I’m off to the Internet Mastery Secrets Conference and Recommended Links

Starting tomorrow (Friday) the three-day Internet Mastery Secrets event begins here in Brisbane and I’ll be popping in and out all weekend. I’ve invited lots of my friends and people I work with, and for many of them this will be their first taste of an Internet marketing conference.

There’s the usual crowd of big names at this event: Stephen Pierce, Mike Filsaime, Andrew and Daryl Grant, Tom Hua and Brett McFall (the guys behind the World Internet Summits), and a host of other speakers, some I have seen perform before and some I haven’t.

For me the highlight as always is the chance to meet, greet, and chat with people. I’ve got dinner plans with Mike Filsaime and friends on Saturday night and I want to say hello to Stephen Pierce this time since he was drowning in groupies at the last event I went to, so I never got a chance.

If you are attending make sure you come up and say hello if you see me, I’m always happy to meet people who read my blog.

In the meantime to keep you busy I’ve got some recommended links I’ve been collecting for a while but haven’t had a chance to post because I’ve been concentrating on Blog Mastermind. Here we go…

Recommended Links

  • First up I have to welcome a new sponsor, Micfo.com, who offer WordPress themes and WordPress hosting.
  • Las month, Gobala Krishnan, my Malaysian Internet marketing friend, wrote a comprehensive article on Keyword research.
  • I had a bunch of interviews come out over the last few weeks. George at Can I Make Big Money Online asked me some great questions about my previous experiences working online and ended with a question I didn’t see coming. Affiliate Knowledge Base asked me all about making money with blogs and, surprise surprise – affiliate marketing, and Felix Krusch from Germany did my first ever Skype IM text interview, where he asked me all kinds of questions including how I first made money online and what I studied at university.
  • You likely noticed late last month the meme-like theme floating around the blogging about blogging blogosphere about top income earning bloggers, first started by Paula’s List of Blogger Salaries, where I was featured at position #19 earning $78,594 a year online (sweet!). Following this was a list of millionaire bloggers, where this blog was valued at $1,178,000 (even sweeter!) and one of only nine blogs mentioned at worth more than a million. All I can say about this is that it pays to talk about how much money you make online if you want exposure.
  • I want to send a shout-out to David Risley and his Webby Online blog, where I read, among others, his post, Blog Monetization, PayPerPost and Ebook Affiliate Saturation – David, add some sub-heads to your articles for easier reading please!
  • Des Walsh over at the B5 blog, Business and Blogging, has written a two part series on monetizing your blog.
  • The Get Elastic blog has been pumping out some interesting content about online retailing and e-commerce.
  • Adnan over at the Blogtrepreneur blog has put together a list of 101 Essential Blogging Resources, which is fantastic and only lacks one key ingredient – there’s no link to my Blog Profits Blueprint ;-).
  • Ladan LashkariAnd to end with, I think I have my first ever blogger crush. I’m talking about Ladan Lashkari. She’s a blogger, a successful Internet marketer, a girl AND she’s from Iran (now there’s a unique combination). This might not seem that big a deal to you, until you realize the challenges she has faced to become a successful Internet marketer given where she comes from and what it means to be female in her culture. If Ladan can make Internet marketing work in her situation, then none of us westerners (or down-underers) have any excuses!

    Another note worth mentioning, which I thought about while reading about Ladan, was how wonderful a position she is in for building exposure just on the strength of her personal brand. She’s got a great story, she’s attractive, young and is a successful Internet marketer. That’s a nice combination to have in any industry and I expect we are going to see her face more and more. She’s also already charging $250 an hour for consulting – nice!

Photos Soon – And Stay Tuned For Blog Mastermind

That’s it for me. I’ll attempt to get photos and maybe even video from the conference this weekend and post them up whenever I get a chance. I’m going to be working on Blog Mastermind this weekend too and I expect to have news on the release date very very soon…stay tuned to this channel.

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  • Yay!

    Link love from Yaro!

    Double yay!

    Happy day,

  • Hey Yaro – thanks for the linkup. LOL, yeah the article was written before the Blueprint was released – but I’ll go and add it now 😉
    Cheers again,

  • Don

    Hey Yaro,

    I too have signed up for the sydney leg of Internet Mastery Secrets, and unlike yourself, have never really seen any of those dudes up close. Have merely read about them and their net marketing material online.

    Should be very cool. Look forward to learning a lot. BTW, read your Blog Profits Blueprint, very good stuff. Your Videos contained within were also quite interesting.

  • Thanks Yaro, a great post,and new resources. I am finding your blog is a great resource for me in building my blog. Thanks again for the Blueprint, such a treasure.

  • Hey Yaro,
    Thanks for the mention. I will pay more attention to the headers. Good to get some advice from people blogging longer than myself!

  • Love the new post Yaro! I guess I’m addicted to your blog! I’m learning more each day. Thank you so much for all that you do! 🙂

  • Yaro, Laden’s a beaut young woman and I don’t blame you for having a crush. Think you’ll have a chance to meet her in person?

  • Hey this is fantastic! Your blog will be a useful resource for sure. I too, am from Australia and I’m somewhat of an entrepreneur myself : )

  • Go UK, she’s cute mate. Have you bought her a drink yet? 🙂


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  • Just got back from the conference. I’ll do a proper write-up soon…

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

    Chris no I haven’t introduced myself to Ladan.

    Robyn – you never know, we both travel to internet marketing conferences and I’ve met in person plenty of people I previously only knew online, that’s one of the best things about live events.

    Time for bed I think – night all!

  • What is this seminar about? When will it be held again? Thanks for the post.

  • I wish I could have attended that conference, but I am allll the way in the U.S. Great linkage, by the way!

  • Thank you for all the links Yaro.

  • so where are the photos?

  • Mary – there is one photo in the follow-up article about the event just after this one.

    Unfortunately my camera had battery issues so I didn’t get many.

    I’ve been meaning to buy a new camera with better battery life, now might be the right time.

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