The Irresistible Attraction Of Online Entrepreneurship

Last week I wrote about my social media adventures and the results I’ve had even though I’m not a social media guru. I also mentioned how my computer/technical skills were questionable, and it got me thinking about how someone like me could ever end up writing on a blog like Entrepreneur’s Journey and setting up a big part of my business as an online entrepreneur.

I’d love to share with you the story of how I came to be chatting with you here on Entrepreneurs Journey, for a number of reasons.

There are three reasons this information is valuable.

Number one is that it may be just what some of our readers need to keep going with their blogs and following their dreams.

Another reason is that Yaro’s last article spoke about the newbies in every audience. Some of you are well established entrepreneurs, others are more in the middle of establishing their businesses, and then we’ve some newly minted folk as well.This article will help beginners see how things can happen for them in a relatively short time and hopefully show how worthwhile it is to take this journey.

Lastly, one of the E-J writers, Kerry McDuling, wrote an article recently about the crucial role of forming relationships and connections, and what I’m about to share is a perfect example of what she’s talking about.

My Online Entrepreneur Epiphany

So, let me tell you the story of how I met Yaro☺, I promise, it’s a good one!

About two years ago, I randomly attended an Internet business conference with a friend. I had NO interest whatsoever in Internet business, because I was technically challenged beyond the scope of most people, and sitting in front of a computer was something I considered on par with counting the number of traffic lights I see every day…completely uninteresting and uninspiring to me. I went along because I wanted to hang out with my friend who had come to stay from out of town.

Whilst there, I saw Yaro presenting onstage and had one of those epiphanous moments. I love those moments! It’s happened twice with speakers on stage, and I see a lot of speakers, so Yaro was definitely vibing on some level.

In these moments, something happens – a shift takes place in you that makes you realize life has taken one of its quirky turns and you’re about to embark on a grand new adventure. Yaro’s way of working struck me as a really cool way to create a business and lifestyle. I’ve always been entrepreneurial, but I was never interested in typical business models.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to chat with Yaro over lunch shortly after and ask him some more about his life as an online entrepreneur. (Very quick sideline here to Kerry’s article, the reason I got to spend some more time with Yaro was because of a relationship I had with a business partner of his – I love the way connections work!) I mentioned that I liked the sound of his business model, but I had never ventured beyond the most basic of email communication, so I’d better start out simple. Yaro gave a little chuckle and agreed.

Whilst he was very gracious about my incredible lack of technical skill, I imagine he couldn’t help wondering what rock I had been living under! I’ve been extremely slow to embrace technology.

I attribute a big part of it to growing up in a very isolated place on an outback cattle station, (this is a ranch in American vocabulary). There was no telephone or mains electricity until 1988 or television until 1990. (Of course, we did leave the property to go on holidays all around Australia, so we knew about TV and telephones, but we just never had them at home.)

I refused to get a mobile phone until 2001, years after most of the world used them, and I had never even put a photo on the net when I met Yaro! Another big reason for my fairly acute aversion to technology was that I simply didn’t get the fun of it, and it was such unchartered territory for me that it was quite frightening and confronting to be so clueless.

When Conversation Converts To Business Deals

Fast forward two years from the Yaro lunch meeting. By now, I’ve figured out quite a few things in regard to managing technology, which includes outsourcing a lot of it that’s still way beyond me. I’ve also been staying in touch with Yaro via Facebook and Twitter all this time, with the odd random encounter in person at business events and social gatherings.

On one of these random encounters, I was telling Yaro about my book on creativity. He mentioned that he was getting some other writers involved in his blog, and perhaps I might be interested.

With a mixture of joy and terror I blurted out that I would love to write a few articles! Joy because Yaro’s blog is cool, terror because I was agreeing to launch myself into a whole world of creative expression through blogging that was still relatively new to me, and I’m still somewhat freaked out about my lack of technical skill. But of course, here I am and I’ve been having an absolute blast writing posts since the beginning of the year.

