am now 200k+ higher then what I was 1-2 months ago.

    Thank you Yaro. SharePoint Buzz is thriving because of you!

  • Hi Yaro and team!
    It is sad that that antispy, firewalls all seems to hunt Alexa. I appreciate Alexa ranking service very much as the only alternative to google.
    Unfortunately with this “Alexa-spy” Campaign the tool is loosing audience. In this respect suggestion of Yaro is great! Thank you.

  • My rank has moved up about 5,000 so far. I now sit at 2,197,971 after two days.

  • I’ll incorporate in my blog soon.Before all iwant to thank you for saying me the trick.

  • Wow! In just one day I jumped from 2,197,971 to 1,393,960! About 1,400,000 spots!

  • I’m holding off adding the toolbar. Why? Because it is so ugly. Why can’t they make a tiny widget and leave at that? LOL.

  • Alexa’s ability to tell you ANYTHING about YOUR, GENUINE visitors is precisely zero.

    you may be interested in peter’ s post (director of google research)

  • Arnim,
    Give us a break. Why one should ask Coke about Pepsi? Do you really expect honest reply?
    Can you follow analogy?

  • By working with your Alexa Traffic Ranking you are sure to boost your traffic in no time. As your Alexa web traffic ranking improves, you should see more traffic in no time.
    I have just set up a site and am testing this method

  • The hardest part about Alexa is trying to figure out how many people who visit your site have the Alexa Toolbar installed. Alexa Surf see’s many webmasters in forums asking the question How many alexa toolbar visitors does it take to have a lower ranking?

  • My ranking was going down at a very fast pace. TO maintian the growth i was looking for some tips to get my website ranked better. Maybe this method will work. Let see.

  • Yaro,

    Thanks for the tip. The one thing I have never been able to do is to get my Alexa Rank to increase quickly.

    Well give it a try!

    Joe Pisano

  • Ouch! I installed the Alexa toolbar and one of my sites plunged 150,000 places. That hurts! My blog is currently sitting at PR3, so at least the news isn’t all bad!

  • Matt – When you say plunged do you mean the number decreased? If that is the case then that is a good thing!

  • Alexa rank boosting with widget: The Yaro’s idea that really works!!!

    We would like to present the concrete and objective test of the Yaro idea of Alexa rank boosting with widget. Please NOTE that this post is NOT RELATED to any sort of artificial Alexa rank boost. So if you are looking for some “fake”
    Alexa rank boosting you can quit reading here. Be aware though that things like AlexaSurf or Alexa Booster will actually destroy your rank instead of improving it. With this post we are trying to communicate to webmasters the useful approach of informing Alexa server about actual “real traffic” to your web site that might be quite different from what you have right now with Alexa toolbar user reports only. Originally the approach was introduced by Yaro as you can see above in this BLOG.


    In order to improve AlexaRank one can use various
    methods. Most of them are based on “fake” artificial traffic creation that Alexa actually WILL PUNISH instead of giving your web some higher rank. We have been looking for a method of informing Alexa about real traffic without fooling Alexa with any “dirty tricks”.
    The problem with legitimate Alexa toolbar counting is that many of your site visitors can not even install the Internet Explorer (IE) Alexa toolbar due to multiple antivirus / anti-spam / anti-addware programs that will block Alexa calls (communication with server). Even worst, many internet server providers (ISP) nowadays are using Barracuda and similar firewalls that will not let Alexa toolbar to communicate with its server. As a result Alexa might stay unaware of actual traffic to your site and give you low rank (large number in Alexa ranking scale). In this unfavorable situation one has to search for some way to inform Alexa that actual “REAL” traffic to his web site is much larger than that of “installed” and “communication permitted” Alexa-toolbar users will report back to Alexa server. The method invented by Yaro and described
    above in this post seemed to fit our purpose from the initial evaluation.

    The idea of Alexa rank improvement using Alexa widget was tested properly during last 5 month. We promote the web site at
    3D graphics

    The site has decent traffic that used to be badly evaluated by Alexa for a long time (a couple of years). When we have seen first time the Yaro’s widget idea, we have decided to make thorough test of this approach. Our test is based on correlation pattern analysis between web site equipped with Alexa widget and without it. The idea is very simple: if one can place Alexa widget to his web pages (as suggested by Yaro) for some period of time and then remove it for next period of time, then the historical data of the Alexa ranking in time (as nicely provided by Alexa, BTW) must show some correlation between widget on/off and AlexaRank trend. Repeating widget On/Off several times one can get the definitive prove of the idea. We are not discussing here how actually Alexa ranking evaluation algorithm works, because this is a subject of Alexa internal policy. But we would like emphasize here that we do appreciate Alexa tool-bar in particular and Alexa rank evaluation idea as one of the best and most objective method of web page popularity measurement. EXPERIMENTAL The test was performed by consequent placing and removal of Alexa widget link to a couple of most visited pages on the web site under promotion. Input data for Alexa widget placement on web site:

    December 3, 2006 – December 22, 2006 + Alexa widget ON active
    December 23, 2006 – January 1, 2007 + Alexa widget OFF removed
    January 2, 2007 – February 15, 2007 + Alexa widget ON active
    February 15, 2007 – March 5, 2007 + Alexa widget OFF removed
    March 6, 2007 – March 25, 2007 + Alexa widget ON active

    To get actiual AlexaRank data during this period of time you can enter to Alexa traffic report utility. See traffic rank, press 6 month period to get full picture. Improvement of Alexa ranking is obvious when widget is ON. Alexa boost observed is about 100-50% in terms of AlexaRank value.

    If you are interested in checking of the results you can enter Alexa historical rank data, and watch the traffic rank for ScienceGL site for last 5 month. One can see that correlation between promoted web-site Ranking performance clearly correlates with Alexa widget presence during several test cycles. Large period of time was selected for getting better statistics of the test. It is shown in this report that the idea of using Alexa link actually works. Alexa rank boost with Yaro approach was achieved. The objective prove of the Yaro’s idea is presented here. The results indicate that Alexa is smart enough to give the credit to your web site rank evaluating not only Internet Explorer (IE) AlexaToolbar reports, but also alternative channels of traffic statistics such as widget reports. We assume that other channels of information collection, such as Mozilla Firefox with toolbar SearchStatus from Quirk, AboutThisSite by Gina Trapani also should provide similar AlexaRank increase.

    Using occasion we would like to thank Yaro for great idea / suggestion posted in this page above.

  • […] by the way is not accurate). Alexa rank can improved using this simple techniques like this and this. In my opinion, breaking into Alexa top 85k is not a big […]

  • […] notice that I’ve added the Alexa widget to the sidebar. This was taken from a tip I read, which claimed that by simply adding this widget, a 25% increase in my Alexa ranking was possible. […]

  • this looks like an excellent idea…especially coming from a blogger with an alexa rank of 15,863 according to my firefox plugin. i’ll give it a shot and see what happens over the next week.

  • This seems like an excellent idea. I’ve always hated Alexa as a measurement of a sites status, but so people take it really serious and you’re almost forced to do so just to stay up with the game.

    My Alexa rank is just over 100K right now. I’ll try installing the widget next week, and see how big an improvement it makes.

    Thanks for the info 🙂

  • […] Mark from alerted me to a post over at Entrepreneurs Journey entitled how to boost your Alexa ranking in one easy step. The author goes through several of the issues with Alexa and eventually introduces a widget you […]

  • […] started looking at Alexa Rank when Yaro at Entrepreneur’s Journey posted on the effect the Alexa Rank Widget was having on his blog. His theory was that having the widget there was causing an increase in his […]

  • […] Many blogs are raving about how adding the Alexa Stats Widget box to the side of their blog is increasing their Alexa ranking by a significant amount. Yaro from Entrpreneurs Journey recently coved this in his post ‘How To Boost Your Alexa Ranking In One Easy Step‘. […]

  • How To Boost Your Alexa Ranking In One Easy Step?…

    Here’s an interesting blog I discovered the other day called the Entrepreneur’s Journey. The specific post that caught my eye was How to Boost Your Alexa Ranking In One Easy Step. Yaro increased his Alexa ranking by over 25% (from 19,000 t…

  • Hey, I have just installed the widget, my alexa rank is over 1,3m right now 🙁
    I hope it helps me to improve it,
    thanks for the info

  • Well I’ve given it a whirl so let’s see what happens, eh?

