Mike Filsaime: The Michael Jordan Of Internet Marketing Shares How He Builds Buzz With Viral Marketing

When I recorded this interview with Mike, I wanted to focus more on Mike’s history and how he went from car salesman working 70 hours a week to an Internet marketer who has generated over 50 million dollars in revenue between 2005 and 2014 through his online companies. Mike has some great stories from his years working at car dealerships and we learn a lot about how he managed to transition from working as an employee to being in charge of an Internet business.

Mike Filsaime[ Download MP3 | iTunes | Soundcloud ]

Mike also spends some time in the interview talking about one of his core skills – building buzz using viral marketing – and you will learn about what it takes to create a viral marketing event online.

I hope you enjoy the interview and as always, if you haven’t already done so, please check out my podcast archives for more interviews like this, all free.

Show Notes

  1. Mike background growing up in Long Island NY
  2. Mike’s time in the car sales business
  3. How a SPAM email led Mike to the Internet Marketing world
  4. How Mike was “caught” running an Internet business which led to him being forced to quit the car sales business
  5. Mike discusses viral marketing with some examples
  6. How to build buzz online
  7. Tips for starting your own Internet business and a discussion of the three key ingredients for success
  8. Wrap-up

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  • Thanks a lot for posting these valuable podcasts.
    I’ve never heard of Mr. Filsaime but if you endorse him he must be good.

    Thanks again.

  • Carlos

    Wow, check out that speed.

  • Hey Yaro,

    I really enjoyed the Podcast with Mike.

    I love reading your blogs and listening to your podcasts.

    Have a great day.


  • […] was listening to Yaro Starak’s interview with Mike Filsaime, which was pretty entertaining and […]

  • Awesome. Just discovered your interview podcasts. Like a goldmine…

  • That’s a great overview of Mike’s life and a good example of how someone got into the IM market. These kind of stories always inspire me.

    Mike F is a man where you can learn a lot from and is also willing to admit his mistakes. That’s something almost no marketer dares.


  • Great story by your guest! Great insight on the viral section, especially the part about having users spread the word as part of the use of the product.

    One criticism though, Yaro your sound level was way below Mike’s so I had to keep juggling my volume control to balance the audio.

  • I love Mike, he is such a simple genious. Butteryly Manuscript did it for me and made me realize his genius!

    Check out my site about Mike Filsaime: http://mikefilsaime.blogspot.com/

  • jon

    That Pod cast was great. Mike is a marketing genius every time he comes out with a new product it surpasses his last one it is amazing. He just had a great call with Russell Brunson as a vip bonus it is great check it out

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