9 Web Resources To Help You Accomplish Your Goals Faster

In this post I will share with you some of my favorite resources on the web that I keep in my bookmark. They range from inspiration to graphics, content to money.

As an online entrepreneur, I am constantly working on web projects. I am not just delegating but working in the trenches, honing the design, optimizing conversion, testing usability and adding functionality. Great projects need great tools. Today, I am sharing with you a few tools I use very frequently to help me accomplish my goals faster. Let’s check them out:

1. IconFinder.com: Icon Search Engine


You can use Iconfinder.com to search for all kinds of icons. From social media to custom graphics. Simply type in a search term and download the icons for free. Iconfinder.com has a simple and user-freindly interface just like Google.com.


As Bloggers or Internet Entrepreneurs, we constantly are building web properties or creating content. Good icons can make our end result look more elegant and professional. I love this website and return to it constantly. I am sure you will love this as well.

2. WebDesignerWall.com: Blog for Web Designers


Design, usability, code and trends blog for web designers.


If you are into web design, and minor development, you will absolutely love this blog. I have seen Nick La, founder of webdesignerwall.com, go from one website to five successful website launches in multiple but related niche markets. Nick posts blogs related to photoshop, illustrator, css, html, inspirational websites and web trends. I have been following his blog for four years now.

3. Themeforest.com: Website Theme Shop


Shop for Site Templates, WordPress themes, forum themes, and much more.


Why reinvent the wheel, if you even earn minimum wages ($8/hour), you cannot crank up a WordPress theme or any theme for that matter in five hours ($8/5 hrs = $40/theme). No matter how experienced and fast you are. I think $40/theme is a steal. Themeforest.com has over 4000 custom themes that hundreds of developers make and provide here. It shows all features and you can even see demos to reassure you only pay for the theme that fits your needs.

4. TextLinkAds.com: Web Ad Marketplace


Buy and Sell Banner Ads.


As a content owner/website publisher, you want your content to be monetized – duh. Finding advertisers and maximizing revenue can become hard work at times. TextLinkAds is a marketplace where advertisers look for publishers that are related to their products/services. Advertisers also buy ads for back-linking purposes here. So that’s kinda nice as well.

5. MyBlogGuest.com: Community Of Guest Bloggers


Guest Bloggers can distribute content for free. Publisers/Blog Owners can get content for free. Nice deal 🙂


Guest Bloggers in need of new audience, broader reach, backlinks, and traffic can post their blogs here. The Publisher will review your content, make you an offer and on your acceptance publish your content on their websites. You have total control over the content and where it gets published. For the Publisher this is great, since they get to pick and choose only the content that they link. Free and Quality content for them. Amazing.

6. NameCheck.com: Check Username Availability w/ 1 Click


Check username availability for Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Myspace, Wikipedia, and many other platforms with one simple click.


This is a great tool for startups when they are brainstorming product/company/service name ideas. This tool also shows you domain name and trademark availabilities.

7. Pixlr.com/editor: Free Photo Editing – Photoshop Style


Free Photo Editing Online.


No need to download anything or pay $699.00 to Adobe to download Photoshop. Pixlr is an amazing tool that has many of the options Photoshop has including filter, layers, image adjustments, and you can even use all your Fonts stored in your computer. It’s super fast, uses up minimal computer resources, and super sleek. Although I will still stick with my Photoshop, I love this tool and often use it. The site loads up quicker than my Photoshop on my computer.

8. W3Schools.com: Dictionary for Web Programers


A complete resource of several web programming technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL…


At times you want to look up the code for bolding, underlining, styling or running a query. If you wish you could look up the code as easily as looking up a meaning of a word in a dictionary, now this is possible with W3Schools.com. Every command attribute and possibilities are mentioned in this website. It’s amazingly intuitive to browse, and gives accurate information. A good website to Bookmark.

9. GratitudeLog.com: Gratitude Posting Twitter Style


Post your gratitude as a status update.


It’s an amazing concept. One of the best pieces of advice my Dad gave me was to always live in a state of genuine gratitude. He emphasised the importance of “genuine gratitude” as apposed to “verbal gratitude”. At GratitudeLog.com, you can connect with regular to popular people who live in a state of gratitude and are sharing this feeling with the world.

I hope that you like all these resources mentioned above and enjoy them as much as I do. Although I have many other tools in my arsenal, I wanted to share with you only the ones that were simple, handy, easy to use, web-based, and those which could benefit the most amount of Online Entrepreneurs.

Wow! “Simple“, “Handy“, “Easy-to-use“, “Benefit the most amount of people” – Aren’t these traits of a great product, that simply spread virally after some initial kickstart? I am always looking for patterns and opportunities believing that it is one of the key traits to becoming and maintaining a thought leader status in any industry.

Next Week

I am re-listening to a book on billionaires, and noticing many patterns within these mega successful people. I am in the process of writing an article on that which is coming up next. Honestly, I am fascinated by mega successes, and enjoy looking for patterns and replicating them to achieve similar results. I have been successful in many cases, and working on others. In my entrepreneur’s journey, I want to take you with me and share all of my findings.