  • Yaro,

    I followed your advice and put the alexa widget on my blog a little over a week ago. I forgot to record my exact alexa ranking at the time, but it was a little bit over 149,000. Today is up to 130,193. I think this is probably due mostly to adding the widget, since my traffic has remained fairly steady the last 2 weeks.

    Thanks for the tip!

    All the best,

  • thanks for this yaro, i’ll give it a try!

  • The Controversy Over The Alexa Widget…

    A few days ago I wrote an article entitled How I Increased My Alexa Ranking By 2.5 Million In 7 Days. In the article my very first recommendation was for everyone to put the Alexa stats box widget on their site so that Alexa would count all the traffi…

  • Thanks for the tip!

  • Malarik

    For me, i tend not to embed external resources on my website, as I try to keep the load times as low as possible. If I put this widget in an IFrame, so that page load times is independent of the widgets loading speed, should it still work?

  • […] How To Boost Your Alexa Ranking In One Easy Step […]

  • I’ve created a WordPress Plugin to Improve your Alexa Ranking. It adds the Alexa Redirect prefix to your internal links.

  • […] mentor Yaro Starak also recommended the widget after experiencing a boost in ranking from using it on three of his […]

  • I installed it on my site, current ranking is 1,292,454 Lets see if it will rank better in the future.

  • Sometimes I think the best thing to improve your sites ranking is to write an article explaning how to increase the ranking. Everyone will come in in the hopes of improving their site, only to realize they are just boosting the site of the person writing the article.

  • […] How To Boost Your Alexa Ranking In One Easy Step […]

  • Scorch – I think that you are right. In fact: I found such advice somewhere on the Web;)

    Another advice was to use alexa redirect. Does it make much sense?
    like this (my site):

  • Guess it does not work that way (alexa redirect is strippd from the comment). Anyway – I’m kind of newbie in alexa ranking stuff so I did have to make above experiment. Sorry.
    (my site):

  • when i started to increase my alexa rank i used the redirect from alexa to my website, and installed the alexa toolbar and would flick through the my pages a few times so alexa know that the pages are there and my alexa increased but that was about 3 months ago and i left it since then and it shot back up again

  • I think that Alexa has imporved its algo by now so that it doenot make much difference to alexa ranking if you keep on brows through your own pages. Alexa ranking will increase only if the trafic to your site is from users with alexa toolbar installed.

    Using alexa redirect URL may decrease site position in search engine results as where ever you leave the link, it will be link for and not your own site.

  • “Using alexa redirect URL may decrease site position in search engine results as where ever you leave the link, it will be link for and not your own site.”

    AND since Google is much more important than Alexa for driving traffic to sites, this is a good point to remember.

  • Wow, this post is still getting hits and comments after 9 months! What a great post.

    I’ve been obsessed with my alexa ranking for a while- because it was going up by leaps and bounds over the last few weeks and then suddenly stopped.

    The ranking has plateaued? I’m going to give it a try this week and see if there is any movement.

  • Thanks i’ll be trying this stuff my site is ranked 1.6kk and not moving at all lol!

  • i have my website google rank 1 in three month and now i am working for making my website high rank in alexa.

  • oh well, it doesn’t cost anything to try. It seems this works for lot of ppl here! My rank can’t be worse than now anyway, hope it’s going to be changed from now 🙂

  • […] is an excellent link opportunity and an excellent traffic strategy considering that the site has an Alexa ranking of 5,255 at the time of this writing. You can submit your site to […]

  • I only got 12 ranking from Alexa. Its crazy.. I do not know what’s wrong and I do not know what to do now… Argh!

  • Well .. I wonder who else here wishes they had a “12 ranking from Alexa”. The lower the better Julie Ann!

    Unfortunately, that’s’s ranking – not your site – unless I’m mistaken (I had to look!)

  • Hi Yaro,

    I launced a site 1 month ago and managed to get from 10 million to to about 1 million alexa ranking (3m) with 75000 page views. (I’m very excited) The site is steadily growing. I downloaded the alexa toolbar and now am at a weekly avr. of 300.000. I do think my clicks help as i went to Switserland for two weeks and saw my ranking skyrocket in that area. hmmmm

    Im hesitant to download the widget right now as it is going well. When the growth stops I will add it on and keep you posted.


    Anie nonomus

  • I will try your theory on the Alexa widget tool on my site: – currently, we have a ranking of 1,249,027, and this is without any type of professional SEO software or modifications. I will post back in two weeks to give you details of any success.

    Great suggestion, either way!

    Kindest Regards,

  • I completely agree with you as well. I have had my website up since 2005 and until recently i had never dove into the whole Alexa Rankings thing. After fixing my web site information for the description and imputing key words there and the use of the Alexa Widget on my websites homepage has significantly increased my numbers.

    Before Alexa: no data
    Initial Alexa information submission: 15.5m
    Alexa Widget placed on site: 14.8
    week one end: 13.3
    week two end: 10.4
    week three end: 5.6
    and just as of today
    end of week four: 3.4m

    I’m new to the whole alexa ranking so this seemed like a huge jump of roughly moving up 12.1 million sites or so. Anyways, good reading… have a great day!

    ~ Pete

  • The New Vista doesn’t support or allow alexa to be installed!

  • I have the same problem!

  • Maybe Alexa Engineers have read your article and have changed the calculation method 🙂

  • Before this article my rank was ~1500k. It becomes after 3 weeks ~700k !!! It’s increase ~800,000 rank and it was amazing !!!

    Thank You again Mr. Starak 🙂

  • I read this blog about 2 weeks ago and I installed the Alexa widget as suggested. I can definately works! My Alexa rank has shot up just over 300,000…which is about 25%.
    So if anyone is keen to improve their ranking…do it!
    P.S..Thanks for the tip.

  • Ok, I put the widget in the footer so it would be site wide 5 days ago. In 5 days our weekly has gone from 1.2 million to 480,000! At this rate we’ll be in the top 100,000 in a few days, give me a few weeks and maybe we’ll start closing in on a 20,000 range.

    Great tip!

  • […] is an excellent link opportunity and an excellent traffic strategy considering that the site has an Alexa ranking of 5,255 at the time of this writing. You can submit your site to […]

  • Ok, a few days since my previous post and we are now in the 200,000 area for the week!

  • I just added the widget to my site even tho I jumped for more then 100,000 in last week. So it will be hard to say if this did help or not.

    Let’s hope for the best! 🙂

  • Great info about Alexa rank will try the widget on my blog

  • […] более 30 интернет стартапов каждый день. Показатель Alexa ranking этого сайта равен 5,255 на момент написания этой статьи. […]

  • Yaro, I installed Alexa toolbar, but I faced difficulties with FireFox. In fact, it did not start up anymore. Uninstalling did not help because of the registry marks. After days of searching I found the website below. By following those instructions I got rid of Alexa toolbar and was able to start up Firefox normally. So, please be careful. You might have problems with Alexa toolbar just like I had.

  • Hi.. nice tips. I always wondering why they even bother with alexa ranks if they have are not that accurate about it. Well, I give a shot after all. Hopefully it works for me too 🙂

  • mike dancy

    I just installed it. I’ll follow up with any changes in my Alexa rating. Currently, end of MAy 2008, my site: is at 8,822,298

    Thanks for the idea:

  • I’ve done this exact same thing to increase alexa rankings on some of my sites. Good tip, thanks!

  • […] saja sebenarnya sudah cukup bisa diandalkan, dan tidak salah jika ada yang berani nulis “How To Boost Your Alexa Ranking In One Easy Step“. Jadi yang blognya belum menggunakan alexa widget buruan install biar alexa page rank-nya […]

  • Loading the alexa ranking toolbar as suggested here and the results have been great.
    15 July 12.2 million then installed alexa toolbar
    17 July 7.6 million
    19 July 4.5 million
    21 Julyl 3.6 million
    23 July 2.814 million
    Have now installed the alexa widget box as per recommendation down the left hand side of toolbar (fits in perfectly) and will monitor the results and get back to you.
    Thanks for the great ideas. Keep up the great work.

