Buying and Selling Websites The Ed Dale Way – Dominiche Launches Tomorrow

I’ve mentioned before that I derive some of my income online from websites I have purchased – forums in particular – that bring in a steady stream of passive revenue.

It’s not a huge source of income for me (about low four figures at the moment), but given the return on investment – you can buy a website and earn back your investment cost within 12 months at most (usually closer to 6 months) – it’s hard not to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities currently available in the online real estate world.


Ed Dale and DominicheEd Dale became famous as an Internet marketer because of his amazing story of selling 38 niche websites for 5 million dollars. He’s gone on to make over 9 million from website trading and it’s pretty clear Ed knows how to make money from buying and selling websites.

Ed, along with his friend Frank Kern, created a program called Dominiche, which teaches people how to replicate their system for locating, buying and profiting from website real estate. Earlier this year Ed joined the team at StomperNet and it appears that Dominiche came along with him.

Presently Ed is producing a series of videos introducing people to the world of buying and selling websites as part of the relaunch of Dominiche, this time brought to you by StomperNet. I just finished watching video number 8, where Ed explains how sometimes it’s better to have little money when entering the web property market.

Yaro Quits Blogging

I have to be honest with you, if there was one business opportunity that I would give up blogging for, it’s buying and selling websites. I love this stuff. It’s an entrepreneur’s dream, finding ASSETS that produce revenue, picking them up at bargain prices and if you like, flipping them for a nice profit.

There’s an absolute gold mine of websites out there that produce solid income and sell for crazy low prices, if you know how to find them. Thanks to the natural growth of the Internet, provided you do some simple due diligence, it’s very hard to make a mistake when buying web property. The market is hot right now – there’s never been a better time in my opinion to get into this area of business, even as a side project, like I have.

I’ve asked Ed for a review copy of Dominiche and he’s given me access, so I’ll be conducting a review sometime in the future. Since Dominiche is an award winning information product and I’ve seen the caliber of Ed’s previous work – and well, Ed is an Aussie too – I reckon this is one product I can recommend to you right now, no worries.

As an added bonus, people who buy Dominiche this time round also get two months of free access to StomperNet, which if you have time to study everything, is a beautiful combination of products.

One teaches you how to locate, assess, purchase and sell websites, the other gives you the tools to increase website traffic. More traffic equals more money when it comes time to sell, so if the idea of buying web property, “renovating” to increase traffic and then flipping for a fat return appeals to you, this could be the ideal product.

Just remember my usual disclaimer – if you are knee deep in a business already that you enjoy and are moving forward with at an acceptable pace, don’t go jumping ship just because something sounds good. If on the other hand you have been looking for the perfect online venture, you have the time to study and implement, then Dominiche is a top choice.

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It Doesn’t Get Easier Than This

I honestly believe buying websites is the easiest way to get into Internet business. You don’t have to go through the hassles of building traffic, producing content, waiting for the search engines to rank your site, attracting links, determining whether your business model can even make money – it’s all been done for you. You just have to check that the sites you want to buy are indeed what the seller claims, and then step in with some upfront cash.

Of course if you have no money at all, buying sites isn’t an option – or is it? Just like with property in the real world, there are ways to acquire sites with no money down, many of which mirror the methods in the real estate industry offline.

You can find investors and/or partners to fund the purchase while you handle the research, acquisition and renovation process, or use a “vendor finance” model where you work with the seller to arrange the purchase of the website for no money down. I haven’t used either of these models myself, but I suspect Ed knows how all this works and the answers are within Dominiche – I can’t wait to dig into the information and find out!

As you can see, I’m pretty excited about this product, more so than usual because I “get it” – I can see and have experienced the opportunity that exists and it’s pretty darn simple – you can figure this out too if you know how to assess websites.

The Launch Is Tomorrow

Dominiche launches tomorrow (Tuesday USA time). It’s not a “cheap” product, but like I said, this is one I have no issues recommending to you.

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet had a chance to take a look at the lead-up videos and resources and “meet” Ed in person, spend a few minutes now to watch. Here are the links –

Just beware the screaming baby!

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  • I have to say that Dominiche is worth every penny… I picked it up a few months ago and loved every momentt of it….

  • This is certainly an interesting direction…I always feel that blogging is like trying to move a 10,000 lb boulder. It’s a difficult task to get it rolling, but if you pick up speed you’re good to go.

    This is still a fairly time intensive effort: Reviewing the sites content, reach within engines, public opinion of the site, and revenue generated from advertising all would require a good bit of time. However, it definitely sounds like something that could be lucrative. Keep us posted…you’ve certainly peaked my curiosity.

