Why Keeping It Real Is Your Best Selling Tactic

Greetings once more fellow entrepreneur, this week I have something quite unique and extraordinary to share.

Yesterday, I interviewed Shaune Clarke, and what began as a 45 minute interview spilled into nearly two hours as we took a free fall into the mind of one of the most uniquely gifted entrepreneurs I’ve encountered.

Because Shaune shared such a wealth of information, I’ve had to edit the interview into several parts, so today we’re looking at the first part, in which he shares with us his insights for entrepreneurs about creating your own game, the 1/2 step away market,unwarranted sales resistance, and the art of graceful persuasion as it relates to building trust through authenticity and our unique giftedness. Phew! And all this in under 20 minutes! You can just imagine what we covered in two hours!

So, let us begin, come and join me at the edge to take a leap into the farthest reaches of the unique genius of Shaune Clarke πŸ™‚

Creating Your Own Game

One of the comments that people consistently make about Shaune Clarke, is that he’s not like anyone else they’ve met in the business he’s starring in, whether it’s Speaking Training, Copywriting, Internet Marketing, Interviewing or Natural Health. Shaune explains that most people will often compare themselves to competitors and try to compete with them, when really, there’s no reason to do this.

Shaune learned from his experience as an extremely successful copywriter, that having something different equates to having something valuable, providing there is a market for it. Shaune says that 95% of the time, there is a market, and there are already people in that market spending money.

After Shaune had hired one of the top gun copywriters to write sales copy for him and it flopped, he thought, “You know what? I didn’t like that style of sales copy, I wouldn’t respond well to it, so there must be others who would feel the same.” So he invested time and money into learning about how others wrote sales copy, then set about writing in his own unique style that was more aligned with his own values and preferences. This turned out to be so successful, that within 6 months, he couldn’t keep up the demand for his work and he was asked to train other copywriters.

Shaune realized two things through this experience. One was that bringing his unique gifts to his work was extremely valuable and lucrative, and training others to emulate his style would not work either. For his clients in his trainings, learning to find their own unique style and inner giftedness and bring that to their work was going to be far more valuable and lucrative to them as well.

The Half A Step Away Market

Shaune explains that the market is always changing and evolving, and doing so rapidly. The established players are often not able or willing to adapt or change to the market as it evolves, so when we come into the market with something new, there are clients already in the market who are going to resonate with what we’re offering.

He also speaks about the 1/2 step away market, which is the people who are at the very edges of the market. These clients have a problem that needs solving, but there’s currently no one in the industry that has communicated to them in a way that resonates with them, and therefore draws them from the edges of the market into it. Everyday, someone who has not spent money in an industry will begin to invest their money in it. There are people both in your market and right at the edges who will resonate with your unique style and gifts that you bring to your business.

Unwarranted Sales Resistance

Shaune explains further that all clients will experience something he calls unwarranted sales resistance. This is because all of us have had an experience of spending money before on products and services and not getting our problem solved. This means someone’s previous bad experience is going to be projected onto us when they are considering buying from us. This is unwarranted sales resistance because it has nothing to do with us, it is related to a previous experience our client has had, and it is being projected onto the current situation.

Our role as business people is to just be aware of this, and to maintain our certainty of the value and quality of our products and services and communicate this elegantly to our clients. It doesn’t involve pushing or comparing. It’s a matter of understanding that there is an element of risk involved in spending money, and the biggest thing is not to try to sell somebody on our products or services, but to build trust.

The Art Of Graceful Persuasion

Shaune goes on to say, “We don’t need a sales formula, we need a formula for imbuing authenticity into our work which inherently builds trust.”

Shaune is acutely aware that his speaking training clients experience a far greater degree of competence, confidence and authenticity when their presentation is imbued with their own unique gifts. He says, “Speaker training should adapt to you, you should not have to adapt to speaking training.”

The more our unique giftedness is allowed to be present on our work, the more authenticity there is to it, and the greater the level of certainty and trust we can build with our clients.

“We’re all very good at persuasion when we’re self motivated, like persuading our partner to go to a particular restaurant or holiday location or getting the kids to do their homework,” Shaune explains. But when it comes to exchanging money for goods and services, we can get tangled in an uncomfortable and encumbered selling process, when it really doesn’t have to be like that.

The art of graceful persuasion is being aware the combination of unique skills, insights and information that you bring to your business, and using these to bring authenticity to your work. This inherently builds trust with our clients so that they understand that we are going to give them quality goods and services, and they will have their problem solved.

