From $10 Per Week To $100+ Per Day In AdSense Income

I had to single this forum post out because it’s from a young guy in Brisbane, my hometown, making good income online by creating content sites and driving huge amounts of organic traffic using sound SEO techniques. It should serve as motivation for all you budding AdSense earners.

His name is Chris and over the last 12 months he has taken his network of sites from $10 per week in AdSense income up to $120 per day. That’s fantastic growth.

You can read his story and the question and answer session that ensues in the following post on Digital Point forums:

My 2006 AdSense Summary – From $10/Week to $800/Week

I especially like the following quotes:

How did I get serious? I took a bit of a risk, bought a few books about AdSense, SEO and general website development and dropped down to part time uni and started dedicating more time to my websites. I started writing articles that were on topics that people wanted to know about and topics that people were searching for, and I placed these articles into a highly optimized template that was just designed for these articles, then I went about building a few backlinks for these articles to help with the SEO. I’d have periods of maybe a week where everyday I would sit down and write an article two, often three or four, and I’d just keep writing, sharing my knowledge, sharing my expertise.

And this part relaying the basic SEO techniques he implemented:

Why did the search engines love them? Because they were original and unique, and because they were getting backlinks and they were on my established sites which I believe have a fair amount of “TrustRank” because at this point my sites were well over 2 years old and had thousands of backlinks, because I had slowly but surely developed them over the previous two years. Plus the articles were all on niche topics that there wasn’t that much competition for, and I had employed very basic, but very solid SEO techniques. Things like:

  • Giving each article an individual highly relevant page title.
  • Using meta descriptions and keywords, but not abusing them.
  • Using H1 and H2 tags.
  • Using good keyword density and specific phrase targeting.
  • Using good quality, unique, original and focused content.
  • Building some well anchored backlinks.
  • With a good navigational system between articles.
  • Using an aged domain with good TrustRank.

These techniques are nothing special, and are the basics of SEO and when they are applied to individual articles and based around a well optimized AdSense template is the formula for high earnings and success with AdSense.

Set aside ten minutes and go read the full article now.

A big shout out to Chris too, who I have since made contact with and will hopefully meet in person when I return to Australia later this year.

Story originally found via Art of Money

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  • Hey Yaro,

    This is the Chris from Digital Point/Brisbane, I just thought I’d leave a quick comment. But before I do I just wanted to say I love your blog, and I’m glad you got in contact with me after I made that post – I’m really keen to catch up at one of you when you get back form your travels.

    It’s also good to see someone of your status in the industry thought that my post was worthy of mention on your blog, and it is really inspiring for me, an up and comer on my own little online entrepreneur’s journey, and I really hope that what I have learned in the last 12 – 24 months can help many of your readers take their AdSense earnings to the next level.

    Anyway I must be off to continue my site developments. Best of luck everyone.

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  • Wow. This is great stuff man. Will be looking forward to improve the value of my site.

  • Hi Chris – thanks for stopping by. I think this post along with the exposure on other sites should really spike the traffic to your forum post and help educate a lot of people.

    I’ll catch you sometime soon when we are both in Brissie.


  • Great post, but I’m really familiar with what “TrustRank” means. I’m assuming it’s some type of credibility measure.

  • TrustRank is a term SEOs have phrased to label how much authority your site has in the search engines, based on the authority of the sites that link to your site. It’s a much more important consideration for good rankings, yet difficult to judge with any accuracy.

  • Thanks for posting on this, Yaro. This is exactly the type of story so many of us need to read to get motivated. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that, yes, it can be done.

  • […] Yaro posted about this great story of a 21 year old university student in Australia who has taken his websites from an AdSense income of $10 per week all the way to $800 per week in just one year. The article is based on a posting by Chris on the Digital Point Forums. In his post, Chris, the student who has had such a successful year, goes into detail of exactly what he’s accomplished and how he’s done it. The story is great to read and the techniques are very useful for those of us who would like to do the same thing. […]

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    This is a really good article …
    i also have a website.
    i am trying to get it on the first page of google and this article gave me a lot of good ideas .. my website is and i am trying to optimizae it for wedding cars brisbane ..

    Its a really good article ..

  • This was a great article. Not only was it inspiring but it was also very down to earth and informative. I actuallt took some of the information and put it directly to work for me on my site.

    Thanks for these great articles they really do help people who run legitamte online business’.

    Steve Vickers

    Work from home at

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  • ron

    Hi yaro, Thanks for posting the article. It helps fuel my depleting motivation. Ahoy $50 per day adsense goal , I am coming !

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  • I always went up and down from 10 to 25 a day –
    going to try what You figured out – thanks

  • Hey Yaro, I know this post is old, but thanks for the link, I’m going to read it now.

  • I have had some trouble getting my ad sense dollars and i am looking forward to checking out and trying some of these techniques.

  • Hi Yaro,
    This post was really enlightening and motivating for me as I have yet to reach the $50/day mark. And I am sure it would feel incredible when I would reach the $100/ day mark. Progress is there but it’s slow and gradual in my case.


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