Video: Does Blog Design Really Matter?

I’m experimenting again with these short video blog posts (vlogs). This time I even added a few callouts to the video, which was really cool (for me anyway).

Click play below to hear what I have to say about blog design in this 4 minute video.

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  • Great video Yaro.

    I’d like to add in another thought about themes with lots of graphics vs basic themes. Honestly I don’t think it really matters how complex the theme is or how many graphics it uses. Just be sure it is A) fairly unique, B) easy to navigate, and C) makes the content look important.

    And another thing – most theme authors really don’t care if you modify a theme they provide as long as you post a link to the source somewhere (like in the footer). However, as with anything be sure to read any licensing info attached to them.

    You can get free templates at and WP Themes Free

  • Hi Yaro, another cool video from you!

    Although I have learn this from your Blog master mind course, but your video just be another reminder to me on the topic of how important a blog layout is.

    Just curious, are you recording this video from your new house? It seems like your background is quite empty and I also can hear that you are inside a quite empty room.

  • Harrison, he says at the end of the video it’s being recorded at the new house 😛

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  • 4 mins is a short vlog?

    I like what you said about getting a unique theme later. You had some really good content in there, but, how about a 30sec – 1 min video of the highlights & more text in depth on the topic?

    We like you, but not that much.

  • Hey Yaro, great video, good length, awesome topic!

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  • Hey Yaro,

    I’ve got a standard theme for my blog right now… where can I get someone to design my blog and how much is it usually?

    Thanks for tip Yaro.

    Carlo Selorio

  • […] Yaro Stark created an interesting and entertaining video entitled “Does Blog Design Really Matter?“ […]

  • The main things people will be looking at a blog is information and ease of use. If these two things are present on the blog, I think the use of animation, widgets or anything to embellish the blog will not be necessary.

  • […] Seems like blog redesign is a “hip thing” these days … and change their look drastically and Yaro Starak talk about future changes to his blog in last video post. […]

  • This is really an awesome video…
    great work, looking for more such cool videos yaro

    many thanks

  • […] blog — has been adequately disproved, I think. If you’re not convinced, perhaps Yaro Starak — widely considered one of the premiere blog coaches around today — can convince you. […]

  • Hi Yaro,
    I absolutely agree with you.
    A tip I would give to newbies is to make an investment into a theme that you can use “straight out of the box”, but a theme that you can then customise once your blogging has developed and you feel interested in getting a little bit more technical with your wordpress skills.
    Chris Pearson’s Thesis Theme is a great example of this. You can have a great theme that is appealing even without any customising. But Thesis is so easy to customise that it won’t take long before a newbie is adding “decorations” 🙂

  • Yaro! Always great to see you and hear your thoughts. Thank you for the insight on the Blog Visualization. I agree with you and, albeit my being NEW, I am going with the WordPress Free Theme until my blog takes off. When I can justify the expenditure, I will ABSOLUTELY hire someone to create the exact PRESENTATION of my blog. In the meantime, I am keeping my head low, writing KICK AZZ pillar articles, and earning the right to redesign my Blog. My celebration will be hitting the 5K subscriber mark and taking your GREAT ADVICE on new design options. Cheers! Terry V~

  • I think that same advice works with any job or presentation. However, sometimes not conforming (being a rebel) provides a good image. Therefore, I’m not advocating a completely conservative way of thinking.

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