  • Goodday Mr. Yaro Starak,

    Currently i’m doing a study on Alexa Toolbar at my blog,
    and what i found is the result in increasing the Traffic Rank is all i can say is successful.

    My blog rank has goes down a much better than before i’ve install the toolbar and site widget…

    All i can say here is the study is successful and i will show the result the next 1 or 3 days….

    Hope you can pay a little visit to my blog and leave a comment there..

    Thank You..

  • Hey, that idea was great. I going to use it and hopefully my rank will go up. All these tips really help cause I just started a blog and have like no traffic. If you would like to help any way, contact me. Thanks.

    Check out my site:

    –Land of Audio

  • anyone heard of upmyrank or alexa booster?

    i would like to know many more things related to alexa (i am creating a thesis on this)

    Many Thanks

  • Rod

    This sounded good, so I installed the widget about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately I have seen no improvement over that time (in fact my rank has gone down slightly, even though pageviews are up a bit over the 2 weeks).

    The general consensus all over the web is that the Alexa ranking system is fatally flawed, so why the heck are we stuck with it, particularly when it is regarded with such importance by advertisers?

    • Rod

      I take it all back – a couple days after posting this comment, my rank did go up – by about 30%. And today it’s gone up again slightly. So thanks for the tip – it does work after all!

  • So I tried the Alexa widget… and it WORKED. My alexa rank went from 599,000 to 495,095 – in less than 3 days. So thank you!

  • I will give a try and get back to you guys later. Good info.

  • That’s a very interesting article. I’m going to give this a try. Currently ranked 3,569,506. Let’s hope I can get a 25% boost!

  • I had a feeling that the alexa widget would boost the rating.
    Just searched for a review to make sure and i ended up here.
    Thanks for the info

  • well! Looking at it now! It seems that your alexa ranking has dropped to 205,717 from 15,128. today. what may be the reason?

  • […] where thanks is due – I first heard about this from Yaro Starak. At first I was really sceptical, but I guess you can tell I’ve gotten over that now! Thanks […]

  • Wonderful Tips. I will try it out on my website and blogs. Been at the 2 million plus for quite some time now. Need to improve it. Thank you for the info.

  • The Alexa tool bar isn’t compatable with Windows Vista.

  • I have noticed a huge difference in my AlexaRank, in the last 3 months, by just taking off all the junk not needed on my site. I went from nearly 2,000,000 down to nearly 400,000. Still not where I would like to be, but a huge increase for the better. I am also working on my but having seceral issues with it. You might take a look and throw some advise my way. It would be much appreciated.

  • Great post, I’m glad you titled this post how to ‘boost’ your alexa ranking and not fake it. I find asking your community/blog members or subscribers to download the alexa toolbar and explain to them the benefits of using it, can be a good way to rapidly increase your alexa rank.

    I will definitely need to try this site widget method though, thanks.

    Eric from Wheels and Wood

  • 72+ hours and no change at my end.

    • Actually at 3.5 days my rating just went from 1,108,573 to 1,144,313 about a 3% change (in the wrong direction).

      To clarify, 3.5 days ago I added the widget to my web page.

  • If you get an increase in Alexa Rank after installing a widget, that would mean that visitors with no alexa toolbar are effectively tracked.

    here are some recent reports that widgets works

  • Sam

    Just installed the Alexa widget today (17 Jan 2009)
    My ranking is 425,994. It was 1,900,000 3 months ago. Will update you later – thanks for this advice.
    Also thank you – while looking, I noticed I’ve just been given a google PR ranking – 3/10 – Yeay!!!!
    All the best Yaro,
    from Sam

    • When I wrote in January here’s what I said:

      On January 18, 2009 at 8:02 am Sam said:

      Just installed the Alexa widget today (17 Jan 2009)
      My ranking is 425,994. It was 1,900,000 3 months ago. Will update you later – thanks for this advice.
      Also thank you – while looking, I noticed I’ve just been given a google PR ranking – 3/10 – Yeay!!!!
      All the best Yaro,
      from Sam

      Now I am alexa rated 217,234 today. It has been down to 214,000 before. I think we all reach the level we deserve. If I were able to put a lot more articles in there I’d go down. Because 220,000 is very respectable I wear the alexa badge with pride. Not sure it gets me moved up any faster thought to be honest.
      All the best
      from Sam

  • I installed Alexa Widget, and now I’m waiting some result. Thanks for your tip!!

  • My blog was 27 millionth some eight months ago. I am now 1.5millionth! I did install Alexa but then I thought why validate my blog’s existence when I’m not blogging for money. So I erased it.

    I have only a few constant readers and the prime reason they visit me is because I constantly visit them.

    I will try to install the widget and see whether it would increase my rank at Alexa. If it does, then Alexa stays. If it doesn’t, I will just concentrate writing for my ten constant readers.

  • I just want to make sure I got this right… The benefit of a good Alexa Ranking is the ability to show potential affiliates that your site attarcts a lot of traffic? Well, that and the bragging rights 🙂

  • Well I asked everyone on my forum to install the alexa toolbar before, few did it. Our alexa rank increased considerably (got smaller in other words).
    Now I will try the widget idea and see if we can move from 165k to in the 30k range.

    Thanks for the info btw.

  • thanx a lot for the info, i installed the widget. lets see if its going to work for me…

  • I have heard a lot of people talk about alexa rank and they sometimes brag about buying text links. I have also heard that link farms are a bad idea and that you need to link to websites that are the most relative in terms of content. I have my site listed in alexa and my rank is slowly improving. We will have to see what happens. Great post. I just bookmarked it.

  • As per suggested yaro i installed the widget let see what impact will show.

  • hmmm 2006 article and alexa widget is not work anymore

    and i think alexa is s*cks

  • With my Alex rank currently in the 16,000,000 range, I need to work at getting a better score. I am going to install the Alexa widget in the lower right section of my web pages. We will have to wait for a few weeks to see the actual results.

    Thanks for the tip.

  • […] add-on calls Search Status, it sure going to give you a time saver to check Page Rank and Alexa Rank cause it in self-detect you don’t have to click anything, Superb […]

  • Hi there,

    I see some people talk of their rank being 16,000,000 etc. How does a person work this out if your site is a subdomain? Is it possible?

    Looking forward to hearing.


    JoMellGroup South Africa

  • Yaro,

    I tested your method, and after 1 week my rank jumped from 3.5 million to less than 1.5 million. I don’t remember exactly, but after about a month I was less than 500,000 ranking, and I’m now at 230,000 give or take. Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten about blogging is because I’ve signed up for your newsletter. I’ve actually referred a ton of my personal team members to your blog for advice, because I’m not knowledgeable enough to give them the advice myself. Thanks for all of your guidance. I look forward to learning more from you every day.

    Jordan Schultz

    • Thanks so much for the tips! I am definitely looking forward to giving this a shot since I uploaded my Alexa toolbar. I would love to pull up my ranking very quickly.

  • looking at the comment it seems to be working method, will link exchange and auto surf program helos in boosting alexa rank ?

  • i read in alexa blog here :
    and here it was written widget thing donot boost alexa ranking,

  • Thanks i will try your tips for Alexa on some of my website and come back with the results. I tried several tips but nothing worked til now

  • Well i havent yet begun using those tricks, but our site is ranking better and better by the end of every day. I will try to upload the alexa widget soon.

  • I followed the steps on this and hoping to see results as right now I am currently in Alexa rank 2,871,976 and ranked in the U.S of 580,211. I’ll reply back to this in one week as Alexa has just updated there statistics today and will give the results based on installing this widget on my site.

    Steven M.

  • I just registered with Alexa, I also installed the search bar thing for Firefox and installed the button on my blog. My site recently moved to a new domain and my Alexa rank is still unrated – do you have to wait 3 months before a rank appears?

