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Most of you know that I’m in Rich Schefren’s Strategic Profits coaching group, which I pay $397 a month for. Rich is my mentor and coach and has been instrumental in helping move my business,, away from dependency on me for all the work, to building a system that now only requires I do about four hours a week to manage (yes, a four-hour-workweek – Hi Tim!). What’s really amazing is the business has continued to grow without me and this financial year (ending June 2007 in Australia) it’s set to do over six figures in revenue for the first time!

I originally signed up to Rich’s program mostly due to one reason, his Internet Business Manifesto, a free report that summed up nicely the exact situation I was in in my business (incidentally, I modeled my own Blog Profits Blueprint document based on Rich’s manifesto because I thought it was that good). If you haven’t done so yet, PLEASE take the time to read the manifesto if you currently run your own Internet business or intend to. Click here to get the manifesto.

Rich’s New Report – The Attention Age Doctrine

The Attention Age DoctrineRich is about to shake up the industry again starting with the release of his latest report titled The Attention Age Doctrine. Since I’m in his coaching program I have heard Rich talk about this, so I can reveal to you a little about his goals and motivations behind releasing the report.

Rich has a serious issue with the way conferences are currently conducted in our industry. He’s tired of the sales pitch, the lack of quality content and the current formula used at Internet marketing conferences. I totally agree with him and while I still enjoy attending conferences, I also hate the sales pitch and watching so many people fall for the sugar rush, handing over thousands of dollars for a package they probably won’t even do anything with.

Rich believes in disruption marketing where you enter a market with an idea or method disruptive to what is currently the de-facto standard way of doing something. He’s releasing this report as a shock to the established conference system and in typical Rich style, he’s not just talking about it, he’s actually doing something.

Rich has put together a conference called The Acceleration Seminar set for mid-July 2007, which is a pitch-free, 100% content conference, including speakers like Jay Abraham, David Kolbe and rumor has it, the four-hour-workweek man himself, Tim Ferriss (Rich and Tim have a lot in common in how they go about building businesses and have struck up a friendship recently).

Anyway, it’s not my job to sell you on this, but as always Rich has my backing given the quality of information I have received from him so far and how he has helped change how I do business online.

If you want to be first in line to get yourself a copy of his latest report, The Attention Age Doctrine, you can sign-up here (it’s FREE).

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Hey Yaro,
    Finally good to see a seminar with the sales pitch done with, hopefully other industries will be taking note. So where will this seminar be? One time deal in the states?


  • This one is at Delray Beach, Florida. Nice location, just a big ocean to cross if you want to get there from Australia Andrew 😉

  • Hi Yaro!

    Just wanna say hi to you after following your blog for some time now…Your articles on running a business are really helpful! Especially those 4 listed under your popular articles.

    I’ve attended World Internet Summit 3 weeks ago here in Singapore, and it’s indeed a trend that all the speakers have sales pitches after their presentations.

    But I guess that’s how it goes…if not the speakers wouldn’t come down without asking for a hefty speaking fee wouldn’t they? And I wouldn’t be able to attend the seminar at just SGD$197.

    I’m personally quite okay with the sales pitches, though all of us have to be really careful not being brought over by the speakers, as you said those sugar rushes, (they’re powerfull salesmen too!) and decide really carefully what we want. I unfortunately fell to one year ago splashing out 5K…it really stinks.

    Personally, I feel that being able to attend these internet marketing seminars, learning directly from the speakers, is more important. At WIS 2007, I learned a lot of new stuff and realized the significance of what I have learned previously. (If you’re interested I have posted this over at my blog.)

    If allowing the speakers to promote their own courses will help to bring down the price of the entry tickets, I think it’s okay, unless a better system/trend turns up!

    Anyway, thanks for alerting us on Rich’s report!

    Thien Kai Wei

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