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I promised you some snapshots of the Dot Com Secrets print magazine as soon as my copy arrived from the USA. The March edition arrived in the mail last week and I’ve grabbed the trusty digital camera to show you what the magazine looks like.

Dot Com Secrets Magazine

If you remember I ordered the free (you pay $7.95 for shipping) Dot Com Secrets DVD from Russell Brunson, which includes a one month trial of the magazine, The DotComSecrets ‘Insider’ Journal.

There are not many full gloss magazines talking about Internet marketing and a guy with Russell’s experience and staff working with him, has the resources to put something quite polished together. It’s a great little magazine, the only problem to keep your subscription going you need to invest online info product fees ($39.95 a month) rather than offline magazine rates.

If Russell’s magazine was published offline and distributed via traditional means like newsagents you would pay maybe $10-$15 a copy at most. Offline magazines are supported by advertising and the Dot Com Secrets magazine at the moment is nearly 100% content, so there’s that trade off, but the main price driver is the model used for pricing online information.

Real world books cost $15-$40, online they tend to average anywhere from $37-$97. Online information is generally much more focused and to-the-point than offline books and serve a different market segment, yet it’s still an interesting observation of perceived value and pricing models. For whatever reason, people are prepared to pay more for online information products and expect to pay a lower price for a book in the real world even if the cost of distribution and manufacturing for an offline book is significantly more than a digital download. It’s amazing what we come to perceive as acceptable when it comes to pricing, but as Internet marketers seeking profits from online products we shouldn’t have any complaints!

What Is In The Magazine?

Dot Com Secrets Magazine Photo 2Russell has each of his staff produce an article for the magazine covering their unique expertise and job function within Russell’s business.

Topics include:

  • Copywriting
  • Press releases (the March edition features a nice template you can follow for constructing a press release)
  • Web and graphic design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Traffic generation
  • Outsourcing
  • Taking payments online
  • List building
  • And pretty much the whole gamut of Internet marketing

The level of information is quite high and if you are new to Internet marketing the magazine will certainly teach you a lot each issue. Personally I found most of the content relevant, if not mind-blowing, but for example I was not interested in reading the section on graphic design because it’s not an area I want to become an expert in. I outsource this aspect of my business and in fact should avoid building too much knowledge or I’ll end up doing it all myself!

The one big nugget of value I took away was in an article Russell wrote himself mentioning some options for outsourcing. He discussed a technique he uses to raise his natural search engine rankings with the aid of forums to build backlinks (if you don’t know why backlinks are important, read this article on backlinks). I don’t know what exactly the technique is, but I suspect it’s something along the lines of maintaining an active profile in certain forums, contributing articles that include links back to your site with the appropriate anchor text. If you do this from high authority forums you can significantly improve your organic search results.

What I found interesting was not the forum technique itself, but how Russell uses outsourcing to get it done. He created some videos to train people how to implement his forum SEO technique and then hired a full time staff member to just implement the technique every day. His goal is to raise his position in the search engines for the very popular phrase “Internet Marketing” to the top of the Google results, and so far he’s doing well – about position four on the first page. He hires this full time person for around $500 a month via a service called Agents of Value, which I did not know about until I read the magazine, and looks like an awesome service I will quite possibly make use of myself in the near future.

Dot Com Secrets Magazine Photo 3It’s nuggets of knowledge and learning about resources like Agents of Value that have convinced me to remain subscribed to Russell’s magazine. If I can discover just one great strategy like the above example per issue then I will very easily recoup my investment money by improving my online business. You also get an entertaining read and material for blog posts (remember my post about ongoing education to build your preeminence? – Subscribing to Dot Com Secrets is one of the ways I can maintain my level of knowledge and with help from my blog, position myself as an expert in the marketplace).

If Internet marketing is your game and you would like to get yourself a copy of the magazine, you can get a free one month trial by ordering the Dot Com Secrets DVD from here –

Yaro Starak
Reading magazines since age 4

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  • Hey Yaro – the role of perception is something that continually amazes me – especially in online marketing. I’ve been studying it for years and it still knocks me about. ­čÖé

    The magazine looks really interesting – it’s a business model ripe with potential. I’m not too sure on the pricing model though – $39.95 a month does seem a lot and I’m not even sure that a perceived value will work with this one – a magazine is a magazine is a magazine… it could be a bit of a stretch to sell this.

    Anyway, I’m ordering mine to check it all out.

  • I think that I’m in the same boat as you with this one, Yaro.
    My copy was delivered a couple of weeks ago (just the free trial like yourself) and it’s an interesting, informative read.

    Russell mentioned about Agents Of Value to his list a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure if he’s had some personal involvement its set up, but I think I remember hearing that he can speak Thai.

    I’m not sure how many people who get this magazine will continue the subscription – surely only a very small percentage – but what it will do is further raise the profile of Russell Brunson as an Internet marketing trailblazer.

    David Bain
    Reading magazines since age 3

  • Well, now I feel like a piker because I only started reading at age 6. But made up for it since: magazines, books, catalogues, backs of Milk of Magnesia bottles…I’ve only recently been introduced to Russell Brunson, and for me he’s a great find, because he covers the nuts and bolts in ways that are easy for people who are not naturals at marketing. (That would be me.)

    I’ll be interested to see whether this magazine venture of RB’s works with this price attached. I’d guess he’s basing it on a business model; trade mags have always been expensive, because they have smaller audiences (higher cost to produce each copy) and because business people have expense accounts or tax writeoffs to deal with the higher prices.

    I came online from the print publishing world, and it’s very interesting to see how the new medium is a matrix for new conventions, mixed in with some of the old-school stuff.

  • Hi Yaro, I found your blog whilst Googling DotComSecrets! what a valuable blog you write!

    I am also one of those who has started to really benefit from knowing and using Russell Brunson’s ideas. I have been following his Micro Continuity program for some months now, and I signed up for the magazine at the same time! Although I have only had two copies of it so far, as it takes a while to get to Scotland, I like you was skeptical at first. I know the price is steep, or at least is appears to be; but I wholeheartedly agree with you that the business advice in it is worth every cent.

    One of the things I really like about Russell’s approach is that, like many men he really doesn’t like writing words and words, and so he generates all his content in video first, then turns it into articles etc. We don’t all have to slavishly follow his way but he does, by doing it this way break it down into really easy to understand chunks of real knowledge that even the most inept newbie can take action on.

    Your can see a great example of that in action on my own website! Edith

  • Ira

    Some of his products are OK but his support sucks. If you put in a ticket at his support website, even marking it urgent I’ve gotten no response. Called his phone they say they will get back in 24hours, 2 weeks later and 3 phone calls, no response.

    Here is what you’ll get in your thank you email after your purchase:

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our offices by


    or feel free to call our offices at:


    Sounds good, only if Russell would stand by what he says.

    I’m really disappointed, looking forward to seeing him at another marketing seminar so I can ask in front of everyone why he doesn’t live up to his word

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