Report From The Australian Blogging Conference & Recommend Links

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the Australian Blogging Conference, which was a lot of fun. Instead of having speakers up on stage talking at you, it’s more like a tutorial where everyone can chime in with their stories and advice, led by one or several leaders who guide the conversation.

I sat in on Duncan Riley’s session after lunch, which was on how to improve your blog, although the conversation went all over the place covering different blogging related topics.

Then in my session with Des Walsh we talked about building traffic to blogs, which was a lot of fun too.

It was a good event, not super large, but any chance you get to sit in with a group of people who share an interest in blogging and just chat, is a fun day in my books!

Plans are for this event to become an annual thing and travel around the major cities and no doubt I’ll do my best to attend, timetable permitting of course.

Recommend Links

Here are some links I’ve been collecting for the past couple of weeks for your weekend reading. There’s a lot of “Yaro” in here, but I like to highlight people who highlight me to return the favor.

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  • We have blogging meet-ups here in the Philippines too, though the only problem is it’s just blogging. So most likely you can’t share money making ideas because bloggers here are just into it for fun and fame of it.

    Anyway, thanks for the heads up with the best blog tip EVER series Yaro, I appreciate it a lot and I know a lot of my readers loved your tip!

    Good luck
    Carl Ocab

  • Joanne Ott

    Hi Yaro,

    Just wanted to make a general comment here. I find your blog to be incredibly informative. It’s one of the best I have ever come across!

    Thank you for all your excellent help and advice.


  • Thanks for the mention Yaro, I’ll be checking out those other links now.

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  • Hey Yaro thanks a lot for the links. They have helped me a great deal. Keep up the good work man.

  • […] workshops I attended in the afternoon were focused on building a better blog (with Duncan Riley and Yaro Starak) and the future of blogging (with Dan Walsh of The latter discussion included some […]

  • I would have loved to be there, but just wasn’t possible I’m afraid. Hopefully the next one will be closer to Melbourne, or I’ll know further in advance, so I can plan work around it and make the trip!

  • I wonder if we’re going to start seeing a whole load of ‘top lists’ pop up over the next few weeks…

  • many thanks for the mention Yaro 🙂

  • Thanks for the report on the conference.

    I would have liked to be there but I live in Sydney.

    I’m not sure by the sound of it that I would want to spend a whole lot of money to attend(?).

    What do you reckon Yaro?

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  • Hi Yaro,

    It’s Blogs like your’s Yaro that really HELP people
    understand the Internet you have the ability to take the complicated AND MAKE IT SIMPLE WELL DONE.
    I got some amazing nuggets from your blog keep up the great work.

    P S I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland

  • Hi this is abron, I like what you did with your site I was wondering can you show me how to be successful with my blog. It breaks my heart that I put so much time and effort into my blog and I still don’t get traffic. I just want to support my kids and wife please help.

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