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Today I implemented a simple little initiative to help my website perform better in search engines. I placed some extra links to some important content on my site using some specific keywords. The links are placed on the bottom of my site in the site footer. You can see a snapshot in the image below.

Example of intra-linking

This is a form of linking called intra-linking, where you link your pages to other pages in the same site. The idea is to help search engines fully spider (crawl, etc.) and index your pages. I use very specific keywords in my linking tags to make sure that search engines list BetterEdit in the top results for my industry. You will see a lot of words like “proofreading” and “editing” in my links. I also use those key terms and other similar ones all the time in my website content. However, I make sure my efforts to add keywords don’t detract from my content reading naturally. Usability is my primary concern. Note a good navigation system should link to your sub-pages in a nice hierarchical design, which I have set up and you may see represented in my site map.

Of course I can’t confirm what I am doing will actually help my search engine ranking and if you have ever done any SEO (search engine optimisation) you will find that it’s a ‘hit and miss’ activity. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don’t and sometimes you do nothing and it works anyway! We are all at the whim of the search engines so your best bet is to focus on providing a good content website and just keep adding more good content. I’ll let you know in a month or two if my efforts to improve my ranking have helped.

In the meantime if you are interested in SEO check out THE authority website on the topic http://www.seochat.com/

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  • Thanks for this SEO tip Yaro. It will be useful for me.

  • seochat it’s great place to learn about seo, anyway great seo tips yaro

  • nice tips yaro, but in seo we must be careful because seo is very dangerous, if you make a mistake you will be drop in search engine result

  • So did it help? I’ve heard that to many intra-tlinks can actually harm your rankings because the search engines are smart enough to know you’re trying to out smart them. I’ve been concerned about this because I have over 7000 pages all linking to each other due to my online catalog. I’m curious to know if this will harm my rankings. I hope it worked out for you!

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