Maverick Canadian Shares How To Profit Using His Simple Story Telling Method

Hello again, this week we’ve got part two of the Shaune Clarke interview, and I promise it’s just as packed with unusual and insightful tips for business as part one:

Why Keeping It Real Is Your Best Selling Tactic

In fact, this week, we get to cover something I’ve made a fuss about a few times in previous posts. Some of you might remember me waxing lyrical about the power of story, Shaune explains how it creates connection and builds relationship with your audience, and it’s application for sales and marketing.

He also explains the art of story and it’s role in graceful persuasion, overcoming unwarranted sales resistance and creating resonance with your audience.

Shaune speaks about the role of intuition in his business, and how his work has lead him to help other people find their purpose and understand their unique giftedness. So settle in for another adventure exploring topics that cover the core of successful business, and morph into the esoteric realm of our human experience.

How To Build Credibility Through Story

Shaune begins by stating that resonance is key when it comes to creating a connection and building trust with our clients. He then tells us a story to illustrate the power of resonance, and reminds us that our customers are going to come to some conclusion about us on their own before spending money.

Shaune’s a big advocate of being strategic when it comes to communicating and presenting, but even with all the strategy in the world, you can’t know exactly how your clients are filtering the information they receive, so they will come to some conclusion that doesn’t necessarily relate to your strategy.

This is the gift of stories, they build resonance unlike all the other things your clients are expecting, like testimonials and credentials. Customers have preconceived notions about, and unwarranted sales resistance to the things they expect. Resonance through story is not only under the radar, it’s a very elegant way of conveying the same information that we do in testimonials or displays of credentials. Testimonials and credentials are still valuable and valid, but clients expect them and what’s more, they can get very bored and resistant to them.

How To Overcome Unwarranted Sales Resistance Through Story

You know that glazed over looked and feeling you get with the same old blah? I know I get it and I’ve actually seen on this blog when a reader responded with annoyance to a writer listing off their credentials. The writer wasn’t doing anything wrong or different to what we all do, and what is espoused the world over for building credibility. The problem is, we’re all so used to this drill that we get that glazed over, jaded response to it, which of course, is the last thing you want happening in your customers’ minds.

Part of Shaune’s training helps people learn to relay a story in bullet points, the aim is to get the story across quickly, clearly and concisely, so you don’t lose your audience. It’s key to impart what’s in it for them, that’s what your customers are thinking, and they don’t have time to waste on you if you don’t give them value for their time spent listening and learning from you. He explains that:

A story needs to be a well articulated metaphor that brings a lesson.

Story As A Multi Faceted Approach To Securing Sales

The beauty of story is that you can bring so many layers to it, resonance is just one layer. Story has a huge trust building element.

For Shaune, story is the art of graceful persuasion, creating resonance and demonstrating value. A well defined and succinct story can build trust, establish credibility and create an awareness of your value to your clients. Shaune gives a demonstration of himself telling a story and breaks it down for us. He uses it to display his credentials in a way that builds resonance and doesn’t land on us like he’s trying to impress us with his credentials.

Trusting Your Instincts

I ask Shaune about intuition and the role it plays in what he does. Shaune explains that our intuition is the first thing that gets sacrificed because we don’t listen to it if we don’t believe in ourselves. Unfortunately, this is a common challenge for people the world over. Shaune has spent 20 years doing extensive work on dissolving his emotional blocks. All of us have these and have a choice to work through them in the way we see fit. He says this has played a big role in him being able to believe in himself enough to trust his instincts or intuition.

Shaune’s adamant that we are all intuitive beings, but he believes we may have different types of intuition. Shaune’s specific intuition is around seeing the value that people can bring to the world. He is inspired by helping people find their purpose and he’s been trying to do this his whole life. It’s one of the reasons he loves speaker training, because he finds the clients that come to him for speaker training are wanting to awaken to their giftedness and are ready to take the next step.

Finding Your Purpose And Unique Gifts

He’s been through a few different methods to try to help people find their purpose, but speaker training has proved to be the most effective method to accomplish this. He is inspired by the awareness that we all have a unique purpose and giftedness, he knows this instinctually and has been on his own quest to find how this is demonstrated in life.

Shaune believes there are different types of instinct and intuition related to the different types of giftedness in individuals, and the only thing that stops us from listening to our unique intuitive knowing is not having a level of trust in ourselves to allow ourselves to listen to this inner voice.

My experience of learning from Shaune in his presentations, speaker training and doing this interview has been invaluable. I honestly love being around someone with a mind like this, who shares such unique insights into business and human behavior.

