Are You Lacking Momentum In Your Business?

I finally had a chance to watch Rich Schefren’s long video (not the case studies he has been sending recently). This is the video he was intending to perform for his current clients at the seminar in Florida, but later defaulted to his proven presentation, which I had seen before.

If you haven’t see the latest videos, you can start by watching the first 30 minutes for free and then opt-in on that page with your name and email address to get the remaining 1.5 hours.

What Is The New Video About?

The new video is more of the same from what he have come to expect from Rich – he teaches exactly how to build a long term, sustainable business, that runs without you. In other words, the goal for most entrepreneurs of having stable income and other people working to keep your business running and growing.

Rich’s latest video is the next evolution of his message. It’s clear he has learnt more and tidied up his presentation, so you get a real sense of knowing what the steps are.

He’s also putting a lot of emphasis on the concept of Momentum, which I think is worth explaining in the context of a small business.


I expect most people reading my blog lack momentum. Even in my case I’m still on the cusp and haven’t quite tipped over into a momentum phase, though I can almost taste it now – it’s just around the corner.

When you first start your business it’s just you or perhaps you and your spouse. You do almost everything by yourself and your focus is on building enough cashflow so you can start bringing in people to help you. Your goal is to go from a technician role that does all the basic jobs, to a manager role where you coordinate workers to finally a business owner where you can do other things or only perform a very top level strategic role in the business.

The problem with being a technician is that you are constantly doing the jobs you hate, like client support, basic tech jobs like website updates, server management, email accounts, affiliate software, bookkeeping, etc etc – the list is endless! All this “other” work takes you away from your core competencies, which for many of you I suspect is content creation. You do best writing, or recording audio or video or perhaps coming up with the ideas for content that you want other people to create and sell.

This is where momentum comes in. Momentum gives you the cashflow so you can begin to hand over jobs to other people and do more of your core passion jobs, thus creating more value in your business and increasing cashflow – momentum – even more. Once the momentum starts it tends to compound, since with each new employee or outsourcer you hire to help, you get more time to create value and ultimately, increase profits.

Thus for every small business out there, or really every self employed person out there looking to turn their start-up into a real business, the first goal is to attain momentum.

Rich understands this need and thus focuses a lot of time on the concept of momentum, so if you feel this is an area you need to understand better in order to reach a momentum phase, block off two hours of your time and go watch Rich’s video now.

Here’s the link again:

Strategic Profits Program Launching This Week

Rich is opening the doors on his next round of coaching this week – hopefully. He tends to change plans quite often during his launches, due to the very dynamic nature of his product launch process. The date may change, but my current understanding is that towards the end of this week you will be able to join and the price is about $400 USD a month – but don’t quote me on that!

As you know, I’m a current client of the program and a big fan of the proposition Rich and his company offer to the Internet marketing world. I’ll spend more time during this week relating some of the insights I’ve picked up from Rich, so stay tuned for more articles like this one.

I’m also very keen to mastermind with every person who joins Rich’s program under my affiliate link. If you want some personal contact with me after joining the program, please make sure you get in touch and let me know you are in.

Yaro Starak
Gaining Momentum

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  • Sounds good Yaro, can’t wait to hear how things go. I also watched and enjoyed the *videos*. The first one especially. I’ve listened that 1.5 hour video now maybe 4-5 times (you can download mp3 version as well you know), and still get new ideas from it.

    Keep us informed Yaro.

  • Wow, 4-5 times! That’s impressive, you must really know the content now.

    Have you started to take any actions directly because of what you learnt from the audio?

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