Free Teleseminar: Top 7 Action Strategies For Accelerating Your Online Sales

My friend Will Swayne is running a free teleseminar on Tuesday 19th June, 12 noon – 1pm AEST (that’s Aussie time!), which I have the pleasure of co-hosting (really I’m just there to crack bad jokes now and then in-between all the wisdom he dishes out).

Will has slowly become an expert at online conversion and it’s quite clear that online sales process optimization really floats his boat. He just loves testing website elements to improve conversion rates and works every day to help other businesses improve their online sales process.

He’s taken what he has learned through real world testing on some pretty major websites and come up with what he considers the top 7 strategies for accelerating the online sales of any business.

You can get his free whitepaper on the topic now and study it in preparation for the teleseminar next week.

To get the call-in details for the seminar you can opt-in on this page –

Note you don’t have to be an Aussie to participate in this call and in fact we are using an American teleconference line to facilitate the seminar, so it will be a local call for those lucky people in North America. An MP3 recording of the call will be circulated via email to the people who signed-up, so you have to opt-in if you want it.

I look forward to having you on the call with me and Will!

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  • Just thought you’d like to know that your link to the white paper isn’t working correctly… I get a 404 Error.

  • I’ve worked with Will in the past, and I totally agree with what Yaro says here – he lives and breathes scientific advertising.


  • All fixed H.B. – thanks!

  • Opted in, but I won’t be getting up to listen – I need my sleep! Looking forward to the recordings.

  • Hi there !! IS the recording available for use now ?? Missed it though I registered for it :(.


    Anita Patt

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