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You may have seen the top 100 Australian blog lists floating around lately. You can check out Meg’s version (I like this one the best, it has E-J as no.2 and SmallBusinessBranding as no.7) and Craig Harper’s list (look down the right sidebar to find it).

Down in Melbourne The Age newspaper published an article about the list, which some bloggers, like Duncan Riley, were not impressed with.

Darren Rowse, Australia’s number one blogger, posted his thoughts too.

Personally I’m chuffed to see that I have two blogs in the list and can’t wait to get a copy of the newspaper to see what it looked like in print.

In terms of the accuracy of such lists, it’s really more about fun and exposure than any verifiable accounting. If you define a set of criteria and can in some way assess the criteria then you can build a top list based on such criteria. In this case the lists are based on Alexa and Technorati data, which are popular traffic metric tools but should not be relied upon as the absolute final word on such things – they are far from it.

The key for bloggers, if your aim is to get yourself into such top lists, is to focus on the common tools people use to assess such metrics. Even if you don’t consider Alexa and Technorati as accurate representations of reality, people tend to gravitate to them because they are popular and mainstream.

Another “trick” if you are looking to get on a top list is to create one of your own. You might have trouble convincing people of it’s worth if you don’t use popular metrics, but at least you can say you were featured on top list.

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  • Well said! I like the thinking behind your ‘trick’. Now I just have to work out what criteria to use so that I can top a list 🙂

  • Good one Yara! I was one of those who made the list and was absolutely delighted. Talk about excitement! For me it was a confirmation of the interest in what I blog (write) about. Every author likes to have readers!

  • I can’t believe I did that – names are so important. My apologies, I did mean Yaro.

  • I don’t follow Duncan Riley’s site too often, but I clicked through a few of his articles. Not too opinionated, is he? Heheheh.

  • It’s my first time on this blog and i love it!! Keep up the good job!

  • Thank’s for this very vauable Post on ”One 100 Australian Blog ” Yaro.

    Always Appreciated !

    Roger B.

    Roger Baillargeon

  • Sarah

    just letting you know you can also list Australian blogs in order of their Technorati rank on the Australian Index. you can also do this by state. eg you are listed as the number one queensland blog 🙂 (link)

  • How often is that updated Sarah? I guess also that depends on whether all Aussie blogs listed with Technorati are also listed with the Australian Index.

  • Sarah

    im not totally sure how often the technorati numbers get updated, i’ve asked the person behind the site and he says it’s around once a week

  • […] I have followed Yaro’s Entrepreneur’s Journey blog for the past couple of years. Even though he started his blog a little time after mine, it didn’t take long for him to become one of the most popular Australian blogs. […]

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