A Top Down Method To Establish Preeminence

I just finished writing some newsletters for my Blog Traffic Tips ezine. In them I mentioned the concept of preeminence, which is a business technique I learnt initially from Jay Abraham.

Here is how I described preeminence in my newsletter:

Preeminence is the perception that a person is the best or one of the best authoritative sources on a specific topic. You don’t necessarily have to be the best, but people need to perceive you as the best.

Source: www.BlogTrafficKing.com

Back in July 2006 I was a pretty big fan of a guy named Mike Filsaime. I had recently purchased his product Butterfly Marketing and I was devouring his information and feeling really inspired about the possibilities. I loved his viral marketing techniques and couldn’t wait to make use of the software.

I received an email from Mike talking about his mentor – his business coach – a guy by the name of Rich Schefren who I had never heard of before. Now I know many of the top Internet marketing “gurus” by at least their name, if not their work as well, and Rich was not on my radar.

Mike was recommending I download a copy of something called the Internet Business Manifesto, which I did. I read through the manifesto and found my self nodding in agreement as Rich subsequently described my current situation working online and also the situation I’d like to be in – working a lot less, earning a lot more with a business that runs without my direct involvement.

Rich later released two more critical books, The Missing Chapter and The Final Chapter, which completed his Internet business trilogy. They are still some of the best free books you will find on the subject of online business strategy. If you have not read them already and you currently own an Internet business, I strongly recommend you set aside a few hours to devour these books. They are free.

You can download the Manifesto trilogy here:


I also wrote a few blog articles about the books, one on the manifesto and missing chapter and one on the final chapter.

Rich Establishes Preeminence

The release of Rich’s books were part of a product launch for his coaching program, which I later joined. At the time Rich was not that well known to the general Internet business public, but was known to many of the top marketers, since they were his clients.

When Rich went to release a mass-market coaching program he had all of his current clients promote it. Obviously his clients were in a great position to promote Rich and his coaching because they had been through his program, and thanks to the calibre of the clients Rich had coached previously he created instant preeminence when they all recommended his services.

Instead of working his way up from the bottom, Rich went straight to the top and entered the market as an elite coach. Of course he had to pay his dues and learn how Internet marketing works, which he did over the course of a few years testing all the usual online money making methods, but he also brought to the table experience managing successful offline business – an hypnosis chain and clothing retail outlet in NYC are two businesses on his resume, which he grew to multi-million dollar enterprises.

He’s Doing It Again

Rich is no dummy – it worked once, so why not do it again. Now that Rich has many hundreds of clients from his current coaching group, including many high profile individuals and junior-gurus as he called them (that’s me!), he has an even greater pool of preeminence creating client endorsements he can leverage for the release of his next program. Better still, since Rich’s clients are also affiliates, he helps them to earn money each time he releases a new coaching program.

Who wouldn’t want to recommend something that they have participated in, can endorse authentically and will earn solid commissions from?

Rich launches another successful coaching program with the help of his client-affiliates and each time he does so the program becomes more automated, requiring less of his direct involvement (yes he does practice what he preaches!). It’s a win-win situation and the cycle keeps moving forward with each new client.

The foundation of this lovely system relies upon a good coaching program, and since Rich has been developing his now for many years, each time with a larger group of clients and a refined course, you can rest assured it’s getting better each time. Rich establishes greater preeminence each cycle too, spreading awareness of his personal brand and company further, adding additional positive recommendations to the heap he already has.

Do You Want To Join The Cycle?

You have probably guessed that this post is in fact part of the cycle and I have chosen to benefit from the system, to help myself, to help Rich and to help those who choose to join his program. It’s not a pyramid scheme, but it definitely rewards those who start at the top.

Primarily you join Rich’s coaching program to help your business and create more freedoms in your life. That’s a given. However once you are on the inside you gain access to Rich’s expertise and his marketing machine, which in a lot of ways is more powerful and potentially lucrative – plus you learn a lot just by watching how Rich does it.

