A Simple Tip To Raise Your Profile And Get You Lots Of Attention

Last week, I was asked a series of very interesting and valid questions by one our readers, Malik Mirza. Malik wanted to know about ways to deal with continuity and consistency, marketing and competition in blogging.

Because there’s such a wealth of experience among the different writers on this blog, I suggested asking some of the other writers the same questions to get a variety of answers and options for tackling these issues. One thing I know for sure, is that what works for one person, doesn’t always work for another, but there’s always a way to get what you want if you keep looking. In this blog post, I’m going to look at some of the things I’ve learned from my own experience of marketing and attracting attention to my work.

Success By Association

Marketing is interesting… from my experience so far, one of the most effective kinds of marketing seems to come through association with someone who is high profile in my niche. Even if they aren’t in my niche, but are somewhat related to my work, this still works. Leveraging my profile by association is something I would never have paid any attention to before it consistently proved to be a great generator of interest and attention.

When people associate me with someone they already hold in high esteem, then they start to take more notice of me. It consistently shows up that being associated with a “big name” or recognized “authority” generates more interest and attention even though I’m the same person sharing the same information as before.

I Always Thought This Was Weird

This has been a very weird thing for me to reconcile with. I never used to get photos of myself with well-known people I met, and I didn’t understand why other people did. I used to think, “Why do people do that? Having a photo of yourself next to someone important doesn’t change who you are – having them next to you in a picture doesn’t make you any more valuable than you already are.” But having seen how effective it is for leveraging my own profile or even just to get people’s attention, I’ve started doing it as well.

Why Does It Work?

Malik wanted to know why this works, it seems that both of us can be somewhat perplexed by this phenomenon.

  • Reason 1: One of the reasons leveraging profile by association works is that people are so bombarded with so much information fighting for attention, I think they just can’t give an in depth appraisal of everyone’s work. Taking a recognized authority’s reference is just faster & easier.

  • Reason 2: Another reason is that people do generally want to be seen as part of the “pack”, we’re wired to want to fit in as part of a survival mechanism. So if person “A” is a trusted authority, and person “A” says person “B” is worth listening to, people will agree if it looks like that’s the general consensus.
  • Reason 3: A third reason is related to your values and filters. You have a unique set of values through which you filter the world and these same values direct your actions in life. You’re constantly screening people and events through these filters. Recognized and trusted authorities have already been passed through the filters and you trust them because they align with your own value system and have demonstrated their value.

Because the trusted authority has your stamp of approval, people who are associated with them are given a more streamlined passage through your filters. Profile leverage by association gives you a jump-start on everyone else who is vie-ing for attention. It’s important to note, just because you associate with a high profile person, it doesn’t mean you are immediately accepted as someone who has something valuable and valid to share.

What You Need To Do To Make It Work

It’s completely pointless to run around getting associated with high profile people unless you’re doing something that adds value to them and gives value to others. High profile people have massive demands on their attention and the key is to focus on how you can help them rather than what they can do for you.

I’ve found that my writing skills are a highly valuable resource. I can offer them to add value to people I want to be associated with and give value to others as well. Writing for Yaro is a great example of this. I’m also getting to spend a day interviewing one of my favorite businessmen in August. Nobody gets to spend a day with this man for free, he is flat out and in great demand. I offered to take transcripts of the interviews, write up some articles for his PR team to use, and depending on what content we uncover, I may be able to put together a few chapters to go in a book for him.

If you want to make use of leveraging your profile by association, the golden rule is look at how you can add value to the person you want to be associated with, and how you can give value to others.

Two More Ways To Get Extra Attention

There’s a myriad other ways to generate interest and draw attention to what you’re doing. Before I sign off, I’ll mention a couple more things I know have worked. I have two friends, Fran and Gideon who have found YouTube videos to be the holy grail for building business. Another friend, Leonie, was recently featured on the Word Press Freshly Pressed page. Leonie was on day 4 of a 30 day writing challenge when her blog was selected for the Freshly Pressed page. This generated around 3000 page views and nearly 90 comments, very exciting traffic for a newbie blogger!

I’d better buzz and get some other work done! Hope this has been useful and I’d love to hear your comments at the end.

Cheers, Neroli

About Neroli Makim

Neroli Makim is an intuitive artist and writer who loves exploring Creativity and its relationship to personal fulfillment and professional success. She educates people about Creativity, what it is, why it’s important and how to access it within themselves. For more information, visit www.yourcreativesuccess.com.

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  • Wow Neroli! – It was so interesting to see a full fledged article based on our comments and communication. Using youtube and getting featured in wordpress pages are obviously nice ideas and ways to get attention, the question is: How? Would nice piece of writing serve the purpose?

    You are quite right in associated marketing technique. The real issue is: Affiliating ourselves with some one we don’t know in the first place. The fear of overcoming the ‘ i don’t know him / her’ is one of the key challenges.

    Last, I am blogging at http://wisdomfrombooks.com and you can link my name to the blog so that I can get some traffice too 🙂

    again, nice reading your thoughts.

    best regards

    Malik Mirza

    • Hey Malik, your questions caused such a roll out of thoughts, I realized there was an entire post in the answers that others might like to hear as well;) I Don’t have access to change things in the articles once they’re live, I can email through and see if the tech team can add a live link to your site.

      Re content for youtube videos, that’s Gideon’s area of expertise, so if you pop over to his site, I’m sure he’ll have plenty of free information or could answer your questions better than I can on that. To get chosen for the freshly pressed page, if you click on the link on those words in the article, it takes you to a page that explains the best tips to get your post selected for their page. That should help as well,
      cheers, neroli:)

      • Many thanks for response – will review the pages, as recommended by you

  • This works with backlinking too! I’ve found that when I am writing guest posts and submitting articles to directories, if I link to my own site and an authority site in my niche, the increase in rank is dramatic. Even from that one single link.

