StomperNet Taking New Members Again

StomperNetIf you are on the StomperNet mailing list (you can sign up by filling out the form on this page you have no doubt already received news and links to more great free videos for the re-launch of the program.

As an affiliate for StomperNet I received a neat little PDF that explains what has been going on behind the scenes at the company. If you don’t remember, Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins released StomperNet about six months ago after conducting an extensive launch process that included releasing lots of great free videos about search engine and website optimization.

The program sold out and they grossed over ten million in sales, but even if you didn’t join the free stuff was very helpful, which you can check it out right now at the free public version of StomperNet.

StomperNet was by far the largest Internet marketing product launch ever completed, however what made that launch a little different was what happened after.

Normally you don’t hear much about what is going on behind the scenes and I often get the feeling many of the big product launches are meant to be one-hit-wonders – a huge lead-up process to sell a package, make millions and then walk away. The StomperNet team didn’t do that, instead they used the launch to form a business and based on what I learnt from the PDF, they have done a great job creating one of the largest companies focused on search engine marketing.

Here’s what StomperNet is today:

  • They now have a dedicated office, here’s a picture:

    StomperNet Office

  • They have 20 full time staff members.
  • There is a huge forum and they actually pay 30 people to be moderators.
  • They hired 8 full time faculty members, including big names like Ed Dale, Dan Thies and Dave Taylor. I’m not entirely sure what these people do but I assume it is create content in the form of video and audio training materials and perhaps help out in forums and present at events.
  • No longer do they focus just on SEO and conversion, they have 300 hours of training videos on Shopping Carts, Traffic, Link Building, Conversion, Software, Blogs (very curious about this one!), Video, eBay, Sales Copywriting, Analytics, Usability, Test and Measurement, Pay Per Click and AdWords.
  • Two StomperNet events have been run in Atlanta (600 people) and Orlando (800) with DVDs of the events sent out afterwards and followup teleseminars conducted. I was invited to go to the one in Orlando, but I was hopping on a plane to Australia from Canada when it was on.
  • Plus they have a great looking web portal, have sent out a huge number of home study course DVDs, offer all kinds of multimedia resources, a regular newsletter and have a dedicated customer support team.

Suffice it to say, it appears that StomperNet is the most polished and well supported e-business membership program in existence today.

The only gripe I have, and the main reason I don’t join myself, is that I’m not in a position to study all the materials at the moment.

If you are just getting started or are in a position in your business to devote some time to education from the best of the best when it comes to e-business, StomperNet appears to be the top option. It’s hard to find anything that comes close to this level of information.

Impressive Social Proof

What really impressed me was one statistic – StomperNet currently has over 1000 members still paying $797 to stay in the program. That’s a huge retention rate and a consistent $797,000+ per month in recurring revenue, which is the main reason why Brad and Andy can invest so much into making StomperNet the amazing program that it is.

With that sort of cashflow you can invest in market leading features and information for your members and bring on the best to work with you, as they have done.

Does StomperNet actually work?

The other point worth mentioning is the results some of the current students of StomperNet are getting. I won’t go into detail here because the StomperNet team have released case study videos that review the results of some of the most successful members. You can watch them here:

  1. StomperNet Case Study – Joel McDonald
  2. StomperNet Case Study – Freddie Brister
  3. StomperNet Case Study – Britt Taylor

StomperNet For Beginners

The StomperNet team have done some research and concluded that many of their members signed up as complete beginners and are looking at StomperNet as the means to launch their very first successful Internet business. To help these people they have created a new SIMPLE system, which they outline below:

Simple Instructional Methodology for People to Learn EBusiness

Stomper SIMPLE is a Step-by-Step program designed to get new members from Zero to Sixty as FAST as possible. During the first 30 days of their Membership, they will be on the receiving end of DAILY Instruction – exactly WHAT they should be doing to get their On-Line business off the Ground.

This isn’t just a marketing tool. The StomperNet Faculty has been working on this since late December. It’s REAL courseware that was created using a patentable eBusiness design process.