    Thanks for the informative post.

  • Before I don’t know what’s the use of putting alexa widget on my blog but I always see this alexa widget on every blogs that I’ve read so I tried and I found out once unintentionally read your blogs and bookmark so I can always read all your tips on blogging.

  • I agree also that by putting the widget on your site does increase your Alexa rankings, but it didn’t feel accurate, My rankings went up from something like 1,500,000 to 600,000 in a matter of 3 or 4 weeks. According to Google analytics I was averaging around 50 unique hits per day. After looking around various forums, I decided that 50 per day was not enough to get me that ranking.

    It also slowed down my page loading, which is more important to me at this level. After I removed it, I felt like a crack addict, I wanted to watch my score 3 or 4 times per day; removing the quick link on my site messed with my head for a bit 🙂 but got used to it.

    I do check my rankings once in a while, but to be honest, I have site meter on my site which gives me a more accurate detail of how many visits and pageviews per day. whether I get 80 visits per day, and my Alexa puts me at a rank of 5 million or I get 10 hits per day and Alexa ranks me at 1 million, I no longer care so much about the ranking, just the amount of actual exposure I am getting.

  • While this sounds like a “sure thing”, I’m not 100% convinced it will benefit me personally. As the previous commenter indicated it slowed down his site, I don’t want to risk that especially with Google’s new page speed rules.

    I know other webmasters check out my Alexa rank to form a decision whether or not to link to my site; if that is their criteria over content, then I don’t think I want to deal with them.

  • Thanks for the advice. We’ve now installed the widget on all our pages and we’re currently at about 1 million. Hopefully our charity web portal will now be seen by Alexa and we’ll start seeing an increase of traffic to our free volunteer program.

    * I know Alexa won’t increase traffic but one can dream, right? 🙂

  • Thanks i will try your tips for Alexa on some of my website and come back with the results.

  • OK Yaro I was just about going through this post. My blog is still 1 week old. Is it wise for me to install the widget now or should I wait until I start getting some traffic.

  • I had some questions before on Alexa, but this definitely answers them.
    I included the widged on and will be keeping an eye on it 😉
    Thanks for the info.

  • great experiment, I’m sure everyone has done a wide range of experiment, to achieve high page rank and fast, not even me to try something new. hopes alexa rank crept up fast. thank for your inspiration

  • I haven’t yet tried adding an Alexa toolbar to my retail site, , yet but it definitely seems like it’s worth a shot. Especially since my target market is not a tech savvy crowd since we deal mainly in lingerie and high heel shoes.

    I do have a simple recommendation that would help anyone increase “traffic” to low ranking Alexa sites though. My site Jumped from over 3.5million to under 1million simply by getting everyone in my office who visits the site to install the Alexa toolbar.

    I know a lot of you are working out of the home and are the only “employees” visiting the site, but if you posted an article on your blog about Alexa traffic and why you need more of it I’m sure you could convince at least a few of your die hard readers to install the bar. Not to mention the hits you’d be getting from other webmasters with the Alexa toolbar already installed just looking for some traffic tips.

  • is full of BS! Totally unreliable page ranking system and traffic stats! Easily manipulate your page rank by downloading and installing the Alexa Toolbar then browse the pages of your own website and see your page rank improve dramatically. Unless the website is in the Top 1000, all data from Alexa is a bunch of crap! Not recommended for use as a basis for website performance whatsoever! Unfortunately, most advertisers still rely on Alexa’s info to make important marketing decisions.

  • Hi

    I can not get the link to work it takes me to a page has been moved, I have a client that is on my back because they have a competitor that is a higher Alexa ranking than them. i have got them into the top 5 for all there search terms in Google but they still want to be higher in alexa. can some one email me the code or a link that works please chris @



  • I have tried this method with installing the Alexa widget before reading this article. I have to say that (In my opinion) it works wonders. It seems that my Alexa ranking is moving along fine now. It was difficult for me (in the beginning) to get my rank to move from day to day. My website is coming along fine now and with this widget added, I can see my Alexa moving every day. Its a great thing.
    Once the HP Slate makes it to the market, I hope to capture much more traffic and that will be the true test.
    Thank you for putting out this post. Cheers and best of luck

  • […] of my sites. They are not very high, sadly. A quick Google search suggested that I could improve my Alexa rank simply by adding a widget to my site, so I did (lower […]

  • Impressive article. My ranking on my site went up from 400,000 to 100,000 in just a week!!! Check it out (click my name).

  • I was disappointed when I found that my Alexa ranking had gone down or rather went up from 232000 to 494000, bummer! So I will try the widget and see how it works. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  • I’ll give your method a try Yaro, but honestly speaking…I think the best way to increase your alexa ranking is by increasing your site visitors.

    For example…the website mentioned above is a new one (less than 4 weeks old), and the very 1st time I checked my ranking; alexa reported 20 million. However, after increasing my site visitors using different methods my rank dropped to 11 million in less than 2 weeks. Now that’s a great margin.

    ►More visitors = higher ranking

  • I find that the more your Alexa rankings improve, the amount of comment spam increases as well. For the most part, Alexa rankings are still used as a metric to purchase products and services. It is also used when one wants to place an ad on someones site. It gives to a idea of how many pageviews to expect for your ad.

    It isn’t a perfect metric. However, it is still used by many.

  • I am going to give this a try. My ranking has been falling substantially over the past few weeks and I am getting more and more visitors each day. What are some other reasons that my ranking may be falling?

  • I tried putting the widgit on my blog just as you recommended and my alexa rating increased by over a million. It did not help my ranking at all. In fact it made things worse.

  • I don’t quite get this. Is this post suggesting tomislead advertisers about the amount of traffic you get to your site?

    I think I’m missing something here, but I’m not sure what it is.

  • I have been experimenting with Alexa rankings for about 4 months. When I started my rank was at 24,000,000. I installed the toolbar and over a week was able to bring my number down to 23,000,000 +. I then put the banner on my site and did not notice any significant decrease. After a month went by, I encouraged friends, family and those who regularly visit the site to install the toolbar. Went from around 23,000,000 to 700,000 in no time. I am conducting 2 other experiments and will post the results from those if they prove to be of value. Click my name above if you want to read the current conclusion and exactly what steps I have take so far. That page will be updated as we continue to experiment with ways to improve rankings. My understanding is, once you get down in the 100,000 range, it becomes very difficult to get lower and maintain.

  • […] people will argue that by installing the Alexa widget on your site, visits from non Alexa users will be recorded and used towards your Alexa rankings.  […]

  • Awesome post, exactly what I was trying to find out. My Alexa ranking doesn’t even come close to matchup what my Cpanel stats say. I should be at least in the top 500,000 if not higher, so I’m going to give this a go.

  • the alexa ranking does not increase the number of visitors to your site so … it’s meaningless …

  • My site is 1 month old when i install alexa widget and it ranks 36,000,000. After a month later, it drops to 1,900,000. What an increase in my rank.

  • Higher alexa rank will boost your credibility in the web. This will give big impact to advertiser not for surfer.

  • Thanks this will solve one of my problems with textlinkads, I got rejected due to a bad alexa rank

    Now I will have to mess with the Pagerank

  • Thanks for the info, Yaro.

    I already read about this tip.

    The only thing is that I put the Alexa widget inside a post about traffic.

    Now I will put it in the homepage, and I will check results.

    Let’s see.

  • Don’t agree with you on this, till date i haven’t added any alexa widget on my blog and easily entered into 100K landmark, but after reading this post i’m going to give it a try only.
    See if it works for me or not

  • There are many ways to increase Alexa ranking. Increasing traffic with valuable content, link building and building a community are the best ways. We have a large group of China suppliers that visit regularly, helping to boost our Alexa Rank.

  • Yaro, I wouldn’t want to do something silly just so that my Alexa rank could go up when in actual fact my site don’t really get more people to it. But heck! My site only scored in the region at 850,000 because I got 53 people to my site for that particular day.

    I have been above the top 1 Million ever since and had given out over $100 through different ventures to get my blog out there in the top 100,000.

