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This issue has since been resolved. You can read Will’s explanation here.


My friend Will Swayne called me up yesterday on Skype to have a rant about 1ShoppingCart/MarketersChoice.com.

He just launched a significant project, which was largely being fuelled by affiliates.

The problem was that affiliate referrals were not accurately tracked by the software and worse still, the team at 1Shoppingcart didn’t have an estimated time it would be fixed and didn’t act like it was a priority. Obviously that’s a disastrous situation for an Internet marketer who has a time sensitive campaign. You are going to have a lot of angry affiliates if you don’t accurately track the customers they send to you and credit them with sales. This one error will literally shut down a launch mid-stride, so Will has acted fast and is installing an alternative affiliate system.

Will wrote an explanation of the situation on his blog.

I for one am VERY surprised at the reaction of 1Shoppingcart based on Will’s story. As a person who in the past recommended their services I am blown away by how Will has been treated in this instance and I suspect he’s not the only customer who is leaving their service. I hope through blog posts like this one and Will’s that the team at 1ShoppingCart improve their game and post a public explanation for what has been going on.

This makes me wonder whether even my own affiliate referrals to 1shoppingcart are being tracked correctly and considering I do promote their service in various place on this blog I might have to make some changes very soon.

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  • I have heard this in many cases. Frankly, in my opinion, 1sc is not a reliable aff application. It’s not their core business. Go with shareasale.com and be sure.

  • It’s a bit scary considering the amount of business they do have. Another problem that I’ve heard about is that it’s virtually impossible to contact them if you have a problem at the weekend – another good reason for doing a product launch at the beginning of a week.

  • I am having nightmares with 1SC, too, especially this week. Technical issues that they have not prioritized and that have been costing me money. It’s a bit scary to have your livelihood in their hands, and I’m open to any recommendation for a better SC for smallist entrepreneurs. Thanks!

  • All these problems with affiliate marketing. I really thing that the best way to succeed with affiliate marketing is to have your own products.

    I’m in affiliate marketing (pure) since one year, and I’ve lost hundreds of dollars in affiliate commission. (if not thousands).

    That’s the rules, and we know it!

  • I’m happy to hear the problem was resolved!

  • Affiliate marketing scripts & apps are buggy at best, good to hear your issue is dealt with. From what I have found open source solutions tend to be best especially if you can get involved with the community, zencart being my personal favorite.


  • Good to hear you got it fixed. I don’t need a shopping cart for my site, maybe in the future I will need one although they sound like more pain then profit.

  • I don’t have shopping cart for my site at the moment. But soom I will be in need of one. The reviews posted here will be helpful for me to decide on one. Thanks.

  • Joanne

    I attended the Jay Abraham Asia Pacific Business Mastery Secrets seminar held in Brisbane May 12 & 13, 2007 and I referred a new person to attend for AUD$197. I still have not received my affiliate commission to this date! and it is November 16, 2007, after multiple emails and phone calls to the company advising I have not been paid and informing them of my negative feedback with the situation. When I chase my affiliate commissions, which I have been doing since July 2007, the feedback I get from Jay Abraham Asia Pacific (if any at all), is that the company is growing too fast and that the person who pays the affiliate commissions hasn’t had time to pay me, or that I will be paid on so and so day, or she does not have my PayPal account. I am given excuse upon excuse of why I have not been paid. I was not contacted by the staff member to advise she did not have my PayPal account. The customer service has been extremely poor and I don’t think Jay Abraham himself would be too happy about it since it contradicts what he teaches and practices.

  • Bill

    1SC has been HELL this past month. They had an unannounced “maintenance” and completely shut down EVERYTHING for almost 7 hours during the day. They keep changing things and causing huge problems for us. I could go into specifics but when I started a blog about all of the problems we were having they shut my whole account down essentially blackmailing me, since we do about 80K per month and can’t afford to be just shut down without time to change. They also lost over 10 hours again the other day but just said that we simply didn’t have any orders when we placed one ourselves. I found this post because I’m looking for alternatives, so thanks!

  • bob

    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone tell me how to setup a SECOND affiliate program inside of 1SC? They claim it can be done but I have spent 3 hours trying to do it.



  • Ive was surprised lately. I have been using 1shoppingcart and recommending it however since 5 months ago, the 1shoppingcart analytics reporting is totally goofed. Its not reporting a fraction of my sales. Ive contacted 1shoppingcart support and they have acknowledged the problem after about 5 emails however they still don;t have an estimated fix time. It’s been 5 months already and a real pain since I have to do reporting manually – That is extra time I don’t have.

    One frustrated 1shoppingcart user.

  • I have been using 1shoppingcart for years, and I now have an account with Infusionsoft and am in the middle of transferring everything over.

    1Shoppingcart made a bad turn the day they decided to start charging everyone for basic customer service calls. The charge is also way too high.

    in addition, if you want to avoid the call charge and use the online forum to report a problem (which is usually a problem within their system–which no smart business person would charge their customers to report since good businesses WANT to improve), you will be essentially be totally ignored. You will fill out the forms, like I did many times, and get no where fast. Sure in 1 out of 3 cases you might get an email saying your trouble ticket is open and things are in progress, but you will likely get NOTHING in return– no help, no problem solved, nothing.

    Today, I tried to log into my 1shoppingcart account, and when I got to the site there was a security problem on the site. So I tried with another browser. Even on another pc the problem exists. So I call to let them know (hope I am not charged for that, lol) and they have a voice message that ends abruptly, with no place to leave a message, and the voice says to call back during normal business hours Mon-Fri, but this is WEDNESDAY almost 10 am Eastern, 9 Central. Are you kidding me? Please tell me you are kidding me.

    1shoppingcart HAD a great thing going till it pissed people of again and again and again and again. I think people are pretty forgiving if they really can see you care to have their business and you want to make their lives better. Seems 1shopping cart is very self-serving, not win-win.

    But this is all just my personal experience with them, and just my humble opinion.

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