Meeting the World’s Most Hated Blogger

On Sunday taking a much needed break from the computer after spending most of my waking hours during the previous days launching Blog Mastermind and then helping new members settle in, I met with an interesting 24 year old from Sacramento, California, who is visiting Brisbane on a random trip to Australia.

His name is Casey Serin and some may know him as the World’s Most Hated Blogger.

Here’s Casey and me after eating breakfast together on Sunday –

Yaro with Casey Serin

Before last week I had never heard of Casey. He contacted me asking to meet up since he was in Brisbane. He mentioned he was known as the world’s most hated blogger and also ran a blog called I am Facing Foreclosure.

I was quite curious to hear Casey’s story. I’m never one to judge, but there has to be a reason why he’s branded as the world’s most hated blogger, so I was slightly apprehensive – just slightly.

It turns out Casey is a young guy who made some bad decisions, which is not that uncommon – I’ve been there myself in my early twenties when I lost nearly $15,000 to credit card fraud, foolishly sending product to what I thought was a real customer in Thailand (but that’s another story…).

What makes Casey different is he decided to blog about everything he did to loose over two million in investment property and as a result he’s become quite famous, or perhaps infamous is a better label.

Casey has received quite a bit of publicity because of his blog, both in the USA and now in Australia since he arrived a few weeks ago. According to Casey, his blog receives over 10,000 visitors a day and if you head over there you will see that indeed, a lot of people seem to “hate” him.

Casey calls his fans “Haterz”, and wow, he sure has a lot of them. Just today Casey posted an article about meeting me and I was blown away by the viciousness of some of the comments made to the article. It’s clear people have decided that’s it’s fun to attack Casey in comments and on other sites because of his actions and what he reveals on his blog, and they are not holding back.

Casey isn’t exactly perfect, he openly admits he fudged numbers to buy the properties he invested in and subsequently lost, but I’ve never seen such barrage of people commenting in such a nasty manner. I think people really enjoy it and as Casey notes, many of his readers come to his blog specifically to watch the “trainwreck” as he calls it – the events of his life over the previous months.

What Can We Learn From This?

Casey’s story will continue and he may rise from the ashes thanks to the success of his blog. He’s already started to bring in four figures from selling direct advertising to sponsors and I provided him with a few more ideas, which he talks about in his post about meeting me. If he does manage to somehow clear his debts it will make for a fantastic story and I know Casey is already working hard on ways to capitalize on his notoriety and fame.

What we can take away from this situation is how powerful a good story is for driving traffic. Much like the “million dollar homepage” website, Casey is receiving plenty of attention on the strength of his story. His time in the limelight might not last too long, but when you are there the traffic and exposure are powerful. Even though Casey receives a lot of “hate” each day (I don’t think I could take the kind of comments he receives, but Casey seems to be at least okay with it), the fact that so many people care enough to comment as much as they do means Casey has the one key ingredient for successful blogging – attention.

As bloggers we can look at Casey’s story as a case study on how to use publicity to build traffic to a blog. Obviously it’s preferable to use a story that doesn’t result in negativity, but often controversy is the best attention grabbing tool available. People tend to gravitate towards negativity in general – that’s why the news is the way it is – and like here with Casey, once again people care an awful lot about something bad happening to someone else.

Casey no doubt is learning a lot from the situation, so really it’s not exactly a “bad” event as anything that helps you grow can be looked on positively, but this certainly is a tough lesson for a young guy and it will be interesting to see what happens to him from here. As you can see, I’m giving this story some attention too and considering I rarely read other blogs anymore, that says a lot.

Imagine if blogging was like real life – how would you feel if every single time you said something, 200 people said straight to your face that you are an idiot. The blogosphere is a strange reality sometimes…

Yaro Starak
Studying Blog Psychology

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  • More Info

    You really need to read Casey’s blog from the beginning. Before you claim he has learned from his mistakes. Because he seem to be making the same mistakes over and over again. warning: DO NOT ENTER INTO A CONTRACT WITH HIM

  • Wow! Talk about lessons to be learned!

    I, myself, heard about the ‘buzz’ of this guy–which now has a name “Corey”…I, too, being very busy to venture WAY too far in the blogosphere.

    My first/only comment sharing some edits to my copy ended up being some ‘spammer’ who didn’t fess up to giving his/her real email address…and that one-comment, I felt a dire need to research and address in the most professional way possible. So, I *know* I could never take this kind of negativity in my life.

