Basic Tips For Marketing Your Business With Poster Advertising – Video

I’m trying to keep these videos short but they keep getting longer. This one is over 7 minutes! Sorry about that, but I promise you it’s worth watching all the way through!

This videos discusses some basic tips for using posters to market your business.

I cover these basic principles –

  • Less is more when it comes to poster design
  • Use large fonts to grab attention from a distance
  • Ensure your poster has one purpose and one message to promote
  • Use a single point of contact to reduce customer service queries
  • Don’t forget the power of offline marketing

As I promised in the video, here is a copy of one of the current posters that evolved from all the previous posters I showed you in the video.

BetterEdit Essay Editing poster [ 11KB PDF ]

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  • Hi Yaro
    I’m very new to blogging and found your vlog interesting. I went out to both the recommended blog sites and Of the two I prefer the problogger because it’s a little more orderly.

    I’m considering developing my own templates. where could I get some good info on this, and how it differs from standard web design and what needs to be happening behind the scenes. and what it needs to talk to etc.

  • It was not too long video but one of the great basic tips in for marketing business with poster advertising. Online and offline marketing should be integrated for maximum effect. Also, traditional marketing can play a big part in marketing your business.

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  • […] Starak recorded a nice video where he talks about his experience using posters and flyers to get more business/customers. It worked well for him, and it worked well for me too. Maybe it would work well for you also. […]

  • I discovered this site via Freelance Folder.

    I think your idea of a clear poster with large fonts is a great idea. I hadn’t really considered any offline marketing before this.

    Sometimes the best ideas are the most obvious ones.


  • Yaro, thanks for this tip. Many of us don’t even consider integrating off-line marketing with the online blog marketing for maximum effect.

    BTW, the piece was not long at all. You are interesting, full of enthusiasm and fun to watch. 🙂

  • Hello Yaro,

    I have had a lot of success with posters that I put up around town. I have been doing the same thing as you, making the posters more simple, with a great big headline to draw people in from far away. It works!

    I also developed a template, in photoshop, that I use to create posters with business card holders. It takes a little extra time to cut out and put together, from a couple of sheets of paper, but the results have been excellent! (That kind of work should be outsourced, but I enjoy it.)

    The reason I went this way is that I found that people tend to lose the little slips from the tear sheet, but hold on to a business card. The business cards are also 2 sided. I figure, why not give them as much information as you can to sell them on your product, or service…or at least let them know about another product, or service that you offer.

    Strategically positioned, the posters work amazingly well, and just like you said the cost is extremely low!

    Thanks for all that you do, Yaro. I hope that I will be able to speak with you in person, sometime in the near future.

  • Nice tips Yaro, Poster Marketing actually sounds like quitea lot of fun!… I just need a product to market lol…

  • Excellent post/video. I was just wondering about this form of marketing and how to make it work. There are what seems, countless bulletin boards in restaurants, malls, and grocery stores. I’m thinking these are largely untapped. No doubt it would make a great case study.

  • Hi. I wasn’t sure about what part of this site to add this question to as I am very new to blogging. Apologies if I’ve posted this in the wrong place. I have a small problem. I did a little bit of playing around with the search engines and my blog managed to come up at the top of google with a couple of diffeent search strings after about 2 hours of fiddling late last night and I was very pleased with my efforts. Then I went to sleep, when I woke up it wasn’t even listed on Google. Does anyone have any ideas on how it could have de-listed so fast and how to fix it? Any help would be appreciated.
    regards Tony Hogan

  • Brian

    Google implements a system where they place some of your visited websites at the top of the search results for some queries. Meaning: your website was never actually at the top of Google, only to your computer. It would also take much longer than 2 hours to change your placement on their search results. Hope this info helps clear that up for you.

  • Great video, Yaro. I did some poster advertising in the past and i know by experience that offline prospects resort to offline points of contact. A phone number in a poster is mandatory as most people will call instead of visiting a website for example. Hope this helps.

  • Hi

    I am a graphic design student. I am looking for research on how to design a poster for a service company for my Marketing and Branding project in uni. Is there anyone who can help me with where i should start?

    Would appreciate your help 🙂


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  • Thanks Yaro, very helpful tips, which I taken on board for advertising my video production services.


  • Thanks Yaro for sharing the wonderful tips.

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