Shaune’s speaker training is really a method for gaining a greater depth of understanding and self awareness of your unique giftedness and learning how to communicate this to your clients. This builds trust and moves clients through unwarranted sales resistance gracefully and with understanding and empathy.

When he was considering taking on the task of training others to speak, he told his partner, Clarinda, “the world does not need another speaker training, what the world needs is a training that shows people how to bring their authentic self to their work and demonstrate this value to others.

Luckily for those clients like myself, who were seeking to bring more awareness to our unique combination of skills, insights and information and then learn how to communicate this value to our clients, Shaune has put together exactly this, and the art of graceful persuasion is no longer an enigma. There is, however, a lot more to learn from Shaune, but we’ll have to wait for another article to find out as this one is has reached critical mass for the quantity of insights I can fit into my head in one go!

I would love to hear your comments at the end, thanks for watching or reading.

Click here to read part two of the series.

Cheers, Neroli.

About Neroli Makim

Neroli Makim is an intuitive artist and writer who loves exploring Creativity and its relationship to personal fulfillment and professional success. She educates people about Creativity, what it is, why it’s important and how to access it within themselves. For more information, visit www.yourcreativesuccess.com.

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  • People usually attract to the norm, which mean if you can relate to people then you can get into their minds and focus them to follow you.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Hey Antonio:) How’s it going? Getting into people’s minds is fun! That’s why I love doing interviews so much! There’s always so much going on in people’s heads, and they have such unique insights and perspectives, cheers, neroli

  • I like the statement: β€œWe don’t need a sales formula, we need a formula for imbuing authenticity into our work which inherently builds trust.”

    It makes me think about the idea that being truthful is what people want. Do we actually need to learn copywritting?

    • I LOVED that line as well Tikyd! It’s almost like a poetic description of how we can have the most influence with our work. Cheers, neroli

    • I just realized I didn’t answer your question Tikyd, I was so caught up in that beautiful line about imbuing authenticity:) I think we do need copywriting, we need to communicate the value of our products and services very clearly & powerfully to our clients.
      But as I mentioned in reply to Phil’s comment, I think it’s best to know your audience & know what they respond to. I also think that long term clients will be far more loyal if we treat them like intelligent people and communicate our sales copy to them in a way that isn’t blatantly manipulative.
      Cheers, neroli:)

  • It’s difficult to demonstrate leadership without being truthful. People are more confident to buy in presence of good leadership.
    Great interview I loved it.

    • Thanks Alexis:) I loved this interview as well, so much so we just kept going with it! I’m very blessed to interview some really amazing people & get their insights & information to share with you. Great comment about leadership too, thanks, neroli.

  • Authenticity is so important but it cannot be faked you need to personally believe in your product or you will not be able to be authentic. So to answer Tikyd you do need to learn it if you want to sell it. I think some people may be able to fake authenticity and sell anyway but the end result will be a disappointed non returning customer or worse a customer that tells everyone how bad your product is.

    • yes, you need to everyone belive your product

    • Good response Phil, i agree, sales copy is needed, but I think the real trick is knowing your market and knowing what kind of copy they respond to. What works for some, doesn’t work for others. I also agree that when if clients feel like they have been manipulated, they can get turned right off you & your business, and spread their disappointment & distrust around. Cheers, neroli

  • I think this all comes back to the most basic of basic blogging concepts and it starts before you even pick out a domain name: Pick a subject you are passionate about. If you are passionate about it, people will know.

    • Great point Mitch, and that is the foundation of everything else:) Thanks for your comment, cheers, neroli

  • Its always easier to sell to someone if you can relate the product or service to them, so that they can see the full value of it.

    • Quite right Wasim;) I would never buy something if I couldn’t see how it related to me or my wants/needs, cheers, neroli

  • Neroli, fantastic content for a subject…

    I learned that doing your own copy would be best and shows your passion for what you have to offer. The more one completes this task. The better you will become. Learning what the masses are saying is the first step in utilizing due diligence before writing that copy. Then it should be a breeze, per say.

    This was a detail presentation and the video was powerful in discovery.

    I love your site and look forward in learning more form the next amazing subject to me shared.

    • William Earl Amis Jr the 3rd! I always comment when I encounter new or unusual names, & yours definitely fits that category! That’s a very serious sounding name, it’s great though! My nephew is called William, & I rather like the name Earl, is sounds old-worldly. Now, enough about your name, onto your comment:)

      I’m actually really interested in what you’ve said about writing our own sales copy. I’ve often thought that, because of course, no one will know my own products or service better than me, or be able to speak about them with as much enthusiasm or authority. I have to get do some copy for a couple of websites & products shortly, looks like I’ll be doing the copy myself after all;) I’ll get it reviewed by a pro for tweaking.