    Lesson Learned: Leverage! I will be venturing his way to see what he actually got outta u 2 🙂

  • Casey Supporterz

    I hear that Casey even has a book comming out documenting his experiences. “The Foreclosure Code.” Check it out at

  • Stephany J.

    I am one of the prominent Haterz at Casey’s blog. Check out the haterz sites too to get the “real” story on this kid. Exurban nation, casepedia, insertclevertitlehere and whatcaseymeans are good. Donthatecasey is also a haterz site, dont let the name confuse you. You can also check out to listen to some podcasts. Search for IAFF or casey serin. This kid is a piecs of work. Don’t let the innocent look fool ya.

  • Serinitis

    If you would like a more balanced story. The Haterz hang out at> and

    Nearly everyone that comes in contact with Casey starts as a support and after a short while becomes a hater. Some of his antics that have driven people into the haterz camp include:

    1.Buying a corporation (on credit) for the sole purpose of borrowing money to live on. The corporation would be used to hide his credit rating.

    2.Arguing that just because he has a mountain of debt he should not reduce his lifestyle.

    3.Pushing NRU, an MLM, disguised as a real estate school.

    4.Abandoning his wife to a job cleaning toilets and a mountain of debt that he ran up, while he fled to Australia

  • I would like to join but I have no money. I hate being left out of the loop. 🙁

  • “Fudged.” Now there’s an interesting word. Funny how you were personally the fifteen thousand dollar victim of fraud but the people who were harmed by Casey were just “fudged” out of a few hundred thousand. Surely the guy in Thailand was only fudging his credit card and he deserves the same gentle handling you give Casey.

  • mejustme

    Yaro, Yaro, Yaro. You have been sucked into the Casey Reality Distortion Vortex.

    All of us haterzâ„¢ started out sympathetic toward Casey. Many of us had been through financial hell and had worked our way out of it. We good-naturedly gave Casey advice and wished him well. And some of us are lawyers, economists, real estate experts, loss mitigation people, etc., so this wasn’t just blowing smoke.

    However, as the weeks and months passed, Casey ignored everyone’s advice and fell prey to one scam after another, signed and then breached more bizarre contracts than you can shake a stick at, and cost a lot of people who tried to get more involved in helping him a lot of time and money when he inevitably flaked on them.

    The last straw for even his most die-hard supporterzâ„¢ was leaving his wife to stay with a fan in Australia. He gave her about an hour’s notice and only allowed her to see him off if she promised not to talk him out of going. Then he drained their bank account. She is devastated and heartbroken, because she has stood by all his crazy schemes and believed all his empty promises for 3 years, and this is the thanks she gets. And to top it off, the Australian fan has asked Casey to leave for reasons yet unknown.

    It’s not surprising, though. Casey leaves nothing but devastation in his wake. He’s cost lenders millions that he acquired through fraud and mishandled everything due to extreme incompetence.

    Here’s an example: He buys a house with a pool, 75 miles away from his home. Because it’s so far away and, more importantly, because he won’t get anything out of it, he never cleans the pool. The county is ready to fine him for creating a moquito breeding ground, so he reluctantly drives there, only to stare vapidly into the pool and do nothing. The only thing he did do was chide the neighbors, who stopped mowing his lawn when they saw the house was being foreclosed. They’d done it for him for nothing, and despite fouling their neighborhood, he had the gall to ask them to continue. He bought the family some beer and left, with the pool still so green it’s visible on Google maps, and the neighbors and the bank that soon foreclosed were left mowing his lawn and swatting his mosquitoes.

    Keep in mind that when he sends you $47 each month that his wife is home cleaning houses to make ends meet. If I were you I’d cancel his subscription. Casey is nothing but trouble.

  • Lawnmower man

    With respect, Yaro, what Casey did is a little more serious than “fudging numbers”. Casey knowingly and deliberately committed mortgage fraud 8 times.

    You also fail to mention that Casey’s “random” trip left his wife abandoned at home facing the consequences of his borrowing.

    But that aside: as a pro blogger, do you feel Casey’s haterz help or harm his chances of monetizing his story?

    They bring traffic, but is it usable traffic for Casey? Haterz feel Casey should not be rewarded for his actions; they will not buy from his affiliates, they will not click on his advertising, and in fact many of them block all his advertising.

    Casey’s entire “most hated blogger” notoriety is built upon the haterz. Is this useful to him? Should he attempt to shed the haterz? At this point, *could* he shed the haterz?

  • Hi Yaro…

    I stumbled onto your blog from God knows where.

    But I must say that I am glad that I did.