Aziz signing off

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  • I would add screen-o-matic.com to make screencasts online. I don’t have proper video equipment and software for that so it’s useful to me. And of course Google Docs 🙂

    • Google docs for sure I love it. Synced with all my machines and iPhone 🙂

  • Knew some of them already like themeforest, w3schools, textlinkads and myblogguest. But thanks for the rest!

  • They are all great tools. I also use recommend wordcounter.net to help you count your word as you type. Thanks.com

  • Great list you’ve compiled Aziz! Very much looking forward to your article on billionaires, that should be a fantastic read!


  • Know some of them already, especially Myblogguest is a great place. I will check out the others. Many thanks for the handy compilation Aziz.

  • This is a very well laid out list of helpful websites.I often have trouble finding good content and media as well as proper coding etc. I will most certainly use this to my advantage. I also look foward to your next entry. Thanks again!

  • Great list of websites Aziz. Looking forward to your next post on similar characteristics of billionaires. I know one for sure – all the self-made ones worked their tails off and had a serious passion for what they did.

  • Thanks for sharing this useful list. I’ve had textlinkads, w3schools etc. its very useful.

  • Hate to correct you, but it’s Themeforest.net. Not dot com. Thanks!

    • Stephanie

      Hi David,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Just to clarify for EJ readers: Both themeforest.com and themeforest.net direct to the same site, so either may be used.

      Kind regards,

      Steph (EJ Editor).

  • I had no idea about MyBlogGuest. I spent so much time finding great opportunities. I just found out about this one reading your post, I’ll definitely try it.

  • I like the GIMP image editor, it’s a lot easier to use than Photoshop, and it’s FREE!

    Also, speaking of delegating work, when we research new niches or perhaps radio shows to get interviewed on, the service I like to use is http://fancyhands.com, because they give you 15 tasks for $38/a month! I have used this service a lot in the last 3 months and I love it.

    Finally, I want to mention Tweetbig. It’s useful because you can see who the major players are in each niche and follow people back right away, and you can see who is most likely to follow you back too. If you have several twitter accounts, this tool can be invaluable to keep track of them all and make sure that you are following accounts that will help you bring more to your niche.



  • Aziz ! This is great information. Some of these I knew about, some I did not. Your post is very helpful. Thank you for taking time to share with all of us.

  • that’s a very useful and well compiled list. I will definitely try these resources

  • Text-link ads sounds like a good one. I want to try using it for advertising revenue. I don’t think buying links from them is very good for SEO though.

  • Really great tools that you suggested here. I am going to have to look into Icon Search Engine it seems like it would be something relevant to add to the content of my blogs content. Textlink ads is something I have been seeing a lot more people and bloggers use more frequently to increase revenue.

  • What a great resource, iconfinder is what i should use begin with, thanks a lot.

  • Thank you for some really great tips. As a new blogger finding great resources to help with being a better blogger are like gold nuggets for me!!!

  • I think I am missing on the good stuff after reading this post. Thanks for sharing! I better check them all out.

  • Very useful list especially IconFinder.com and MyBlogGuest are great, thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks Aziz, I didn’t know most of these existed, mainly because outsource almost 90% of what I do. With that said, I think the life of freelancers is definitely getting easier/better with the advent of such streamlined and efficient tools.

  • themeforest – is a well known resource of course, as well as text-link-ads. But thanks for the namecheck site. that is really gold! I used to check names simply by google search)

  • Nice and informational post out there Aziz. Good job buddy. Interesting and will surely make a website more attractive and viable…



  • Thank you for the nice posts. These sites are not too extra ordinary for a lot of advanced internet users, still they are good enough for basic users.

  • This is a very well laid out list of helpful websites.I often have trouble finding good content and media as well as proper coding etc. I will most certainly use this to my advantage. I also look foward to your next entry. Thanks again!

  • Thanks for the info I had not heard of Pixlr and I was thinking about purchasing Photoshop over the weekend. I will have to look at this program before I go and spend that amount of money. I do love photoshop though, is the interface similar or will have I have to learn it all over.?

  • Web Designer Wall is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks! Also MyBlogguest sounds great and worth checking out.

  • ANyone got a good site for free stock pics?

    • Yes I know one free stock photo site. I don’t remember now but I think I got it from some of yaro’s posts or ebook. If admin allows the link, here it is..


      • Careful with some of those free stock image sites Joseph. I am not familiar with sxc but I have heard stories on how some supposed free stock image sites were actually using copyrighted images. So always be sure to do some checking around on what images you do use from the site just to make sure.


  • These are great list Aziz, thanks a lot for sharing! Haven’t tried some it, and I’m excited to check them out.

  • Bookmarked a few of these, and I have used a few already. I love the concept of MyBlogGuest – will absolutely be checking that one out. Glad you mentioned Pixlr as I need a decent image editor. I have Paint Shop Pro, v. 7 (I know,,,old), and I hate it. Don’t want to spend a small fortune on Adobe, though.

    I have utilized W3School many, many times. Great resource for anyone.

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