The $10,000 Give Away

Bryan Clark, one of my Blog Mastermind students has started an ambitious project, which is a lot like the Million Dollar Homepage you might remember, but with a few unique twists.

His project is called The $10K Give Away and here is Bryan’s explanation:

In a blatant ripoff of “The Million Dollar Homepage” – I’ve decided to replicate this, and improve upon an already great idea. I’m selling ad spaces for $10 and part of the money will go right back to one lucky winner!

Here’s how it’s going to work. Go to this URL
and buy an advertisement square (10×10 pixels) for $10. You can buy as many as you like, and each square is one contest entry, multiple purchases – multiple entries. This serves a couple of purposes…

  • Another backlink (permanent)
  • Advertising for your blog, website, or product
  • Helping me to achieve my goal!!!

But here’s where the “improved upon” part comes in. Once this page sells out (within a few months), I’ll draw one of the squares at random and broadcast this on the blog. The person who owns the winning square will win $10,000 USD. On top of this, I’ve decided to donate another $10,000 USD to the charity of the winners choice. $10k for you $10k for charity… it’s a win-win! Every square you buy is another entry into the drawing. So if you buy 30 squares, you have 30 chances to win the $10k!

On top of this – I’ll personally fly the $10k check out to the winner of this contest WHEREVER THEY LIVE! I’ll also record this so that there will be proof of delivery and it’ll make for a good video on my blog!

Will Bryan’s experiment work? He has chosen a very challenging project simply because it is so much like the million dollar homepage. When publicity is crucial, and for this project to work Bryan has to drum up quite a bit of buzz, it helps if your idea is new and not like something that has been done before. Bryan has told me he is committed to making this work and is “pounding the pavement” to drum up as much attention as he can.

If you want to help Bryan out and potentially help yourself if you win the money, consider buying some pixels sooner rather than later. If Bryan does manage to make this thing take off then the traffic going to the site is going to explode and if you own some of those pixels, some of that traffic is going to come your way (just remember the traffic won’t be all that targeted).

I’ve made my claim on some prime pixel real estate already to help Bryan and give myself a chance at the prize. If Bryan puts in the work, the payoff in traffic alone will be worth it. Take a look at the pixel banner I created and see my decidedly simple strategy for maximizing my click through rate ;).

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  • Funny thing is, even though you’ve got the only text link so far it still took me a little to find it. I think it looked like part of the link bar across the top of the page. But maybe it will stand out more when there are ads on both sides.

    Are you doing something to track the traffic? I’d be interested to see what comes of it. Will you be doing a follow up?

  • DrToast

    Good luck to him, but it probably won’t work. The Million Dollar Homepage guy had a lot more publicity and never got his Pixelotto site off the ground.

  • Hi Terry – I will do a follow up if it takes off or something else relevant happens. Read over the articles I did about the million dollar homepage experiment and you can read the results of that test.

  • Thanks Yaro, I’ll check out your Million Dollar Homepage series. I have my doubts this new project will take off, it would be difficult to recreate the buzz Alex Tew got from his first site.

  • It looks like he’s using a php script to redirect to the sites that advertise, rather than a direct link like the million dollar home page uses. Will this have an effect on the seo impact of these backlinks? It might mean they get ignored by google, or it might mean they aren’t penalized by a site that google may read as spam. It could go either way.

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