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AdVolcanoI just received a sponsored review request from a company new to me called AdVolcano. I had a quick browse of their site and initially thought it was another standard middleman style ad services company (clearing house) linking advertisers with publishers – and it is – but they are doing one thing that I like, which I think is worth pointing out, and as bloggers looking to make money online it never hurts to be aware of all of our options. Here is my sponsored review.

First up let’s see how AdVolcano describe their service:

AdVolcano’s model allows publishers to create innovative ad placements without the restraints of a traditional network. This flexibility opens up new, otherwise un-monetized, ad inventory. In the end, publishers are supplementing their income, rather than replacing one revenue stream for another.

AdVolcano lets you define certain areas of your blog for advertisers and charge a monthly fee, rather than a cost per click or cost per action or cost per impression method.

AdVolcano calls it Cost Per Term, which is the method I have used to monetize my sites from day one online, although without the use of a middleman. As far back as 1999 I was selling banner inventory on my first site for a monthly fee, which I found an easier method to use than a cost per impression method, since you simply pay for time.

For advertisers often a per click or per action method is better because you only pay when something occurs, but it really depends what the advertiser wants to do. I’ve recently told potential sponsors who approach this site that if they want to run a campaign that they look at banners as a branding tool to enhance awareness, rather than a raw traffic generating advertisement, since click through rates are often low on banners. You usually get better results using Pay-Per-Click if you want raw traffic and link campaigns for search engine optimization.

What I like about AdVolcano is the flexibility. You can decide what areas of your blog you use with their system, and as they state, further monetize your site without necessarily impacting the performance of another method of monetization you are currently using such as Google AdSense, or an in-house banner network like I use.

My concern, which is always an issue for an ad clearing house like AdVolcano, is that they won’t have a critical mass of advertisers. You must have people on both sides of the equation – publishers and advertisers – in order for a business like this to work, and in an ever crowding marketplace it can be hard to gain critical mass.

We already have Text Link Ads (aff), ReviewMe, BlogKits and a whole host of possible middle-man companies offering to help monetize our sites. There’s nothing wrong with having options of course – for us bloggers we can keep testing different services to find the mix that maximizes our revenues – but you have to wonder how many of these companies the market can sustain long term.

In most situations it’s better if only a handful of advertising services survive so the critical mass is in one place (just like eBay!). That way advertisers have the greatest pool of sites to chose from to advertise on, theoretically providing the highest level of targeting since they can refine the niches they focus on by tapping blogs with key audience types, resulting in solid ad performance for their buy. Publishers (bloggers) enjoy a steady stream of income thanks to all the hungry ad buyers coming to the one place.

At the moment the only site from my experience that enjoys critical mass is Text Link Ads, since inventory on both my blogs is sold out immediately. Initially I thought this may have only been the case because my blogs have solid search engine authority, but it appears smaller blogs are doing well with Text Link Ads as well, so this service may yet become the de facto standard for blog monetization.

Then again services like AdVolcano will likely function and stay profitable for all parties if they can find their own point of differentiation. Will the cost per term model along with the flexible ad placement options be the difference for AdVolcano? I don’t know – it certainly isn’t something other site’s can’t replicate, but if AdVolcano has a loyal following from both advertisers and publishers I’m sure they will enjoy long term success.

For bloggers it never hurts to test many methods of monetization to find what works for you. If you can’t service and/or sell certain areas of your site, AdVolcano may provide the tools you need to do so.

From my point of view for the moment I’m happy to benefit from all the competition in the blog monetization industry, but I do find it humorous that these companies use each other’s services to promote themselves, even if it makes complete sense to do so.

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  • Hey Yaro, thanks for the great review!

  • WMA

    Thanks Yaro for letting everybody know about this.
    Your post is the best prove that there is nothing wrong with sponsored reviews if they are done in a correct manner.


  • For now, I prefer to not spread myself and stay with my affiliate programs and just text link ads.

    It was a good review.

  • It almost seems that when you “big boys” do sponsored reviews it fits in seemlessly.

    I’ve bought $100 in reviews from PayPerPost and all of the bloggers who wrote a post looked like money told them to do it. The posts looked forced and something fake.

    But, if you look at other “big boys” who do them as well, like John Chow, there it is also seemless.

    I like your style Yaro. You mentor where you don’t even know it.

  • Looks good. I’d like to see a service provide recurring monthly ad fees – until cancelled.


  • […] AdVolcano is yet another ad network which connects advertisers with bloggers or webmasters seeking to monetize their website with the placement of advertisements. According to Entrepreneur’s Journey, AdVolanco allows you to “define areas of your blog.. and charge a monthly fee, rather than a cost per click, cost per action or cost per impression method.” […]

  • Hey Andrew, we will be releasing the option for recurring ads shortly 🙂

  • Thanks Yaro! That was useful stuff! keep up the good work!


  • Good review Yaro.

    I agree with what you said, the success of AdVolcano will depend on whether they manage to differentiate and to attack a decent pool of advertisers. I will test it in the future also.

  • I wonder how AdVolcano is going to compete against the big guys (TLA, ReviewMe, BlogKits, AdBrite,…)?

    Yaro, did you sign up with them?

  • Vince Williams

    Coming from Florida:

    Very well written. I’ve subscribed.

  • […] Duncan points to a post over at Yaro Starak’s blog that’s a prime example of how to do a paid post the right way. How do we know it’s done […]

  • Miha – No I have not trialled AdVolcano yet simply because my current ads are working well and I have other projects as priorities so I can’t do any testing…yet.

    I hope later in the year to work on testing many alternative advertising systems to increase the income from my sites, but for the moment other things are taking precedence.

  • Interesting. I’m curious if they provide publisher payments via PayPal?

  • I asked them a couple of weeks ago, and was told they can make payment by Paypal

  • Just because it’s hard to track this stuff, I wanted to let you know I signed up with AdVolcano because of your review. Thanks, as always, for the phenomenal info!

    Now we need an AdVolcano affiliate program!

  • Excellent Review. I think I will try them out in the near future…

  • Thanks Yaro, I’ve been reading you for a while now and just wrote my own first sponsored review using this one for inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  • Hey Yaro,

    Just saw your site for the first time recently and have subscribed to your newsletter.

    I like the simplicity of the site and how informative it is as well.


  • Yaro, this is great post. My biggest take from it is Text Link Ads.

    I already signed up with them for one of my blogs and have asked for a custom quote.

    There are small nuggets in each post on your site. I am now a regular visitor.

  • what a nice post.

    Misbah Mumtaz

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