    Guess I will really need to follow your advice now – and it’s FREE – how ignorant can one be?!

  • Yeah….I have witnessed miraculous changes after adapting this phenomenon. Thanks for sharing this storming article 🙂

  • I have a site that just has coming soon page added. I was going to see if my stats on alexa change at all with completely no traffic. I have a feeling if I add the widget my traffic rank will go up. That doesn’t say much for Alexa’s credibility.

  • Hi,

    nice piece of information. but will the installing of alexa widget on my blog not dampen the ease with which my site loads ?

  • Yes, Installing Alexa Toolbar really works like charm! 🙂

  • Thanks for the share. I installed the toolbar and will keep u posted on the progress!


  • Just get webmaster traffic and the ranking will become better and better.

  • Great tips. I use the Alexa toolbar and I monitor my websites alexa rankings daily. Amazingly, it goes way up and comes way down. And sometimes I rank better in countries like Japan than I do in the U.S. for a little while. It depends on where the majority of your traffic comes from.

  • Thanks for the info I will download the toolbar!

  • thanx for the wonderful post, i heard that writing reviews of top ranked site on alexa page also increases the ranking, at the same time, i didnt found much difference in ranking after installing widget, but one thing i would like to share is, whenever my blog gets high traffic the website ranking jumps higher and when traffic decreases the rank goes down, here i beleive alexa is totally based on visitor count for judging alexa rank for any website.

  • I use the toolbar, but don’t have the widget on any of my sites. I tried the widget out a long time ago. Didn’t really like it, because it slowed my loading page speed down.

    If target SEO related niches and that seems to work for me. Most Internet marketers and people into SEO, seem to use the Alexa toolbar. It is a metric and also used as credentials. However, it still can be manipulated to a degree.

  • In my time as a blogger and innovative Internet Entrepreneur I have found a number of different ways to do things. Now for those of you who don’t know what an Alexa ranking is, an Alexa ranking is a global ranking system which keeps track of all the top websites in the world. For instance Google has an Alexa ranking of, yes you guess it, 1. Facebook has an alexa rank of 2 and YouTube has an Alexa ranking of 3. The highest I have been able to get one of my websites on the Alexa ranking system is around 70,000 globally and that’s another thing. Alexa has both, global and local ranks which you can rank for.

  • Based on my research I think alexa rank is based solely on your domain search result on

    Check your website on google search and take a note how many items come up under your domain. Go to alexa and check what is your rank.

    Redo the step in 48 hours and see if your search result stay the same I bet your rank will stay the same.

    The only way to increase your traffic?

    1. Buy ads on Facebook, Google, Yahoo Bing
    2. Spread the words around to everyone you know about your website
    3. Type your domain often on the google/yahoo/bing search engine
    4. Update your website with something that very useful to people
    5. Be nice to everyone on the internet (*lol)

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for all the information. I am new at this and your blog has been very helpful!

  • THS

    My Alexa rank just jumped up 10,000 ranks and I don’t know why?? I moved up in the Google Rank but moved down in Alexa…..

  • Jim

    good info, I’ll try it out.

  • Although this blog post is more than four years old, many of the tips remain the same. Frankly, I don’t view Alexa as a particularly important metric, but I guess for those folks who are in the top 100, it’s good bragging rights.

  • Alexa is important to ranking. I always install on my browsers and I notice an increase if I am browsing my website regularly.

  • I might give this a try. It can’t be that bad I guess. And if it helping your overall ranking then that is a bonus I guess. Thanks for the tips.

  • I never knew that only the visits by the people who have installed alexa toolbar will be counted for alexa ranking. Anyhow thanx a lot man. Il install the widget rite after posting this 🙂

  • This certainly works. I have used this technique on several sites.

  • i heard lot about alexa toolbar so i decided to install alexa toolbar let us see whats the result….

  • Works, thanks alot 🙂

  • In my opinion Alexa ranking is not accurate I have seen many sites have lower ranking than 500k even thought they have more than 5k daily

  • Good man Yaro, Will stick it up on my site and report back the results. fingers x’ed

  • Hi Yaro,

    Awesome post. I added the Alexa widget to several of my sites. I hope it works. BTW, thanks for the Blog Profits Blueprint. I will implement it. Thanks for your good blog. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi, Yaro!

    First of all, congrats on your great work! I’m reading your book (BPB) and am enjoying it to the fullest!

    I have installed the Alexa site widget on my blog 3 days ago and my position only gets worse. By the way, my traffic gets better every day (the natural search is abt 3 times higher than a month ago) and my rank was reduced by 1 million positions in the last 10 days (1,5 million in the last month). Do you know what could be the possible reason for it?

    Thanks and regards,

    (from Brazil)

  • Thanks for the helpful post Yaro, my site is about 8 months old. I was looking for how to boost my site’s alexa rank, and landed here. Will be implementing your tips shortly, wish me luck!

  • great info, I will try, a few moments ago my alexa ranking of about 300 thousand, now to be 3 million. I am very disappointed about this

  • Great info, I will try your methods, thank you!

  • Really interesting! Just got a new site launched, and have installed alexa search and searchstatus, now adding the widget too. Only thing is that the widget is pretty ugly! Wondering if it’s ok to customise it or if that would stop it working? thanks for the great tip!

  • HI,

    I want to increase the alexa rank of my blog. I hope this post will help me.

    Thanks to share such a nice post.

  • Jon

    I don’t see there is any connection between alexa ranking and website traffic. Will it increase my website traffic ? or this is only for advertisers ?


  • The Alexa Traffic Ranking is a system that measures web traffic and awards an Alexa Traffic Rank. However, for web traffic to qualify for the Alexa Ranking, the website visitor must have the Alexa Toolbar installed in his or her browser. As for the ranking, a low rank (ex: 1) is a good thing and means higher traffic levels.

  • Nice article. What happens if you have a 25 %rise -alexa ranking wise but drop from lets say page one 6th place to the 9 or 10th…

  • My website has no Alexa Rankings at all, I have a good amount of traffic though..I think I will give it a try and install Alexa’s Toolbar on my blog’s widget.

  • Alexa rank does not reliably show the statistics, their statistics are based on the toolbars. When I had about 100 visits a day, Alexa Rank was 110K. When my website ( got to 900 visits per day and there was improved depth of page views, Alexa rating has deteriorated to 400K. It’s brad…

  • Wow, this is crazy. I think this has added to my confusion as to how accurate Alexa’s ranking really is. I will experiment on one of my lower ranking sites and see if it really works.

  • These simple Alexa strategies are easy to implement and will make a huge difference in your Alexa ranking. Ultimately you want visitors to do more than visit your home page, you want them to interact with your site. Be sure to optimize your home page for SEO purposes, ease of use, and interaction. Creating a positive user experience will get visitors to return again and again.

  • thanks for the tip hope it works i have been strigling for over 4 years to get better alexa ranking, thanks for sharing

  • Well, its worth a shot.
    I searched for this because I noticed that the main site that is beating me has an alexa ranking in the 200s whereas mine is in the millions although I have tons of quality content, a long time internet presence, and hundreds of visitors per day. its really annoying! Can Alexa ranking help me beat this low quality competitor? I really need to figure out what they are doing.

  • nice, ill try for myself, and tell you if will make a difference, but i believe has to wait 1 month.

  • thank you for nice article. It inspired me to work hard to boost the ranking of my site

  • I am following your suggestion to see the changes in the site ranking. I will report my result after 2-3 months.

  • Good information for those looking to increase their rankings. I added the widget yesterday on my ecommerce website and will give you some updates on how it does.

  • Thomas

    I find it hard to believe that junky websites rank in the top 100k but my well put together website sits at 1 million+. It makes sense that everytime your page load with the alexa widget that counts as a view.

    Im gonna give it a shot

    • I really think Alexa rank is miles off. It has some really spammy sites in the stop 100k. I have seen some of the top 1k traffic sites and there just ezine scraps with no original content at all. I really dont think the traffic reports from Alexa are even close at all.

