John Assaraf Explains How To Maximize Your Brain’s Creative Potential

Hi there fellow entrepreneur, this week I’m delighted to share with you some extremely interesting and useful information from an interview I had with John Assaraf.

Cool story to share! After last week’s article, I thought, “You know what? I should have asked John for an interview, he would be a really great person to interview on the mind and human potential.” So I scurried around cyberspace and was very blessed to find myself talking to John the night before he flew back to the US. John shares with us some amazing and insightful information on how our brains work and how to make the most of this extraordinarily powerful tool that we all have access to every day.

It’s All In Our Head

In this interview, John speaks of the importance of attitude and perception in our creative process. He explains how our brain operates, looking for things in our physical world that we’re thinking about. So if we’re focused on something positive, we tend to notice that in our environment. The same principal applies if we’re focused on negative thoughts or emotions, we will see and notice more negative things in our lives. So we really do get what we think about, and this can create a cycle that is hard to break.

In relation to the image I drew for last week’s article, of the brain’s organizing principal, John explains that we need at least three to five positive thoughts to offset every negative thought we have. He goes on to say that it’s easy for us to consciously choose what we want in life, but our conscious choice is only responsible for 2% to 4% of our perception and behavior, 96% to 98% is based on subconscious conditioning or programming.

Unfortunately for many of us, we’re not accomplished at lining up our conscious and subconscious minds to get them working in sync to create the things we want in life. We need congruent and coherent brain patterns in order to be successful in creating the experiences and things we want in our life.

How To Super Charge Your Creative Process

John goes on to explain how we can super charge our conscious creative process by combining modern technology to get our brain into the right frequency or receptive state. There is a brain wave frequency known as a gamma frequency, this is the highest concentrated, most receptive state our brain can be in. John likens it to the way a baby is very open, taking in and absorbing everything around them. In this state, we absorb information faster and retain it better.

There are many useful techniques, like hypnotherapy, guided visualizations, precision language patterns and guided meditations. John says that the best way to access the power of our brains is via the gamma brain wave frequency, and combining technology with the right methodology to alter our neurology, or the neural connections in our brain.

In the interview, we learn how John cured himself of a chronic and debilitating disease through doing what he calls, “innercises”. This involved consistent and focused daily meditations, precision affirmations and visualizations to affect his psychoneuroimmunology, or mind/body field.

As a result, he no longer needed to have cortisone shots or take 25 pills every day. John realized that whatever vibration he held in his mind correlated to his body, so if he was in a state of dis-ease in his mind, that would translate into his body. When John put himself at ease mentally, his body was able to heal itself. From this experience of working with his mind to affect change in his life, John was able to make use of the same principles and techniques to give him a great advantage in his business and personal life.

For many years, John has continued to develop the technology and methodology he has used to effect extraordinary changes in his life. He is just about to begin a test program of getting brain scan imaging done on people who are using his programs that combine the gamma brain wave frequency with his innercise techniques. This sounds like an extremely fun adventure to be involved in!

How To Win The Game

John says the more we can control our thoughts and mental processes, the more we can win the game of life, whether it’s the wealth game, the health game, the relationship game or any game we want to play. He goes on to say the first thing we need to do is to recognize that there is a power within us that supercedes and transcends anything we can imagine. John says the more we learn about ourselves, the more we learn about how powerful we are. We need to at least open our minds to the possibility that we can achieve so much more in our lives.

John has recently launched a new website, on which we can find a lot of information about our brains and accessing the power of the mind, including free webinars on winning the inner game of wealth. There is also information about John’s brain training systems, which he guarantees will blow our minds! Sounds pretty cool to me 🙂

Thanks for reading about or watching / listening to the interview, and please leave any comments you have at the end.

Cheers, Neroli.

P.S. I think being involved in John’s test program would be a fascinating and enlightening experience. If I could magic up a way to get myself to the US and be in it, would you be interested in following the progress and seeing the final results of John’s test program? I’ve no idea how serious John was when he said if I could get to the US – I could be in it, but perhaps I’ll look into it 🙂

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Neroli Makim is an intuitive artist and writer who loves exploring Creativity and its relationship to personal fulfillment and professional success. She educates people about Creativity, what it is, why it’s important and how to access it within themselves. For more information, visit

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  • Our mind is a wonderful thing but it’s programmed to think, to protect, to survive, to keep working day and night always whirring away and that can get out of control or have an influx of the wrong data. When we harness the mind OUR way, a good, self-actualizing way, we harness so much possibility and potential – we can land a man on our own personal moon! Great article Neroli more the powerful by John’s defeat of illness and move to stillness and willness through getting his ‘head round it’!

    • Thanks John:) I really liked hearing about how John Assaraf healed himself of a chronic disease as well, pretty cool stuff! cheers, neroli

  • Seeing what you write Neroli you have already enrolled in this enlightenment system. It will work but eventually the owner of this system will demand payment. The owner of this system is not John Assaraf and the payment that will be required is much greater than you will ever be able to afford.

    I have decided for myself not to pursue that light instead I pursue the Creator of all light. On a lighter note, Donald Trump once said “sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make”.

    Nonetheless I’m looking forward to hearing about the rest of your journey.

    • Wow Dennis, that’s an interesting comment;) particularly which system I’m enrolled in…I’ll be keen to see how that all comes out in the wash as I’m not entirely convinced we aren’t in the same game:) Glad you’ll stay tuned, I think it will be a grand adventure with high fives at the end after some great games, cheers, neroli.

