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Viral Friend Generator Viral Marketing Software by Mike Filsaime

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Name: Viral Friend Generator
Creator: Mike Filsaime
Purpose: Plug this software into an opt-in process to encourage viral word of mouth marketing.

Viral Friend GeneratorShortly before I released the Blog Profits Blueprint, Mike Filsaime released his Viral Friend Generator software. Since I was about to release a viral report, I figured anything extra I could to do encourage viral word of mouth was worth trying, so I bought the software and had my programmer implement it as part of the sign-up process for the Blog Profits Blueprint.

Viral Friend Generator (VFG) is a simple program that plugs into your opt-in process to create a incentive based tell-a-friend form. When a person requests something from you by opting in (for example entering a name and email into a web based form for a free report), before they are taken to the download or confirmation page, they are redirected to a form that asks them to enter the name and email of friends to recommend the resource to.

VFG sends a personalized message from the person who fills out the tell-a-friend form, telling their friends about the resource and recommending they get it. If the person recommends the prerequisite number of friends, they are sent an email by VFG with a download link to the bonus offered in return for telling friends.

The process repeats as the referred friends come and request the resource, are shown the tell-a-friend form and then tell their friends. If things go well, simply using VFG is enough to create a viral marketing event, feeding the distribution of your resource far and wide.

If you want to see this process in action, go and request the Blog Profits Blueprint. After entering your details and clicking the submit button you will be taken to the VFG generated page and offered a bonus MP3 audio interview if you refer at least two friends. If you refer two friends an email is sent to you from the VFG software giving a link to the bonus. Next you are taken to the confirmation page for the Blog Profits Blueprint, which has instructions on how you can get the report. If you don’t want to tell any friends there is a skip button at the end of the tell-a-friend page.

How Effective Is VFG?

I have been using VFG on the Blog Profits Blueprint opt-in form for nearly a month now and as I type this an extra 3089 people were informed about the blueprint because a friend used the tell-a-friend form. I don’t have concrete statistics on exactly how many of the referred people then opted in to download the Blueprint because the way the software tracks referrals isn’t 100% reliable (for example if they use a different email from the one their friend used to refer them, it won’t be able to track the referral), but I do know at least 3089 emails were sent out from VFG, since the program was released early June, so it is possible that an extra 3089 people found out about the Blueprint as a result of VFG that may not have known about it before.

I think it’s pretty clear based on my statistics, if you have an online opt-in process, it pays to make use of VFG. Viral marketing is powerful and anything you can to do encourage it is a good thing. VFG makes it very easy to do and I believe it’s definitely helping to maintain the current average of around 100 new opt-ins to the Blog Profits Blueprint email list every day, even now nearly a month after the release of the report (that’s 3000 new subscribers per month!).

The only reason you might not want to use VFG is if you have a one time offer (OTO) already in place as part of your opt-in process, although it might still be worth combining VFG with a OTO, or at least testing to see what happens to your overall conversion and opt-in rates given different combinations of using VFG and OTOs.

How Does It Work?

I didn’t install VFG since my programmer Nick handled it, so I can’t really say how hard it is to install (I can tell you if you outsource your tech work it’s VERY easy to install ­čśë ), however based on the installation video I briefly viewed it seems you just upload the files, set some permissions and then configure how you want the script to work, the typical formula for most web scripts.

The actual VFG process is not very complicated. It’s just a tell-a-friend form that is called after a person opts in to a form, so you can add it to any form input areas you have on your website (for example I’m going to add it to the opt-in process for the Blog Traffic Tips newsletter soon too). Once configured the software handles everything for you, so it really is set and forget.

From a strategic marketing point of view, it should be pretty clear how effective VFG can be. If you incentivise well and offer a bonus that is very compelling to the type of person who would opt-in to your process (for example my blog report had a blogger interview as a bonus), then you can expect a good response rate. If things go well the viral process will trigger, bringing a steady stream of people into your funnel.

Is It Worth It?

The script is $97 and you can apply it to as many forms as you like. I’ve become accustomed to paying $97 for software and am in a position to benefit significantly from software like this, so it really was a no-brainer for me.

Nick, who set VFG up for me, says the script isn’t coded perfectly (he often has this complaint about Mike Filsaime’s Romanian software developer created programs), but in my case I only see the end product and it does what I want it to do. If you set up scripts yourself you may have additional issues getting it to work, but in my case everything was fine and set up in an hour or two.

If you are not in a position to use the software, then obviously it’s not worth buying. However if you have any opt-in process then there really isn’t a reason not to have this script working. In some (rare) cases having the tell-a-friend form might actually reduce your opt-ins, but I expect most people who apply VFG will experience a positive result. It’s simple and it works.

Simple tools like this give you that little extra boost to increase your exposure and marketing, and thus conversions and sales. I have no doubt over time VFG will be responsible for thousands of extra people on my email list, which ultimately leads to more customers for me too. It’s not rocket science and it won’t work miracles, but even an extra 5% increase in opt-ins can make a huge difference to your overall business – every extra lead helps!

You can check out a video about how VFG works and order your copy from here –


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  • This seems like it could come in very handy.
    Thanks for the hot tip!

    One Man. one Year. $100,000 online.

  • I recieved Blor Profits Blueprint but the file was irrepairably damaged

  • HKM

    Great Tool Mr. Yaro.. Thanks for the advice.. You are No.1

  • Sounds like great software Yaro. Thanks for the information.

    I wanted to say a word about the quality of your review: Outstanding. It’s good to see a person do such a thorough job at everthing they do!

    Your Blog Profits Blueprint is wonderful. I have listened to it numerous times while walking, learning new details each time. Thank you.

  • Thanks everyone.

    Jack – did you work out your problem with the Blueprint? Contact me if you still have problems.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Hey happy New Year … bro, i have a Q here

    lets say that the person cheated and put fake emails in the email boxes..does the fakers still get the bonuses/or whatever we offer them ?

  • Yep, they sure do.

  • lol…that’s so frustrating then…i hope the script will have the ability to confirm the email first…thats why i’m not getting the viral effects, they just put fake emails there…huhu..

    • The software actually protects you from fake email addresses. It will not deliver the offered product until those viral emails are opened in their friends accounts. I use it on one of my SEO consultant site, along with the Psychic Sales Letter and found it quite reliable. My inquiries and lists EXPLODED!


  • Willy

    I do not know how to use.
    The video shows only how to setup – this i have made – but, what must i do now?
    How i see the form and where i must insert it?
    Who can help me to understand the handling from A toZ step by step after installing and setup?
    Thank you

  • I was looking at purchasing the product, and your review was just what I needed – thank you.

    Ana/YourNetBiz Mentor

  • I opted to your Blog Profits Blueprint to see VFG at work. But I did not see it. I did a little search and realized that Aweber banned the use of TAF scripts. Thus, VFG generator may only be useful if you’re using an autoresponder other than Aweber.

  • Ray


    If you want to see this process in action, go and request the Blog Profits Blueprint. After entering your details and clicking the submit button you will be taken to the VFG generated page and offered a bonus MP3 audio interview if you refer at least two friends.

    I don’t see the vfg form/setup – only a class – join blog mastermind

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