World Internet Main Event Coming to San Francisco September 13-16 2007

One of THE BEST Internet marketing events I have ever been to was the World Internet Summit Melbourne (you can read my recap here). For me the event was awesome not because of the content, but because of the caliber of people I met and spoke with.

In Melbourne I had lunch with Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal, met and then chatted with Mark Joyner, hung out with Daryl and Andrew Grant for the first time in person and just had a great time with all the other attendees and speakers.

The guys behind the event, Tom Hua and Brett McFall have teamed up with Mike Filsaime and his i5Gold team, Donna Fox and Paulie Sabol, to do a combined event, this time called the World Internet Main Event and it’s going to be held in San Francisco from September 13-16, 2007.

Needless to say I think this event is going to rock. Unfortunately I’m not going because I don’t want to travel all the way to the USA, but if you are in the area or can travel there and you have never been to an event like this, definitely go, it’s a blast.

In terms of content, you can expect the usual – 90% content from each speaker, followed by 10% sales pitch for the package the speaker offers. The content is targeted at relative beginners, but even if you are experienced, it’s worth going just to see how these guys and girls ply their craft. It’s quite incredible to watch the presentations even if you know most of the content – just beware the sugar rush!

Here’s the link to the information page which lists the speakers and details –

Bonus For Attendees – Butterfly Marketing

Here’s the best bit about this event – since Mike Filsaime is part of it, he’s giving a copy of Butterfly Marketing (the full digital-version script) to every single person who buys a ticket.

The cheapest way I know of to get Butterfly Marketing is $497 for the digital version, so if you were considering buying the package you may as well buy a ticket to the event and get the script and course for free!

You can check out details about the offer at the World Internet Main Event page.

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  • I can not wait to attend this Event! I was hoping Yaro that you would be there so I was able to meet you in person, I can understand the long journey you have though! I was able to get the ticket at a couple hundred dollars off plus get the BM script, which is a huge bonus, now to figure it out!
    Anyway I would recommend anyone who is able to attend to do so! This is where your like minded people congregate and your motivational level will skyrocket! See you there everyone…

    Talk soon,
    Toki Tover

  • Sounds like an awesome event. Since I live in southern california, I’ll definitely think about going. You should take a business trip down here, San francisco is a great city to have at!


    thanks for the info Yaro

  • Yaro, thanks for the alert. I used to live in SF and I miss it terribly. I also appreciate the link to the ‘sugar rush’ phenomena article. Anyone new like me (BMM student or not) should read that post over twice before spending a dime.

  • Sounds like a great event. I can’t go this time, but I’ll keep the event in mind.

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