Real PageRank Update In Progress

Ok, perhaps my last post about PageRank updating was premature, but now there’s enough signs in the forums that the PageRank update is happening.

Not only are the forums buzzing about it, but it appears this blog has dropped from a 6 to a 5 as well – bummer! Actually I’m noting a drop across the board at nearly all my sites and so far most people seem to be reporting either a drop one place down or no movement at all.

Has anyone enjoyed a PageRank increase this update?

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  • No movement for me – still unranked! Still, at least from this position the only way is up 🙂 I don’t think many people find page rank all that important. Unless you’re buying and selling links based on the ranking, it’s just a pretty green bar.

  • Read from a lot of blog about their Pr dropping, must be algorithm change.

  • I don’t even really know how to know what my page rank is, or was.

  • No movement for me either. My newer sites still have no PR and my older sites still have the same PR. 🙁

  • Yup, I had a drop on my main site and the rest seem to have stayed the same.

    Seems Google is taking page rank to penalise for paid links now instead of SE filters because too many people complained.

  • No movement for me either…yet (I hope). I’m still up in the air as to whether or not Google is going to do away with the PageRank system. They’ve certainly evolved since the last round of updates (including changing to Universal Search). I’m wondering if this metric isn’t outdated?

  • Meg

    After being “unranked” for 5 months I’m now enjoying a “0”. Hope it’s temporary. Noticed your drop over the weekend – bummer. Suspect it’s widespread…

  • From Unranked to ‘0’ zero. It happened last month and no sign of change until today. 🙁

  • No changes on mine though I wish to see some increase on the PR.

    However, I found that PR is no more important. Just take TLA as an example, they measure your site using Link popularity and not PR. also same. So I think we should consider the overall traffic ranking of our site rather than just care and concentrate on PR.

  • No change for me, still unranked, hopefully I at least get a rank out of the update

  • No movement on all 5 of my domains.
    Perhaps not updated yet for me.

  • No change for me, still at PR5. Man, that is a real bummer Yaro – hope it doesn’t affect your advertising income too badly.

    Troubling times for us all.

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  • Live PR is showing no changes so far. I wonder if there’s an update happening or just a penalty sweep. I hope it’s an update heh.

  • No movement. Still at a PR5. Thanks for the heads up, though. I haven’t seen a major move since… March, IIRC(?). Of course, maybe my site’s just a very, very solid 5.

  • raj

    There’s been a penalty going on, on and off, for about 2 months. Several site owners are complaining of drops from PR5 to 4 and even to 0

  • Nope… Still no change for me.

    It looks like the big boys that have tonnes of links to their site are dropping in Pagerank.

    I wonder what googles benchmark for pagerank ratings.

    I would love to know that.

    Carlo Selorio

  • I have seen no change, too.
    I wonder if there is anybody who has enjoyed increase?

  • Hi Yaro,

    I was recently penalised for having paid links on my blog, and not having rel=”nofollow” in the link code. It’s something I think you need to be wary of.

    My Google search positions plummeted and you can read how I reversed the penalty on my blog.

    I hope your PR decline is temporary.

  • Hey Folks,

    Colin McDougall here, I don’t really give a darn about Google PageRank (OK, yeah I do a bit but not much)

    What I saw on the week-end was a drop from number 2 to 4 on the keyword credit card applications (Is it OK to mention specifics here???)

    But saw that my traffic is actually way up on long tail search terms.

    If you have dropped in rankings then consider what you have been doing to promote your site lately and do less of that.

    What I have focussed on over the last 3 years is focus on branding a site and then these fluctuations in the Google algo matter less and less.

    A little motivation for all reading this:

    Do not panic – Do not get off track – Stay positive

    I have seen my rankings plummet over night many times over the last 6 years and I have yet to return to the corporate world. In fact these fluctuations always ending earning me waaaaay more in the end.

    Remember, Google have humans and humans make mistakes.

    Action plan for those affected:

    Produce more great quality content weather it be written, audio, images or videos

    PS. That’s a hint to those that only have text on their site

  • To be honest, I’m still not seeing any evidence of a full page rank update. The best indicator being that well linked newer sites will have a PR.

    My guess is that your site, being quite prominent, has been tagged with a penalty for selling text links. Here’s an article by Danny Sullivan that confirms that Google is doing this as a way to discourage search engine manipulation by devaluing paid links.

  • I think most us won’t be seeing any pagerank changes for at least another couple of weeks, Well, that is according to Matt Cutts. but surely they are going after paid links and some other things unethical in the eye of Google, hopefully for those of us that have been good boys/girls to Google will have a reward….

  • The song remains the same – no changes on any of my sites…yet. And yes, I heard about that paid link thing too. Seems they’re checking blogger’s “Advertise Here” pages.

  • Unchanged at 5 on one, 4 on another.

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  • Still no sign of a change on any of my sites!

  • […] It looks like there might be a PageRank update going on as well, and several sites that used to sell text link ads experienced a drop in PR (e.g., Entrepreneurs-Journey). […]

  • Still waiting from june for my first google points …

  • Jas

    Awesome guide. I am using the said technique on some of my client websites and waiting for good results. Well I have one question, can all the niche linkbating websites be hosted on same server or should I host on different server?

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