What Can Kangaroo Stir Fry Teach You About Running A Business?

I’m not sure this will teach you a whole lot about Internet business but hey, you get to see what I had for lunch. Give a guy a camera and this is what happens…

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  • Hi Yaro,
    A great way of making us hungry – both for your lunch and for the entrepreneurial lifestyle! As a fellow Aussie, I’m also a fan of kangaroo meat, but not too sure about crocodile or emu… A timely reminder about balance and self-discipline, though – and maybe also for multi-tasking. Off to boil an egg…Simone.

  • Yaro, while you did make a good point about needing to be a self-starter, and have discipline, I’m not really sure that Kangaroo stir fry actually taught me anything about running a business.

    I’m pretty sure that was you that did that. 😉

  • I started working for myself basically right out of college. It’s been a lot of learning, and lot of unproductive weeks (and months…) but I finally starting to get a grip on it.

    Do you usually make a daily schedule for yourself, or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

    – Chris

  • I think people are generally a very good judge of themselves if they carefully analyze their habits doing something they love over the course of a month or two.

    I like the video. Does kangaroo taste similar to any other meat? I’ve never had it.

  • Kangaroo tastes a lot like beef, just a bit more “gamey”.

    Chris – I don’t work to written daily schedule. I do have tasks I like to get done but it’s usually as simple as “write blog article” or “write e-lesson” or empty email inbox.

    Really simple stuff, not requiring a paper schedule.

  • I think working for yourself is a lot of self discipline and constantly pushing yourself to be the best.

  • A Kangaroo? Sounds delicious!

    Great point Yaro on self discipline. I bet many bloggers go without eating launch, and after a while the will most likely to burn out.

    I love eating and I love cooking but it takes a lot of determination to leave the computer screens to prepare a launch….

    By the way, my wife said you need to eat more, you are too thin. 🙂

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