Now, let’s look at this story in relation to following our dreams, being a newbie, and Kerry’s post on creating connections and building relationships for business.

The One Thing That Plays A Massive Role In My Success

Number 1: Just keep going and never give up on your dreams.

If I had allowed my fear and trepidation get in the way of learning something new that wasn’t particularly fun or interesting to me, there’s no way I would have made it this far. Luckily for me, the bigger picture of online entrepreneurship and what I’m doing was way more interesting and enticing, and this pushed me past my blocks. If anyone could have seen me, or even worse, been around me, as I swore and ranted my way through the difficulties I’ve encountered trying to figure out some pretty basic stuff, you would know how challenging it’s been.

Spending hours trying to do something and getting nowhere is one of the biggest dream crushers I can think of, but if we just keep our sites on our vision or goal, we can handle an incredible amount of challenge and keep going no matter what. For me, having a clear image in my mind of why I’m doing what I’m doing keeps me coming back for more every day, and because I truly love what I’m doing, I seem to be able to put up with any amount of struggle along the way.

The Turnaround Time Starting From Scratch

Number 2: Being a newbie, I sincerely hope other readers who are new to online business can draw some strength and inspiration from knowing they’re not alone in their grand adventure. If I can be chatting away to you here within the space of two short years having come from a world of zero technological and online business knowledge, then you’re only limited to the degree you allow yourself to be. You can ask anyone who has known me for a while, if I can tackle technology and online entrepreneurship – seriously, anyone can!

The One Thing All Bloggers Need To Master

Number 3 : In Kerry’s recent post on creating connections and building relationships, she spoke about the importance of making this a high priority if you want to grow and expand in business. She also mentioned a rough time line of 6 to 18 months “incubation period” after meeting someone and it leading to any possible business dealings.

Interestingly enough, it would have been around two years ago that my Yaro epiphany turned into a business proposition.

I expressed similar ideas to Kerry in my previous article about the importance of creating connections for business through social media. I wouldn’t even be here writing this today if it hadn’t been for my natural inclination and interest in creating connections and building relationships, both offline and online. Being highly active socially online or offline isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it seems like something we all need to figure out one way or another if we want to grow and evolve with our rapidly changing business environment.

There is more to write about this new business environment, but we’ll go into that in another post.

Once again, thanks for reading & I’d love to hear your comments at the end.

Cheers, Neroli.

P.S. I’m hoping to have had a chance to speak with my friend Rowan Burn about the power of intention, consistency and congruency by the next article, so I can share with you the critical role of these elements in your creative process for blogging success.

An interesting side note, Rowan is another of those connections I made a few years ago. Rowan’s a gifted human behavioral specialist, mentor and speaker, and has amassed an incredible amount of knowledge and experience working closely with Dr. John Demartini – fingers crossed we get to hear from him☺.

About Neroli Makim

Neroli Makim is an intuitive artist and writer who loves exploring Creativity and its relationship to personal fulfillment and professional success. She educates people about Creativity, what it is, why it’s important and how to access it within themselves. For more information, visit

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  • what a great post and I love the sentiments that come though as you’re reading it. Its absolutely so true for many of us – it ends up being a lightbulb moment – when you actually think yep I can do that – thanks for the post

    • Thanks Toby, I love those lightbulb moments:) That funny little cartoon character came form a lightbulb moment, both literally & figuratively. It’s got a lightbulb head! Cheers, neroli

  • Information is one of those things that have no set price to iot and can be sold for millions or just plainly given away.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • You got it, & it’s all in the perception of value 🙂 cheers, neroli

  • Your story is amazing! The idea about landing into an interest that suddenly takes one head long makes it an interesting bet! 🙂

    • Thanks Anindo:) Life takes some very funny turns, I would never have imagined taking on a life that meant spending significant hours in front of a computer, but I’m really glad I followed my intuition on this one, cheers, neroli

  • Nice article, well articulated.

    I try to write content that makes sense to most people. Something that is practical, goals that are achievable,and quality content over quantity. I also like to write about specific relationship needs, and content that will enable my readers to think on their own.At the end of each article I always encourage comments, feedback, and suggestions.