  • Good information for those looking to increase their rankings. I added the widget yesterday on my ecommerce website and will give you some updates on how it does.

  • I’ll be giving this a try as well, when I have enough blog posts. It’s 2012 now, so I’m a bit late, but better to start now than never. 31 articles in 19 days helped me jump 20 million spots on Alexa’s rankings, however, I’m still languishing in 7,000,000th position. If your site was in 15,000th position in 2006, imagine what it is today…

  • Till i haven’t install Alexa widget on my blog and its Alexa is 160,050.I didn’t knew that installing Alexa site widget maximizes the blog Alexa rank in this way ,Am gonna install it on my Blog right now to take advantage of it .Thanks for this info 🙂

  • I really think Alexa rank is miles off. It has some really spammy sites in the stop 100k. I have seen some of the top 1k traffic sites and there just ezine scraps with no original content at all. I really dont think the traffic reports from Alexa are even close at all.

  • Tom

    Really nice information given by you. I checked your rank and its really amazing.
    I will give it a try too.

    Currently, on one of my website, I am using a paid service of

    For now they are doing a great job of maintaining my website Alexa ranking to 30,000 level. I will try your technique on my second website, if it works as much as it worked for you, then I think it will be really great and I will apply it on both of my websites.

  • Nice article on alexa rankig.. I have one question. When you use adowrds and you increase your traffic, what happens when your ad is stopped? will this affect your ranking?

  • I’ll give the widget a try. I noticed no one reported back if their Alexa rank went up after trying this… I’ll try to remember to report back in a couple of months!

  • Thanks. I followed your advice and have installed the widget on my site. Its late but I thought what harm can it do.

  • After 5 years of this post Alexa site widget has been discontinued, sad!

    • Uhm…no it hasn’t, lol. Alexa still has the widget, but as this article was posted a while ago their link is no longer valid.

  • Reporting back: I think it’s working. I didn’t want to put the Alexa badge on my homepage, and my website does not have a sidebar, so I put the badge on my #1 most popular page other than my home page.

    My rank on 3/9 (when I added the badge) was 2,525,749 global/584,641 US. Today (3/26) it’s 1,454,825 global/173,272 US. That’s a +1 million rank increase in 17 days. Not too bad! It’s still going up steadily. It’s up 80k global since just yesterday.

    This isn’t a purely scientific test though because I also redesigned my website at the same time I added the badge. The redesign made the site much more user friendly. Google analytics has my traffic up 25% and my bounce rate down about 18%. I still credit the majority of my rank increase to the badge though because a 25% traffic spike wouldn’t account for that much of a rank increase.

    Also, I am wondering if only having the badge on a popular sub page instead of the home page (or a site wide sidebar) might have helped. Maybe it gives the false impression that all the pages on your site gets that many hits. That’s just an idea though… Maybe I’m overthinking it.

    Anyway, thanks for the tip. I’m happy with the results.

  • After 5 years of this post Alexa site widget has been discontinued, sad!

  • It hasn’t been discontinued. People really need to do their research.

  • Uhm…no it hasn’t, lol. Alexa still has the widget, but as this article was posted a while ago their link is no longer valid

  • Can someone please explain me why it’s important to get a good ranking on Alexa? I understand very well why it’s important to be well ranked on Google, but not why on Alexa. My opinion is, that even if you have high ranking on Alexa, it will not increase the traffic to your site. Or how do you gonna prove I’m wrong? (Hopefully I am). I’m curious!

  • Yaro, these method are not working for me. My Blog has daily 2000 visits but alexa rank is too high. I have install toolbar and widget but not working.

  • Rinto

    I have started some website ,unfortunately I don’t see it in alexa ranking , As of you I need to install alexa tool bar in my site huh ? Or is there something better to do with my side?

  • I have been using the toolbar for a quiet sometime now and I find it ridiculous how Alexa calculates ranking… your ranking will improve if people visit your site has the toolbar installed too… uninstall the toolbar for a week and check your ranking after a week it will fall many thousands….

    • I was using the same toolbar but in my opinion Alexa is pretty weak in measuring the real traffic amount of a website

  • Does anyone know if the Alexa widget needs to be on the home page, or will it work just as well if I hide it on one of my sub-pages?

  • Hi made my website almost one month ago and I started to do seo on my own in first few days on two keywords my site’s serp was 48 and 215 and my alexa ranking was 17,600,629 but now after 10 days my alexa ranking is 2,978,755 but I am nowhere in google for any keyword except my website’s name, can you tell me what is wrong.

  • Very useful article. Have seen many websites which had the alexa widget but couldnt understand why they had it… but now fully clear abt it

  • Awesome tips. We installed Alexa toolbar to 5 different systems and made our homepage as default webpage. We also installed Alexa widgets and asks our repeat visitors to install alexa toolbar on their PCs. We tested this experiment for 15 days and Alexa rank improved. Thank you for the tips.

  • Our service is intended to improve the Alexa rank of a website within a limited time. It usually takes seven days to see the primary change in Alexa data, one month to make your one-month average Alexa rank goal, and three months to achieve your desired three-month average Alexa rank. The three-month average Alexa rank is the one that Alexa shows on the Alexa toolbar.

    Our Alexa ranking service is domain name based, so there’s no requirement for the language the site is written in. We only need the domain name to improve its Alexa rank. In other words, we can improve Alexa rank for a website written in any language.

    Alexa is a very powerful tool used to rank website traffic. Find out how your website traffic stacks up against all your competitors’ traffic! This is one of the most accurate, freely available tools to find out how well your site ranks up against millions of other sites on the Web. “The lower the Alexa ranking number, the more heavily visited the site.”

    The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data; the three-month change is determined by comparing the site’s current rank with its rank from three months ago.

  • Ade

    Commenting on blogs that talk about Alexa could also help as the owner of the blog is likely to have the toolbar installed and people that are reading the article may also have it installed. Anyone that clicks through to your site is likely to bump up the Alexa ranking.

  • A little more than 90 days ago my website Tigrai Online’s rank on Alexa was 560,000 sometimes even higher. I wanted get higher ranking on Alexa so I googled about it I found a blog similar to this one that showed step by step things to do. I followed it and everything one by one, believe me, my Alexa rank kept falling and falling now my ranking is floating around 130,000. I am thank full to people like Yaro Starak who freely share their hard earned knowledge with public. Now I am searching again if there is anything I can do more to get even lower than what my rank is now. I don’t know if it is related to the Alexa ranking or not at the same period my traffic doubled and my ad sense income almost tripled.

  • Thanks for the info on Alexa. I have recently installed the badge, and have been watching my ranking rise ever since, without much traffic increase. I think it is a strange way to calculate web rank or especially site value, probably incredibly inaccurate, but until I am told of a better way it is all I have found. Thanks again.

  • Tank You for this post but, Alexa site widget has been discontinued.

  • For those of you that keep stating that the widget has been discontinued, it hasn’t. Here’s the updated link.

  • Hi, am trying to do this but the link “alexa site visit” is not working it only shows options

    Get traffic information about a specific website.
    Find top websites in a specific country.
    Find top web sites within a category.
    Learn about Alexa.
    Learn about Alexa’s products and services.
    Please let me know how can I download it for my site

  • Nice tip, will fix that asap on my blog and pray it works for me, i will update if it works!

  • Thanks for the tip! I tried it and I can verify that it works fine! 🙂

  • nice:) Was just looking at how i can increase my site rankings on Alexa and this is just like the meat on the plate. Will try it out and see how it works.

  • Charles

    I used the technique mentioned on your website and it help me to improve my website Alexa ranking from 20 million to 5 million. But the process was a bit slow. Then I saw someone in comments above recommend following paid service to improve alexa ranking quickly

    I must say that it worked like a magic and we Alexa ranking of my website was improved to my desired level of 50k from 5 million in one month. I was really amazed. Thanks a lot to the person who refereed it and I would like to refer it for anybody else who want to quickly improve his/her website Alexa ranking.

  • One of the best way to increase the alexa ranking is to be unique with the content rather than focusing on backlink. I have experience this 🙂 really useful please give a try

  • Thanks for the tip. Hope the widget will boost my blog’s Alexa Ranking, too.

