How To Build Your Email List Using Your Blog – Video

Vittorio Bosio, the very first member of Blog Mastermind, sent me an email today about releasing some new videos on his blog in response to the advice I gave him in a video case study (in fact the first ever video case study I did for members – Vittorio had a lot of firsts!).

When I went to check out his blog,, I was very pleased to see the changes he had implemented since I did the case study review for him a few months ago. He had taken my advice and implemented it perfectly, so well in fact that I decided to do a video today to show you how to use a blog, or in this case a video blog, to drive opt-ins to your email list.

Vittorio has set up a great process, where he offers free video content, which drives people into an opt-in process for more, higher resolution video content, and it’s all done quite simply with his blog. Watch this video to see how he does it…

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  • Hey Yaro,

    Another good post. I’ll definitely test to try vlogging with my own videos, perhaps a few videos that I was going to use for a product I’m working on. Once money is not as tight… I’ll definitely join Blogmastermind.


    Carlo Selorio

  • Thanks Yaro for mentioning my blog!

    Content creation is the “easier” part for me. I already knew how to use Camtasia before starting my blog. And Blog Mastermind helped me to organize that content so that it is most effective.

    I am a big fan of multimedia content (audio/video) and I see more and more bloggers are starting to follow that path (Darren Rowse, yourself, etc.)

    I find it harder to generate traffic to my blog, but thanks to what I am learning in the Blog Mastermind, I now better understand how to do that and I am starting to see the first results.

  • I just subscribed to your newsletter and wanted to let you know that your newsletter and articles like this one are just novice bloggers like me need.

    It will be awhile before I use videos because they take too long to download even with my fiber optics broadband support. But audio is immediately practical for many of us I think.

    I almost dread facing the missed opportunities that are available in my own blog! It’s almost discouraging. But the learning curve is steep and well worth the effort for direct marketing consultants like me.

  • Oops. I left out a word in my post and it doesn’t read right. I meant to say “I just subscribed to your newsletter and wanted to let you know that your newsletter and articles like this one are just what novice bloggers like me need.“


  • Great! A very valuable blog. Blogging using video is a one way of having a very effective and informative blog. Multimedia nowadays are one of the most powerful medium of providing information and connecting people all over world.

  • I was very pleased to see the changes, i have started working on videos for my products.

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