    I like the saying, “one thing leads to another.” I tell my daughters to not think about the outcome when writing. Initiate the writing and your mind taps into this unlimited pool of resources. You get into a flow and ideas just pour out onto paper. With experience it becomes easier and it flows faster then you can write. Sometimes I use voice rec. just to keep up.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to draw traffic in from Facebook? Yaro said he was going to make a video on this, but I haven’t seen anything yet.


    • Hi Tony, I totally agree with what you’re saying about just letting things flow from that unlimited resource within.

      I’m not sure what other people use to draw traffic in from facebook, but I will often post things on the pages of other people who are the best in my niche and have a lot of fb traffic. I only post things that are of value & absolutely aligned with the audience, even the slightest mistake can really put people off because people are very “anti-being-sold-to” on the places i post.

      I linked an article from here once on a peers fb page, & because of the pop up sales window, someone wrote a very pissed off comment about it, which of course makes things look really bad. Luckily, I was able to explain it and went out of my way to fix up the situation & it worked out well in the end. That’s one way to generate more connections and builds my profile. I also use a lot of images on fb as people are often drawn in by images more so than text, video can work the same. Cheers, neroli

  • good work as always neroli. Connections are something important for a blogger. Don’t forget that a blog is kind of a ” community ”.

  • Very inspiring story that can give hope to all newbies out there and the most important part is (Number 1: Just keep going and never give up on your dreams.)

    • An artist (Michael Leunig) who has had a big influence in my own work did the coolest cartoon about “How To Get There.” aka, just keep going & never give up. The text for the cartoon read,
      “Go to the garden gate, open it and walk through it and out towards the horizon. Sit down and have a rest now and again, but then get up, and just keep going. That’s how to get there.”
      It’s a billion times better with the images to go with it. I used to have it stuck up where i could always see it, just to remind myself:)

      Cheers, neroli

  • Great post guys. Inspiring story. I am in real estate and it’s tough to get up every morning and go and sell. Dream big and go for it.

    • Thanks Chris;) I’m planning on doing some more posts in the future on dreaming big and how best to align yourself on all levels so you’re able to do whatever it takes and make it happen. Cheers, neroli

  • Preciousossy

    Thanks for this post, I derive some strength from reading your inspired and well writing article, I love reading articles like this, very simple and educative but one of the questions I’d like to ask you is this, by the time you started Internet marketing business did you know which direction to go? If yes, was it just by your self or someone helped you to identify a niche? I’d be happy if you answer me, thanks

    • Hi there:) This will be a long reply, but you need to read it if you want to know how I figured it out. That’s a REALLY good question, & it was one I struggled with massively! There’s the whole issue of finding a niche and a need/problem and then tailoring your work to suit all of that, and that’s very sound, tried & true advice…BUT…there are also always exceptions to the rule, in a way, I’m one of them. And you know what’s even more amazing about this? Yaro was actually a very big influence on this choice as well, but he probably did it without even realizing it, because it went against the above advice.

      I had to decide what I was going to write my book about, I had a publishing deadline & needed to meet it. At an entrepreneur networking event, i ran into Yaro & asked him what he thought. He said, whatever I do, it needs to be authentic, that was the most important thing, then he directed me to a book by Hugh MacCleod called “Ignore Everybody”.

      Basically, that conversation and that book made it clear to me that i needed to write abut creativity, even though people constantly told me it was far too unclear, way to broad and didn’t solve a distinct problem…Well, I guess I just got “lucky” because around the time I got my book out, creativity has become the biggest buzz word in business & I have insights and information that is in great demand…If I’d listened to all the people that told me to do something other than what I knew I could write about authentically and with an deep understanding and appreciation of it, I would never have had the success I’ve experienced.
      I think if you can say you feel the same way, authentic, knowledgeable and have a deep appreciation of your topic/subject matter, then the energy & enthusiasm you have around it magnetizes people to your work. But you have to dig it so much, you’ll work like crazy and face any number of set backs in the early days, because that’s just what it’s like when we’re starting out;)