I’m going back to his one day training on July 30th. I’ve attended this training twice before, but there are so many layers of understanding and so many dimensions and applications for my business that it’s crucial for me to keep discovering the next level.

If anyone reading or watching these interviews is interested in seeing Shaune presenting live, you can click here to see when and where he’s speaking.

Unfortunately for international readers, his days of traveling the world and presenting are on hold, and those of us in Australia are extremely lucky he’s living here so we get to learn from him. Fingers crossed he might take to the skies for some international appearances again in the future. Once again, thanks for reading, and I’d love to hear your comments at the end.

Cheers, Neroli.

About Neroli Makim

Neroli Makim is an intuitive artist and writer who loves exploring Creativity and its relationship to personal fulfillment and professional success. She educates people about Creativity, what it is, why it’s important and how to access it within themselves. For more information, visit

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  • Are there some good example we can see of a great use of storytelling to sell a product?

    • Hey Graham:)
      I’m working on using it on my presentations, the idea is to use stories to sell me to the audience, so I cover the know-like-trust equation and also create an awareness of the value of my product. Shaune tells stories about the value of his product – speaker training, to sell the product. He tells people about his clients and their experiences and successes from doing the training. These are all stories delivered to sell his product very strategically, they are woven in very subtly, not like an obvious testimonial or listing off credentials.
      There is an e-book at this site that sells itself through story, I wouldn’t buy the book, but it’s an example of selling through story, check it out:) Cheers, neroli

      cheers:) n

  • Storytelling is as old as the hills. Why? Simple, because people love stories. Consider how much entertainers get paid vs educators. Its a huge gap, and the reason is because people will pay far more to be entertained than educated.

    The moral of my “story” is to say that I agree completely on the need to use powerful stories to sell you product/opinion, and the way to get these stories, IMHO, is too look into your own life experience…because that is where the best material is.

    Great post!

    • Thanks Trent;) I agree totally about looking for your own life to find the stories, great point! Cheers, neroli

  • engaging video,, cat concluded.

    • Hey kara, great to see you again 🙂 I liked the entrance of Tucker the cat at the end as well. funny creature;) cheers, neroli

  • I’m using a story telling method before. This is how it goes. I’ll tell someone who is interested a story about how I started this blogging career and if I can see that the person is interested, I’m going to start teaching. Later on we’re going to be partners in establishing a blog and sooner or later, profit will come in.

    • Hey Dippin, hope the story telling goes well for you and your blog, cheers, neroli

  • I haven’t tried using this kind of methods… But I’m really interested in how it works… I will definitely try it and see where it would take me. Thanks for sharing….

    • Hey Treb, by all means give it a go. I’ve been using it since learning about it when I’m wanting to convey my credentials to clients but in a very subtle manner. It seems like a really good technique & very easy to use as well as long as it’s done with self awareness 😉 Cheers, neroli

  • Another great article by Neroli

    Kids happen to be more in touch with their intuition because they don’t yet have layers and layers of resistance built up.

    Those “first feelings” we have before the logical mind steps in is our savior, sometimes known as our intuition. Unfortunately “first feelings” only last a split second, but we can learn to recognize those feelings as a signal when we feel them, and then act accordingly.

    I write about relationships, mostly about having a relationship with ourselves first. I can’t help but tell a story about my experiences in some of my articles. The majority of my writing comes from personal experiences.

    Thanks Neroli for this wonderful article.


    • Thanks Tony:) I love exploring intuition! It’s really fascinating, especially because so many extremely successful business people use it so much when deciding who to do business with.

      I’ve secured a series of 6 interviews with someone I interviewed a month ago, he wouldn’t give me so much of his time lightly, but he did so on an intuitive hunch! I also met with a new client on the weekend, I can’t wait to share some stories from this guy, he’s amazing! But again, he works on instinct, especially when deciding who to work with! There’s a lot to be gained from understanding how this works for and against us in business. Great to see you again, cheers, neroli

  • Great post, he is by far the coolest Canadian ever!

    • He-he, like your enthusiasm Luca:) Shaune is a pretty interesting character, that’s for sure. Very fun to be around;) Cheers, neroli

  • It is good to inspire people about making money online. This is also what I am doing for some people who are really interested to learn doing online business. I tell them my story and teach them if I they can prove that they are really eager and willing to learn.

  • Desi

    HAHA! The reason Shaune Clarke doesn’t travel internationally is that he’s not very welcome in other parts of the world. He’s all yours!

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