    It’s link juice by association!

    • Thanks for that extra tip Graham, that’s great stuff to share and I’ll have to remember to use it as well:) Cheers, neroli

  • This is a great concept, and I will make sure I get pictures at the next event 😉

    Also I’m gonna try Graham’s tip for the link juice! Thanks!!

    • same here jamie, I’m going to try Graham’s trick too! Good luck getting those happy snaps and splashing them around on social media;) cheers, neroli

  • Another great post from you Neroli, being associated with someone who is recognized in his/her field is one of the best ways to gain authority and as a result be successful

    • Glad you liked the post, thanks for letting me know, cheers, neroli

    • Glad you liked the article;) It’s cool that it happened spontaneously from questions asked by one of our readers. I’m off to another presentation tomorrow, so will be getting happy snaps of me with the speaker if possible! Cheers, neroli

  • Love this concept! Giving it a try will definitely help raise one’s profile and raise attention! Thanks so much for sharing. Have fun 🙂

    • Samuel, I replied to your comment but it registered above your comment, not below! I fight with technology sometimes, I don’t always win! Thanks for your comment:) Cheers, neroli

  • Great concept here! It always seemed like people did this only to boost their own ego, but there is a logical reason behind building your profile. This is true in your personal life also because people will judge you simply by who you hang out with. Giving others something of value demonstrates the old adage that “givers gain”.

    • Yeah, I was always a little perplexed by the photo with celebrity thing, but I’ve got to say, ti works! AS long as you do something cool to build on the borrowed credibility:) cheers, neroli

  • What you have written about here is a phenomena called Value by Association. There’s an old concept: “Iron Sharpens Iron.” Offering to increase your key person’s value by assisting in ways he or she can benefit from, not only helps you but helps them. In return, any person of note should be willing to do something for you. And pics sure help establish street cred. Good post.

    • Hey John, i like that saying, “iron sharpens iron” I’ve never heard it put that way before. It’s a great analogy, thanks for sharing it. Cheers, neroli.

  • Good post you’ve got here Neroli.

    I really love reading newsletter coming straight up from you and Aziz Ali especially.

    P.S: Doesn’t mean I don’t like the rest.

    I love you all in E-J.

    • Hey Chukwuka:)That’s such a long name, it’s very original. Does it mean something? Glad you liked the post! Very sweet of you to add your thumbs up for all the e-j writers;) I read a lot of the articles posted by all the other writers too. I can’t get through all of them, but I do get incredible value from them, cheers, neroli

  • Neroli, this is a powerful post as always. As a blogger, I like having exposure and building a brand.

    -fusion blogger

    • Hey fazal, nice to see you again:) It’s an interesting game, this building profile thing, but it’s pretty fun most of the time;) cheers, neroli

  • For me, the basis of effectiveness of a web profile lies on the numbers of interested clients that you have. You have to make it stand out above the rest. Thanks for the tips Neroli! 🙂

    • Hey gb, nice to hear from you again too. It would look funny if aliens or something was watching all of us grappling for attention in business. I guess we get it when we’re not grappling but just being of value, like you say, cheers, neroli

  • Awesome. This is call Perfect Post.

    As you have make it perfect with you writing skill and decorating it with your MINDBLOWING ideas and thought concern to this topic

    You succeded in grabing OUR attention to this.

    Thanks a lot Neroli for this interesting strategy which is Effective and Productive too.

    I call you as Neroli- as “AttentionAttracter” if you don’t mind.

    Have a great day.

    • Thanks Meg, glad you liked the post;) cheers, neroli

  • Thanks for sharing… I’m starting to realise the power of association too. I never really gave it a second thought before, but I’m beginning to see it is a principle of life I cannot ignore .

    • Hey Davida, it’s something i was never all that excited about either, until I saw how effective it is…then i decided I’d better pay attention to it:) cheers, neroli

  • The key factor that I find that most people miss is always the part about providing true value to the other person. For example, I have a friend that has a website about his favorite sports team, he has a passion for that team but he is hit and miss on the updates for his website, the website is still rather new. I tell him he needs to build his reputation first before contacting the sports team to rave about his website. The association would definitely help him get connected with other fans but like you said, you really do have to prove yourself to the other person and provide true value. Its definitely never easy,


    • I agree totally with that Jean & great to hear from you again. There’s definitely no point drumming up celebrity or high profile references unless you’ve got some kind of track record to show or have something of value to offer.

      In regards to it being easy, I do have an interesting angle on that. I don’t think being successful happens without work, but I’ve never had to force things either. I find my relationships I’ve built over time tend to provide me with what I need, and I get presented with opportunities through these relationships. It’s a nice way of letting things flow naturally. If something needs too much pushing from me, i tend to let it go and see where i can get things done that don’t require me going against the current.

      How are the cars & tires? I lost a hubcap the other day, annoying! I don’t even know how you go about replacing a single hubcap! Cheers, neroli

      • Thank you!!! Glad to be back here reading and commenting again, I seem to go MIA from time to time, heheh. I have actually been preparing to go for an MBA program that I will start in January. So must of my time has been spend preparing for the GMAT which is an exam for entry into graduate programs. All is well though, just alot of hard work!

        You are definitely right though, the hard work makes the transition into success easier, and the pieces seem to fall into places too so to speak. Nice methodology on your part.

        The cars and tires are doing alright, could always do better, but you know how that goes. Bummer deal on the hubcaps. That is a huge problem where my dad works, alot of hubcaps get stolen, and resold, such a shame!


        PS: One of these days I will get a gravatar picture, I’ll get to work on that! hahah.

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