      Hope this helps, cheers, neroli

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  • Hey Neroli

    Great post and I love the way connections work too – your post is the perfect example. And now, through Yaro and this blog, we are making a connection with one another! 🙂
    Kerry x

    • Woohoo! Thanks Kerry, I always check out the articles and you have great content. In fact, I find so much stuff that is valuable in other writers articles, I’m glad I can link back to them. Great to be connected indeed, cheers:) neroli

  • It’s always good to see stories that inspire and encourage new bloggers to keep going. Sometimes, it feels as though I am not making any progress, but after reading your story and many others, I am more determined to stick with it to see what I can make of my blogging/internet career!!!


    • Thanks Kendra:)
      I’ve just been a conference and one of the things I heard over and over again was the power of consistency and congruency and just keeping at it. I’ll be writing a lot more on this and have lined up some interviews with some of the speakers from the conference as well, so we can get their expertise here on E-J:)
      cheers, neroli

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  • This is a very inspiring post, Neroli. I love the way these connections happen. After all, this is one of the keys to success as an entrepreneur, both online and offline.

    • Thanks Ana:) One of the speakers I’ve just lined up for an interview said he’s spent a miniscule amount of money on paid advertising and promotions, everything for him is through building relationships and joint ventures. He’s made a million dollars from a 90 minute presentation recently, so I’m incredibly interested in what he will share when we get to hear from him!

      Cheers, neroli

  • Great and inspirational post Neroli.

    Your story helped me to remember when i started, it was too hard because you need many new skills, but when you are a serious entrepreneur you need to keep going to succes.

    Thanks for the inspirational post.

    • Thanks Julio, that’s really one of the biggest things, just keep going! A speaker I heard recently, John Assaraf, said most people are sprinters, they go hard the drop out. If we behave more like marathon runners, we get there in the end and most of our competition has dropped away.

      Cheers, neroli

  • I believe the creation of eBay and it’s competitors gave way to rise of online entrepreneurs. I believe your sales skills and determination is what made you successful Neroli. 🙂

    • Yep, it’s been an amazing business evolution hasn’t it? How’s the gold biz going? Good times to be in it I’d say:) Sales skills, determination and knowing what I love to do and doing it…but the clearer and more refined and defined I am the more success I seem to experience;) Cheers, neroli

  • Beautiful post Neroli. Online entrepreneurship is indeed very attractive. It is because of this attraction that I joined this field of internet marketing. Your post was very interesting. Thanks for the good post.

    • Thanks for checking it out:) Best wishes on your Entrepreneurial Journey, cheers, neroli

  • That’s true. When you truly love what you’re doing, everything else follows without that much of a struggle. This is a great post. Thanks for sharing Neroli. You have a very interesting story with interesting twists and turns. Kudos to you! 🙂

    • Extreme John- ha-ha, that’s a great name;) I agree totally with having that love for what you’re doing…it over-rides everything else. I do have an interesting story, it’s one of the constants in my life, interesting:)
      cheers, neroli

  • Neroli,

    I like all your posts I’ve already read. But this one puts the finger on a similarity to you I am living right now: Until a couple of months ago I was the “employed” type, but in the last years, I was a pretty unhappy employee as my creativity was not used as much as I’d loved to and I felt like I was trapped in some box. So, 5 months ago, I jumped out and I started my own business on coaching and training (strategic career coaching, business coaching). Before that, I took a couple of courses, including an entrepreneurship course. My biggest issue and challenges right now are about running my business as I have no experience on that, like you had about technology, and all these years I run away form that. And because you said you are doing well as an entrepreneur, what would you say I should definitely do to be successful in my business? Thanks.

  • Thanks, Neroli, for the inspiration. I’ve been blogging for almost a year. Sometimes I still feel like a newbie. It’s good to be reminded that we share the same goals, and at the same time, share some of the same fears and concerns. Again, thanks for the inspiration.


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