ReviewMe Affiliate Program Launches

I just received the email from ReviewMe that they have launched their affiliate program and are paying out $25 per referral. Here’s what their blog states –

We are excited to announce our very cool affiliate program is ready for your blog! Not only will the affiliate program drive traffic to your individual listing at ReviewMe which will encourage review sales for you but it will also pay you $25 for any referred sale even if the visitor does not purchase a review from your blog.

I must admit that’s a good combination – you get paid for the review and the referral if they buy from your site, or if they buy a review from another site you still get the $25 referral fee. Needless to say, I have begun implementing my referral ID into posts here on my blog.

ReviewMe have also set up a badge you can apply to your blog that includes your affiliate ID and entices people to purchase reviews. The badge for Entrepreneurs-Journey looks like this:

Get In Now!

As a blogger who makes good money from affiliate programs I suggest you start promoting this one as soon as you can. The earlier you start the more you will make because the market is not saturated yet. Once everyone knows about ReviewMe it will be tough, especially for those of you with smaller blogs, to make any money from programs like this, but if you act early you have a much better chance of signing up new people.

Custom Pricing

ReviewMe have also changed their system so bloggers can determine the price to charge. I know for some bloggers this will be great because they can increase their fee and not impact their sales (perceived value anyone?). In my case I’m going to leave the pricing as is for now because I’m happy with the amount of review requests I receive at this time.

Praise For ReviewMe

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the service ReviewMe offers. The pricing structure is very rewarding and more often than not the review requests I receive are for very relevant and interesting subjects. Of course I get some that I either cannot do because they require too much research, or the topic is not relevant enough to my audience, or I’m traveling or too busy, but there are enough that I can do that it brings in a few hundred a month.

I’ve also offered some of the paid reviews to the Small Business Marketing & Branding writers whenever they come up, splitting the income with them if anyone volunteers to write the review.

That being said, writing reviews is a fine art and it can be hard not to feel like you are selling out just for the money. You have to think like you are writing the article because you are genuinely interested in the topic and not doing it for the cash, which, when the topic is relevant, is easy enough, but if it’s a little off-topic or a subject you no little about, it can be hard to make a review interesting.

Praise For Patrick Gavin

I don’t know if his companies are profitable yet given the focus at the moment appears to be on customer acquisition at both Text-Link-Ads and ReviewMe, but I have to give big props to Patrick and his partners behind the two sites.

Patrick’s come up with two very simple ideas for how to monetize blogs and offer advertisers great value. The services are perfectly positioned as middlemen in the transaction between advertisers and bloggers/site owners, both use a many-to-many business model so it’s possible to scale quickly without needing to increase resources significantly and the execution of the businesses has been great. The sites are clean and simple and the service is delivered with ease. I suspect both companies may well become multi-million dollar enterprises if they are not already.

I just wish I was as fast acting and thinking as Patrick and his team – they are definitely doing something right!

If all this is new to you, check out Text-Link-Ads where you can buy and sell text links and ReviewMe, where you can buy and offer reviews on blogs.

I also wrote an article when ReviewMe launched here – Should Bloggers Accept Money For Reviews?.

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  • I was just thinking that yesterday, why they didn’t have an affiliate program after completing my second review.

    I think it is a great program that is going to help new sites/services get noticed in an every increasing noisy internet world.

  • Its not a bad service, I’ve availed myself of three reviews during February while they were half price and I was pleased!

  • I agree with the part about getting in early if you plan to push Review Me’s affiliate program. In fact, wrote a post about how to market their program just a few hours after I got the email.

    If any is interested, here’s the link:
    12 Quick Ways to Maximize your ReviewMe Affiliate Commission Earnings

  • This could be great, I haven’t tried it yet but I see the potential, especially with the affiliate program which is well worth promoting at this early stage.

  • It does sound like there is great potential for making money but I guess the subject matter has to be something which you must have expert authority on and with vast knowledge too.

    Work At Home Ideas and Opportunities

  • I’ve just joined them.

    Unfortunately the affiliate program is gone 🙁

  • hey thanks for the tip to make a bit more from the traffic. BTW-I clicked on the image, and that link doesn’t appear to be working. But the text link worked. Curt

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