  • Nice post

    However i completely agree that alexa rank is useless.It don’t really show how “popular” your site is as this analysis is bias (as pointed by Yaro Starak).
    I believe Google Analytics is best when it comes to analysing your traffic.
    Then why so many people bother about alexa????
    The only reason i see behind increasing alexa rank by all means is when you want to sell a website.The higher the rank , the more will the prospective buyer be ready to pay:)
    P.S website buyers don’t gt access to google analytics data(its against google
    tos to disclose them)

  • Is there any correlation between page rank and alexa rank? Does google factor in Alexa ranking?

  • How long does it take for Alexa to start reporting or showing stats on a site from the time you claim it and let Alexa know of its existence?

  • Yeah I totally agree with your. Installing the alexa toolbar actually helps in increasing rank. I have seen the difference of rank in just 2 days. My blog’s rank has increased by 50,000 in 2 days..But installing the toolbar is only not sufficient, we must update our blog everyday..

  • In march 2012 for the first time I started working to bring my Alexa ranking up.I was at 560 thousand at that time because before that I never paid attantion to Alexa sinse then my website Tigrai Online started to go down on Alexa now it is at 75 thousand, I am still working on it. One thing I notice about Alexa is the more I work on building my trafic it works on Alexa.

  • Ben

    Thanks for this. I only installed the tool bar on my browser. Now I will install the widget on my site as well. Thanks again.

  • Guys, Alexa rank is a joke. They count just the traffic that comes from the visitors who have installed the Alexa toolbar as well. So, the rank given by Alexa is a scam!

  • hi
    i put the alexa widget in my new website,and i moved 6000000 up in alexa ranking,thank you so much/

  • I am not sure what the practical advantage of a better Alexa ranking is if isn’t related to an actually increased traffic to your site. If the Alexa ranking can be manipulated that easily, it doesn’t really say anything about the value of the site, and one would be foolish to make any business decisions based on it. It seems to be more a case of vanity to me.

  • First, I would like to say “thank you” to Yaro for being the great information steward that he is. Always providing useful tips and knowledge with anyone who chooses to read.

    Personally I’m not concentrating on Alexa at this time because I still fail to see the real value (of Alexa) considering all the other priorities that I must focus on. Having multiple sites to work on presents enough of its own challenges simply from a content and seo point. For me it’s simply a question of priorities and it’s difficult enough to remain focused in the most important areas without more distractions.

    That’s not advice for others because we’re not all at the same point with our sites, just my personal perspective on Alexa at this stage. Yaro puts out great information regardless and I will continue to lurk and read.

    Thanks again Yaro!

  • This post is 6 years old. Can anybody confirm that it still works?

  • Although this is kinda old I’ll try it, never hurts having a way to increase my ranking. Thanks for the article!

  • Great article, but the links to the widget are broken.

  • in a week my alexa is dropped from 1.5 to 2.1. I have no idea what happened. But the visitor on the contrary. Any idea ?

  • It works like a charm. My Alexa rank decreases by 60k within 2 days after using the Alexa widget.

  • I too can’t find the widget any more. Perhaps they read this article and pulled it. 😉 lol

  • Yup, same here, can’t find the widget. Might be something they pulled. Although on my wordpress, I did install the Alexa Claim and Certify plugin to claim my site. Read somewhere that it helps. As I’m a concert photographer, Alexa is something that some promoters and management offices look at to give accreditations for shows, so anything helps!

  • Hi, My alexa dropped from 2,36k to 1,80k in 20 days and alexa widget adding contributed as well. I appreciate your article

  • I am managing a blog without minding about Alexa traffic, I’m a writer and not tech savvy. Two days ago I decided otherwise and downloaded the toolbar. The toolbar was effective I guess, I got a very huge rise, but to prove my point I have 10m rank two days ago. And that’s pretty embarrassing. Anyway, after two days I checked and I dropped to 6M+, or rose to use a more appropriate word. If isn’t the toolbar, then I don’t know. I’ll try the widget now as you have suggested. Thanks.

  • Thanks for this helpful article. I have installed the widget today and will see the result. My current rank is almost 2,2 millions.

  • Thank you. I applied your suggestion on July 3, one month ago and I’ve gone from a ranking of 5.4 million to 1.2 million.

  • Hey Yaro,thanks for such an fruitful write up,as advised by you i installed the alexa widget in my sidebar,and alexa toolbar in my browser and saw a exponential improvement in my alexa rank thanks once again,keep doing the great work.

  • Just added this to my blog, we’ll see how it improves my rankings. I’ll post an update soon.

  • Well, this is an old post but here we go anyway.

    My own Alexa score is 328,192 as of today. Though it’s not super high I have never been able to account for the score. As a photography site my small, and obviously disturbed following, tends not to be techy nor would I think that there are many web masters.

    There are sites getting 10 times the number of unique visitors that have much lower Alexa rank. Numbers ranking 5 or 6 million even. Then you have sites that are geared on SEO and Web traffic that have very high Alexa scores. Obviously because most of their traffic will have the tool bar installed. That’s why the Alexa ranking system sux but it is what it is and can’t be changed.

    Either way I place the widget on my site and we will see what happens. I have saved this page and if I remember I’ll come back and post the results in a week or two.

    Thank you for sharing and have a great day.


  • I cannot add the widget on my website due to the script but I’ve added an anchor text
    I hope it will work

  • I find this really ridiculous. Anyway, because of my own business reasons I’ll install the alexa widget

  • Well, It’s hard to say. After installing it on my site in Sept, almost three months ago My ranking has gone from 328,192 the day I installed it to 279,568 as of today. It has been and “tends” to stay in the low 270,000’s.

    Traffic to my site is only averaging about —– 400 more unique visitors a month for the last three months than it was for the three months prior to installing the toolbar.

    Though I have now way to show or prove I’d have to say that the tool bar will most likely give one more hit each day that you wouldn’t ordinarily get without it. Yes it may increase the number a bit because of this but to double it? I doubt it.

  • Hesham

    thanks for the good information !
    i keep following my rank using Alexa toolbar and use it a numeric measurment for my sties

  • Yes, it’s working in 2013 also. I am now on a OK position on Alexa.

  • Alexa ranking is super fake and should be banned! While my site increases in traffic from 1.5 mill page views to 4 mill in just one month, the site is ranked lower instead of higher. One of my other projects with 1.3 mill page views is ranked 108k and the other one with over 4 mill is ranked at 222k! Makes no sense at all!

  • I just put the widget up two days ago on . I’ll let you know if this works!

  • Thanks for sharing these valuable info!

    Most companies value your site depending on your Alexa rank.

    More traffic=higher Alexa rank…

  • Just stumbled upon your page today while checking out why my alexa rating is going down. After starting my website ( ) last June, it went from 30 mil to 1 mil with in few months and then recently it went to 4 mil and now at 10 mil. Amazing thing is, my website traffic is averaging 4-5 times the time my rating was in 1 mil.

  • Our website (belongs to our employer) which gets 3000 to 5000 unique visitors daily but still more than 100K alexa. More interestingly 60% visitors of the site ( comes from Google search ! what to do next ?

  • Thanks yaro for the tips…will sure put in practice..hope to see my alexa drop as low as possible.


  • My Alexa ranking presently sucks. It keeps getting worse and worse with every single day that passes by. It used to be about 100,000 now it is more than 400,000. I really need to get this fixed ASAP!!!

  • Sera

    Why am I not getting a USA Alexa Rank? According to Google Analytics, 85% of my visitors come from USA. But Alexa says that 88% of my visitors come from Canada….what gives?
    How can I boost my USA Alexa Rank from ‘ –‘ to a numerical value?
    Note: My Global Alexa Rank is lower than 800,000 (not much but working hard to getting it under 100,000)…

  • Yes thanks for your help … i also added alexa widget and unbelievable in next two days the alexa rank goes down to about 15,000 ….and hope to hear next tips from you…

  • I installed the widget after reading this and my rankings have improved since. Thanks for the tips Yaro, will take your advice and see if improves my Alexa rank.