Remember, if you want in, you have to be on Rich’s list for the upcoming free seminar this weekend. You can join here:


Here’s to your online marketing success,

Yaro Starak

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  • nice book suggestion i’ve already read one and have to definitely and agree with it being some valuable content…;)

  • Didn’t read the ebooks yet, but the first impression about Rick was bit negative. He states:
    “At the age of 22 I took a failing clothing company from 1.5 million to 6.5 million in three years.”
    Is he sure there was nobody else contributing to this success… or was it simply HE who did it. I doubt 🙂 But I’ll read the ebooks – since the tip comes from you. Thanks for the pointers.

  • Hi Juuso,

    It definitely wasn’t just Rich, that’s one of the main principles behind his success – building a talented team to run your business for you.

    I think whenever someone claims they did something like build a business they really mean they were in charge of a team that did it together, which is the case in all of Rich’s businesses.

  • I have requested the Manifesto, and I am intrigued by it. But based upon your description of Rich and Rich’s web site, and unless I missed something, I will have to contend that Rich is more of a teacher and consultant than a true business coach. I feel this is a very important distinction, and hope I did miss something, and that it is not part of the hype.

  • Hi Bill,

    Without getting into the semantics of what is a consultant, teacher, coach, etc, I can’t really say either way.

    Certainly if you are looking for regular one-on-one time with a personal coach focused on just your business, then you probably won’t get that from Rich’s program. You might consider him more as a teacher in that case. Rich does do private coaching, but his fee is probably out of the range of most people reading this, hence his group coaching program is more accessible.

    I’ve actually thought I might offer one-on-one coaching sometime in the future, helping people to implement what Rich teaches with a more personal focus, but I’m not sure whether there is a demand for it, nor would I start offering it until I’m done automating my current projects so I can really say I have walked the talk.


  • Hey Yaro,

    I really enjoyed your post. It’s interesting to see the direction internet business is going with the “web 2.0” and social media community feel starting to dominate how people connect to each other online. I completely agree with the idea of becoming and expert in one thing. With all the different forms of social media out there creating a community where are you as an expert is becoming more and more easy to do. My partner and I have done the same thing as you, we went through and decided what we wanted our ONE (or two) business(es) to be and have started cutting all the other small businesses that take time away from that. I think building one main community rather then simply a bunch of little sites or prospect/customer lists is the way to go.

    Again, great post and have a great time in Florida!


  • I look forward to learn more about this principle. While I found Rich’s material top notch, I can’t afford his coaching club.

    I am sure you are able to transmit his valuable knowledge.

  • Hi,

    I lately saw Rich on his seminar and it was great. He gave me so much valuable information! But I didn’t know about his books so I am on my way to download them asap.

    Yaro, thanks for the tip about the books!


  • Yaro,

    Thanks for the response. I apologize for acting so picky about what he calls himself. With the apparent high degree of confusion about what life coaches really do and how life coaching really works, it makes it difficult explain true life coaching when everyone is calling themselves a coach. So many other people call themselves coaches, that he has a right to do it also, whether he is coaching or not. We would all be better off if I did not act as the keeper of the coach designation. If what he does works, then whatever he calls himself is immaterial. I retract my unwarranted comments on titles.

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  • This Is great material, How do I find out more?

  • Read the rest of my blog! 🙂

  • Great article Yaro. It’s a great technique and one everybody who can identify that ‘something’ they might be able to attain preeminence in should wholeheartedly embrace.

    I am actually working on a new project now, which was an idea I’ve had for ages but it was just going to be another one of such websites out there, trying to get a share of the market and hopefully make a few pennies.

    Because of this article and some things you said in a couple of your free videos I have completely redeveloped the idea and this has resulted in the creation of http://www.wightshopper.co.uk . It’s a deal, offers, and discounts website, but focused purely on the geographical area where I live, has some real world plans for creating community and has specific mission objectives what will hopefully lead to dominance and attaining the preeminence you talk about.

    Thanks Yaro. Best wishes, Mark.

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