  • I’ve been interested in all of Ed Dale’s ventures since participating in the Thirty Day Challenge and I’ve been watching these Dominiche videos with interest over the last week or so.

    Last week I wrote an article about how you can turn little niche sites into big business using Ed’s method. I’ve linked it below, I hope it’s useful:

  • Hi,

    From the information you have given, buy and sell business the online way sounds really interesting and it can really earn you money but like what Rod had said it requires ample time to get things done.

    A lot of major considerations needs to be done before buying a site, you don’t want to end up buying useless site, do you?

    However, once you get the whole process going, everything will fall into place.

    Like any other business, there is always a first time.

  • Good points here. Buying and selling domains is a great business if you are a risk taker.

  • I purchased a couple websites back when I first starting earning money online. The biggest mistake I made was buying sites from niches that I don’t know anything about or are not particularly interested in. I don’t think I actually lost any money, but I ended up selling the sites a year or so later because I hadn’t done much with them.

    So I guess my advice would be for people to make sure they buy sites on a topic that fits in with their current sites/interests rather than going for something just based on money potential.

    For myself, I’m probably not going to buy any more websites. I’m putting aside cash right now to get into real estate as my side business.

    I love the internet and that it has allowed me to go from being broke, in debt, and living with my parents to having my own home, having credit cards and a new car paid off, etc.

    That said, I’d rather spend my extra money on something I know will still be a great investment 20, 30, or even 50 years from now. I’m sure the internet will be around in some shape or form in the future and that it’ll always be possible to make money, but I’m not sure today’s money-earning sites will all be able to evolve into tomorrow’s money earning sites (or even if “sites” will be what we have down the road). On the flip side, I know people will always need a roof over their heads. 😉

  • Bah, I need edit buttons for comments. 😛

    “The biggest mistake I made was buying sites from niches that I don’t know anything about or are not particularly interested in.”

    Such a shame when good sentences make bad grammatical turns…


  • Allen

    Just saw the price of this course is a whopping $2397! Very interested in the subject matter but can’t afford that sort of coin.

  • […] the thread from yesterday’s post regarding Ed Dale and the Dominiche system for buying and selling websites, I thought I might relay […]

  • Nice post – and thanks for the videos, I’m going now to have a look. I am selling a domain if you want it… 6 characters? I tried for months to sell on Godaddy – no offers, no takers… maybe nobody blinked? I need to watch these videos! Thanks Yaro, much appreciated… Vern

  • I was very interested in the Dominiche course until the price almost doubled from $1497 to $2397. At first it was $1497, or three payments of $600, with a 90 day guarantee; now it is $2397, or two payments of 1327, with a 30 day guarantee. What’s going on with that?

  • I have to gaze at this with a little bit of wonderment (is that a word?)

    It seems that just when the major businesses online are circling the wagons around less fragmented sites toward building an authority site we get this course that gets everyone hyped about going out and buying up a bunch of fragmented sites again.

    Now – Frank and Ed did Underachiever that told people to launch a bunch of ebook sites (philosophy of getting a little from a lot), then Ed does Web2.0 to build authority toward a site, now it’s flipping sites – while I can see through engough of this to relate specific information to my business, others are going to be charging off on yet another tangent that will soak more money and time for the next year and still end up with no sustainable business at the end.

    I’m sure Ed’s course is chalk-full of useful information on buying and selling websites – but you have to step back and ask yourself, is this in MY best interest? Is this the business I want to be in? Or, first, decide what business you want to be in, then selectively go about finding site(s) that fit into that plan – that’s where (and when) this information would be most useful.


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  • […] marketing affiliate products is a better choice? Or as I’ve said before, I’d probably spend my time just buying and selling websites, since the return is much higher given the effort […]

  • Hi,

    This was something i was going to look into when it first come out.

    But it was quite expensive.

  • […] Yaro Starak schreibt auf seinem Blog darüber und hat damit schon gute Erfahrungen gemacht. Er betreibt es nur nebenbei, aber trotzdem gelingt es ihm 50.000$ im Jahr damit zu verdienen. Der Handel mit Webseiten ist vergleichbar mit dem Immobilienhandel, mit dem Unterschied, dass er noch in den Kinderschuhen steckt. Das wichtigste Kriterium für eine gute Immobilie ist die Lage und was die Lage bei einer Immobilie ist, das ist der Besucherstrom bzw. Traffic bei Webseiten. Je mehr Besucher eine Seite hat, desto mehr lässt sich damit verdienen und umso mehr Potential hat das Projekt. […]

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