    • Oh – hey Dennis! I have a quick question if you’re interested in sharing your thoughts…what about Paolo Coelho, which system do you think he’s aligned with? I believe some payment was already demanded of him some time ago for his choices…but he certainly came through it into a new game. Love to hear your thoughts, cheers, neroli

  • After reading this article I tried some of these techniques and actually find myself being able to view things with a new perspective.

    • Great! Hope they keep working for you, cheers, neroli

  • Neroli is the queen of article writing. (“Queen Neroli”)

    I incorporate mind techniques in all my articles. My latest article “How to Attract That Perfect Mate” is all based on how we think. It’s a matter of aligning your thoughts. For example, wanting something in a relationship, but not believing it’s possible is a misaligned and sabotaging thought. Thoughts should always precede action. Better yet, aligned thought=action= getting you what you want.

    Don’t try to think positive when you’re in negative mode. That would be two opposing thoughts or feelings. You can’t fake your feelings. It will actually make things worse.
    In this situation, align your thoughts in increments, work your way up to it. practice this and eventually it will become a habit and easier to master.

    If you’re unfamiliar with aligning your thoughts, it will take some work and practice. Like anything else, there’s a system to perfecting this.

    Have a great day!


    • He-he, that’s funny Tony:) The queen bit, it reminds me of making cardboard crowns as a kid for some reason:) Anyway, I’m glad you like the interview, and your own thoughts and experience on aligning energy for creativity sound right on target, especially the bit about not trying to think positive when you feel crap…faking it definitely doesn’t work!

      Love the law of support & challenge, negative & positive = balance, it works every time:) Cheers, neroli

  • Hi Neroli, thanks for this interview. It was inspiring to hear how John was able to cure his disease through the mind, and not by taking shots or pills. That happened about 25 years ago; I wonder what kind of new scientific studies we will learn about our mind in the future. Thanks again for the blog post. I’m going to go check out his new website right now.

    • Hey Hulbert, that’s an unusual name, it’s interesting how many people I meet on this blog with unique names, nearly every week there’s one I’ve never or almost never hear of:) There is SO much more being discovered every day about our minds/brains & their workings, it is fascinating & wonderful – even more interesting is that we an actually access this stuff on own own through our own intuition & insights, & learn to create consciously too! i love it:) Cheers, neroli

  • Positive thinking is very important. Visualizing a positive outcome, experience or event may actually influence what happens. Reach down deep every time you feel negative and focus for 20 uninterrupted quiet seconds on something wonderful – a puppy (use a photo if you have to) or the best experience you have had- stay there for just twenty seconds and you will feel something happening – tomorrow do it for 30 seconds …

    • That sounds really cool:) I’ll absolutely give it a try! Cheers, neroli

  • A podcast I recommend is BrainCast, which gives very good info on how the brain operates.


    • Hey Ivan, I’ll definitely check it out, thanks heaps for the tip;) cheers, neroli

  • This is one of the most useful and interesting posts on this topic that I have read in a long time, thank you so much, Neroli. The brain is a powerful tool and most of us don’t use it to its potential. Thank you for sharing this, I will certainly look into it some more.

    • Thanks Ana:) It’s a fascinating subject, i love thinking and writing and learning about it, cheers, neroli

  • Ivan, thanks for your recommendation on BrainCast.

    Interesting thing I read years ago. Our minds are so powerful when we see something under a microscope we alter it’s natural state. It makes you wonder how conclusive these test really are. Test subjects knowing they are being tested are responding accordingly.

    As what Hulbert said about John curing himself, I have done the same several times. I haven’t been to the doctor for check up’s in 30 years. It’s a matter of what we believe is real and true.

    What we think is true today, may be different tomorrow. There is so much we don’t know, and there’s so much we will know.


    • It’s totally cool & exciting isn’t it tony? That aspect that there’s so much we don’t know but will all in due course:) I’m freakishly interested in the infinite & untapped creative potential of our minds, & what makes it even better is that we’re all blessed with this same capability, if we decide to make use of it:)
      Cheers, neroli

  • Hi Neroli,

    Thanks for the wonderful post. Our mind is our main guide to living positively in this world. We need to take care of our brain and always think positive not a negative side..

    • Be optimistic all the time. I think that is an attitude that every fighter and achiever have that is why they always get what they want and what they deserve… SUCCESS is not very far.

      • Hey Andrew, I agree that we need to maintain an optimistic outlook as much as possible, and research has shown that some people are blessed with this way of seeing the world whilst others have to work at it.

        One thing I’m not advocating though, is trying to be only one sided, like always happy or always positive. I think that’s unrealistic and even a little like mania. The great thing is, we filter everything through our perceptions, and these can be shifted to whichever polarity is needed to become balanced in our minds:)

        cheers, neroli

    • Thanks Cathy, I think it’s hard to think only positive, as we need both ends of the spectrum for balance. But we definitely need to make sure we don’t get bogged down in negativity, and there’s a lot of that in the media! We can also work to shift our perceptions so the things we view as negative events an actually be flipped around in our minds. Cheers, neroli

      • Very well said Neroli.. It depends on the person on how they will handle the negativity they’ve encountered.. Thanks and more hugs.. 🙂

  • Hey Neroli, that was a great little interview you did there.
    It’s great to know that the teachings of people such as John are being circulated far and wide through social media these days.

    Let’s forget the politics and dubious religions and simply run with ‘pure thought’ that can heal our world EH?

    Pete 🙂

    • Hey peter, thanks for the thumbs up on the interview:)

      I was quite chuffed with the way it flowed along. It felt very relaxed and easy and I was very happy with the information John shared. Big ups for pure thought, too! You know the word government comes from “govern mentus” to govern ones mind, or oneself as the case may be if we really owned and worked our own minds to their full potential. We’d live in a very different world if each of us did this;)
      cheers, neroli

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