  • It is a good advice, this and other ones I had implemented in my own website and I saw a good improvement of my ranking, that is good in order to get better reputation. I am planning to write paid reviews and I am working to have a better alexa ranking. Your post is great, thanks for sharing.

  • I have installed alexa tool bar it it works greatly and my website rank increasing consistently.

    But in past 4 weeks the ranking is stuck, very disappointed.

    Please help

  • I think I agree with Darren Rowse’s comment…Lol

  • worked out for me!

  • I cannot confirm your experience with the Alexa widget.
    I can however contribute a negative experience with Alexa. Alexa has ranked out website based on ‘estimates” because they have not enough data to rank the site. Nevertheless at one time Alexa gave some very incorrect data as base of their estimate.
    Our ranking started at 11 million+, went down to 7 , then 4+ million. Then back up to 12 million. After I wrote to Alexa pointing out the inaccuracies of their ‘estimate’ our site suddenly went back to 0ver 14 million.
    I do not think so. The time frame is too suspicious. Furthermore, the incorrect data on which the Alexa ‘estimate’ was based also mysteriously disappeared from their ranking info. Coincidence?

    I do not think so. Our website traffic and data have improved greatly within the time frame mentioned. The current website is successor to a Blogger site with much better rating. The new site is just about one year old on our own domain.

    I am of the opinion that Alexa most likely will reward the widget display with higher ratings. It is also apparent that ratings will increase considerably when one becomes a n Alexa subscriber. After all, that allows a subscriber to contribute his/her own data!

    In my opinion Alexa is an unreliable, error-prone system that primarily serves Alexa’s financial interests. It is NOT an impartial rating scheme at all. but rather open to manipulation. And so are some of the other rating systems. We have to keep in mind that, for example, the number of ‘daily visitors ‘ depends entirely on the definition of “visitor”. Our own server log shows variation between 100+ and over 1,000.

    I will formally ask Alexa’s management/legal department for an explanation for and justification of their ranking of our website.
    We do not care a bit about Alexa ranks. But if they ‘rate’ our site, they either must provide reliable data as basis or not rate the site at all. That is the whole point. I will get an answer from them.
    John London

  • I installed the alexa rank checker and also the widget but i am confused still that how it will help us to increase the alexa rank and alexa traffic.

  • I will do accordingly and if there will be improvement in my sites performence. Will post another comment with Thanks. stay blessed.

  • Thnx for your help ! 🙂

  • Hi Yaro,

    I was also looking for my site to increase Alexa ranking and followed your advice. Will let you know how much it improves.

  • For my site :

    – External links are inreasing
    – Page view count inreasing every day
    – The site updated almost every day with new posts
    – Organic search are increasing day by day

    BUT alexa rank not increasing even going down. What is the rationale here?

  • Thanks Yaro. This is what I wanted, My alexa rank is too much, 3,93,4523. And no Indian rank calculated yet.
    What would be the good way to show up Indian Rank as well, My site gets traffic from India only.

  • I want to know is it possible to control alexa under 10000. My sites alexa is 9000 and I don’t want to loose it.

  • Thanks for the advice. I also tried to access your blog post on “How To Make $10,000 Per Month, ‘Working’ On Your Blog Only 2 Hours Per Day” but not displaying. please see to it cos i would love to read about it.


  • I add Alexa Widget in my site and wait for improving my ranks.. Thanks for detail

  • very good article Thank You bro.

  • Jumped from 9 million to 100k in a span of 3 months Thanq u

  • plz can you tell why alexa rank is important ?

  • I installed Alexa toolbar and i did all thing as your blog said my alexa rank improved very high but suddenly falling down but world rank is still fix. My blog site is Please advice ?

  • My website is up recently and the Alexa ranking is a pitiful 22,265,841

    It is embarrasing to install Alexa on my website widget on my website.

    What is the fastest way to ‘up’ my ranking – white or gray hats?

  • DNN

    Never thought of installing the Alexa toolbar to improve search U.S. traffic rank. May have to possibly experiment with it in the future and see what becomes of it. Thanks a million for mentioning this.

  • This is a great post. However, I think the ALexa Widget is no longer available on the alexa website. Any thoughts?

  • No thats correct now its just a code you paste on to your site I have it on my site you can find it here

  • Jay

    Very good post. I didnt know about alexa widget, I already installed it and lets see.

  • Great post Mr yaro, i have been searching for simple tricks and possible techniques to improve my alexa ranking. Before stumbling into this post, i taught of hiring a specialist to tutor me on the necessary steps involve in order to get a good ranking from alexa, but luckily, i am reading this post today. My site is almost a year old and the alexa ranking is not encouraging, although i have quality articles, but failing to implement this short and succinct guide illustrated in this post will yield a negative end result.As a result, i have installed both alexa widget and the tool bar on my site and my Chrome browser and hope to replicate good ranking sooner. For new bloggers, if you haven’t claimed your site on alexa,kindly do that now by reading my short guide here . I hope its helpful, because if you do not claim your site on alexa, you will receieve ranking in another country rather than your country of origin. I have experienced such saga before claiming my site..

  • hi i am trying to get my alexa ranking in fast, my site is one type of online newspaper site, in 1 month i got in 1.3 million in alexa, but i need more fast,

  • As always, I love your site. Did all these things some time ago and indeed the eye of Alexa seemed to seek me out like Sauron and ranked my niche vintage fashion site quite well. I have stats of about 400K page views monthly with about 90 to 100K unique visitors. Strangely my Alexa rank has slipped from 120K to 170K over the past three months. very confused about that.

  • Tom

    I had an educational website where I focused and got the ranking up to 200000 and then I stopped focusing on the ranking because I cared more about the traffic from google, then my ranking went down but I was getting so many visitors from google. I guess it depends on your goal. Not many people knows Alexa, only website developers and bloggers knows about it so that they can have their site ranking high. Now am working on new website and the ranking is increasing now, i hope to get this website to top 100k.

  • thanks Yaro! this article is very informative. I installed thee widget on my site . waiting for the results.
    currently my website has alexa rank of 2.5 million something. it’s a one month website, working hard on it.

    • After installing Toolbar and visiting my website frequently in a day, I was able to get my site’s rank to 1.3M from 2.4M. you can check it on my site ( ),Even though widget shows rank of 2.4M, Alexa Toolbar shows rank of 1.3M

      Thank you Yaro!

  • Hello,

    Thank you so much for the useful recommendations.
    Alexa ranking is important for every website, We are still working on increasing alexa ranking. This article will surely help us to improve our rank.

    Thanks for Sharing this amazing Article.

  • This is very helpful, Yaro. It appears to take some time after installing the widget on your site before Alexa updates one’s traffic data.

  • Uzo

    Thanks Yaro, as always. We have just installed the widget, and quite frankly, we saw our ranking move from 27 million to about 3 million. We are still watching to see how far up our ranking can go. Thanks again!

  • Alexa ranks easily cheat and installing toolbar or widget in website increase ranking faster. I don’t understand why everyone chases Alexa where DA PA matters in today SEO world.

  • Hello, Nice tips to improve alexa rank. By appling some of the above mention tips I have improved my alexa rank. Thanks for sharing.

  • Interesting theory. I doubt I’ll try it because I hate that ugly widget, but it’s an interesting theory nonetheless. Alexa is a very fickle beast. I wish people didn’t put so much stock in its ratings.

  • Hey All, once my alexa under 12k in india and now it’s approx 40k so can you suggest me what i need to do to recover this?

  • Thanks Yaro.I installed it on my site, currently my website has alexa rank of 2.5 million something. it’s a one month website, working hard on it.Lets see if it will rank better in the future.

  • Kathie Thomas

    No longer available unfortunately and I can no longer access my dashboard without them wanting to lock me into a monthly account.

  • I’m like a sponge as I read through your site. I have all the links set up as you’ve mentioned, however with 3 users in my home I think I’ll use different computers to run searches and click throughs to try to increase my numbers. Again, thank you for your insight and the insight of your commenters as they to have added to my thought process.

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