Business Mastery Secrets Event Now $1 To Attend!

You may recall I wrote about an upcoming business event run by the Jay Abraham Asia Pacific group to be held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. My original post is here: Business Mastery Secrets Seminar in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne.

To encourage participation the organizers of the event have lowered the initial entry price to just $1. There is a catch of course – if you enjoy the event you have to pay the entry fee eventually. Here’s the explanation:

You’ve got SEVEN full days after the event to decide if it was worth your while to attend. If you don’t think it was, then just let us know and we’ll refund your $1.00. But if you loved every minute of it, then you have nothing more to do, and we’ll charge your card for the remaining amount – not the full ticket price of $496, or even $396, but $296 – that’s still a $200 saving off the full ticket price. Fair enough?

Click Here To Register

In other words, it’s try before you buy, so really if you have that weekend free you have no excuse not to attend.

Dates and Locations – Brisbane event details changed

Here are the dates for the three events. Note the Brisbane event has changed dates, which in my case is great because it means I can definitely go.

SYDNEY [Apr Sat 28 – Sun 29]
Venue: SMC Conference Centre
99 Goulburn Street
Sydney NSW 2000

MELBOURNE [May Sat 5 – Sun 6]
Venue: Melbourne Convention Centre
Corner Spencer & Flinders Streets
Melbourne VIC 3005

BRISBANE [May Sat 12 – Sun 13]
Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
South Bank
South Brisbane 4101

If you want to see who is speaking at the event, read all the details and sign up for just $1, click here:

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  • Sounds like a great opportunity!

    Just wish I was in Australia…


  • Ergh. I was going to go to this but if they’re resorting to this style of “do anything we can to get people there” marketing then I’m going to pass.

    Also most of the presenters didn’t really seem that successful. The details on the site are vague and it didn’t seem the seminar would present enough value for someone like me – even for $300. I hope I’m wrong though and of course I know you’ll post your thoughts on the Brisbane one.

  • Hi Yaro – thanks for posting this.

    (Full disclosure – my company is involved with promoting this event).

    Basically, we launched the event a few weeks ago at the “early bird” ticket price of $197 and a number of people (many of them past event attendees) got in at that price.

    But we also got some emails and other feedback from people asking, “is it worth the money”? That’s when the “Register for $1” idea came up. I understand that such a strong offer may put some people off, but the overall result has certainly been positive.

    As for the success or otherwise of the presenters, let’s see…

    Marc Dussault – entrepreneur of the year finalist, MD of Jay Abraham Asia Pacific, Bus. Dev. Manager of an International software firm’s sales team that sold more with a staff of 3 than any other worldwide office with staffs of 50+.

    Peter Sun – founder of BBI, $1 Million personal income per year working from home with 1 employee.

    Ed Dale – 0 to $5 Million in 36 months on the Internet.

    Garry Kewish – superstar salesman, consultant to Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham etc etc, Brian Tracy’s head honcho in Australia.

    Richard Evans – CEO of Imagine Essential Services, credited by the Australian Financial Review for creating an entirely new industry in cost reduction. Can save the average business a minimum of $500 per month off overheads.

    Dymphna Boholt – one of Australia’s foremost tax minimisation / asset protection experts who specialises in showing business owners how to save tax.

    So I believe the value is definitely there for attendees. And the complete risk reversal offer takes price right out of the equation. We leave it up to attendees themselves to decide if they got the value. If they didn’t, their $1 registration fee is refunded in full.


    But to play the game, you first have to get onto the court and attend the event…

  • I’m a little too far away to be able to attend, I think…

  • Oh man.. if only I am there too =( Good concept to get people though =)

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