Attention Business Bloggers – Lucrative Affiliate Opportunity With Rich Schefren

Cut to the chase – Join Rich Schefren’s Affiliate Program.

As many of you know I’m currently enrolled in Rich Schefren’s Strategic Profits 12 month coaching program. I pay $397 USD each month to gain access to the course materials and weekly conference calls with Rich, with the goal of learning how I can grow and systematize my Internet business.

The main reason I joined was to learn how I can continue to grow my business and make money without having to work each day. Since joining the program I have taken several steps to automate, my main business, which now almost runs without me and has grown 50% over the previous 12 months – it will likely break the six figure revenue milestone this tax year.

Without the financial and time freedom my business provides I could not invest the energy I currently do into blogging and well – fun stuff like traveling around the world, eating at nice restaurants, spending time with family and my favorite – sleeping in. Hopefully later in the year it will also result in the purchase of my first home – a big moment in anyone’s life.

While I certainly cannot credit Rich for all my success I strongly believe what he teaches are the fundamentals to achieve all the goals I mentioned above, and lots more. In this case, for the right people who are motivated and already have some Internet business sense, the program is ideal.

Rich’s program is not a system you replicate to make money online like other products you have seen me promote at this blog. These are core business principles. His materials teach you how to successfully build a real Internet BUSINESS.

This is not a method to make money online, a technique or system, or a piece of software. Rich teaches you how to leverage your key asset – your own unique talents – and translate them into a viable business model that runs without your direct involvement or a means to take your existing Internet business, automate it and push profits through the roof.

You are given the foundation and all the key materials, but it’s still up to you to put the pieces together. At least this way you start out knowing what really works and you just need to apply it to your situation with Rich’s help along the way.

The Doors Are Opening Again

Rich has not taken on any new students for over six months now and I was part of the last group to join. During the previous six months Rich has compiled his materials into a brand new e-learning system so he can take on new students. This week marks the launch of the next evolution of his program.

Needless to say you are going to be bombarded with the usual hype as this program goes through the product launch process and all of Rich’s affiliates promote. Generally I consider Rich as one of the good guys – he doesn’t over do the hype as much as others – although some of you may disagree, and certainly you can expect the usual sales page copy and emails from other Internet marketers.

And yes, I am an affiliate too, and in a minute you will have a chance to join up as an affiliate as well.

An Amazing Affiliate Opportunity

At the start of this year I made a promise to myself to focus on promoting my own soon-to-be-released blogging products and a few very good Internet marketing products, selected from the joint venture requests I receive nearly every day.

I don’t want to drown this blog in product promotions and the focus will always remain on teaching others and relating my own “entrepreneur’s journey” story, as it always has been since day, but for the roughly one-in-ten posts I do focus on a product, I really want to honestly believe in and have used the product if possible.

Rich’s program fits perfectly with my goals and best of all I can draw on what I have learnt from Rich to teach you, my readers.

I intend to promote Rich’s course quite extensively this year and in particular during the upcoming launch. I’m doing so because I honestly believe you should be a member if you currently consider yourself an Internet entrepreneur. There is no other product out there like it at the moment.

Of course I’m doing it for the affiliate income as well, but you already know I monetize my blog in this manner and for me this is one of the best ways to make money – by promoting a product I believe in.

I really hope that if you do decide to join Rich’s program and study along with me, that you do so under my affiliate link. I would love to form a mastermind group with you and others who join the course via my blog. Sometime later this month I will take steps to help make this happen.

Thanks to the experience I have with Rich’s materials I’ll be able to provide real feedback to help you decide if you want to join his program. Time permitting and whenever it makes sense to do so, I will provide tactics and strategies I have learnt from Rich over the past six months and post them here at Entrepreneurs-Journey.

Even if you do not intend to join this program or simply can’t afford to, you can look forward to real information from me since that’s the “sales technique” I chose to promote a product like this. I always prefer to try before I buy and in this way I can help you do that with Rich’s program.

Do You Want To Promote Rich’s Program Too?

If you act fast – real fast since you need to start this week – you have a chance to promote the launch of the Strategic Profits program as well.

If you currently run an Internet business related blog or have a related email list or access to a relevant audience, I strongly recommend you sign up to Rich’s affiliate program and promote his program as I am. You will help your readers by educating them about a great product that can really help their business, and could potentially earn a nice recursive income each month if you make any sales.

Rich makes it very easy to promote his program. You only need to sign up for your affiliate link and then use it to recommend a free live seminar he is conducting and streaming live over the Internet later in the month – a seminar I will be attending in person in Florida (more about this soon).

To sign up please use my link here –

Rich Schefren’s Affiliate Program Sign-up Page

If you have any questions about Rich’s coaching or the affiliate program, please leave a comment.

Good luck and I look forward to working with you and Rich.

Yaro Starak

PS. The sign-up page for the free seminar is now live. You should also sign up to the list if you want to be first in line to apply for his next coaching program. Here is the link –

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