      Thanks for your comments re my website & the interview. I really love interviewing some amazing and wonderful people for my work & Entrepreneurs Journey.
      Cheers, neroli

  • In modern society people like to do something cheating especially through internet, your article tells us truth is the most important thing among us.

    • Hi Peter:) My last article with Kerwin Rae actually explained a very scientific & effective method for knowing someone’s level of authenticity when you’re in their presence. I have been lied to and manipulated in business before, I personally think it’s not a very intelligent way to do business, given that we can communicate globally and share our bad experiences with people all over the world. And the more people we have a connection with and influence, the more damaging it is to do the wrong thing by them.

      Cheers, neroli

  • More people have to write about the truth and how to avoid and prevent ourselves from the cheating. The video is so good and powerful that I watched it several times.

    • Thanks Tihomir, really glad you liked it;) cheers, neroli.

  • It is all about being real, I have to totally agree with this article! This is something I have ALWAYS done on my blog, is keep it real. In fact, a lot of the times I just blog about my daily life, like a journal almost, but it’s geared towards my fans/readers. Keeping it authentic and true is what quality is all about, and finding your USP is very very important. People deserve to hear the truth, they don’t want just another cookie cutter guru…. they want reality and truth, not fake b.s. Thank you so much for this informative post! This only drives home even further what I have already known, and this reminds me never to sell out!

    • Thanks Whitney, your fans will be grateful for your authenticity and I bet they tell other people too;) Cheers, neroli

    • Well, the main key to connect or to gain the trust of your reader or client is to be true…

  • Wow! Spot on… This is exactly the key to become succesfull: in business or in your personal life. Thank you for the article!

    • Hey Bart ven den Belt πŸ™‚
      Another long & unusual name, it sounds great, I don’t hear names this long usually πŸ™‚

      I find a lot of what I am interested in and write about does cover both business & personal life. I was told by so many people i needed to niche etc, but the truth is, this stuff doesn’t niche, it just does encompass all areas, which is cool, cos if you get it happening in one area of life, you’ll get it everywhere.
      Cheers, neroli

  • Very valuable message and interview for me right now. Thank you Shaune and Neroli! Shaune having a blog in the natural health industry I’ve been struggling with the selling and copy because what I’ve been told WORKS has not resonated well with me at all – in fact I wouldn’t buy from the copy I’ve been recommended to go with. Blessings to you for your uniqueness, your teachings and for validating that yes, I can tweak it a little to love it, feel comfortable with it and not be icked out by it when I view my own sales pages. Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Frannikins! How lovely to see you here:) I know we’ve had numerous conversations about this whole sales & copy writing stuff. I’m sure it’s just a matter of trial & error & figuring out what works best with your own market. And I know you are very in tune & responsive to your audience anyway.

      Can’t wait til you come back to Oz we can do our study buddy training on finding our authentic sales & copy style – huzzah! xxn

  • Neroli, I loved this interview. I have followed the ‘sales formula’ with my ebook on fundraising… and while it is effective, and is honest, it is worded in a way that still feels too salesy for my own sense of authenticity. I have confidence after this interview to just go for it and write the copy with even more of my own self in it. Thanks Shaune…fantastic insights. You’re a gem Nez.

    • T! Another exciting visitor form my life in the physical world!!! How fun to see both you and Fran here;) I’ll have to tell Shaune his words of wisdom drew people to comment that i’ve never seen here before. He’ll be so pleased. I know he loves to help people and make a difference.

      We’ve also had these discussions about finding what works for us & our audience but still converts. It seems like such a balancing act for so many of us. I’ll keep you posted on anything I discover along the way, big hugs, wish i could see more of you and your lovely family, xxxn

  • Hello Neroli, thanks for your Interview,

    Interesting info, that’s exactly how I used to do some of my own Sales Copy, by basically copying some of the ideas and techniques of the ‘Big Shouters’while knowing it wasn’t alway’s totally – me. –

    Some time on my – Home Business Lifestyle Blog –, I actually wrote a post that in this context might be interesting to read, it’s about Authenticity and ‘Do You’. it is titled:


    I do think that an extra advantage of being authentic is that when you have been authentic enough that a customer feels all right about spending their money, it also feels all right with me myself that way. That I can honestly say with Graceful Persuasion:

    ‘I really think this product can
    be interesting or helpful for you’

    All the Best,
    To your Happy – Home Business – Inspiration,

  • Very good selling tactic. Thanks for sharing. great video!

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