    Your Online Neighbor,

    Koorosh Vahabi

  • Kitty Brown

    Hey Yaro:

    Unless casey had you sign a non-disclosure agreement, could you please answer the following for all of us Haterz:

    1. Who suggested meeting over a meal?
    2. What did you guys eat?
    3. Who paid for the meal?
    4. Who took the photo of you guys?
    5. Did you charge Casey for your time?

    Can you tell us anything more about your meeting with Casey? Have you looked at the other sites and come to understand that Casey lies and cheats to get what he wants with no care for anyone other than himself?

  • Hi Kitty,

    Lol, there was no non-disclosure, it was quite a casual breakfast.

    Casey contacted me through my helpdesk saying he had read my blog years ago, long before he did what he did with property investing.

    Here’s the answers to your questions.

    1. Casey did.
    2. Casey just had coffee since he had breakfast already. I had poached eggs on toast with smoked salmon and a fruit juice.
    3. Casey did.
    4. Casey asked a girl who was eating near by when we left to take the photo.
    5. And no, there was no charge, except Casey did offer to pay for my breakfast as thanks, which I accepted, although given his financial situation I did say it wasn’t necessary, but he insisted.

    I haven’t done a thorough investigation into Casey’s actions, no, so I’m not educated enough on the situation to have a reliable opinion.

    What I can tell you is on the basis of my meeting Casey that he was just as friendly and normal as any other blogger I have met in recent months. He may have been “tricking” me, but personally I don’t think he was.

  • TAM

    Yaro, m’dear, if you think Casey wasn’t “tricking” you, then you got played.

    In all honesty, don’t make judgment calls on Casey, the haterz, or any aspect of this mess without knowing more than the little you do now. At first, Casey does seem personable, and he is – but he’s not an innocent lost in the woods. Multiple cases of mortgage fraud, innumerable attempts to help him blown off in every case…he’s not a naif who made a mistake. The haterz know him a little better than you do.

  • Yaro,

    I stumbled across your blog from Casey’s post. I started out a supporter but am very disappointed in Casey. In either case, I read back a few posts here and like what I see so far. I’ll be checking back.

  • K


    Much respect for you.
    Please, please, please assume that everything you discuss with Casey will become public record.
    He has a habit of posting everything,
    including private phone calls,
    business contracts
    (which aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on, when it comes to Casey).
    And he tends to “misremember” to make himself look good and add drama.

    Your professional reputation is worth more
    than the few more hits you’ll get by associating with him.

  • been

    Word of Caution:
    The Casey haterz do everything possible to try and sabotage every association casey makes. You are seeing it too. The haterz will tear you down if you continue with casey. They are unhappy people with nothing going on in their respective lives.

  • Seems some of his Haterz followed him over here!

    I don’t know. This guy seems a little too unreal. Are you sure he’s not just acting? I can’t believe anyone is that incompetent (especially when he’s smart enough to start a blog about it).

  • mejustme

    We have a saying that Casey chases the shiny object. He focuses on it until the next one comes along.

    Congratulations, you are his latest shiny object.

  • yes also heard of his blog before and didnt bother looking into it, your blog is much much more relevant than his. cheers!

  • I can’t help but lolz at the comments here.

  • HKM

    I think He is a liar

  • Well you received plenty of attention for meeting him and im sure that that breaky will pay you handsomely with all the linkage and who knows what else….

    I just had a quick look at his blog and read the article and find it rather interesting that he keeps running out of places to stay.

  • Regardless of what anyone else says about Casey, you’re right about the draw of the story, Yaro. In fact, it’s quite an amazing example of it!

  • […] debts of over $2 Million, who has a blog about himself. I only came across Casey when Yaro Starak wrote a post about meeting him. Casey Serin has made himself famous, or rather infamous, by blogging about himself. There are 3 or […]

  • The thing that gets me about this is that all these haterz still link to him and feed his ego and popularity by commenting etc. If everyone just left him alone, didn’t post/ comment etc he would not be able to earn money via his blog and he would ‘go away’…

  • Ivan J

    I gotta agree with Jermayn, if they hate him so much just leave him alone, don’t drive traffic to his site…I don’t bother to read what that guy has to say – people shouldn’t – don’t know him and don’t want to. Just stay away from people like him…don’t waste your words and precious time.

    Yaro I think you learned the lesson, people hate him so don’t get involved…

  • Casey still has plenty of supporterz, even now. See the Audio File on called “Why Casey will win and the haterz will lose” on

  • another great way to drive traffic to your website i suppose by creating a hate campagin against yourself.. lol.. i bet hes the one laughing at the end of the day with the money he must be making from his blog

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