I have no idea how good it is, but Ed Dale is the guy behind it so if his credentials are anything to go buy it sounds promising.

StomperNet is considered an advanced search marketing course so the idea with this introductory system is to get everyone caught up and able to implement the advanced techniques. If you already have an Internet business I would look at StomperNet as all the information you need on e-marketing, all in one place – it’s not focused on beginners, but they realize the need to help beginners get started.

Doors Open Tomorrow

I must say it’s very easy for me to recommend this product to you. Normally I feel somewhat apprehensive recommending a product that I haven’t thoroughly tested, but with the names behind StomperNet, the amount of information available and the success stories on display, plus the level of research and testing going into every facet of Internet marketing info they produce, I feel confident if any of what StomperNet represents appeals, you will find the program very satisfying.

If you want in or are curious to watch some of the free videos available, go to:

The doors open again for new members on Thursday 3rd of May 2007.

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  • Hello there Yaro. I myself am an entrepreuner and finding this website has been a great joy because of the numerous useful articles. I especially love your popular topic of “do you want to run your own business? read this first!” …… what you wrote are so true about owning/running your own business. I will come back often to read what else you have to talk about. Thanks!

  • The price tag is way too high for me to even consider, regardless of how many materials there are. My plan is to be doubling my current website income between now and the end of Summer, so once I’ve successfully managed that I can begin investing in new study materials and programs.

  • Some may say that the price tag is high, but one must consider how much they are investing into the program. At least they have a full time staff that can help you when you need it. I like the way tehir office looks, something nice and simple, i will be getting mine first office by the end of August at the latest.


  • Nice writeup, Yaro. The key thing that you gain from us faculty members on Stompernet is *access*. Really, I don’t have much bandwidth to work with entrepreneurs at this point, but I participate fully on the Stompernet forums, do one-on-one and group coaching webinars, and of course we do four on-ground events (at an incredibly low price) every year too, the next being early June in Atlanta.

    Finally, a quick observation, Blaine, you might want to sign up for *one month* and see how it goes. I bet you’ll get more value for that one-time investment than you will from any marketing conference you might attend!

  • Thanks for dropping by David. I have to admit I was surprised to see so many prominent faces listed as “full time employees” on the StomperNet Faculty.

    I was quite skeptical given most of you have thriving and no doubt busy businesses to run yourselves that you would commit to a full time gig at StomperNet too.

    I’m assuming what full time means to StomperNet is not full time hours in a traditional sense. More like a nice 80/20 rule version of full time, so not any less productive but a lot less time consuming.

  • Dave, no doubt that that is true.

    The problem comes from only having so many hours in a day, and I already have more than enough material to study, understand, and implement before I can really justify spending more money.

    I probably miss out on a lot of great opportunities, but I need to study less and do more at this point. I’ve managed to get to the point where I am grossing a couple of hundred dollars consisently from month to month, but that is not quite what I am looking for. I’d rather be grossing enough for at least the mortgage payment, so that once my family is no longer living off of just my income I can feel safe to go full time and expand.

    Balancing my salaried job (which I enjoy), my home business and websites (which I also enjoy) and enough time to train and compete competitively (which I enjoy more) is very tough. The only reason I can manage it right now is that my newly-wedded wife is so busy in law school that it isn’t a problem that I find ways to not bother her.

    I think that adding even a month membership would be a waste of money if I don’t have the time to spend on taking advantage of those resources; if I did, then one of my other activities would suffer.

  • Thanks for the links to the Case Studies.

    It’s really interesting to see that people are able to duplicate Brad Fallon’s own success.

    Am seriously considering this as an option for building my business!

  • I was very excited about stompernet when they first came around.

    I could not do the $800.00 bucks a month deal because of my heavy investments in real estate which was a mistake! Since then, I have found more affordable resources to make some good profits online as an affiliate.

    Stompernet is definitely worth every Penny! but if money is an issue I would suggest the affiliate route first and stompernet when you are in profit mode.

  • Stompernet material may be good, but their customer service is lousy.

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