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Robert Kingston spent some time last week visiting the Why Do Work website for a review. Here’s what Rob had to say about the site…

Why Do Work Logo

WhyDoWork.com is a relatively well established website, focusing on the employment market and providing people with opportunities to work from home, in positions worldwide. Sporting a job search engine, freelancing information and a community of freelancers, this website promises much but does it deliver?

If you’re a freelancer/student/stay at home mum/dad, this site might be just the thing for you. Otherwise read on anyway as we take a look at what this site has to offer.

First Glance

When you first arrive at the website, you’re hit with an interface which strikingly resembles parts of LinkedIn. I’m not sure about the technicalities/legality of it but it sure did instill a sense of trust, that the site could influence my career. I signed up and gained access straight away. The navigation links at the top were extremely easy to use, denoting the exact content of the pages they heralded.

Job Search

Below the navigation was the obvious option to Search Jobs, Forum entries and the rest of the site. Acting on my curiosity, I had a go at searching for Jobs in my hometown of Brisbane, Australia (I was actually surprised they showed it at all).

Why Do Work Job Search

I searched for jobs such as “website manager”, “promotions manager”, “manager” and “programmer” but I found nothing. I was about to give up on it, until I searched for “writer” in Brisbane – 2 telecommuting Positions turned up. I tried some other cities around the world, New York wasn’t particularly great but it did turn up a fair few results – all of which were pulled from Craigslist.

Employers List

In the Work at Home Jobs area, there was also a list of employers, categorized by jobs. It hosted an exhaustive list of Writing, Research, Data Entry, Sales, Tutoring, Recruiting, Psychic (Yes, really!) and Accounting websites where freelancers could find positions. I’d seriously recommend checking out at least that section as I found it REALLY interesting.

They even included Mystery Shopping Opportunities and Online surveys in there. I don’t think I could resort to doing online surveys all day but it may appeal to people such as students.


According to the site, one of the main attractions, is the forums, boasting over 26,000 members. With my soft spot for forums, I just HAD to check it out.

Why Do Work Forums

When I got on, it wasn’t quite as bustling as it was made out to be. I was one of 7 registered users online at the time (and that was around the same time of day which the forum I run with Yaro in the US was most popular). The fact that there were only 54,000 posts (roughly equating to 2 posts per member) also told me that there were a lot of lurkers on the site.

To its credit, it appears to have been active in the past and the forums are well moderated and stocked with useful content about money making opportunities. If there was one thing to do to increase forum participation, it would be to start a competition – and that’s exactly what they’re doing at the moment. It looks easy enough to enter the comp, so for a chance to win a website review and $150 USD from them, visit this page.

Blogs, Books and Reviews

Perhaps one of the most useful aspects of the site is its repository of free information at their blog and the reviews section, specifically developed for the freelancer and small business owner in mind. They’re throwing up a LOT of content on their blog on a daily basis. I found a lot of the information to be basic but it looks to me that they should have way more subscribers than they currently have.

I would have expected the WhyDoWork.com Blog subscriber count to be at least in triple digits. If they hadn’t put their subscriber count up in the first place I would have had more respect for the blog. I recommend they remove the RSS feed subscriber count until it hits triple digits so they don’t risk putting people off – it could be viewed upon as negative social proof, which Yaro always talks about.

Conversely, the range of EBooks which they have for sale is quite interesting. After reading the article the other day about the potential behind EBay, their two EBooks on EBay look quite enticing – even if they only cover basics. At just $10 USD a pop, it’s pocket-money!


I can’t say I was overly impressed with the site. It looked to have a lot more value on first impression than I found inside. If I were to visit it again, it would be to check out the list of employers. I may even keep my eye on their blog for now as they’re really working on building it up and the content is pretty solid.

By the looks of things the team behind WhyDoWork.com are really working hard to build the site back up. With this sponsored review, the contest they’re running at the moment and the steady stream of solid blog posts, they’re actively generating awareness and striving to add value to the great looking site they’ve had since 2004. I might even go as far as to say that the forums will notice a big jump in activity thanks to the effort they’re putting in.

I recommend this site for stay at home mums, students and beginners in Internet business. There is a lot of information on the site for freelancers and those in Internet business, so check it out to see if it appeals to you.

What are your thoughts?

Robert Kingston
Working From Home

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  • Their blog is presented nicely and well thought out topics, but doesn’t feel unique. They dont give too much of a sense of “why would I be here” other then the cliche “you can work at home”.

    The forums are a GREAT resource for a project I’m working on. I’ll probably be back there to poke around. =)

  • @Robert Kingston:

    Thanks for the open and honest review! One of the reasons I like reviews is that the feedback is candid and open.

    I took your suggestions into account and removed our blog subscriber count. To be fair, our blog is only about two weeks old, prior to that it was used as an article repository and had no RSS subscription option. Therefore I was hoping you could offer even a little respect 😀

    @Rob Malon:

    Can you elaborate on your thoughts? They are quite philosophical and I’m not sure where to go with them. My latest post on I think is pretty unique?
    About the forums: Thanks! We have a lot of satisfied users. It’s my job to give our blog that same reputation 🙂

  • I personally love the WhyDoWork website. Mainly the forum where I have been a member for over 3 years (and a moderator for much of that). It has always been of my favorites, and I am a forum junky.

    The owners are great people and always trying to improve the user experience.

    Lots of great information there. I recommend it to newbies as well as experts.

    Just my 2cents on the subject.

  • I am going to definitely check this site out. Sounds like a fun site.

  • Man I’m signed up on so many sites… already started forgetting where I’m signed up on, but that site does seem interesting…

  • I must admit, I was not to impressed with the site.
    I’m in the UK so I entered London and Search Engine Optimization. WhyDoWork.com could find no matches?

  • I have my own website and I must say that this one looks really professional and is very nicely done. I am impressed. I may even advertise here in soon.


  • Yao, I just want to share some of my experience with this site.

    I registered at their forum a few years ago. Recently I visited their forum and I have to say I had an unpleasant experience. First of all, I was confused about their rules after I saw a moderator (not Trent Brownrigg lol) posted an affiliate link farm post, later I learned that their moderators are allowed self-promotion – okay I got that, but then one of my posts was deleted by the same moderator whose post made me confused, who is also my “competitor” for no reason. You can imagine I was pi$$ed not only because of the abuse of power by one of their moderators, it definitely was a waste of my time making that post.

    Obviously it’s not my business to tell anyone how to run their business, but when a business lacks of fairness and integrity, it’s hard to take it seriously.

    I was/am not impressed with this site, and do NOT recommend this site to any experts.

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